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Here are the shows that we have

WE Champion : Meltdown
Heat ( mid-carder show)
Me : Wipeout
Velocity ( Mid-carder show

Here are the rosters

WE Champions Meltdown and Heat Roster
The Rock
Chris Jericho
Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
John Cena
Jeff Hardy
Sean O'Haire
Rey Mysterio
Razor Ramon
Hulk Hogan
Matt Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Big Show
Lance Storm
Chief Morley
Shannon Moore
Jamie Noble
Steven Richards
Rick Steiner
Ric Flair
Buff Bagwell
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie

My Roster Wipeout and Velocity
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
Chris Beniot
Stone Cold
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Triple H
Scott Steiner
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Jerry lynn
Johnny Stamboli
Chuck Palumbo
Bubba Ray Dudley
Nathan Jones
Mike Awesome
Justin Credible
William Regal
Juventud Guerrero
Super Crazy
Trish Stratus

Jan : Royal Rumble
Feb : Burnout
Mar : Wrestlemania
Apr : Revenge
May : Mayhem Madness
Jun : Bad Blood
Jul : Attitude
Aug : Summerslam
Sep : Brawl for All
Oct : Revoulotion
Nov : Surivior Series
Dec : Heatwave

Meltdown and Heat Champions
World title : The Rock
TV Title : Booker-t
World Tag Titles : Storm and Morley
Cruiserweight : Matt Hardy
European : Kanyon

Wipeout and Velocity Champions
EWE Champion : Triple H
National Champion : Edge
EWE Tag Titles : Los Guerreros
Light weight : Jerry Lynn
Hardcore title : Raven

WE Champions Show is first Meltdown
Starting in April 4 weeks Before Revenge.

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pyro goes off and cameras go to king and jr

JR: welcome everyone to ewe meltdown. Today is the first of many more exciting shows to come and today what a card we have.
KING: yes jr today the tag title no 1 contenders match and also European title will be on the line.


bischoff on the phone: are you sure he will be here tonight??
Man on phone: 90% sure
bischoff: thats not good enough i need him to be here tonight

bischoff puts the phone down in an angry mood

KING: who could he be talking to??

Match 1: matt hardy w/ Shannon Moore vs. rey mysterio (non-title)
Hardy grabs mysterio in a hammerlock. mysterio flips over hardy and dropkicks him in the back. Matt gets up and sees mysterio coming at him hardy throws him over the top rope. Hardy goes outside he whips mysterio into the steel barricade. mysterio is thrown back into the ring. Hardy goes myserio a stiff punch. mysterio and the floor. Matt hardy on the second turnbuckle, legdrop misses! mysterio got out the way. mysterio off the ropes dropkick onto hardy.mysterio throws matt into the corner. mysterio giving kicks to matt hardy in the midsection. Hardy in the corner. mysterio, broncobuster!! mysterio in the corner. monkeyflip to matt hardy! Cover 1...2.. kickout! mysterio on the apron. About to goes for the west coast pop. shannon moore on the out side pulls mysterio off the apron with mysterio landing on his face. moore throws mysterio back into the ring. Hardy picks up mysterio side effect! Matt hardy instead of going to for the cover poses woth is v-1 sign. Meanwhile mysterio is up and roll up on matt hardy 1...2. kickout. Hardy turns around and levels mysterio in the face. Hardy hits the powerslam. matt whips mysterio. Hardy goes for the back body drop. mysterio lands on his feet.. mysterio turns around and gives matt hardy a snap suplex. Mysterio goes up top and crossbody. Cover 1…2. hardy gets his shoulder up. Mysterio dropkicks hardy once again and hardy is set up. Mysterio hits the 6 1 9 hardy scrambling to his feet mysterio jumps up on the rope. Shannon moore from behind and pushes mysterio right into hardy. Hardy picks up rey and sit out powerbomb!! Cover 1…2.. mysterio showing resilience. Matt hardy picks up mysterio and twist of fate! Cover 1…2…3 it’s over.
Winner: matt hardy

Shannon moore comes in and helps hardy stomp the living hell out of mysterio.
Billy kidman is coming down!! Kidman rights arms to hardy and moore. Drop kick. Hardy and Moore fall out of the ring. Kidman grabs a mic

Kidman: matt you and your little mf’er face rey and me next week on meltdown. If you’re a champion then you would but I would understand if you’re scared.
Hardy: you want Shannon and me next week you got it!

Hardys music plays and he and Shannon walk off smiling.


JR: nest up we have the European title match between kanyon and Jeff hardy
KING: yes and kanyon’s title reign I think is going to become under threat

