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Welcome to the SWF Universe, Population.... You, Him, and a Those guys

I have been booking this since December the 1st (in the Be The Booker Time) so the Wrestlemania results are a little different.

Wrestlemania XXVI

Nigel Frost (c) w/Ric Flair Vs Kofi Kingston
For the United States Championship

Since Debuting in December 09, Nigel has Shot up the card like a rocket, with the help of Ric Flair, Of Course, This Heel Tandem has taken out many superstars, the biggest being the United States champion Miz, for the title! After Kofi Lost a MITB Qualifying match, Flair Taunted the Jamican Superstar, and Challenged Kofi to a match with Nigel on RAW! Kofi Lost Said Match, after interferance from Flair, and challenged him to a re-match at Wrestlemania for the title!

Result: Nigel Frost won after a Devastating Lariat.

Cody Rhodes Vs Ted Dibiase Vs Montel Vontavious Porter Vs Jack Swagger Vs Carlito Vs Chris Masters
For the RAW Money In The Bank Briefcase

Not Much of a Storyline or Feud here, beside from the expected tension between the two members of Legacy. All Six won qualifying matches and have been clashing in singles and tag team competition with the other members of the match, with all his recent successes, Montel Vontavious Porter was voted most likely to win.

Result: MVP after Retrieving the Briefcase.

Kane Vs Mr Kennedy Vs Christian (C)
For the ECW Championship

Since being on the Extreme Brand, Christian has been nothing but a success, defeating every opponent in his way, The Tale of the tape her was Kane Trying to win the ECW Championship at Now Way Out: Elimination Chamber, But Mr Kennedy Intervened, costing the Big Red Monster his championship, making Kennedy Pretty popular with the fans, as Kane continued Destroying people until he got a match a Wrestlemania, which he did, with Mr Kennedy involved! The Threesome had several clashes, including the contact signing, where Kane Decimated both the Champion and Co-Challenger!

Result: Kane, After a Chokeslam on Christian!

Dolph Ziggler Vs John Morrison Vs Evan Bourne Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio
For the Smackdown Money in The Bank Briefcase.

Unlike RAW, This MITB has more of a feud to it, pretty much with all the super stars in the match trying to get their dirty mits on Drew McIntyre and Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler! But None more then former IC Champion, John Morrison, however, when the match got underway, Rey Mysterio was attacked! And He was replaced by the Cocky Superstar, Cody Rhodes!

Result: Cody Rhodes, By Retrieving The Briefcase!

The World's Greatest Tag Team (c) Vs Jeri-Show
For the WWE tag Team Championship

After Big Show and Chris Jericho both missed out in the Elimination Chamber, they vowed that they would once again become Tag Team Champions, and reconciled. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team weren't best pleased, and Jumped Jeri-Show, and accepted the challenge, in the weeks leading up to WM, the teams both Sneak attacked the other sides, with Jeri-Show getting the last laugh in, With Big Show choke slamming Shelton and Jericho making Haas Tap out.

Result: The World's Greatest Tag Team Wins, after Jericho tapped out whilst in the Haas Of Pain.

The Miz Vs 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Since RAW General Manager Steve Austin made the Miz defend, and lose, his US Championship to Nigel Frost, Miz constantly questioned Stone Cold, calling him 'bias' and an 'Unfair S.O.B' Then Steve Austin Stunned him, and this was the final straw, The Miz went crazy, and attacked Stone Cold for Embarrassing him on International TV and he challenged him to a match at WM!!

Result: The Miz Wins after hitting the Skull Crushing Finale!

Batista (c) Vs Edge
For the World Heavyweight Championship

Since winning the Smackdown Elimination Chamber, last eliminating the Champion, The Undertaker and winning the subsequent rematch on Smack down, Edge won a Beat the clock challenge to crown a number one contender for Wrestlemania (as a Face) and Batista attacked him, and the feud was pretty straight forward after this, with broth parties attacking each other, and Taunting their opponent.

