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We have top favorite lists all the time but what about your top 5 LEAST favorite?

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Just wondered what you would consider your top 5 least favorite wrestlers of all time, not just now.

from most tolerable to most hated:

5. Sheamus -Never liked him. To me, he is the epitome of boring, 5 moves of doom, generic muscled guy. He was better as a heel but as a face he's awful to watch. If I have to see him do his stupid chest pounding thing one more thing I'll puke.

4. Big Show- He should've retired years ago. Only when he was with Jericho or Miz could I stand him, and that was just because the attention was mostly focused on them.

3. Shelton Benjamin -Just very very boring. Yes he was good in the ring but he had virtually no personality, nor could he cut a promo to save his life. It seemed like his rings skills got better over the years, while his personality got worse. Very odd to watch.

2. The Ultimate Warrior-Always hated this guy. Probably the most unbelievable finisher of all time. Plus the tales of his douchebaggery are almost legendary

1. Randy Orton- Words can not even begin to express my level of hatred for this man. I've just never been able to stand him. He's another one who's personality has just got worse over the years. The IWC always talks about his non exsistant mic skills so I'm not going to bother with that. Legend Killer? alright. Viper? wait...no... Crazy bushwacker lookalike (in appearance and expression) face? Oh god no, get it off my screen.
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I'll give you top 3:

3 - John Cena: Liked Dr of Thuganomics but since then it's pretty obvious why.

2 - Randy Orton: The guy is so over-rated. So wooden in promos, has a Super Randy mode like Super Cena, he never seems to lose and to top it all off he is a jackass. Got Kennedy fired, lost Kofi his push.

1 - Triple H - I love him as a character, think he is the best heel maybe ever. But I cannot stand this man. He burys like his life depends on it and is just the biggest cunt on the programming. Everything is about Triple H and he always ultimately has to get over.
1. RVD
2. Darren Young
3. Big Show
4. Jeff Hardy
5. Perry Saturn
Reason: They're all stupid
Randy Orton
Alberto Del Rio
Jack Swagger
The Miz
Zack Ryder
Mark Henry
Triple H
Chuck Palumbo
Mike Knox
The Great Khali
For me:

5. Zack Ryder---I just don't see how he was given as much as he was. I used to hear rave reviews from him & Curt Hawkins on the NYC indy scene (The Major Brothers) and they weren't bad as The Edgeheads. But, with his current gimmick, Ryder will never rise on the card because, IMO, it's 1 of those gimmicks that will run it's course. You can only use the lovable goofball gimmick to get over for so long before fans eventually turn on it.

4. Big Show---Horrible all the way around. Hasn't been entertaining to me since his WCW days in 1996-1998. As far as big men workers, I rank him near the bottom of the heap and feel Kevin Nash was a much better big man. Not only that but it's highly irritating with how many times he's turned heel/face over the past 15 years. IMO, that shows that fans lose interest in his character rather quickly.

3. Brutus Beefcake---Never enjoyed him or his various characters. He couldn't wrestle, technically wasn't a draw and was only in the business for so long because of a package deal with Hogan.

2. Alex Wright---He just looked so out of place in a wrestling ring. I hated his gimmick, felt it was a joke and with a roster as jacked as WCW's in the 90s, I don't understand why he was hired in the first place.

1. Abdullah The Butcher---Was actually terrified of him as a kid. But as I grew up and knew a little more about wrestling, I realized the guy was so limited in the ring. If you look at other hardcore wrestlers suck as Onita, New Jack, Balls Mahoney or the various CZW guys, many are actually pretty decent wrestlers. Abby was far from it. And after finding out he was possibly transmitting Hepatitis C and ruined the career of a potential star, I have lost all respect for him and hope New Jack fucks him up. Shouldn't be in the HOF, since he hasn't done shit in wrestling that The Sheik or Terry Funk haven't already done. I don't mind them being in the HOF but Abby served no purpose in the business and I can't recall anything entertaining he's ever done.
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5. Eugene
Couldn't stand this gimmick

4.Hulk Hogan
Yes yes he was the man who first started it but Vince coulda picked savage over Hogan. Savage owns Hogan.

