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WCW Monday Nitro

August 6, 2001
New Orleans, Los
Hosted by Joey Styles and Bobby THe Brian

The Show starts off with Slipknot "Wait and Bleed" while pyro goes off and the crowd going wild.

Talking- Eric comes out with a big pop with Russo with him while he gets booed.

Eric- I bought WCW and Vinnie Mac did not get to buy WCW. This is going to be a new WCW and there is a WCW World Heavywright Champion already and he was still Champion when WCW was bought. Scott Steiner come on down.

Scott Steiner walks out to boos while he is Flicking them off the whole time walking.

Steiner- Thank Vince and Eric. I am going to be the best Champion in WCW History. I was the Champion since WCW was bought buy Eric and i should deserve it more than anyone in WC...

Booker T walks out to the ring with a big pop.

Booker T- I dont think so Scott Steiner. I think there should be a tourny but i want to Challenge you for the World Championship tonight (Crowd goes wild after hearing that).

Russo- I dont think so Booker. You will face Shane Douglas tonight in the main event to see if you can get a number one shot at the World Title.

Booker T- Thats fine by me. I guess we will see who will be the number one shot at the title will be.

Then Booker T leaves the ring.


1. Crowbar VS Lance Storm
The Winner- Lance STorm after the Maple Leaf.


Backstage-Eric as the U.S title in his hand and then gives it to Lance Storm.

Eric- There is your title Lance. You desevere it.

Lance-Thank you Eric for the title. I will be the best U.S champion in WCW history and congrats on you buying of WCW.

Eric shakes his hand and then leaves.

2. Hugh Morris VS Sean O`Haire
The Winner- Sean O`Haire After a Piledriver

Backstage- Kevin Nash and DDP is showen walking down the hall.


Talking- Kevin Nash and DDP walking down the ramp with a big pop and they both get in the ring.

Nash- Me and DDP want our Tag Titles right now in this damn ring.

DDP- Yeah because were the best Tag team Champions in WCW and we desereve the Tag Titles.

Nash- We have beaten ever single tag team out in WCW. So Bishoff or Russo please come down here and give us the titles.

Russo walks out with an mic in hand.

Russo- About not. You guys dont deserve nothin not even the Tag Team Championship but i will give you guys a match for the Tag Titles at Big Bang against the Pervect Event.

Nash- Alright you got it we will face them at Big Bang and then win them at Big Bang.

DDP- Hell yeah we are. We are going to beat there asses left and right.

Then Perfect Event comes out and attacts them from behind and beat them up and then leave the ring laughing.


Backstage- Nash and DDP are looking for Perfect Event and did but they ran into a car a left.

3. Saturn VS Konnan
The Winner- Konnan after the sunset flip


4. RVD VS David Flair
The Winner by DQ RVD after Raven and interfered in the match and they both double teamed on him.

Backstage- Rick Is in Eric`s office and he as the TV Title in is hand.

Bishoff- Since your Bother is the World Champion i am going to give the TV title. Because your a great wrestler and plus you will be on TV all the time.

Rick Stiner- Thanks Bishoff. I am going out there and challenge someone to a match at big bang if there no scared of me.

Bishoff- Well you go do that Steiner. Now get kuz i got some bussiness to do.


Talking- Steiner walks out to some boos and gets a mic.

Rick Steiner- I came out here to challenge somebody for the TV Title. If no one is scared to face me at Big Bang. I know people back there are scared of me but come you ass holes.

Bigalow walks out to the challenge.

Bigalow- Steiner you talk a lot of crap you know. I will face you at Big Bang for the title if your not scared to face me at Big Bang.

Steiner- I aint scared of nobody here in WCW or anybody in the world. I will face you at Big Bang and i will win you fat bitch.

Bigalow- Say that to my face.

Steiner walk down and then goes up the ramp and they both brawl for a min til police come and stop it.


5. Kidman VS Rhyno
The Winner- Kidman after the Shooting Star Press

Backstage- Booker T is shown getting ready and then walks out the locker room then sees bishoff.

Booker T- I dont want any one interfere in this match. I mean no one interfere on this match alright dawg.

Bishoff- You got it man. No one is to interfere in your match. You happy.

Booker T- I can dig it.