Match 2: kanyon vs. Jeff hardy for the European title
kanyon headlocks Jeff hardy. Hardy pushes kanyon onto the ropes and puts in a headlock of his own. Kanyon reverses into a hammerlock. Kanyon pushes hardy onto the ropes and levels him with a clothesline. Hardy gets up and kanyon hits him with a dropkick. Kanyon picks up Jeff hardy and back suplex. Kanyon with the cover 1…2 Jeff gets is shoulder up. Kanyon off the ropes and Jeff ducks it and dropkick to the midsection. Kanyon falls to the outside. Jeff hardy goes outside and jumps on the railing. He walks the railing and hits kanyon with a flying clothsline! Jeff now tries to go for a suplex on the steel ramp. Kanyon stop its and throws him into the steel barricade. Kanyon now is right next to the apron. Jeff hardy is positioned for a vertical suplex. Jeff is in no motion up in the air. Jeff reverses into a tornado ddt right on the steel ramp! Jeff throws kanon into the ring. Cover 1…2. kanyon gets his shoulder up. Jeff now snap suplex on kanyon.he whips kanyon but kanyon reverses. Jeff jumps up top the tope turnbuckle and whisper of the wind! Jeff covers kanyon 1…2.. kickout. Jeff sets up kanyon for the twist of fate but kanyon reverses and pushes Jeff right into the referee. The referee falls out of the ring and is out cold. Jeff gets up and kanyon hits the kanyon cutter!!! Cover but there’s no referee to count. Kanyon goes and gets the referee. He can’t wake him up. He gets back in the ring. And out of nowhere Sean o haire comes out with a clothsline. He gets Jeff up and tells him to go up top. Jeff is up top one corner and Sean in the other corner. They hit the Swanton bomb together!!! Kanyon must surely be out. Sean goes outside and throws the referee in the ring. The referee sees Jeff’s hand over kanyon’s body. 1….2….3
Winner and new European champion Jeff hardy

o haire comes back into the ring and celebrates with Jeff over the body of kanyon

JR: what was his business out here??
KING: I don’t know but he just cost kanyon the European title.


bischoff is looking at his watch waiting in the car park for the new addition to the meltdown roster.

Match 3: test w/ Stacy keibler vs. goldust
Test and goldust lockup in the centre of the ring. Test with a headlock. Goldust pushes test of the ropes, but his shoulder knocks down goldust. Test off the ropes clothsline to goldust. Goldust now in the is getting pummelled by test with right hands to the face. Test whips him into the corner across and test squashes goldust in the corner. Test now stomping on goldust who is on the floor. Test picks goldust up and back suplexes him. Goldust gets up and test goes for a right hand. Goldust ducks and neckbraker!! Goldust now goes for test’s neck with a sleeper. Test is falling to the floor. Test is out. The referee puts his hand up it collapses 1 it collapses a second time 2 no1 the third time test keeps his hand up. Test whips goldust into the ropes. Clothsline! Goldust up and is knocked down by test’s fierce right hands. Test gets goldust and pumphandle slam. Cover by test 1…2.. goldust just about gets his shoulder up. Test is waiting for goldust. Goldust turns and big boot to the face!! Hold on Stacy is up on the ropes distracting the referee. Test sees this and is shouting at Stacy. Test turns around and the curtain call by goldust!! Cover 1…2.. test gets his foot on the ropes. Goldust sets test up in the corner. Stacy is shouting and distracting the ref. Goldust with the golden globes!!! Cover 1…2…3
winner: goldust

Test gets up is engaged at Stacy. Stacy doesn't even look at test as she is showing off to the crowd.

Test grabs the mic

Test: Stacy one more time you cost me a match, you will be going for the test drive

Stacy looks up at test in sheer fright


JR: what did test mean my giving Stacy a test drive?
KING: i know test and trust me when I say this I mean it: Stacy you are in trouble

Eric bischoff's music hit s and comes out to the ring

Eric: well tonight is going to be great. I mean Jericho vs booker t for the T.V title, tag titles no 1 contender and also Kevin Nash making his in ring return tonight!! he will faace an opponent of my choosing . Also a new addition to the raw roster will be here tonight and will formally be part of the bischoff administration.

cena's music hits

cena: yo bischoff how comes Jericho gets a title shot without doing shit. you know what i mean, there was no no1 contenders match so put me in the T.V title match tonight.

Eric: i can't do that
cena: why not??
Eric: because today the match instead of being booker t vs. Chris Jericho will be john cena vs. Chris Jericho for the right to face booker t next week on meltdown.

cena nods his head on goes to the back

Eric: now back to our special guest he will be here at the end and I will be here to greet him.

bischoff drops the mic and grins. He walks off backstage

JR: next up the tag title’s no1 contender match
KING: yes the APA against batista and randy orton

Match 4: the APA vs. batista and randy orton
Randy orton to start things off with farooq. Farooq off the ropes and orton is knocked down with a shoulder. Orton gets up and farooq hits a clothsline right into the chest of orton. Orton gets up and backs into his corner and tags batista.batista and farooq circling each other in the ring. batista and farooq lock up inthe ring. batista gets farooq ina side headlock farooq pushes batista onto the ropes and is knocked down by the shoulder of batista. batista now with the clothsline to farooq. farooq is on the floorand batista with an elbow to the eart. cover 1...2. farooq gets his shoulders up. batista gets farooq and back suplexes him. farooq holding his back is down. batista picks him and up and whips him onto the ropes. farooq ducks the clothsline and kicks him in the mid section and ddt! both are out in the ring. farooq is crawling trying to get to bradshaw, and farooq tags in bradshaw! he clothslines batista. he picks batista up and powerslams him. he hips batista on tothe ropes and back body drop! batista off the ropes, blind tag made by orton. bradshaw knocks batista out of the ring. orton up top missile drop kick! cover 1...2. farooq comes in breaks it up. faraooq and bradshaw whip orton off the ropes and double spinebuster!!! batista come back in the ring and clothslines farooq over the top rope. bradshaw turns around and orton rolls him up. orton is holding the middle rope!!! 1...2...3
winners: randy orton and batista

