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DISCLAIMER: This thread will contain a few instances where I call wrestlers by their real names. This is not done to try and make myself look smart, but to avoid confusion when talking about multiple gimmicks.

Not many wrestlers become household names under their first gimmick. This thread is to look back at some of the old gimmicks, whether good or bad, and to ponder what could have been. I'll start with The Undertaker(Mark Calaway).

Mark's first pro wrestling match, against Bruiser Brody. He was under the gimmick "Texas Red", and his inexperience is readily apparent going against a wrestler of Brody's caliber. Brody was notorious for his intimidating behavior, and wrestling lore has it that he roughed Mark up in this match.

1989 match against Jerry Lawler, his ring skills have clearly improved by a large margin over the 5 year gap between this match and his debut in WCCW. Here he is under the gimmick "The Master of Pain".

Mark against Billy Travis, under the gimmick of "The Punisher".

Mark teaming with Scott Hall, while under the gimmick of "Punisher Dice Morgan".

After Laurinaitis attacked Cena on Raw, I got to rewatching some of his old work as Johnny Ace. One match in particular got me thinking of wrestlers' alternate gimmicks and inspired me to make this thread. The aforementioned match was Mean Mark Callous vs. Johnny Ace at Capital Combat. Two current WWE personalities wrestling eachother under different gimmicks, coincidental but not too far out there, right? The kicker was the fact that it featured an interfering Teddy Long choking Johnny Ace, and Jim Ross on commentary, all of this on a WCW show.

Mark exited WCW not long after this match.

There are several other gimmicks/names that he competed under, which I could not find proper videos of, notably "The Commando" and "Kane The Undertaker". I did not include his stint as "The American Badass" as that is a well-known gimmick.

Who are some wrestlers that you remember seeing in other companies or under other gimmicks? Do you feel that the ball was dropped when said wrestler was released and went on to achieve bigger things? Are there any less remembered gimmicks that you prefer over the established gimmick of a current superstar? These can include basic name changes(The Giant-Big Show, Ultimate Warrior-Warrior, etc.) or complete gimmick changes(Terror Risin'-HHH, Blade Runner Flash-Sting, etc.) I'll probably be profiling Sting next, when I feel like taking the time.
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