6. Booker T VS Shane Douglas
The Winner- Booker T after the Book End.
After the match Scott Steiner comes down and beats him up with the help of Shane Douglas but polive ran in and got them off as Nitro went off the air.

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Well, to start things off I am happy that you choosed to do WCW for your booking project. What is even better you used my style in your header with even more information. And, by chance, do you have a roster for us to view. Cudos!

Your first confrontation with the creative geniuses, Scott Steiner, and Booker T I feel is a little off. Vince Russo, who was bought from WWF to be head writer of WCW, didn't say a single thing, it was as if he was just there for show. I can see you have Eric Bischoff as the slimey worm he always has been, and Scott Steiner as the muscle for the group. While I was reading the first sentence though, I saw that Bischoff came out to a pop!
Talking- Eric comes out with a big pop with Russo with him while he gets booed. Booker T came out which I am glad you still have him on the roster. Though, what he said made me have to read it over twice. He says that he thinks there should be a world title tournament to determine the champion, but then goes back to say that he wants a title shot against the champion, Steiner, tonight. Was a little problem with this confrontation but I think you can work around it and develop a great story with these two.

I don't know if it is just me but, I don't know who the heck the Perfect Event are? And, I cann hardly remember when Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash ever teamed up. But I can see them working well together.

I can see that Eric Bischoff is stacking all the cards in his favor by giving Lance Storm the United States Title. And, as I read on Bischoff gave Rick Steiner the Television Championship Belt. And, then you have the second man deserving a world title shot in Shane Douglas. I can feel a reunion of Steiner Brothers pumping through my veins, and a possible alliance between wrestlers. I hope you won't disappoint.

Well, that is my feedback. Some of your promo's are real good, if you are thinking what I am, and others need a bit of work. I couldn't really elaborate on the matches due to not enough to view. Try writing a single, small paragraph detailing the last seconds of the match so we can get a feel for it. Other than that, just work on your punctuation a bit better and you are set. I hope to see more from you in the future.

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The Perfect Event were Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo. As for Nash and DDP they teamed and won the WCW Tag titles twice and feuded with the Perfect Event.

Show: Promo's are okay but no matches basically lol. I know there are six I mean detailed matches.

Overall: 6/10 (because of no detail to matches).


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Wednesday Thunder

August 8, 2001
Baton Rouge, Los
Hosted by Tony.S and John Madden

The show starts off with Pyros going off while Pappercut plays by Linkin Park. Then shows what happen to Booker Last night.

Scott Steiner walks out to alot of Heat from the crowd and almost gets in a fight with a fan but Police stop him, He gets in the ring and grabs the mic.

Scott Steiner- Shut the hell up damn it. You people see what happen on monday. That was some funny stuff. Since you are now number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship lets make this an NO DQ match. So we can use anything aroung the areana.

Booker T walks out to a big pop.

Booker T- Alright Steiner i will face in a NO DQ match at Big Bang but no one in your Gang can interfere. And i will get you back for what you did last night.

Scott Steiner- uh Whatever there Booker T. But anyways no one in my gang can interfere, thats cool by me. I cant wait to see you at Big Bang.

Booker T- yeah Me too Steiner. I cant also wait to that belt in your hand at Big Bang.

Then Booker T leaves, then cut to a Break


1. Saturn VS Shanonn Moore
The Finsh- The match was very fast paced and Saturn was mostly in control. Saturn has Shanonn Moore in a Headlock then swings him to the ropes while he runs at him with closeline. HE picks up Moore and kicks him in the gut for a suplex but it was reversr in to a inverted DDT. There both down and the ref is now counting 1...2...3...4...5...6...7 Moore has his hand on the middle rope...8... then he gets up and dropkicks saturns head then goes for the pin, the ref down for the count 1...2.. saturn kicks out but morre goes agen 1....2. Saturn kicks out again. He picks him up and punchs him a few times but the forth his blocked by Saturn and does a spinning neck breaker. He is picking up but Moore low blows him twice and Saturn his down. Moore goes up and does the 450 splash on him and covers 1....2.....3.
Winner- Shanonn Moore at 5:02

Backstage- Shane Douglas and Scott Steiner watching what they did to Booker T on Monday night.