Result: Batista Wins after a Batista Bomb

Sheamus Vs The Undertaker
For the Undertaker's Undefeated Streak

After Losing His Title at Elimination Chamber, Sheamus asked for Number One Contender's match at WM, Vince McMahon said 'If You Can Beat the Undertaker, You can have all the title matches you want!' So Sheamus Challenged him! And 'Taker accepted! Sheamus then requested for it to be a No DQ match, which was again, accepted, Sheamus then went about proving his dominance, defeating Jobbers week after week, While the Undertaker was forced to go against More established competitors, even losing to Mike Knox! As Sheamus Interfered with his matches, and Put The Undertaker through a table during the contract signing!

Result: The Undertaker, after a Tombstone!

Cm Punk Vs Randy Orton Vs John Cena (C)
For The WWE Championship

Due To a Complicated twist in events, CM Punk (Who Won the Royal rumble) Used his match against the NEW WWE Champion, John Cena, However, Randy Orton also wanted a shot, and weasled his way into the match, after Cena Challenged him to! And The Three really didn't get along, and with Cena having the odds stacked against him once again, Nobody Knows If He Will Even Make It Out Alive Come Wrestlemania..

Result: CM Punk, after Cena Nailed Orton with The attitude Adjustment

Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels
Loser has to retire

After Losing The Unified Tag Team Championship, Triple H put the blame on Shawn, as he was the one who tapped out, and Shawn Put it down to being old, and pointed out that Hunter isn't the athlete he used to be either, Triple H slapped him for this, and told him not to be so disrespectful, and the Weeks leading up to No Way Out, He lost a few matches to noticeably younger opponents, such as Smackdown's Ken Doane, and Shawn made a remark about it Backstage, leading to a pedigree from Triple H, with Hunter telling him that the day Shawn proves that Hunter still can't Hang with the Best Of Them, He'll Retire, leading to Shawn Challenging and Superkicking triple H in a Career Vs Career Match

Result: Triple H, after Three Pedigrees

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Monday Night RAW


WWE Championship: CM Punk

WWE United States Championship: Nigel Frost

WWE RAW Mr. Money In The Bank: Montel Vontavious Porter

WWE Tag Team Champions: The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

Main Roster

Charlie Haas*
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes**
CM Punk
Evan Bourne
Hurricane Helms
Jack Swagger
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Montel Vontavious Porter
Nigel Frost With Ric Flair
Primo Colon
Randy Orton
Santino Marrella
Shawn Michaels***
Shelton Benjamin*
Ted Dibiase Jr
The Miz
Triple H
Yoshi Tatsu

*Appears on all Brands Due to being The WWE Tag Team Champion.

** As Cody Rhodes Is Smackdown's Mister Money In the Bank, His Status On RAW is Unknown.

*** Shawn lost a retirement Match, and will be leaving soon.

**** Currently Appearing On Both RAW! & Smackdown! due to his fued with the Undertaker.

Friday Night Smackdown!


World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

ECW Champion: Kane

WWE Smackdown! Mr Money in The Bank: Cody Rhodes

WWE Tag Team Champions: The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)

Main Roster

Bryan Danielson
Caylen Croft
Charlie Haas*
Chris Jericho
David Hart Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Eric Escobar
Elijah Burke
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Ken Doane
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Mike Knox
Mr Kennedy
Paul Burchill
Rey Mysterio
Shelton Benjamin
The Big Show
The Brian Kendrick
The Great Khali
The Paul London
The Undertaker**
Trent Barretta
Vladimir Kozlov
William Regal

* Appears On all Brands Due to holding the WWE tag Team Championship.

**Currently Appears On RAW! And Smackdown! Due to his feud with Sheamus.

Florida Championship Wrestling


FCW Champion: Lance Cade

FCW Tag Team Champions: Brett DiBiase & Joe Hennig

Main Roster

Alberto Del Rios
Alex Riley
Alex Shelly
Bo Rotundo
Brett Dibiase
Chris Sabin
Conrad tanner
Curt Hawkins
Daemon Duke
Darren Young
David Flair
David Otunga
Dino Carter
Eli Cottonwood
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jay Briscoe
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Joe Hennig
Joey Prime
Lance Cade
Mark Briscoe
Michael Tarver
Orlando Colon
Percy Watson
Reid Flair
Richard/Richie Steamboat Jr
Rob Terry
Skip Sheffield
Teddy Hart
Vance Archer
Wade Barrett
Wes Brisco
Windham Rotundo
Zack Ryder


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Monday Night RAW

Segment One: Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Vintage" Michael Cole welcome us to the Show!