JR: king! oron and batista just stole one and now have a shot at the tag team champions morley and storm
KING: well jr you gotta play dirty to win some matches


JR: nxt up we have the no contenders match for the T.V title between john cena and chris jericho
KING: yes what a match this will be!!

match 5: john cena vs chris jericho
cena and jericho lock up in the centre of the ring. jena is pushed into the corner by jericho. the ref gets in the middle. jericho punches cena in the gut. cena whipped off the ropes, clothsline by jericho. "GET UP" jericho taunted cena and cena is met with a flying clothsline. jericho whips cena off the ropes and cena ducks under his arm and.. is met with a clothsline. cena picks up jericho and what a military slam. jericho is stuggling to his feet. cena goes for another clothsline but jericho ducks and hits cena. jericho goes outside and gets a chair. jericho setting uo cena but wait the referee takes it away. the referee turns around to put the back and oohh low blow by jericho onto cena. jericho goes for the pin.1...2. cena gets his shoulder up. jericho trys to get him up. cena is on his feet and cena hits jericho in the head. jericho up and cena powerslam to jericho. cena now taunting jericho and belly to back suplex. jericjo gets p with assistance from the ropes. cena and jericho exchanging punches and a blow to the mid secton by jericho. jericho powerslams cena. jericho lionsault!! but he's not going for the cover. walls of jericho! cena screaming in pain in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! cena struggling to the ropes and he grabs the bottom rope!! Jericho lets go and goes outside. Jericho on the out side with an elbow to the head of cena. Jericho now boasting to the crowd. he gets back into the ring cena dropkick to Jericho’s head. jericho on the floor now and cena stomping away. cena picks up Jericho and northern light's.cena goes for the cover 1...2.. Jericho gets his shoulder up. cena picks up Jericho and death valley driver!!! Cover 1...2...3
Winner: john cena


Chris Jericho throwing everything he can get in his hands on to the floor

Jericho: I can't believe it i lost to an amateur like cena, my reputation people will laugh at me. aaaaarghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: next up Kevin Nash will make his in ring return.
KING: yes this is going to be great!

Main event: Kevin Nash vs. opponent of bischoff’s choosing
Kevin Nash comes out to the ring and awaits his opponent. Eric bischoff comes out to tell Nash his opponent.
Eric: Nash your opponent right now will be the rock!!
Rock comes out to boo’s. Nash and rock circle each other in the ring. They lock up in the middle of the ring. Nash is overpowering rock in the centre of the ring. Nash whips rock off the ropes and clothslines him. Rocks gets up and Nash is pummelling rock in the corner with right hands. Rock thrown off the ropes and big boot to the face! Nash off the ropes and goes for a leg drop but rock gets out of the way. Rock starts stomping on Nash. Rock picks up Nash and whips him off the ropes. Rock with a clothsline. Rock tries to go for the cover 1…2 Nash gets his shoulder up. Rock picks up Nash and tries to suplex Nash is too heavy, Nash reverses into a vertical suplex of his own!!! Nash picks up rock and military slam to the outside!!! Nash goes outside and throws rock into the steel post. Rock falls backwards onto the floor. Nash throws rock back into the ring. Nash is up and picks rock up and powerslams him. Rock is out. Nash picks rock up and sets him up and goes for the jacknife powerbomb! Rock reverses in a ddt. Rock now with a sharpshooter!! Nash crawling to the ropes. He is stretching and grabs the bottom ropes. Rock lets go and stalks Nash. Nash gets up and turns around and rocks goes for the rock bottom but Nash gives him elbows to the head. Nash picks up rock and atomic drop’s him. Rock thrown off the ropes and big boot! Nash pick up rock and jacknife powerbombs him!!! Cover 1…2…3
Winner: Kevin Nash


JR: what a match between rock and Kevin Nash
KING: yes jr and rock was on the loosing end.

Eric bishcoff comes out

Eric: well the person you all want to see is here tonight. He will make is EWE debut tonight and here he is

The lights go out and no music plays

Eric: where is he?? Dam he should be here by now

*A backstage worker comes down to the ring and tells him the mystery person won’t be here tonight*

Eric: your joking right!? If he isn’t here I have just embarrassed myself infront of the owners of EWE on the first show. Do you know what he has done to my reputation.

*Eric talks to the camera*

Eric: next week you better show up because you have just embarrassed me and I will deal with you next week!!

JR: what is bischoff going to do??

*Camera fades on a pissed bischoff*

please grade

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This show SUCKS!
-Promos SUCKS!
-Mathes BAD!What the hell is that Cena vs. Jericho,add some realism!
I don`t want to continue,cause you have to work a lot on your show!
Grade: D-

And you did the same thing that me and Annatitude did with logos,thats what I hate,you need to think of your own style!!!!

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Here is my show i cant use the banner something is wrong with word

EWE Wipeout

Cole : Welcome to EWE Wipeout what a night you are about to see
Tazz : Yeah thats right cole
Cole : Tonight there is a twenty man battle royal the winner getting a shot at the EWE title at Revenge.
Tazz : Yeah i can't wait for that.

Stephanie Mcmahon's music plays and out she comes.

Stephanie : Well Eric Bischoff thinks he can steel the ratings for Meltdown by trying to sign people. But my signing is actually here in the building. He will make his debut in the 20 man Battle Royal later on tonight.

Her music hits and she leaves.