2. Hardcore Match: Justin Credible VS Big Vito
The Finsh- The match is very slow but lots of hits in this match but the crowd is dead. Justin is looking for a table and then he doex. He sets it up outside and goes back in the ring to pick up Big Vito and drags him outside the ring puts on top of the table and he gets up with him. He gets him up and does the piledriver on him for the count 1....2.....3.
Winner- Justin Cerdible at 4:02

Backstage- Mike Awesome seen walking backstage.


Mike Awesome somes out to a big pop and then gets a mic.

Awesome- You know what i am tired of this bishoff giving the titles to random people. And one is Lance Storm. Lance Storm dont even deserve the U.S title. He is a crap just look at him. I want to challenege Lance Storm at Big Bang for the U.S title.

Russo comes out and gets a lot of heat.

Russo- Awesome, you dont make the rules here or just get a match like that. So tonight you will face your good ole buddy from ECW Raven. If you beat Raven you will get your match at Big Bang but if you lose you dont get it at all.

Awesome- Thats fine by me Russo.

Russo then leave the place.


Backstage- Juvy and Pyhcosis are seen talkin in the looker room.

Juvy- Man we are so cool because we are mexican. Look at us we got a tan and we are big if ya now what i mean and we aint white trash.

Pyhcosis- Yea thats tru homes. We do look much better than Americans and we do not look like White Trash.

Moore and Shane Helms are seen listiing to them in there Locker room and then walk in.

Shane Helms- Well you think you guys are cool because you are mexican, haha i think thats funny. You guys have to jump fences and gates to get to our country.

Moore- Yea thats true, you guys suck ass. but anyways why you teasing us white people. Do you have a problem with them and o yeah you work for one too.

Juvy- YOu just for the money homes. Do you want to take this outside to the ring.

Shane Helms- Sure why not. we are going to beat you any ways.

Juvy- Alright lets go then.


They are now at the ring but then Bishoff comes out.

Bishoff- Wait, this is not going to happen tonigh \t. Lets save this one for Big Bang.

Then Shane Helms and Moore start to walk out the ring but Juvy and Psyhcosis get them from behind while bishoff is laughing then cut to break.


3. David Flair VS Hugh Morris
The Finsh- The was very boring and also you can see the people getting food and drinks during this match. This match was medium pace. David and Morris is in a tie up until David got him in a headlock then turned it into a drop toe hold. David turns him over for the Figure four leg lock. As he is turning around Morris kick him off into the ropes and then he gets up and does a German Suplex. David really did get while he was Germaned suplex because he landed wrong on his neck. Morris went up for the no laughing matter and hits it 1.....2.....3.
Winner: Hugh Morris at 6:47


Kanyon walking down the stage laughing really hard and then gets in the ring.

Kanyon- Man this is to funny. How can Saturn lose Moore? Thats is a Crusierweight and he weighs more that little guy. HAHAHAHA. I cant stop laughing about this it too damn funny. I hope saturn aint mad about this.

Saturn musics hits and walk down with an pop.

Saturn- YOu think its funny Kanyon? I dont, because my balls hurt and i could have beaten that little bitch but he cheated to win the match. Do you think i cant beat you? Is that what your sayin?

Kanyon- Maybe Saturn maybe i am. what are you going to do about it uh. Are you going to beat me up.

They get face to face.

Russo comes out with more heat.

Russo- YOu too will face each other at Big bang so save the angry for Big Bang.

They both leave the ring.


4. DDP VS Rhyno
The FInsh- This match is the best tonight so far and the crowd was into very much. Rhyno is on the ground and then gets pick up by DDP. DDP runs to the rope and forarms him in the face then goes to the ground again. Now DDP puts him a slepper hold for a about a min and he is getting up and elbows him in the gut a few times and DDP lets go of the hold. Rhyno runs to the rope to set up the Gore but DDP Catches him and hit the Dimond Cutter 1....2...3.
Winner- DDP at 7:25

After the Match Perfect Event came down and started to beat up on DDP but Kevin Nash came down but Perfect Event left the ring.


Backstage- Nash and DDP are seen looking for perfect Event but they left in a car already.