The Show Opens With a Wrestlemania Recap & Highlights Video package, followed by a fantastic Pyro display and the Commentary team of Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to tonight's RAW mentioning several times that we are Just One Day removed from the Biggest Event of the WWE year, and Hype up the upcoming segment, John Cena Speaking on the WWE Championship!


Segment Two: John Cena Speaks About The WWE Championship!

John Cena makes his way to the ring to a Standing Ovation, after being cheated out of the WWE Championship less then 24 hours ago. He Gets a Microphone from ring Announcer Justin Roberts and begins to speak. He says that CM Punk is a coward that he avoided him for Six weeks after No Way Out, Constantly hiding behind Luke Gallows, Cena says That he had the match won, until Gallows distracted him and Punk pinned Orton after Cena hit the finishing move! Cena then tells us the RAW is for RAW stars only, and That since Luke Gallows is officially a Smackdown! Superstar, He Can't save Punk anymore, Punk is Free... Free for Cena to Destroy! The Former Champion says that he is Invoking his re-match clause... at Backlash! He then tells us he will be in action tonight, facing Luke Gallows, In Luke's final RAW appearance! CM Punk and Gallows then run in the ring from the crowd, and lay waste to Cena with a steel Chair as we Cut To Commercial.


Segment Three: Randy Orton Speaks To Ted DiBiase Jr!

We Come back to Thunderous Heat as Randy Orton his backstage with his occasional partner, Ted DiBiase! Orton furiously asks Where Cody was last night during the WWE title match last night and DiBiase defends his Friend, saying they were both "Hurtin" After the ladder Matches, and Cody went through Two! Randy Then Tells Ted to Find Cody. Ted Leaves, and Orton Glares Mysteriously Into the Distance.


Segment Four, Match One: Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin Vs Nigel Frost w/Ric Flair
Both Teams made their way to the ring, and began The Match, Dubbed 'Champion Vs Champion' by Michael Cole. Then Charlie Haas, riding a fresh wave of momentum after last night, takes early control, taking Nigel to the mat in a, odd for RAW, superb technical match, The Two Wrestled on the Mat for a while, trading momentum, hold after hold after hold, reversal after reversal. At One Point, when the two were back on their feet, Haas had Nigel in the corner, hitting the US Champion with lefts and rights, whilst his partner, Shelton, cheered him on from ringside, but Flair Wanted to put a stop to this, Stealing Justin Roberts Chair, only to have Shelton Benjamin knock it out of his hands, leading to a brawl between the two on the outside, whilst Haas and Frost continued on the inside, Haas once again had the advantage, locking Frost into a painful Armbar, however, We did not see who would win, as Chris Jericho and His Partner, The Big Show, had intervened, attacking Charlie Haas!

Winner Via Disqualification at 7:21, Charlie Haas!

After The Match, Jeri-Show continued their beat down on the Tag Team Champions and Flair and Frost had joined in too now! It looked like their was No hope for the Champions Until Kofi Kingston ran to the ring with a Baseball bat! and The Jamaican Experience (a Name given to him by Michael Cole) cleared house, With Nigel frost, Flair and Jericho escaping, but Jericho DID meet Kofi's baseball bat! Kofi Then watched Over the tag Team Champions as they were attended to by EMTs at Ringside, all the while staring at Nigel Frost, who was backing up the Ramp, with him championship on his shoulder, as we Cut to commercial for the second time tonight.


Segment Five: Cody Rhodes Arrives!

A VERY Expensive Limo Pulls Up, and Who Comes Out? None other than Cody Rhodes, Smackdown's (or RAW's?) Mister Money In The Bank! He climbs out the Limousine, with his Briefcase in hand, followed by a extremely attractive woman, and another one, and Another one! Cody Rhodes and the Three Woman then walk into the arena, while the girls giggle and talk amongst themselves.


Segment Six, Match Two: Montel Vontavious Porter Vs Dave Martin (A Jobber)

This was a fast, Run of the mill squash match, With MVP Controlling the match the whole way through, simply toying with his small opponent, Before finally deciding enough is enough and finishing him off with the Malicious Intent, pinning him, simple as that.