Cole : Well i wonder who this new signing is Tazzq
Tazz : Yeah im sure it will be somebody big knowing steph.
Cole : Our first match is a 3 on 1 handicap match the FBI against Goldberg and Goldberg has to win to be allowed in the Battle Royal.
Tazz : Well this is his debut and i can't wait to see him in an EWE ring.

First Match : Goldberg V FBI Elimanation Match
The Fbi come out first to heel heat from the fans. Then the Goldberg chant starts up and out he comes to a thunderous reception. Fbi attack goldberg immediatly as he comes under the bottom rope. They kick away at goldberg in the corner. Goldberg fires back with right hands off his own. The ref lets nunzio stay in the ring while chuck and johnny stamboli go to the corner. Nunzio low blows goldberg and clotheslines him then tags chuck. Chuck nails a superkick and goes for the cover 1-2-kickout easily by goldberg. Chuck tags stamboli and he stomps away. Stamboli hits a double arm ddt on Goldberg and goes up top. Stamboli hits the diving elbow and covers 1-2-power out again. Stamboli tags in Nunzio and he gives Goldberg right hands to no effect. Goldberg clotheslines nunzio then superkicks Chuck followed by a powerslam on stamboli. Goldberg sets up Chuck spear to Chuck then sets up stamboli and spears him. Goldberg then Jackhammers Chuck and pins him 1-2-3. Goldberg picks up stamboli and jackhammers him and pins him 1-2-3. Now Goldberg realizes that it is down to him and Nunzio he smiles. Goldberg picks up Nunzio and powerslams him 1-2-Goldberg pulls him up. Goldberg picks up Nunzio again and butterfly suplexes him and covers 1-pulls him up again. Goldberg sets up Nunzio for the superkick then Goldberg taunts at the crowd who cheer as nunzio gets up and turns around he gets speared Goldberg then picks him up and delivers the Jackhammer 1-2-3.
Winner = and 3-0 Goldberg

Time to play the game blares through the arena and out comes triple h

Triple H : Well Well Well if ain't Bill Goldberg you know you ain't going to continue that win streak because you aren't going to beat me. I am the game and i am that damn good.

Golldberg : If you're that damn good then prove it to me when i face you at Backlash.

Triple H : You see Goldberg I have found somebody that is being under used here and if you win the Battle Royal you will face him next week.

Goldberg : Who is this somebody

Triple H : Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.

Triple H's music plays and he leaves followed by Goldberg

Cole : Well the winner of the battle royal to face scott steiner next week
Tazz : Yeah well good steiner should be in the battle royal anyway.
Cole : Coming up next Tajiri against X-Pac

Second Match : Tajiri V X-Pac
Tajiri comes out to a decent reception from the fans while X-Pac comes out to the X-pac sucks chants.X-Pac attacks Tajiri from behind and takes him into the corner. X-Pac delivers stiff kicks to Tajiri. X-Pac runs at tajiri and gives him the bronco buster. X-Pac taunts the crowd who start chanting X-Pac sucks x-Pac sucks. Tajiri levels X-Pac in the face then covers him 1-2-kickout by X-pac. Tajiri tries the Buzzsaw kick but misses and X-pac hits a ddt. X-Pac goes up top and Tajiri catches him up there. They both fight until Tajiri hits a superplex then the cover 1-2-kickout. Tajiri picks up X-Pac but gets low blowed. X-pac powerbombs tajiri and goes for the cover with his feet on the rope 1-2-kickout. X-pac is furios tries an X-Factor but Tajiri counters and X-Pac whips him into the corner. X-Pac runs at tajiri but Tajiri gets him into the tarantula the ref counts 1-2-3-4-tajiri breaks as X-Pac is screaming in pain. Tajiri goes to pick up X-Pac who gets him in a small package 1-2-kickout by Tajiri. X-Pac nails Lots of Varied kicks knocking Tajiri down. X-Pac goes up top and hits a missile dropkick Tajiri 1-2-kickout. X-pac picks tajiri up tries the X-factor but Tajiri counters and tries a powerbomb but X-Pac counters with an X-Factor 1-2-Tajiri gets his foot on the rope. X-Pac starts arguing with the ref. Tajiri gets up and tries to blow the green mist in his face but X-Pac ducks and he gets the ref. Tajiri tries to help the ref. Justin Credible races in out of the crowd. Credible and X-Pac set Tajiri up and they nail the double superkick. X-Pac covers and the ref slowly gets round 1.......2........3.
Winner = X-Pac

Cole : Well X-Pac and Justin Credible Reforming the X-Factor there at the expense of Tajiri

Tazz : Yep and I hope they have more impact than last time

Cole : Well coming up next A-Train V Jerry Lynn but first the coach has stone cold

Coach : Well Stone Cold Steve Austin tonight you are in the 20 man Battle Royal to determine the number one contender and there is a lot going on what are your thoughts

Stone Cold : What What What ? Well my thoughts are Stephanie McMahon said that she has a mystery man entering the Battle Royal a new signing. Let me tell you if that signin wants to mess with stone cold steve austin all whoop is ass coach. Triple H says that he found big scott steiner to do all his dirty work WHAT WHAT WHAT? if triple H or scotty steiner want to mess with the Texas Rattlesnake all whip there ass to. Now its plain and simple. If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the Battle Royal give me a Hell Yeah.

Crowd : HELL YEAH !!!!!!!

Austin : And thats the bottom line cause stone cold said so What?