5. Mike Awesome VS Raven
The Finsh- THe best match of the night and the crowd was into it very much. Raven hits him into the turnbuckel and kicks him in the gut for a while then drags him out of the coner for a neck breaker. 5 min later Raven hits the Even Flow DDT and then goes for the pin 1....2... Mike Awesome gets his foot on the rope and Raven is pissed off. He gets him up and backs up and runs at him for a closeline but Mike Awesome ducks and hits the ref. RVD runs down and dropkicks Raven while he goes up for the 5* splash and he hits. He gets out of the ring while Awesome sets up for the Awesomebomb and hits it good. The ref is now up and counts slow 1.......2........3.
Winner-Mike Awesome at 10:55

End Of Show

WCW Roster
Lex Luger
Jeff Jarrett
Scott Steiner
Booker T
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Ric Flair
Buff Bagwell
Shane Douglas
Bret Hart
Mike Awesome
Rob Van Dam
Lance Storm
Justin Credible
Terry Funk
Big Vito
Bam Bam Bigalow
Hugh Morris
Disco Infereno
Rey Myestrio
Ultimo Dragon
Chuck Pulmblo
Shawn Stasiak
The Cat
Kid Romeo
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Chove Guerrero
Sean o Haire
Rick Steiner
Dustin Roahds
David Flair
Mark Jindrak
Chris Candido

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Please post this in one thread, and the one thread will be the Monday Nitro one. This clutters up the forum.

Promo's could do with some work as could your spelling. Nice to see some detail in the matches this time.

Grade: B


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i've noticed that u write a new thread for each nitro & thunder,DON'T!if u put them in one thread then people can see the storylines easier,so then people will appreciate your show more.Plz put them in one thread in future.

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I will first start off with an observation I have seen in your shows, you use an awful lot of police, not that that is a bad thing just you don't see many police at the shows; unless they involve Kane. In the first confrontation with Scott Steiner and Booker T, I was a bit confused. If we were just tuning in to the confrontation we wouldn't know what was going on, try to throw Booker T's name in there so we know who exactly one the number one contender's match if we just started watching the show.

I am happy to see you used more detail in your matches too. That makes a huge difference. I am kind of disappointed in the Saturn versus Shannon Moore match. I would never expect Shannon Moore to win against the midcarder. After reading over it twice, I am not too sure on how Moore could get off two low blows without the referee catching one of them. Anyways, I hope this isn't a push for Moore. He is better off without Matt Hardy, but even better off in the shadows.

I am surprised the crowd was more pumped with the Shannon Moore versus Saturn match, than this hardcore match which would be a blast to view. Big Vito should get more television time in my opinion, I hope you can fit that into your probably already large schedule. Hehe.

Good promo with Mike Awesome. Could have been a bit better laid out, but it is good none the less.

I dislike your promo with Juventud Guerrara and Psychosis dissing on white people. I am not disappointed because I am white, but because I don't think Juvy or Pscyhosis would ever stoop that low. I can see one, Eddie Guerrero doing such a thing, but the cruiserweights. No way. And, with Shane Helms and Shannon Moore getting in a quarrel with those two, and Bischoff booking the match for next pay-per-view, Big Bang I think is a bit too fast. You build up the matches for the pay-per-view, although you still have two weeks or so to build up on their fued I think its an unwise choice for a match.

I am a bit concerned about your matches, Hugh Morrus versus David Flair, I think this is a mediocre match but you showed us that the fans were bored through this match. This is the second match, in a row, out of three that made the fans bored. I am hoping you would either have fantastic main events, or you should rethink your match-making so there is some excitement in the matches in the first half.

I think the Kanyon/Saturn encounter could have been in the back, let's say the locker room. With Kanyon taunting Saturn in the locker room, and then Saturn mudhole stomping him. Then they would go speak with Vince Russo about the match. This is also the third match signed for Big Bang, in one night.

You turned around the crowd with this Diamond Dallas Page versus Rhyno, which would be a good match to view. I wasn't really expecting the Perfect Event to show up but good job furthering the Perfect Event/Nash & DDP angle.

Good job! The Main Event was spectacular, I just had a gut feeling that we would see Rob Van Dam interfere in the match, after he fought against David Flair. Cudos! It was overall a good show. You need to work on the promos just a little bit, and try to circulate more superstars into the show (David Flair and Rhyno had a match both weeks, wherest I have not seen Sting yet.)

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WCW Monday Nitro 2

August 13, 2001
Nashville, Tennessee
Hosted by Joey Styles and Bobby the Brain

The Show starts off with Pyro going off while Slipknow "Wait and Bleed" is playing and the crowd going nuts.