3. Big show
Once was decent for his size but the last 10 years,he's been boring as shit.

2. Great khali
why the hell is this guy employed?

1. Batista.
the most overrated star in my book. Terrible promos and was shit in the ring. All he had was size.
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Don't really have specific names in mind for all time least fave, even a current least faves is sorta hard to make cause many people don't even appear on tv weekly, so putting someone like Jinder on the list is uesless since he's barely on tv.

I don't really have specific people I hate,some I just feel uninterested in watching if they're on tv(but like I said,they don't appear weekly)

Cena is like Wal Mart lol. I watched a show that said Walmart was voted the top customer service store, but it was also voted the worst. Meaning alot of people have both, more positive, and negative feelings towards it than anyone else.
1. Cena
2. Cena
3. Cena
4. Cena
5. Cena
I'll give you top 3:

3 - John Cena: Liked Dr of Thuganomics but since then it's pretty obvious why.

2 - Randy Orton: The guy is so over-rated. So wooden in promos, has a Super Randy mode like Super Cena, he never seems to lose and to top it all off he is a jackass. Got Kennedy fired, lost Kofi his push.

1 - Triple H - I love him as a character, think he is the best heel maybe ever. But I cannot stand this man. He burys like his life depends on it and is just the biggest cunt on the programming. Everything is about Triple H and he always ultimately has to get over.
I dont believe this. I can respect people's opinion but this person clearly doesnt know the meaning of the term buried. How in the hell is a loss against a established wrestler in the main event "buried"? If this was 2004/2003, atleast I can understand the hate but cant believe you're throwing this crap in 2012.

How is he "always ulmately has to go over" with the worst wrestlemania record of any top star that inlcudes three consecutive main event loses? How many top stars lost clean three times at mania?

Anyways on topic, I dont dislike any superstar in particular but i'm finding it extremely hard to watch any segment that involves Zack Ryder even for two minutes or so. His character is just not working for me for some reason.
Uncle Elmer
Great Khali
Abdullah The Butcher
Giant Gonzalez
Big Daddy V - He was just dreadful at virtually everything he did. I didn't HATE him from '05 to '06...that's about it.

Khali - He's fucking dreadful. He's had about 3 good matches and is slow as shit.

Goldberg - Never had a reason to care for him at all. 2 minute matches, subpar mic skills and incredibly overhyped.

Matt Hardy - Complete joke out of the ring and not much better in there. Can't stand the guy.

Michael Cole - Ruined pro wrestling commentary.
5. Hornswoggle: Never really a fan of his.

4. Santino: He got REALLY fucking annoying after Beth.

3. Miz: Never was a fan, I actually hoped that he would've been gone after the breakup with Morrison.

2. ???

1. Zack Ryder: I don't care about his youtube series and why he became the internet darling because of it, I just don't like him. The only time I ever found him tolerable was when he was with Curt Hawkins and the two of them were Edge's lackeys. If he were to be fired tomorrow, I'd let out a huge sigh of relief, and send a bunch of gift baskets to the WWE for doing the right damn thing.
1. Big Show

2. Jack Swagger

3. Masked Cody Rhodes
4. Hornswoggle
5. Jacob Novak
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All time

1 ~ Jeff Hardy. By far. By leaps and bounds. I've said it a million times, he's the worst wrestler ever. Everybody knows how I feel. Moving on.

2 ~ John Morrison

After that, I don't really think anything is concrete. I hate tons and tons of people but those are the only ones I can assign placements too. Those are the eternals, they'll be where they are 20 years from now.

Michael McGillicutty, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Lance Storm, Jack Swagger, Heath Slater, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Chris Masters, Tensai, X-Pac, Batista, Sheamus, etc. Plenty of people just fucking piss me off, I don't know exactly how to rank these ones in order, though.
1. Big Show
2. Vickie Guerrero
3. Khali
4. Brock Lesnar
5. X-Pac
1. Abdullah the Butcher
2. Buff Bagwell (really, really distant 2)

eh... nothing concrete after that, b.
1. John Cena
- Clearly #1 and it's not even close.

