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NOTE: Welcome to the WWEFF (World Wrestling Entertainment Fantasy Federation)! I am going to begin my fantasy federation at WrestleMania 21 with the results of the card. My card is the same card as the WWE, but my outcomes and finishes are different. The superstars will be the superstars currently involved within the WWE, plus whomever I feel needs to be added to go the storylines at that time. With that said, let's begin!

Women’s Championship match
Trish Stratus (Champion) vs Christy Hemme

Nothing could have prepared Christy for what she was in for at WrestleMania. In one of the most shocking moments so far this year, Lita, the person who trained Christy for her match with six-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, turned her back on Christy, helping Trish retain the Women’s Championship.

Christy did everything she possibly could, and on a few occassions, had the win and title in hand, but thanks to Lita, that wasn’t the outcome. Christy used her new arsenal of kicks, which she was showed by Tajiri, and creative pinning predicaments shown to her by William Regal. She even managed to connect with a reverse Twist of Fate, showed to he by Lita, but thanks to tactics from Lita and Trish, the referee was unconscious on the mat. As Christy tried to revive the ref, Lita slid into the ring and delivered a Twist of Fate on Christy. Trish then covered Christy as Lita revived the ref. Trish then got the 3 count for the win as she retained her title.

In the end, Trish and Lita hugged in the ring and Lita raised Trish’s arm in victory as Christy looked on from the outside with Tajiri and William Regal helping her from the ringside area.

Backstage: From here we went to the backstage area where we saw Eddie Guerrero enter Rey Mysterio’s locker room and wish him good luck on there up coming match. Rey did the same to Eddie and Eddie left. Rey then begins to head towards the ring, but is stopped by Chavo Guerrero who reminds Rey to not trust Eddie. Eddie comes up from behind Chavo and throws him to the other side of the hallway and informed Chavo to stop trying to stir up trouble between him and Rey. He looks at Rey like as brother. The two then head towards the ring.

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

Unfortunately this match finished off similar to the one previously before it with Eddie turning on his so-called brother and best friend Rey Mysterio and once again aligning himself with his nephew Chavo.

This match was nothing but amazing though as these two men gave it there all in this match. Both Eddie and Rey had their high spots in this match. Eddie hit the three amigos on Rey followed by a frog splash, but it just wasn’t enough to put Rey away. Rey hit the 619 on two separate occasions, but that wasn’t enough to keep Eddie down.

Toward the end of the match, Rey reversed a huricanrana attempt from Eddie into a DDT, leaving the two men lying exhausted in the ring. While they lied motionless, Chavo Guerrero began to make his way down to the ring. Rey got his feet first and saw Chavo, which distracted him, giving the opportunity for Eddie to roll up Rey for another pin attempt. It wasn’t enough to put Rey away as he kicked out, sending Eddie face first into the ropes and giving Rey another chance to hit the 619. Rey went for the 619, but Chavo caught Rey by his legs and held onto to Rey as Eddie dropkicked Rey in the head. Eddie then dragged Rey into the middle of the ring and hit a frog splash to end the match. Eddie and Chavo then celebrated up the entranceway as Rey looked on in shock.

Sumo-Wrestling match
Big Show vs Akebono

With this being Big Show’s first ever Sumo-Wrestling contest and Akebono being a former Grand Slam Sumo-Wrestling Champion, Big Show’s chance of leaving this match victorious were slim, unlike to the two contestants.

Akebono easily sent the 500 lbs Big Show from the ring, leaving the Big Show shocked on how easily he was defeated.

Big Show re-entered the rope less ring and respectfully shook the hand of the victorious Akebono.

Backstage: Backstage we see Triple H and Ric Flair planning on what can be done in the main event later as Triple H defended the World Heavyweight Championship against the Royal Rumble winner Batista. Raw GM Eric Bischoff entered the room and informed both HHH and Flair that Flair was banned from ringside as he wouldn’t have anything spoil the Raw main event at WrestleMania. Bischoff then left as Flair and HHH threw a fit.

Muhammad Hassan and Diavari then came out and went on about how they were discriminated against by being left off of the WrestleMania card. Hulk Hogan then made his way to the ring and took care of business one more time. Hogan sent Hassan out the ring immediately and then worked on Diavari. Hassan re-entered and attacked Hogan from behind. After a quick pounding, Hogan “hulked up” and delivered a big boot to Hassan followed by a leg drop. Hogan then celebrated in the ring.

Money In The Bank Ladder match
Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Christian vs Edge vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin

Edge cashed in in this contest!

Benoit was moments away from grabbing the briefcase when Edge dove from the top turnbuckle and speared Benoit off of the Ladder. Edge then made his way up the ladder and grabbed the briefcase for the win and a chance to face the World Heavyweight Champion at any time within the next year.

Kane entered the match injured from a contest against Gene Snitsky from the previous month, but it wasn’t enough to keep Kane out of the match. Kane was another superstar very close to grabbing the briefcase, and would of if it wouldn’t of been for Snitsky shoving off of the ladder through a table on the outside that had been previously set up by Christian.