Russo walks out to a big heat.

Russo- Wednesday on Thunder Mike Awesome had a match to see if he would get a U.S Title match and he won but he had help from RVD. So Mike Awesome you did not win far so that means you cant get a United States title shot. So you wont be a big bang to wrestle for the U.S Title.

Awesome walks out to a pop.

Awesome- Wait a minute. The ref did not see it so that means i win the match.

Russo- Well i saw it so you dont win your match.

Awesome- Well give me an other match tonight and no one can interfere in this match.

Russo- Ok, you got Justin Credible tonight.

Awesome- Thats great. Thank you Russo.

Then he leaves.


1. Kidman VS Kid Romeo
The Finsh- This match was very fast and high flying and the crowd was into it. Kidman does a leg drop on Kid Romeo and then pick him up but Kid Romeo throws his hands off and kicks him in the gut then DDTS him to the mat. He picks him up for a Freakinsteiner but Kidman turns it to a facebuster then he does the freaksteiner to set up the Shooting Star Press and he hits it and 1.....2.....3.
-Winner: Kidman at 5:03


RVD walks out to a big pop and then gets in the ring.

RVD- Dude, raven whats up with you interefere in my matchs? I paid you back at Thunder when you were facing Mike Awesome. How does it feel to have some interefereing in your match? But i came out here to ask you if you want to wrestle me at Big Bang in Raven Rules match and its your own rules so i know you wont back down from this challenge.

Raven comes out to some boos and gets a mic in hand.

Raven- I aint scared to face you at Big Bang and it is going to be Raven Rules no matter what. So im going to kick your ass at Big Bang. I dont like people interfere in my matchs.

RVD- Thats what i Thought Raven. I cant wait to see you at Big Bang.

Raven leaves.


Backstage- Raven does and sneak attact on RVD and then leaves him lying.

2. Shane Helms/Shanoon Moore VS The Perfect Event
The Finsh- This match was a good match and the crowd was into it. Chuck is beating on Shane Helms and tags in Shawn. Shawn plays with the crowd and then Shane does and school boy on him 1.....2...kicks out and stomps om him. Gets him up for a suplex and does. Shane runs to the ropes but Shawn closelins him. Stomps his back three times then picks him up for a press slam 5 minutes later they are going back and forth but Juvy and Pcychosis runs down and beat up on Shane Helms and Shanonn Moore then the ref calls a DQ. Perfect Event is helping until DDP and Kevin Nash comes down and helps out. Nash get chuck and kicks him in the gut and Jacknife powerbombs him while DDP got Shawn and Dimond Cutters him. Juvy and Psychosis rans off into the back.
-Winner: Shane Helms and Shanon Moore by DQ at 7:02


Bishoff walks out to heat.

Bishoff- Well you know what i almost forgot about the Crusierweight title. So at big bang there will be two men fighting for this title. These two men desereve than anyone else in WCW. So the two men that will get the chance to get the title will be Rey Myestrio and his good buddie Billy Kidman. That is going to be a great match for Big Bang and that juss 6 days away. And there is one more title that i almost forgot, The Hardcore Championship. I will also pick the two men that deserve the title. The two men that deserve the Championship is Crowbar and the Hardcore Legend Terry Funk at Big Bang.

Bishoff leaves the ring


3. Chris Candido VS Rhyno
The Finsh- This match was very good and the crowd was into badly. Rhyno is choking Chris Candido at the turnbuckel and the ref counts 1...2....3 then he lets go. Rhyno picks him up for a DDT then does. Rhyno picks him up for a waist lock and then makes him run to the ropes and and elbows his face. Then he gets set for the GORE and its his and makes the pin 1....2...3.
-The winner; Rhyno at 6:08

Backstage- Scott Steiner walking down the hallway and getting ready for his match.


4. SCott Steiner VS The Cat
The Finsh- This match was very short. Scott was doing suplex left and right and got him ready for the Steiner Recilner and the cat was getting ready to tap and does tap. Scott Steiner keeps on the hold then Booker T comes down and kicks his and Scott Steiner lets go of the hold and to the ground he is beating him down until Rick Stiner came down and did a spinebuster om him and they both beat him up until the refs came down to stop it.
-Winner: Scott Steiner at 0:58


Booker T walks into Russo`s room.

