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WF Member Interview #10: Showstopper

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Howdy guys and dolls, welcome to our tenth installment of the WF member interviews!! Gather round, have a seat, and get to know another fellow member :)

This time around, we are gonna whore around the handsome chap we call..... @Showstopper !!!


Join Date: October 16, 2012

You have been a member of WF since 2012. How did you find this forum and what makes you stay here?
I found it a good year or so before I actually joined. I would come home high from hanging out with my friend and watch wrestling. Sometimes, I'd do a google image search for 1997 Shawn Michaels photos as I would watch some of his old matches/segments while I was high and it'd send me into a nostalgia fit. After awhile, I began to notice the best photos always came from Wrestling Forum. Eventually, I began to browse the forum and read a some of the threads. Since none of my friends watched wrestling anymore, I joined this site to do just that. When I first joined, I only really posted in the Classic Wrestling section. But as time went on, and I began to watch the current product again after taking a couple years off after HBK retired in 2010, I began to browse and post in the current wrestling sections, and the rest is history, as they say.

How long have you been a wrestling fan and how did you get in to it?
I began watching in 1990 as a 7 year old. I found it by channel surfing and finding WWF Superstars which aired at 12PM on FOX and WWF Wrestling Challenge which aired on Sundays at 12PM also on FOX. Both were only hour long shows where a 'star' would wrestle against a local jobber. It hooked me. Since this was 1990, Ultimate Warrior was my first favorite singles wrestler, especially since this was the year he was getting his big push and became World Champion. My favorite tag teams at this time were The Rockers and LOD.

Who is your favorite wrestler of all time and why?
Shawn Michaels. Always been a fan of his character, especially in the 90's. I think I can relate to the asshole that he is, especially back in the day. Always found that and his promos very entertaining, as well as his matches, obviously.

What promotions do you watch and which one do you think has the brightest future?
Right now, just WWE, for the most part. The little bit of time I have for my own interests, I couldn't possibly watch anymore than 1 brand/show right now. As far as the future, I'm not sure. WWE is making tons of money but seems to be looking to sell the company in a few years. I would be interested to seeing someone else own the company because at this point at Vince's age, he's obviously lost it as a booker and that's been the case for awhile now. Someone else in charge would be very refreshing for the company and the on-screen product itself.

If there was one thing in wrestling that you could change, what would it be?
I would definitely change Raw back to two hours. Would make the show much better and increase the rating for the show, as well. Probably never gonna happen though as long as USA pays them a ton extra for that third hour, though. Sucks.

The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin.
I like both, but I think Austin is the overall better talent and is the one who first ignited WWF to beat WCW in the ratings. I like both, though. Never met Austin. But I met Rock during my freshman year of high school. WWF was doing a house show in MSG on January 10, 1998. During the day time, Rock and D-Lo were doing an autograph session at a pizzaria in my hometown, which is only about 15 mins from MSG. So, I went met and met them both. Rock shook my hand and said, "What's up, big man?" I was star-struck and so happy he called me "big man." :LOL: I was pumped, and lived on Rock calling me that for like a month, bragging to my friends about it. :LOL: D-Lo literally just sat there and said nothing the entire time which is hilarious. Got to take a polaroid photo with them that they signed on the bottom. I still have it somewhere. I want to look for it, but something always comes up. If I ever find it, I will take a picture of it with my phone and post it on here.

What's your favorite movie?
Probably Goodfellas. Martin Scorsese is the GOAT, IMO. Honorable mentions to Vanilla Sky and Chasing Amy. Tommy Boy and Dumb and Dumber are my favorite comedies. Big fan of the Rocky series, too. As far as superhero movies go, the only ones I'm really into are the Batman movies.

Who's your favorite band?

Pearl Jam and Radiohead. I'm not crazy into music right now, but I can always throw on Pearl Jam or Radiohead and be happy.

Do you have any goals in particular you want to achieve?
Hmmm. Right now, I can't say there is any. As far as career goes; I'm my own boss at this point. As far as personal life goes, I'm happily married and have a son. Eventually, I'd like to have one more kid, preferably a girl since we have a boy. Most recent one was a few years ago wanting to buy a house in the Pocono's with some land and I love it. It's provided some great family times and is a great investment to boot. I work in finance, so friends and family members are always asking me what they should invest in and I always tell them to buy some land. God isn't creating anymore of it.

What are you doing right now (working, university, college)?
I'm an investment banker in NYC.

What are your interests (favorite sports/teams, hobbies, etc)?
Movies, TV, and sports. Love mafia movies and TV shows. Big fan of Scorsese and his work. Sopranos is my favorite show ever. Currently enjoying Succession on HBO.

Football is my favorite sport. Huge Giants fans since I was 7. Been a brutal decade to put it kindly. Baseball is my second favorite sport and the Yankees are my favorite team. I'm a season-ticker holder for both teams, but don't go to every game.

If you could sit on a bench and talk to anyone who has passed away, can be a relative, celebrity, anyone, who would it be?
From a non-celebrity standpoint, probably my grandfather on my mother's side. Before I was a born, a boy hadn't been born in our family in along time. And he himself had 4 daughters and zero sons. When my mom told him that she was having a boy, he was really excited to finally having another boy born into the family. He had the Giants and Yankees season-tickets that I now have. Unfortunately, he died of colon cancer just 8 months after I was born, so we never got to have any real time with each other. So, yeah, I guess him.

What is the best memory you have in life?
From a personal standpoint, definitely my son being born and getting married to my wife. Sports-wise, the Giants beating the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and the Yankees winning the 1996 World Series. I went to every game in that Yankees World Series and the Giants game. Great times that I'll never forget.

Is there anything about you that you would like to share with the forum that they may not know about you?
Sometimes I can be an asshole on here, but I'm not an asshole at heart (well, maybe alittle bit). I treat people how they treat me. If someone is nice to me, I'm nice to them. If someone is a prick to me, I'm 10x the prick to them; whether it be on here or in 'real life.' I don't handle stupidity or trolling, so if I see it (being directed at me), I call it out and like to shit on them back. I'm an emotional guy. It's really not a big deal at the end of the day and I'm all for some back and forth, but there's no reason to cross the line, either.

The floor is now open for your questions
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From a personal standpoint, definitely my son being born and getting married to my wife. Sports-wise, the Giants beating the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and the Yankees winning the 1996 World Series. I went to every game in that Yankees World Series and the Giants game. Great times that I'll never forget.
That's awesome you got to go to that Super Bowl. What was the general feeling of the Giants fans in your seating area after the Patriots went up 14-10 late in the 4th quarter?
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