2. Hulk Hogan
- Red, white and blue Hogan was terrible. I didn't mind Hollywood Hogan that much but he really pissed me off when he tried to be a patriot when playing the 'Mr. America' gimmick.

3. Sheamus
- Currently he's the worst thing going on in the WWE. He's even worse that Cena right now and that's saying a lot. He's stale, has no charisma, no mic-skills, he's very poor in the ring as well. Only thing that shines when it comes to Sheamus is his skin complex, you can turn off all your lights and you can only see Sheamus.

The rest here is honorable mentions:
- Cody Rhodes, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Zack Ryder on the current roster along with more lowcarders that's not even worst mentioning.

Too tired to list all my least favorites off all time but I can name a few:
- Hardy Boyz, Edge, Daniel Puder, Spirit Squad, Trevor F'N Murdoch etc etc.

Btw. Oh ya and fucking Brian Knobbs as well.
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This is actually tougher than I thought it'd be.

1. John Cena-its not really a contest about that one, nothing about him interests me. He had a brief tolerable period when he was first champion in 2005-2006. Over the past few years the fact that he's been constantly shoved in our faces whether we like it or not has gone from minor annoyance to full fledged hatred. He's also one of the few guys I've seen who has actually gotten worse as he's matured into his prime as a wrestler-his mic skills have greatly deteriorated, his in ring is even more abysmal than before, his character is exactly the same as it was in 2005...you're supposed to get better as you accumulate more experience, he's become much worse and I am shocked at the fans and marks of his on this site who will blindly ignore how awful he is.

2. Batista-I admit I was a fan of the feud with Hunter in 2005 that saw him break from Evolution and win the title at WM. However, the guy has no respect for the industry as he promptly left to pursue another career (which has been a real bust so far) because he felt like he was bigger than pro wrestling. His success was purely because of his friendship with Hunter. Plus the guy is a complete piece of shit outside of the ring.

3. Hulk Hogan-I respect all of his contributions to the business and how he revolutionized pro wrestling by connecting it with main stream entertainment. He deserves tons of credit for everything he's accomplished. However, he's also been at the forefront of some of the worst decisions made in pro wrestling. The guy is so manipulative and full of himself that he's had no trouble ruining or holding back the careers of other guys just to continue looking good despite his time being up years ago. He reminds me of a bad comedian at a comedy club getting yanked off stage with a huge hook and while he's being dragged away he's still trying to tell jokes to desperately prove his worth. He thinks he knows so much about the business concerning talent, booking, stories, feuds, etc, and every time he's touched them he's fucked it up for someone else. It'd be one thing if he ruined his own career, but screwing it up for others deliberately so they don't become more popular than you is really fucking low. And talk about lack of grace...the man was practically impossible to do business with because his ego wouldn't allow him to be placed in a situation where he didn't come out looking the best.

4. Alberto Del Rio-this fucking guy...I've never seen someone given so much and presented nothing in return. MiTB 2011, Royal Rumble 2011, WHC match with Edge at WM27, 2 WWE title reigns, constant main event programs...all with 14 months of his debut. And the fans still couldn't give a rat's ass about him because he's got no charisma, personality or mic skills. Now its not these that bother me-its the reports that he's threatened to quit TWICE because he didn't like his standing with the company. That lack of gratitude pissed me off like you wouldn't believe. He's been given EVERYTHING and yet he still complains that its not enough? I'm guessing he probably blames the WWE for the fact that he's still not over with the fans, which at this point he's got no one to pin it on but himself. He's an ungrateful, spoiled little baby and he can fuck off from the industry.

I'm not a big Brock Lesnar fan, considering in real life he's a giant prick, but I respect what he's done in the ring and that he's a talented guy.

Can't think of a 5th
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