Booker T- You know what dawg i want Scott Steiner at Thunder so i can kick his ass before the PPV.

Russo- No Booker T thats not going to happen. About a tag match with Scott and RicK Steiner and you with whatever partner of your choice.]

Booker T- I can dig that sucka. I cant wait to call my boy up its going to be like the old days.

Booker walks out the room.


5. Mike Awesome VS Justine Credilbe
The Finsh- This match was also good. Justin Credilbe got him a sleeper hold and got him down to one knee but gets right back up and flips him over. He pick him up and does a scoop slam then he picks him up and kicks his gut for the awesomebomb and hits it and he goes up for his new move the Awesome Splash and hits it and then covers 1....2.....3.
-Winner: Mike Awesome 6:44

After the match Lance Storm comes down and it him with the Candadian Pole stick and he is down and put the maple leaf on him while Justin Credilbe his pounching his face. Then refs come out to stop it while Nitro goes off air.

End Of Show

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First off, if this is your second Monday Night Nitro try posting it directly after your first Monday Night Nitro so we won't get our first page cluttered.

I nod to you in Vince Russo confronting Mike Awesome about having a little push from Rob Van Dam to win the match on Thunder. I can so see Vince Russo doing that just to piss some wrestlers off, even though it might be shrugged off if happened to one of Russo's pack. I am a bit surprised that Awesome would come out and actually state that he won it because the referee didn't see it. I think that is a big no-no on Mike Awesome's part. I think you should switch around the roles, Awesome asking for a match with no interfernce that sounds like something a general manager would state, and Awesome actually thanking Russo for letting him go on hell if I was Awesome I would give a forearm to Vince just for bitching.

The Billy Kidman and Kid Romeo match was a bit too shifty. Kidman has the advantage, Romeo has the advantage, Kidman gets it back in the last few seconds. A bit too confusing. Otherwise it is a good match, annd would be something to see.

I am so excited to see the Rob Van Dam versus Raven match but I haven't been given a real reason why Raven interfered or if it was only because he wanted a good win record for his flock. I am kind dissatisfied with how straight-forward you made Rob Van Dam just coming out and saying "I paid you back at Thunder when you were facing Mike Awesome." I was kind of disappointed. What even bothered me more was how Raven was peeved at Rob Van Dam for interfering in his match against Mike Awesome, when Raven interfered in a match with RVD first.

The next match with Shane Helms/Shannon Moore against the Perfect Event, I felt a bit hyped up and then not have it live up to my expectations. This was the first time in your promotion we will see the two tagteams which are competing at Big Bang. I think this could have been a great match, but all it ended up being was an eight-man brawl. I think the referee should have called a Double Disqualifiction even though Shannon Moore/Shane Helms were attacked first.

Bischoff came out and announced the two new matches for gold at Big Bang, I think you handled it rather well. He wasn't throwing out any stipulations, or booking a title match with one of his goons or thugees. Its nice to see a total-heel do something right and just like he did.

This match was a good one, and great job for Rhyno. Not much to talk about otherwise. The next one kind of disappointed me like the tagteam match. There is just too many surprises. Booker T coming out and stopping Steiner, when referees, officials, and/or road agents could have handled it, and then Rick Steiner coming out and the Steiner brothers mudhole stomping Booker T. Its a two minute ordeal, that was just pushed to the five or six minute mark.

I liked your touch with Booker T wanting a piece of Steiner as soon as possible, and then Russo making it a tagteam match instead. If you were thinking of having Booker T call his brother up, and wrestle the Steiners like they did as Harlem Heat I am going to be disappointed. You could've had him team up with his bro, but I would have kept it under the raps, maybe have Booker T stroking his chin and saying something along the lines of he knows who to call to get the job done.

I have one thing to stay about the last match: Awesome! Giving Awesome a win in the main event on Thunder and Nitro. I think I know someone who is a fan of Mike Awesome. Not much else to say good progress in the angle with him and Storm.

Last Comments: You are wonderful on general managers and certain wrestlers when it comes to encounters, but others I think you need to work on. Your matches are fine, nothing really to fix. And, I would stop using so many breaks. There is one right after every confrontation, or match, or segment. Good job! Can't wait to see more.