End of Interview

Third Match : A-Train V Jerry Lynn
A-Train comes out to the shave your back chants while Jerry Lynn gets a mixed reception. Jerry Lynn attacks A-Train delivering right hands but A-Train smacks him with a huge clothesline. Jerry Lynn gets up tries a clothesline on A-Train but it dosen't knock him down. A-Train powerslams Lynn but only gets the 2. A-train takes Lynn into the corner and kicks away at him but Lynn hits a low blow and goes to the middle rope. Jerry Lynn hits the tornado DDT. Jerry Lynn covers A-Train 1-2-kickout. Lynn stomps away at A-Train then picks A-Train up and Tries to suplex him but he can't do it. A-Train then hits a backbreaker on Lynn then goes for the cover 1-2-kickout. A-Train takes off the turnbuckle pad and picks up Lynn and rams his back into it. A-Train applies a bearhug on Lynn. Lynn is trying to fight out of it but slowly fades. The Ref gets Lynn's hand and raises it it Drops 1......2......Lynn keeps his hand out and staarts throwing right and left hands at A-Train. Lynn then bites A-Train in the forehead causing A-Train to break the hold. A-Train tries a Baldo Bomb on Jerry Lynn but Lynn low blows him then goes up top. Lynn hits the missile dropkick on A-Train then covers him 1-2-kickout. Jerry lynn picks up A-Train and tries thhe cradle piledriver but can't get it on A-Train tries the Train Wreck but Jerry Lynn rolls him up 1-2-3. Jerry Lynn celebrates and A-Train gives Earl Hebner the Train Wreck
Winner = Jerry Lynn

Cole : Well Jerry Lynn picking up the win over A-Train there then
Tazz : Yeah but our next match will be full of power
Cole : Yeah Rikishi against Mike Awesome with the winner heading into the 20-man Battle Royal


All three members of team angle are in the locker room

Kurt : Okay you know the plan don't you
Haas : What plan
Kurt : The plan for the 20 man Battle Royal
Shelton : No
Kurt : Okay here is the plan you two are in the battle royal to protect me and stop anybody from throwing me out if there lucky.
Haas : Okay
Shelton : Yeh fine
Kurt : Ok ready

All Three : 1-2-3 TEAM ANGLE!!!!!

Fourth Match : Rikishi V Mike Awesome
Rikishi and Mike Awesome come out to a good reception from the fans. Mike Awesome attacks Rikishi immediatly and hammers him in the corner. Rikishi fires back with a headbutt. Awesome gets back up and runs at rikishi but gets superkicked. Rikishi goes for the BANZAI drop but awesome low blows Rikishi. Awesome scoop slams rikishi then stomps him. Awesome throws Rikishi out of the ring. Awesome leaves the ring and gets rikishi and wips him into the steel stairs. Awesome whips Rikishi into the barricade then throws him into the ring. Awesome gets a chair and brings it in the ring. Awesome goes to hit rikishi with the chair but rikishi superkicks it back in his face. The ref rings the bell and DQ's Rikishi
Winner = and advancing into the Battle Royal Mike Awesome

Cole : Well Mike Awesome is entering the Battle Royal then
Tazz : Yep Cole
Cole : Who do you think will win Tazz
Tazz : i think its gonna be Lesnar what about you
Cole : Too close to call
Tazz : Yeh right
Cole : a man enters every minute to be elimanated you have to go over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor

Main Event : 20-man Battle royal
First out is Raven then second person out is Justin Credible. Raven attacks Credible and gives him a bulldog Raven tries to throw Credible over the top but he blocks it Raven hits the Evenflow DDT on Credible thirdman out is X-Pac. X-Pac and Credible work on Raven and throw him out. They wait for the timer to run down next man out is the Hurricane. Hurricane gives X-pac right hands but justin Credible hits the That's Incredible move on Hurricane then throws him out. Fifth man out is Eddie Guerrero accompanied by Chavo. Credible and X-Pac try to double team him but he hits a double low blow. The time runs out and out comes the next man Chavo. Los Guerreros fight the X-Factor. Credible and chavo battle and elimanate each other. eddie and X-Pac battle and out comes the next man Nathan Jones. Jones makes quick work of X-Pac and throws him out. Jones then big boots Guerrero and then powerbombs him. Jones throws Guerrero. The next man out is RVD. RVD does lots of kicks to jones who fires back with a powerslam next man out is chris beniot. Beniot german suplexes Jones then German suplexes RVD. Beniot tries to elimanate RVD but it fails next man out is Mike Awesome. he runs to clothesline Jones but misses and is backdropped out. Next man out is Kurt Angle but Angle dosen't get in the ring. Angle waits for the time to run down and out comes Charlie Haas. They both wait then out comes shelton benjamin. They get in the ring and Team Angle attack RVD and throw him over the rope.they attack Jones and put him out. Next man comes out its rhyno. Rhyno helps Beniot fight team angle. Rhyno clotheslines Team Angle over the rope but angle gets rhyno from behind and elimanates him. Beniot and Angle fight until the nextman comes out and its the mystery man Ken Shamrock. Shamrock runs in and attacks Angle and belly to belly's him out of the ring. Nextman out is A-Train. But Shamrock throws him over the rope immediatly. Beniot sneaks up behind Shamrock and elimanates the new signing. Next man out and here comes the pain Brock Lesnar. Brock and beniot fight until brock F-5's beniot out of the ring. Edge is next out and Brock F-5's him out of the ring too. Three people left and out comes Stone Cold. Austin and Lesnar Brawl Goldberg comes out and Clotheslines the both of them over the rope.
Winner = Goldberg

Goldberg gets the mic

Goldberg : Steiner you're next.