Winner Via Pinfall at 2:54, Montel Vontavious Porter

After the match, RAW's Mister Money in The Bank grabs a Microphone and talks to the WWE Universe about how he could become a champion any time he wants, Much to the pleasure of the crowd, but then he asks, Why Should He? That he's been good enough and won enough to be champion already, But he's never been given a chance, and Now that he has one, he doesn't need the fans any more, and the crowd quickly changes their reaction and starts Boo-ing him. He Then tells CM Punk to watch his back, drop the Microphone, and heads backstage.


Segment Seven: The Miz is Interviewed.

Shawn Michaels' Farewell and our Main event of Triple H Vs Justin Gabriel is plugged for later tonight as we go backstage with Alicia Fox, with The Miz, Who defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin last Night, and how he thinks it makes him an Instant Legend, and that he expects to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame Next Year. he doesn't fail to remind of this, or the fact that he's awesome or the Fact that he has a match Tonight, and that after he wins, Vince McMahon will grant him a match against the WWE Champion at Judgement Day! Alicia Congratulates him and he once again tell's us he's awesome, and walks off, Practising announcing himself as the new "Awesome WWE Champion"


Segment Eight: New Superstar Promotional Video!

It seems that Monday Night's will have a new tag team joining their ranks as 'The Murder City Machine Guns' are seen in action, as 'Alex Patrick' (FCW's Alex Shelley) and Josh Sabin (FCW's Chris Sabin) are seen in action, destroying other FCW tag teams as they do a comedic commentary, DVD style, and they rename every remove, (they Call a Regular Slap a "Slap of a Thousand Sabin's" and end every line with "You'll only see that move (a Clothesline or something similar) on Monday Night RAW, in 5 weeks!" And they get a decent reaction as we cut to commercial.


Segment Nine: Cody Rhodes is Found!

Ted DiBiase is looking around, and finally spots his tag team partner, he storms up to him and asks why Cody didn't help Orton to take part in MITB, and didn't even tell them?Cody tells him that he is currently focusing on Rey Mysterio, and that 'He is sorry, But You'll have to take a number.' Cody Then Patted his Partner on the back, and walked off with his Female friends. Ted looked furious, and went back to the Viper to deliver the bad news.


Segment Ten, Match Three: The Miz Vs Chris Masters

This was a pretty good match, with Masters Making the first move, and was seemingly winning, but Miz fought back, refusing to go down, and countered Masters, Hitting The Skull Crushing Finale for an early finish, but Masters still kicked Out! The Miz stomped a Mud hole on Masters, a obvious attempt to Anger Steve Austin, doing this making wierd grunting noises, then laughing. The Miz simply Bullied Masters for even longer, taunting the crowd, Chris and Austin, Even going outside and Grabbing a microphone, telling the crowd that he IS a winner, that he is a Legend, Flooring Chris Every Now and Again, Until he heard the sound which made his heart stop, the sound of Glass Shattering! The Miz sh*t himself as Austin walked towards the ring, and Masters Crept up behind Miz, and put him in the Master lock! The Miz looked to be in trouble so he struggled like a fish out of water, Flopping around all over the place, then flew his legs in the air, and One of his Boots went straight into the Crotch Of Masters! The Miz then grinned as The referee called for the bell.

Winner Via DQ at 6:34, Chris Masters!

After The Match The Miz was still grinning, laughing even, as Stone Cold slid in the ring, the Miz then turned round and saw the P*ssed off rattlesnake, and tried to run, but to no avail, as Austin takes him to the floor and stomps a mud hole into him! Michael Cole tells us that after this, We Will See John Cena Vs Luke Gallows, and Shawn Michaels Farewell, Meanwhile, Inside the ring, Austin is dragged away from the Miz by security, and he looks absolutely Ballistic as Miz Lays in the ring, bleeding. He still manages to break free and stomp on his face a few more time before being grabbed again and taken away, as a Video Promo for the WWE's next PPV, Backlash!


