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You stood out the most in the game tbh. I don’t think there was any kind of “wow” performance here. Plenty of solid performers and thought you were a bit above everybody. The good start town had was super important even if they didn’t capitalise

It me.
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Of the three PRs so far, Mikey is most likely to be scum, imo.

Call him the AEW to our WWE and NXT.
How so?

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It came third and is the most half-assed of the three.

Sort of like how AEW is a half-assed WWE.

EDIT — I quoted the wrong post but am also on mobile. Whatever.
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oh this is lame. just read the thread now. looks like Peter and Tweet got some sort of list of how Gambit/Barry act in the discord because they wouldn't know themselves. that's different to your PR.

Thanks for the game, Poyser.
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