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WF BTB Hall of Fame 2011

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WF BTB Hall of Fame 2011

Welcome everybody to the seventh annual WF BTB Hall of Fame. After a one year hiatus last year I am returning to run the Hall of Fame event this year. I'm going to try and have this up by Sunday May 1, 2011 but no promises as the next few weeks are going to be very busy for me. We're going to keep the same format that WCW ran with last year and use the two year rule as well as I felt it works out well in the nomination process.

~ WF 2011 BTB Hall of Fame Voting Rules ~

1) The main rule to follow is that the booker must have started booking on or before May 1, 2009. It's a pretty simple rule to understand in that it is to ensure that no new booker is nominated just for the sake of it. The two year rule worked well last year and it is going to remain in effect for the forseeable future.

2) The maximum amount of nominees that you can have is three. Please send the three candidates user names that you feel that deserves a spot in the WF BTB Hall of Fame.

3) I don't want just names. I need calculated reasons as to why they deserve a spot on the Hall of Fame. Not because they're your friends. What have they done to influence this section? What are their contributions? Have they helped you in any way during your time here? Is/was their quality of booking above their peers? Don't just give me one sentence. I need a detailed explanation on why they warrant a spot. If I feel your reasoning is inadequate, I will send you a PM and hope you reply with something with a little more depth.

4) Ultimately, the Hall of Famers themselves have the final decision on whom will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Your nominations will be sent to the Hall of Famers whom will discuss the candidates and decide the new members.

5) Nominations must be sent to me via PM no later than Sunday April 10, 2011 at 8 PM EST. This is two weeks for you to research and decide whom you feel belongs in the Hall of Fame. It will also give me time to get everything together and done hopefully by May 1st.

6) Final reminder - Nominations must be sent via PM.

Here is some criteria that may or may not have a bearing on how you nominate your Hall of Famers, but please take 'em into consideration. They're not mandatory, but advisable.


Also, if you're relatively new to the section or are perhaps undecided, it's recommended you don't nominate. This is to ensure a measure of credible nominations. I hope you understand.

~ WF BTB Hall of Fame Previous Inductees ~

Class of 2005:
Wolf Beast

Class of 2006:
Kid o Mac
Hollywood Event
The Showstopper

Class of 2007:

Class of 2008:

Class of 2009:
Jushin Liger

Class of 2010:
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Just a reminder...

Tomorrow is the last day for nominations. We've only got about five or six nominations so far I want to say so hopefully we get some more in for the HOF'ers to discuss.

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I've gave it about an extra two weeks as I've been busy and only received one response from the Hall of Famers. If none more are received soon then I will just assume that there will not be a Class of 2011.
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