Segment Eleven, Match Four: John Cena Vs Luke Gallows w/CM Punk

Cena came out first, and while he was in the ring, Punk and Gallows made their way out, taunting the former WWE Champion, and whilst still on Stage, Punk Grabbed a Mic, and Reminded us he was the WWE Champ, He mentioned that the Belt is ugly, and that he won the main event of Wrestlemania Twenty Six, Not Pulled it out a cereal packet, he told Cena he, and Luke, were BOTH better than Cena and that, even though CM Punk was leaving Smackdown! He had found a partner for Luke, to continue the Legacy of the SES, and that they could win the unified tag Team Championships, or even end up here on RAW, during the WWE Draft after Backlash! Luke Nodded, and The Duo went to the ring, to finally begin the match. Cena and Luke then Locked up in the Centre of the ring, and Cena was sent flying by a HUGE arm drag! This was seen to be the best it was going get for Luke, Though, as Cena hit an Impact-full Shoulder barge, followed by the Proto-Bomb, 5 Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Ajustment, However, before he could complete the Dreaded "5 Moves Of doom" with the STF, His attention came to Punk, Who Stole the Championship title from him, Punk laughed him off, and rubbed the title, Mocking Cena, who started to get angry at Punk, whilst Gallows got to his feet, and Took Cena off his! Gallows then decimated Cena for a Minute or so, Then Cena Rolled Out the way from an elbow drop, and hit the AA out of Nowhere! He then made the Cover and Got the 1-2-3!

Winner Via Pinfall at 8:22: John Cena!

The Crowd then raised the roof for Cena as he had his arms raised in victory, but quickly pulled them away from Charles Robinson's Hands, and he slid out the ring, and Gave chase to the now flee-ing WWE Champion, and ran all the way to the Backstage area.


Segment Twelve: Shawn Michaels and Triple H Split screen.

Our Two Main Events are plugged again, Shawn Michaels' Farewell ceremony, and Triple H's Match Against Justin Angel, as We have a split screen show up, one half showing Triple H Lacing up his boots and the other with Shawn Michaels Doing his tie, and frowning, as we go to Commercial.


Segment Thirteen, Match Five: Triple H Vs Justin Gabriel

In His first Main Event of Surely Many to come, Justin Gabriel Makes His way to the ring looking rather excited as Michael Cole reminds us of How Justin won a 10 Man Battle Royal just over a Month ago to secure a contract. Triple H then came out, microphone in hand, and claimed this Match was beneath him, and that some Punk Kid who got lucky doesn't deserve to Face him, but went to the Ring, regardless. The Match began with Triple H Immediately taking Gabriel to the Mat with a clothesline, and waited for him to get up, before a Thunderous Knee to the Face, He then must've decided It was time for the Match to end, and went to the outside, lifted up the steel steps, and Pulled out, his Sledgehammer! The Very Same one he used to defeat Shawn Michaels last night, and he got in the ring, and Hit Gabriel With the Hammer, straight in the gut!

Winner Via DQ at 00:54, Justin Gabriel!

Justin is announced the winner, but he sure as hell doesn't feel like one, as Triple H has robbed him of his chance to shine, and HHH grabs a Microphone, and is probably about to brag about beating Shawn Michaels when a Small Man, dressed in Wrestling Gear, Jumps the Game from behind, as the Audience cheers on the unknown man, with exception to a few Smarks, Who recognise him. And The Man Then hits a Flying Cross body on the thirteen time World Champion! He Then Climbs the top rope, and Hits a Diving Double Foot Stomp! The Man then helps Justin Gabriel Up, Justin thanks him and they are about to leave, when Justin changes his mind, and gives the crowd a taste of what he's made of, delivering a extremely cool 450 Splash! The Two Young Stars then celebrate as We Fade to black, and a Video package for The Upcomming Smackdown and RAW world Tours!