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August 15, 2001
Memphis, Tennesee
Hosted by Tony.S and John Madden

The show starts off with Linkin park "Pappercut" playin while the pyro gpes off and Crowd going Crazy.

1. Kid Romeo VS Chris Candido
The Finsh- The Crowd love this match and everyone was on there feet. Kid Romeo put him to his knees while he gots him in the Sleeper hold. He gets him up for a Suplex. Now he puts him into a armbar. Chris does not tap and Romeo get piss while Chris is getting up and hits the German Suplex on him twice to set up the Flying head butt. HE gets and flys off and hits him and covers 1....2.....3.
-Winner: Chris Candido at 4:44

Backstage- Booker T talkin on the fone with someone.

Booker T- When you going to be here dawg. Get here qucik so we can warmup. Alright later bye.


2. Crowbar VS The Cat
The Finsh- Crowbar hits with some punchs and a kick to the gut and then a scoop slam. Crowbar elbow drop him three times picks him up and punchs him but Cat blocks him and kicks him in the head and crowbar is down. The Cat pick him up and he runs to the ropes but Crowbar cought him and hits the crowing and covors 1.....2.....3.
-Winner: Crowbar at 5:03

Backtage-Scott and Rick Steiner is getting ready for there match tonight. WE also go to the parking lot where a limo pulls up but we cut to a break.


Kevin Nash and DDP walk out to a pop and get in the ring.

Nash- I am not happy with the Perfect event altought we did pay them back on nitro. But you guys keep running away and leaving the place.

DDP- Yeah so about you come down this ring and really get in our faces or you guys can juss run away like pussy like you guys are.

Perfect Event walks out to the ring to alot of heat but stay in the on top of the ramp.

Chuck- So you guys callin us pussy`s uh? You want us to come down that ring and get face to face with you guys? Alright we`ll do that.

Chuck and Shawn walks down to the ring they get face to face but Russo`s music hits and comes out with a mic in hand.

Russo- There will not be any this until the PPV. If any of you hit each other, you guys will lose the belt and the other team will get the belt.

Then Perfect event leaves the ring.


3. Rhyno VS Terry Funk
The Finsh- Terry Funk is stomping the hell out of Rhyno. Funk picks him up and then try to suplex him but Rhyno turns it to a spinebuster. He picks him up and does a Brainbuster to him. While Terry Funk is getting up, Funk does a low blow which the ref did not have an angle to see if it was an Low blow. Rhyno is down and Funk goes and gets a Chair. Funk gets in the ring and Rhyno sees Funk and Gores him while Funk had the Chair up in the air and Rhyno covors 1.....2......3.
-Winner: Rhyno at 4:38

Awesome walks out to the ring with a loud pop.

Awesome- Lance Storm, why cant hit face to face with that stupid flag? You always have to get from behind dont you. Your juss like bitch Lance. So i want you to come down here and hit with that Flag stick again in front of my face.

LAnce Storm comes out to heat and stays on top of the ramp.

Lance- Alright i might do that Awesome. I aint scared to do that in front of your face.

Starts walking down then Shane Dougalas comes from the crowd and hit Awesome`s knee and Awesome is down. Lance gets in the ring and its him with the flag stick. THen Bigalow comes down to the ring and get Shane Douglas of and does a gurrlia Slam on him but Rick Steiner comes down and Tackals Bigalow. THen both men are down until Refs and Guards come down to stop it.


4. Juvy w/Pyhcosis VS Kidman
The Finsh- Juvy has him in a chin lock while the crowd is giving him some bad heat. Juvy then lets go and does a scissors kick to him and hes down but Juvy is playing with crowd and taunting them. Billy Kidman gets up and does a sunset flip on him 1...2... Juvy kicks out. Kidman Picks him up but Juvy got him and hit the Juvy plex and covors 1.....2....3.
-Winner: Juvy at 6:04

Backstage- Booker T is shown walking down the hallway by him self then cut to Rick and Scott Steiner with there belts aroung there waist.