End of SHow

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Pyro goes off in the ring and near the announcer’s table and theme of meltdown plays

JR: welcome to EWE meltdown everyone with the king and myself; tonight we have Billy Kidman and rey mysterio vs. matt hardy and Shannon Moore in tag team action. Also batista and randy Orton face Sean Morley and lance storm for the world tag team titles, and also bischoff’s signing will be here tonight.
KING: tonight is going to be off the hook!!

Promo of EWE revenge shows.

JR: king revenge is in a couple of weeks!
KING: yes I’m so excited!!!

nWo music hits and Nash, Hogan and hall come out and pose in the ring.

Hogan: well all of you saw Kevin Nash make his in ring return last week and tonight I have a match with Kane! (Crowd cheers) you lot like Kane huh. Well tonight me, Nash and hall will show to the whole world what Kane really looks like my taking his mask off and show you that burnt, and by the end of tonight he will also have a bruised face to make it look worse!!! (Hogan looks around at the crowd and laughs and gives the mic to hall)
Hall: hey yo. Tonight we will deal with Kane and also bischoff has got us a new member and he will be here tonight!

Kane’s music hits and runs down to the ring with a chair!! Nash, Hogan and Hall scramble out the ring and head back up the ramp

Kane grabs the mic off the floor

Kane: Hogan, you want to make my face worse than it already is!! Come down right now and do it!

*Kane throws the chair out of the ring and waits for them*

Nash, Hogan and hall advance towards Kane slowly, Nash goes to the right, hall goes to the left and Hogan stand near the ramp. Kane backs to the back of the ring so he can see all of them. Kane looks at all three of them so he can see what they are going to do. Nash comes up onto the apron, Kane with a right hand to Nash. Nash falls off the apron while on the other side Scott hall is on the apron! Kane elbows him in the head. Now Hogan comes up and Kane tosses him into the ring. Right hands to Hogan and Hogan alls out of the ring!! Nash clobbers Kane from behind with a forearm. Hall and Hogan enter the ring now and are stomping Kane. Hogan throws Kane right into a big boot by Nash!
Hall picks him up and throws him out of the ring.

nWo music hits and they pose in the ring.

Match 1: Jeff hardy w/ Sean O’haire vs. goldust (non title)
Jeff hardy and goldust both come out to pops from the crowd. Jeff and goldust now in the ring. Jeff and goldust lock up in the ring. Goldust with a headlock to hardy. Hardy pushes goldust onto the ropes and Jeff jumps over goldust. Goldust turns around and levels him with a right hand. Jeff on the floor ad goldust is stomping him. Goldust picks him up and throws him onto the ropes and clotheslines him. Jeff in the corner with goldust punching him. Jeff whipped into the turnbuckle opposite, Jeff leaps onto the top turnbuckle and whisper of the wind! Jeff covers goldust 1...2. Goldust gets his shoulders up! Jeff throws goldust onto the ropes and dropkicks him! Jeff with another dropkick on goldust. Jeff picks up goldust and hits a neckbraker on goldust. Jeff goes up top and he hits the 450 splash!! Cover 1...2.. Goldust gets his foot on the ropes. Jeff picks goldust up and connects with the modified twist of fate! Jeff goes up top again and Swanton bomb! Goldust again rolls out of the way. Goldust gets up and whips him onto the rope and back body drops Jeff. Jeff gets up slowly using the ropes for balance. Goldust goes for an atomic drop but Jeff rolls over the top and counters into a rollup! Cover 1…2…3
winner: Jeff Hardy

Goldust looks at the referee in disbelief holding his head



Match 2: Test vs. Big Show
Test comes down to the ring without Stacy. Test and show lock up in the centre in the ring. Show pushes test with his strength. Test gets up and they lock up again test being put in the side headlock by show. Show is pushed off the ropes and knocks test down. Big show of the ropes and clothesline on test is knocked down. Big show with an elbow drop right on the chest. Big show picks him up and military slam. Big show with an extravagant cover. 1…2 test gets his shoulder up. Big show picks up test and vertical suplex. Big show throws test out of the ring. Big show goes outside and tries to throw him into the steel steps. Test reverses and throws big show into the steel! Test with a kick to the knee. Test picks show up and throws him back into the ring. Test with another kick to the knee of big show. Big show using the ropes for leverage. Test with a forearm to the knee knocking show down again. Test with a leg lock on show. Show thriving in pain trying to reach the bottom rope. Big show reaches out and grabs the rope. Big show gets up limping on his foot and clotheslines test. Big show with a big boot with his uninjured foot. Big show picks test and gets him in position for the chokeslam. Test with elbows to the head of show. He runs of the ropes and goes for the big boot. Big show grabs his foot in mid air. Big show lets go and clotheslines test. Test gets up and big show wraps his big hand round test’s neck. Chokeslam! Big show hooks the leg 1…2…3
Winner: Big Show

JR: next up we have the cruiserweight tag team match up which occurred because of what happened last week on meltdown. (Highlights shown)


Interview with booker T

Coach: tonight you defend your T.V title vs. John Cena. What are your thoughts on this?
Booker T: tonight I’m going to kick that punk ass kid a lesson, not to mess with the bookman. See Cena there is no way in hell you are going to get this title. You can try as much as you want but you won’t get the gold! See tonight I’m going to beat you 1,2,3 and there is nothing you can do about it

*Cena walks up to booker*

Cena: tonight I will become champion and like you said I’ll do whatever I have to do to win it.