Speaking of Christian, he and Shelton Benjamin were at eachother the entire match. With Shelton even hitting a t-bone suplex on Christian from the ladder down to the ring.

As for Shelton, he highlighted the match with running up one ladder to the peak of another, which Jericho was on in an attempt to stop Jericho from getting the briefcase. Jericho ducked the clothesline attempt from Benjamin however, causing Benjamin to land on the ropes. Benoit however saw an open opportunity and german suplexed Jericho off of the ladder. Benoit then climbed the ladder that would then lead to Edge spearing Benoit and getting the briefcase.

Legend vs Legend Killer
The Undertaker vs Randy Orton

Although 13 is an unlucky number, it wouldn’t stop The Undertaker from defeating Randy Orton, making his WrestleMania streak 13-0.

It seemed as it about time for the Taker to put Orton away as he wrapped his hand around Orton throat to deliver a chokeslam, but Orton reversed it into an RKO. Orton then covered Taker to only receive a 2 count. Orton frustrated went outside the ring and grabbed a chair. As Orton went to hit Taker with the chair, the ref pulled the chair from Orton’s hands. Taker then scooped Orton up for a tombstone, but Orton reversed and delivered a tombstone of his own to the Deadman, only to get a 2 count again. Frustration once again over comes Orton as he goes for the chair once again. This time as Orton has the chair raised in the air, the Taker kicks Orton in the stomach, causing Orton to drop the chair. Taker then delivered a last ride to Orton to end the match.

“Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle

Both men were solidly prepared for this contest. With this being the first ever contest between the two, neither superstar really knew what to expect from the other. Leading up to the match, Angle stated that when won a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics, all he heard about was Shawn Michaels wrestling for over an hour and defeating Bret Hart to claim to the World Title. What about Kurt? Kurt stated he’d have his revenge once and for all at WrestleMania, but unfortunately for Kurt, HBK would leave this match victorious.

Throughout the match, Angle worked and HBK’s back and legs in an attempt to keep the fast paced icon grounded. Angle used the ring posts to his advantage as well, ramming both HBK’s back into the post from the outside, and his legs from inside the ring.

HBK came back though, eventually getting Angle to the outside and on top of the Spanish announce table. HBK then delivered an elbow from the top turnbuckle onto Angle, sending both men crashing through the table. Unfortunately for HBK though, that would not be the only announce table destroyed in this match.

Later in the match, the two once again made there way to the outside with Angle sending HBK crashing into the stairs. Angle then cleared off the SmackDown announce table. Meanwhile, HBK made his way onto the ring apron, but Kurt stopped him before he could get back into the ring. Angle nailed HBK with clubbing forearms shots to the back and delivered a german suplex from the ring apron, sending only HBK through the table. Angle then hopped up to his feet and celebrated at what he just accomplished, but it wouldn’t be enough to but away HBK.

Back in the ring, HBK would deliver an Angle slam of his own to Angle and then warmed up for sweet chin music. Angle though would block the attempt and reverse it into an ankle lock, which HBK would escape by making his way to the ropes. Angle then setup for an Angle slam, but that would be reversed by HBK, allowing HBK to hit sweet chin music on Angle and getting the victory.

Piper’s Pit Segment with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Piper greeted Austin with a slap to the face that Austin quickly returned. Austin then flipped off Piper, which led to Piper telling Austin that the Rowdy one was WWE’s original rebel, and Austin was nothing than a copycat, a Hot Rod wannabe. Austin then snatched the mic from Piper and began insulting Piper.

The two then get face to face and before anything could come about, Carlito Caribbean Cool begain to make his way to the ring. Carlito requested a mic and stated that nobody wanted to see Piper and Austin try to fight because watching bums fight is uncool. Carlito the took a bit of his apple and made his way over to Austin. It seemed Carlito was about to spit the apple in Austin’s face, Austin squared up to Carlito causing Carlito to swallow the apple. Austin then flipped off Carlito and delivered a Stunner to Carlito. Piper then picked up the apple, bit it and spit it into Carlito’s face.

Austin then called for some beer, even offering Piper a few. As the two drank together, Austin hit Piper with a Stunner before leaving.

WWE Championship match
John Bradshaw Layfield vs John Cena

The Chain Gang era has begun for SmackDown as John Cena defeated JBL to capture the WWE Championship.

The bell sounded and both men came out with a fury of fists. JBL even hit a clothesline from hell on Cena, but nothing would keep Cena down on this night. Cena would recover and hit an FU on the JBL for the win.

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs Batista

Batista stepped out from behind Triple H on this night and took the World Heavyweight Championship from his former mentor.

Triple H dominated most of this match, hitting Batista with everything he had, but just like Cena, nothing would stop the Animal from getting his gold. HHH even resorted to using his trusty sledgehammer, nailing Batista in the head, busting the challenger open. HHH then set Batista up for the pedigree, but Batista reversed it into a spinebuster. Batista then delivered a Batista bomb, ending the game!
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