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WF Discord Mafia!

Welcome to WF Discord Mafia! You know the rules



- Day 1 will be 36 hours with all subsequent days being 24 hours.
- Night phases will be 12-16 hours at the discretion of the host.
- Blocked shots will not be refunded.
- I’ve tried to clearly explain role interactions in your PMs, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. I won’t be held responsible if you wrongly assume I would resolve something in a certain way.
- Don’t bother hunting off of flavour, I’m lazy
- I may have taken liberties with the affiliations, I wouldn’t hunt off those either.
- Don’t discuss the game outside of any designated QTs and the thread itself.
- Don’t be a chode and threaten to rep out unless it’s for legitimate reasons.
- Mafia have been given fakes of unspecified quality.
- Town are Town aligned.
- Town win condition is “You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.”
- Draws are a thing that can happen. If you don’t fulfill your win condition then herp derp you don’t earn a victory. I’m not gifting you the game just because of your alignment.
- Do not directly quote your role PM.
- Play to your win condition.
- I guess don’t flame too much.

Character: Shep
Alignment: Town
Affiliations: Mods, Mafia Vets
Role: OP Whipping Boy

Says everything that you’re a mod and yet still being used as an OP Whipping Boy here. You don’t come around these parts so for this game, you are a jobber. Much like on the rare occasions you actually play these days.

You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.


14. Mikey was Rugrat, 2x Tracker/1x BP
15. Gambit was Lawyer, Innocent Child




Rop3 was Skybox, 1x Duelist - Lynched D1
Lethal was Big Man, Bodyguard - Killed N1
Curry was Skybot, Sandwich Giver - Killed N1

Skybox was Rop3, 3x Jailkeeper/1x Strongman/1x Mod Cheat - Lynched D2
Lawls was Lawls, VT - Killed N2
SavageX was Alco, PR - Killed N2
Rugrat was Smark, VT - Killed N3
Brutus was Jam, 2x Hider - Lynched D4
Magic was Odo, 2x Vig - Killed N4

Odo was Curry, 2x Rolecop/PR - Lynched D5
Big Man was Poyser, 2x Roleblocker/Census - Killed N5
RetepAdam. was Barry, Beloved/PR - Lynched D6
Tweetums was Gambit, PR - Lynched D7
PHEN0M was Jeff, 2x Naive Cop - Killed N7
Jam was LethalWeapon, PR - Killed N7

Jeffatron was Bananas, 2x Commuter - Killed N8


Day 1 - Rop3 was lynched
Night 1 - Curry and Lethal were killed
Day 2 - Skybox was lynched
Night 2 - SavageX and Lawls were Killed
Day 3 - No lynch
Night 3 - Rugrat was killed
Day 4 - Brutus was lynched
Night 4 - Magic was killed
Day 5 - Odo was lynched
Night 5 - Big Man was killed
Day 6 - RetepAdam was lynched
Night 6 - Nobody died
Day 7 - Tweetums was lynched
Night 7 - PHEN0M and Jam died
Day 8 - No lynch
Night 8 - Jeff died and Racist Homophobes win

It is now day 1. With 18 alive, it takes 10 to lynch. You have 36 hours remaining.

Still searching
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Actually Poyser posts full teams in his scum QTs early on (At least in WWE/Umbrella) so if you saw Junk on your team that's some consequence free fake distancing :hmm:

Vote Lawls

Still searching
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I remember little from game to game. Plus I don't see much difference between this and scum Curry from last game with so little to go on.
Well the main difference is the time the game started at tbh, I'm usually much more engaged with early starts than I am when I want to go to bed.

Lethal is presumably misappropriating that. Whether it's real or because he knows I'm town is up for interpretation :draper2

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Day 1 Vote Count

Chimp (1) - Skybox
SavageX (1) - Lawls
Lawls (1) - Curry

With 18 alive, it takes 10 to lynch. You have ~35 hours.
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