*Cena sucker punches booker and leaves*

JR: later on tonight we have a no1 contender’s match for the world title; the tag titles are on the line and the T.V title
KING: also we have Kane vs. Hogan and bischoff and his signing. Tonight is going to be huge!


JR: Next up we have the cruiserweight tag team match up which will happen because of what occurred last week (highlight shown)

Match 3: Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore vs. Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman
Matt hardy and Shannon Moore come out to heat from the crowd while Billy Kidman and mysterio get huge pops. Shannon Moore and rey to start things off. Moore and rey circling each other, they lock up and rey with an arm drag on Moore. Rey right hands to Moore. Moore whipped off the ropes and dropkick by rey. Moore backs into the corner. rey monkeyflip on Moore. He gets Moore's hair and tags in Kidman. Moore taken down with a neckbraker. Mysterio off the ropes and a flapjack by Kidman onto mysterio who land right on top of Moore. Mysterio rolls out of the ring. Kidman with the cover 1…2 hardy comes in and stop the count with a kick to the back of the head. Kidman picks up Moore and snap suplex. Kidman up top and he goes for a missile dropkick but Moore gets out of the way and is crawling towards hardy and hardy is tagged in. hardy picks up Kidman and hits a powerslam. Hardy climbs up to the second turnbuckle and leg drops Kidman! Hardy off the ropes and elbow drops Kidman. Kidman off the ropes ducks the clothesline by Matt and a forearm to the face. Kidman off the ropes and dropkick to the knee! Kidman gets a cheap shot on Moore. Kidman tags in rey and now a double team on a Matt. Matt whipped off the ropes and a double hip toss. Both of the ropes and a spinning leg drop by rey and an elbow drop by Kidman! Kidman whips matt into the corner and he is down. Rey with the broncobuster! Kidman goes outside and throws Moore into the post. Back in the ring rey up top and crossbody connects! 1…2. Matt gets his shoulder up. Rey off the ropes goes for a hurracanrana. Matt hardy catches him and hits the sit out powerbomb! Matt goes and loosens the top turnbuckle revealing the steel. Matt turns around and is dropkicked into the steel. Kidman goes up top and mysterio hurracanrana on hardy. Kidman nails the shooting star press! He covers matt but the referee refuses to count, as he is not the legal person. Kidman rolls out of the ring and mysterio covers him. 1…2.. And Moore puts matt’s leg on the ropes. Moore comes in the ring and dropkicks mysterio and a dropkick to Kidman as well. Moore goes up top and moonsault on mysterio! Moore gets up and Kidman with a tornado DDT off the top rope!! Kidman gets up and throws Moore out of the ring. Kidman turns around and side effect from matt!! Matt picks up Kidman and twist of fate!! Cover 1…2.. And mysterio breaks up the count with a springboard leg drop! Hardy is dazed and mysterio dropkick to the back of the head and matt falls onto the middle rope. Mysterio with 619!!! Kidman is up top and shooting star press!! Mysterio covers hardy 1…2…3
Winners: Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman

JR: what a cruiserweight match up there King!
KING: yes Jr that was amazing and what a shooting star by Kidman!


Morley talking to someone: you guys know what to do if we get in trouble?
Man: sure

*Morley and storm leave*

Match 4: Batista and Randy Orton vs. Sean Morley and Lance Storm for the tag team titles
Randy Orton and storm to start things off. They lock up in the centre. Storm with an arm wrench on Orton. Orton goes for a clothesline but storm ducks and back suplexes him. Orton gets up and storm clotheslines him. Orton gets up and dropkick by storm. In the corner, storm delivers several chops to the chest of Orton. Orton whipped off the ropes. Orton ducks and hits a neckbreaker on storm. Orton goes up top and hits the crossbody. 1…2-storm kicks out. Orton grabs storm and take him over to his corner and tags in Batista. Orton holding storm and batista with a stiff kick to the head. Batista whips storm onto the ropes and sidewalk slam. Batista throws storm into the ropes and hits the shoulder block. Storm on the mat surprises batista and rolls him up. 1…2 kickout. Storm with a dropkick on batista. Storm picks batista up and snap suplex. Storm crawls over and tags in Morley. Morley clothesline to batista. Orton comes in is decked with a clothesline. Batista gets up and Morley with a tilt o whirl slam. Orton runs at Morley but Morley powerslams Orton. Orton rolls out the ring. Morley gets batista and backbreaker. Cover by Morley 1…2 batista kicks out with authority. Morley off the ropes and a kick to the head. Morley picks up batista and goes and tags in storm. Morley with another backbreaker, storm up top and elbow drop. Storm with a leglock on batista. Batista attempting to get to the ropes and grabs it. Storm gets up and hits a superkick. Batista out in the ring and storm hooks the leg 1…2. Orton comes in and stops the count. The referee ordering Orton out of the ring. Storm Irish whips batista of the ropes and is in position but batista had him scouted and delivers a kick to the sternum. Storm looks up holding his chest and is met with a clothesline by batista. Storm whipped off the ropes and back body drop. Storm picked up and is back suplexed. Storm reverses a whip into one of his own. Orton blind tags himself in and climbs up the turnbuckle. Batista kicks storm in the mid section and hits a DDT. Batista rolls out the ring. Storm gets up and Orton hits a missile dropkick. Orton with a cover. 1…2. Storm gets his leg on the rope. Orton picks up storm and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Batista gets the tag in. Storm whipped into the corner. Batista goes for the splash in the corner but storm gets the referee in the way and he is out. Batista gets storm and spinebuster! Morley comes in and is also met with a spinebuster. Batista with the cover but there is no referee to count. The nWo are coming down the ring and enter the ring. Hogan kicks batista and Nash gets him and hits the jacknife powerbomb. Orton comes into the ring but is met by a big boot by Nash. Hall picks him up and connects with the razors edge! The ref is getting up and sees the nWo in the ring and is telling them to leave. Out of the crowd Jeff hardy and Sean o’haire enter the ring. Sean o’haire gets storm and cruel intentions!! Jeff has storm and twist of fate! Jeff and Sean go up top. Jeff hits the Swanton bomb on Morley and o’haire hits the seanton bomb on storm! The nWo see what has happened and start chasing the two into the crowd. Batista crawls over to storm and gets his arm over storm. 1…2…3
Winners and new tag team champions randy Orton and batista

