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Welcome to WF Mafia III: RoleMania!


- Day 1 will be 48 hours with all subsequent days being 24 hours.
- Night 1 will be 24 hours with all subsequent night phases being 12-18 hours at the discretion of the host.
- Blocked shots will not be refunded.
- I’ve tried to clearly explain role interactions in your PMs, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. I won’t be held responsible if you wrongly assume I would resolve something in a certain way.
- Don’t bother hunting off of flavour, it’s largely lazy depending on character and varies quite a bit.
- I strongly suggest not hunting off setup
- Tiers are my own rankings and not based on other iterations created by other players.
- Don’t discuss the game outside of any designated QTs and the thread itself.
- Don’t be a chode and threaten to rep out unless it’s for legitimate reasons.
- Mafia have been given fakes of unspecified quality.
- Town are Not Trash aligned.
- Town win condition is “You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.”
- Draws are a thing that can happen. If you don’t fulfill your win condition then herp derp you don’t earn a victory. I’m not gifting you the game just because of your alignment.
- Do not directly quote your role PM.
- Play to your win condition.
- I guess don’t flame too much.

Note: With so many players I’m expecting to need reps which will be hard to find. I will stick eligible dead players onto the rep list unless you specifically request the Dead QT

Character: The Lawyer
Alignment: Not Trash
Tier IV
Role: OP Whipping Girl

You deserted and betrayed us you stupid bitch. You’re good for nothing except being made a show of in the OP. You have no role because you’re a useless cunt.

You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.


2. SavageX Shepard was Odo, 2x Duelist
11. Big Man was Shepard, Bodyguard
14. Zane B Rugrat was Brutus, 2x Vanillaiser
19. Magic was Gambit, Kingmaker
20. Lawls was PHEN0M, Fat Townie/Beloved Princess
21. Chimp was Curry, 5x Tier Cop


1. Mikey Damage (17th or later)


Jeffatron was Mr.Tweetums, 4x Motion Detector - Daykilled D1
Curry was ??? - Killed N1
PHEN0M was Skybox, Loved/1x Daykill/1x Framer - Killed N1
Doddsy was TKOK, 3x Bus Driver - Killed N1
Odo was Chimp, 1x Mayor/2x Asshole - Killed N2
Jeffv2 was Rugrat, 1x Ninja/3x Roleblocked/Stump - Killed N2

Rugrat was Alco, Mason/Lover - Killed N2
TKOK was Jam, Mason/Loved - Killed self N2

Skybox was Barry, 4x Roletracker - Lynched D3
DocBlue was RetepAdam., DNA Analyst - Killed N3
Chr1st0 was Magic, SK/Developer - Lost a Duel D4
Alco was Jeff, Back Up - Lynched D4
CamillePunk was NotGuilty, 3x Watcher - Killed N4

RetepAdam. was SavageX, Checklist Indy/Absorber - Lost a duel D5
Smark was Doddsy, Double Voter/Hater - Lynched D5
Tweetums was Bearodactyl, 3x Vig - Killed N5
Lethal was Lethal, Miller/1x Kill Benefactor - Lynched D6

NotGuilty was Lawls, Hated/1x Janitor - Lynched D7


Mid Day 1 - Jeff was daykilled
Day 1 - Nobody was lynched
Night 1 - Curry, PHEN0M and Doddsy died
Day 2 - No lynch
Night 2 - Odo, Jeff, Rugrat and TKOK died
Day 3 - Skybox was lynched
Night 3 - DocBlue died
Mid Day 4 - Chr1st0 lost a duel
Day 4 - Alco was lynched
Night 4 - CP was killed
Mid Day 5 - Peter lost a duel
Day 5 - Smark was lynched
Night 5 - Tweet was killed
Day 6 - Lethal was lynched
Night 6 - No fucker died
Day 7 - NG was lynched and Town Win

It is now day 1. With 24 alive, it takes 13 to lynch. You have 48 hours remaining.

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Having regained my GOATnom form and as your reigning MVP, we will be going in a direction of my choosing. I will be observing the first couple pages and will decide on a direction in short order.

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Bigman still not understanding reaction tests :toomanykobes

Hey doc! Last game I played back here I thought about using an excel sheet. Thoughts?

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Bigman still not understanding reaction tests :toomanykobes

Hey doc! Last game I played back here I thought about using an excel sheet. Thoughts?
I'd be proud. Is that to poe players from being aligned becaused I probably should've done that rather than post mountains of text all the time
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