5. Rick & Scott Steiner VS Booker T & ?
The Finsh- Booker T walks out then 10 seconds later Stevie Ray walks out and they both get in. Rick IS beating down Stevie Ray and tags in Scott Steiner and steiner does two suplexs on him. HE picks up Stevie and does a germen supleex and covers 1....2..... Booker Gets in and breaks it up then the ref holds back Booker T. Scott Steiner then starts choking him and the ref counts 1,2,3,4 and then Scott lets go and pick him up then tags back Rick. Ricks does a backbreaker on him. He makes Stevie runs back to the ropes and is about to closeline him but Stevie ducks and he runs to the other side of the ropes and does a jumping sike heel kick and there both down. Stevie is tryin to make it and the ref count 1.......2....3...4....5.....6....7 and Stevie makes the tag and the crowd goes wild. Booker T stops Rick Steiner from taging and pounchs him alot and makes him run to the corner and does a body splash. Then Rick Steiner is down he picks him up and kicks Rick`s gut to set up the Scissors kick and hits it he goes for the pin while Stevie goes in and drop kicks Scott Steiner and the ref counts 1.....2.......3.
-Winner: Booker T and Stevie Ray After Booker T pins Rick Steiner at 11:54

Make sure you read the BIG BANG PPV i will post later today

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The first match was a good one. I only remember vague details on both wrestlers, but it was enough to get enjoyment out of it. As a matter of fact, the second match was awfully well done too. Both are given two thumbs up in my book. And, great matches to start off a what should-be good show.

Your two backstage encounters are good users to push along the story for each promo, but both are rather predictable. It was a giveaway for who Booker T's partner was going to be tonight, that was given in the last card and who is the man in the limosuine was fairly easy to figure out, or it might just be me. I am not going to post my opinion on who it is because, for one I want the other readers to think on their own and two I am afraid of being wrong. Heh.

I am disliking the Nash/DDP versus Perfect Event promo. I am not a fan of you stating in a sentence that Nash is pissed at someone even though they paid them back. Sounds like he doesn't know what he is really trying to say. And, the last sentence in his first quote sounds quite childish, as if he was whining instead of questioning. I don't think you handled Nash well, but Diamond Dallas Page on the other hand. Perfect, almost to a cue. I expected Russo, Bischoff or whoever was your general manager/head honcho to come out and stop this match, and I was right. It wasn't real redudant like the other times they do it, on television, Russo actually gave stipulations that if they were to fight then titles would be stripped. Very good, on Russo's part, on squeezing his iron hand to say what goes. Heh.

I enjoyed your Rhino versus Terry Funk match. I believe a match like that with 'hardcore rules' would be nothing less than phenomenal. Only problem I have, and that is my problem not yours, is that I can't see someone turning a spinebuster from a suplex. So used to Arn Anderson's old spinebuster, when he gets you coming from the ropes.

It was kind of hard to make out the conversation between Awesome and Lance Storm. When Shane Douglas came out, to stomp a mudhole in Mike Awesome I was a bit surprised, to be honest, I was expecting Vince Russo to come out and tell them both to wait for the pay-per-view so he could be two-for-two. But as the encounter dragged on, I had a negative feeling about it. The two men mudhole stomping Awesome was fine, when Bam Bam Bigelow came out to even the score I thought that was fine. I would have ended it there, bringing down yet another superstar isn't a good move. Cause if you bring five out, what is stopping you from bringing Russo's whole troupe, and the forces opposing them all out.

The fourth match was a bit disappointing. I remember the good old days of WCW 1996-1998 with the great cruiserweight matches between Psychosis, Rey Mysterio Jr., Billy Kidman, Dean Malenko, Juventud Guerrara, and the list goes on. I was expecting more out of these two. When you were building up the tension with Juventud's moves, and made him have the classic heel-killer move with taunting the crowd I was almost positive Kidman would get the upper hand and prevail. I was right about one part, he got the upper hand. But just as you gave him a ray of hope, you took it away.

What a main event! I have to say it is exactly how I imagined. Stevie Ray getting trounced on, with his last shred of strength knocks back a Steiner to make the tag to his brother. And, then all hell would break loose and Booker T would whomp so Steiner butt. Cudos! I was really expecting to see a mudhole stomping by Russo's faction. I mean they had three men to take out Mike Awesome, who had help from Bigelow, but either way it was a good thing. Have the good guys stand proud as the program comes to an end. Fabulous.

Only things you need to work on are some of the wrestler's talking, and perhaps a bit harder on the promo's. Your matches are still really well put together, and within their bounds. I am waiting for the pay-per-view eagerly. Don't disappoint.
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