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Well Breeze is officially a comedy act

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Yeah yeah we all expected it. He's now in a feud with Goldust where week after week we're gonna be seeing Goldust popping up and making Breeze mad with hijinx. I'd really hoped WWE would have made him somewhat serious like he was in NXT.

He's not even serious enough to go for a mid card title on the main roster, hes the new Santino but as a heel.
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So what spot would you have Breeze in at the moment? Who's spot would you have him take over to be in the mid card chase? It's easy to say everyone deserves a spot but spots are limited.

You might think Reigns is shit, but he has qualities that elevate him above others. Just like you might think Breeze is 'main event potential' but others think he is not all that. And lol at saying Ambrose is better in the ring than Reigns when it is obviously not true for 2015. Stop getting worked by the WWE.
Its a 3 hour show theres plenty of room for him to have a spot without taking someone elses. I'd just like him to be treated like somewhat of a threat and put in a semi serious feud. Move Kevin Owens up the card and let Breeze feud with Ambrose for the IC Title.
It is a 3 hour show, that's why he is getting on the card. That isn't the issue.

How is he not a threat after and not in a semi-serious feud with Ziggler? They are feeding Breeze veterans in the lower card and your counter proposal is have him job to Ambrose in the IC scene? And you want to move Owens up to lose to Reigns too?
1 - 2 of 83 Posts
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