Segment Fourteen: Shawn Michaels Farewell

It's finally time, The Crowd Goes into an Extremely emotional frenzy as Mr Wrestlemania makes his way to the ring! He Thanks The WWE Universe for all the support he has been given since he began his career 26 years ago, at The Tender age of 19, Now his time has come, for him to retire, and That he had made a promise to himself after he returned from injury, that when he couldn't go with the young ones any more, when he slows down a little, that he will retire, he admits that, Win or Lost last night, he was going to retire tonight anyway! The Crowd doesn't know what to think when two heels, Orton and Ric Flair (With Nigel Frost) make their ways to the ring, Ric and Shawn embrace, and Orton Shakes his hand, then walks off, respectively, as Almost the Whole RAW Roster comes to the ring and celebrates with Shawn, as well as some guys from the past, such as Marty Jennetty and X-Pac! The whole roster Started to Party, Opening at least 6 bottles of Champagne in the Ring, that is Until, Triple H came out, Looking furious, He stormed the ring, as Shawn Put out an Accepting Hand, Triple H slapped it away and Shawn Shrugged, and Super kicked Triple H! As Hunter lay on the floor, Shawn Laughed and told him that he needs to let go. as The Party Continued and Triple H was removed from the ring, the lights then dimmed, and the Now 16-0 at Wrestlemania, The Undertaker, appeared in the ring, with everyone else on the outside, quite, almost in Awe Or Shock, as 'Taker put out a Hand, and Shawn shook it, Michaels grinned, and The Undertaker vanished again, after this mysterious Incident, Vince McMahon came out, Teary Eyed and Personally thanked Shawn Michaels for everything that he's done for this company, Shawn thanked him back, shedding a tear, as "Sexy Boy" played for the last time as we Fade to black.


Backlash 2010

CM Punk © Vs John Cena
For The World heavyweight Championship

*Card Subject To Change


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Elimination Chamber in December Next Year? EC's Replacement?

Since Moving The Elimination Chamber from New Years Revolution to No Way Out, It had been a successes, but Vince reportedly wants a time change, apparently he think that the two elimination chambers make the Champion's Going into 'Mania look Very strong, it makes The Other five in each look weak, Making 10 of their top stars go into Wrestlemania With Little Momentum. WWE Is Thinking Is Bringing back Saturday Night's Main Event Or a new PPV entitled "The Road" Or Something along those lines.

Why Did Cody Rhodes win Smackdown!'s Money in The Bank?

The Internet has been running wild, pondering why Cody Rhodes, Of All People, was chosen to be Smackdown!'s Mr Money In The Bank, According To Insiders, WWE's Top Guys have been arguing other who should win the MITB's for a few Months, with John Morrison, Rey Mysterio or even Matt Hardy Being put forward for the Victory, and Rumour is, That Until Two Hours before the show, Matt Hardy was Supposed to win, and Even Possibly go on to become the World Heavyweight Championship. But then, Out Of The Blue, they decided Cody Rhodes, of RAW would be a great choice, and surprise! Thoughts are that Cody Won So he Can leave Legacy for a good reason, how he will leave is unknown, but it is suspected he will either feud with DiBiase or Rhodes on RAW, before staying on Smackdown! To Focus on becoming (hopefully) World Champion.

The Un-Named Wrestler On RAW Last Night?

Rumours are that The Man who saved Justin Gabriel on RAW last Night, against Triple H, are such names as FCW talents, Lance Cade (would be likely, but currently holds the FCW Championship as a heel), Wade Barrett (FCW & WWE are very High on him, and he is expected to be called up in the coming months, regardless of whether he is the Attacker or Not), Kaval (Same reason as Wade Barrett), Alberto Del Rios/Alberto Banderas (Very Good FCW Talent, Albeit a Long Shot, as he is a natural Heel), Alex Riley (Good friend of Triple H, so Will Be Brought up and probably Pushed anyway) Or Even TNA's Recently released Kazarian!

The Next Legacy?

Over the Last 6 Months, When it was decided Cody would eventually leave Legacy, WWE Has signed a lot of Second and Third generation Stars, Including Ted DiBiase's Brother, Mike, Ric Flair's Two sons, Reid and David, Manu is Back, Teddy Hart, Bo & Windham Rotundo, Wes Brisco, Joe Hennig, Jey and Jimmy Uso and son of Ricky Steambot, Richie Jr! If A few of these twelve were brought up, which seems to be what creative wants to do, Legacy would become a Huge group, as well as Teddy Hart possibly being a new member of the Hart Dynasty.

What Is Next For Shawn?

Shawn Michaels' Next Venture is currently Unknown, But it is Though that he will be either a Road agent or some other Backstage role, but could be called up as a Manager or colour commentator, but for now, we will not know, but it may be revealed soon, as his contract expires and he May just retire from Wrestling Altogether!
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