O haire and hardy appear and they, with Orton and batista get out the ring. nWo get in the ring and are fuming. While storm and Morley are up on their feet realizing what has happened



Morley: Eric, did you see what just happened out there?
Eric: yeah
Morley: well I want a rematch with those two
Eric: you to can get your hands on them at backlash
Morley: yeah, but what about hardy and o’haire, they cost us the titles
Eric: me, you, storm and the nWo will take care or them tonight

Match 5: Booker T vs. John Cena for the T.V title
Cena comes out to huge heat from the crowd while booker comes out to a huge pop. Booker giving his title to the ref and cena attacks booker from behind. Cena with a headlock from behind. Booker reverses into a hammerlock. Cena with right hands to the head of booker. Cena off the ropes and clotheslines booker. Cena boots booker in the head. Cena picks him up and neckbreaker. Cena whips booker into the corner. Cena delivers hard chops to the chest of booker. Cena whips booker on the ropes and powerslam. Booker in position for a DDT but he reverses into a northern lights suplex. 1…2. Cena gets his shoulder up. Booker with a kick to the head. Booker picks up cena and Russian leg sweep. Booker with several right and left hands to cena. Cena now on the floor. Booker off the ropes connects with an elbow drop. Booker picks him up and hits a vicious backbreaker on Cena. Booker picks up cena and throws him outside. Booker on the outside whips cena into the steel barricade. Booker holds cena and rams his back into the steel post. Booker throws cena back in the ring. Booker hooks the leg 1…2. Cena kicks out. Booker picks up cena and belly to back suplex. Cena is holding his back gasping for air. Booker with a kick to the back of Cena. Booker whips cena off the ropes booker goes for a clothesline but cena ducks. Cena with a kick to the midsection and DDT! Both are out. Cena gets his arm, over booker 1…2. Booker gets his shoulders up. Cena picks up booker and a release German suplex. Cena stomps into booker. Cena whips booker and tilt o whirl slam. Cena hooks the leg. 1…2. Booker kicks out. Cena with another Irish whip. Booker T ducks and hits a kick to the midsection. Booker off the ropes and scissors kick!! Cover 1…2.. Cena kicks out! Booker off the ropes but cena with an elbow to the head. Cena picks him up and Death Valley driver connects! Cena covers him 1…2.. Booker gets his foot on the ropes! Cena complains to referee not paying any attention to booker. Booker is up cena turns around and is met with the bookend! Cover 1…2…3!

Booker is up at the stage when cena grabs a mic

Cena: booker this ain’t over coz at revenge me and you are gonna have another match and not just any match, it will be a ladder match!

Booker nods his head and walks off.

Main event: Kane vs. Hogan
Hogan comes out with Nash and Hall with but to mega head from the crowd. Kane comes out to a good reaction from the crowd. Nash and hall won’t let Kane into the ring. Kane double clotheslines them and gets in. Hogan is backing out. Hogan goes for a cheap shot but Kane blocks and pummels Hogan with right hands. Hogan falls. Kane with a kick to the face. Kane throws Hogan off the ropes and uppercuts him. Hogan alls onto the ropes. Kane picks him up and powerslams him. Kane off the ropes and a hard clothesline to Hogan. Kane off the ropes but misses the elbow drop. Hogan with right hands to the head of Kane. Hogan throws Kane into the corner. Hogan with a huge splash in the corner. Kane is dizzy and Hogan with a several chops to the chest. Kane in the corner reverses a whip by Hogan. Hogan bounces off the turnbuckle; Kane picks him up and snake eyes in the corner. Nash comes up on the apron and Kane with a fierce right hand knocking him into the barricade. Kane with an elbow to Hogan. Kane picks him up and back suplex. Kane gets Hogan, throws him off the ropes and big boot! Cover 1…2. Hogan gets his shoulder up. Kane grabs Hogan by the throat. Hogan grabs Scott hall on the apron and doesn’t go up. Hogan with the low blow Hogan with a DDT. Kane landing on the top of his head! Hogan now posing for the crowd. Kane sits up! Hogan with a punch but with no effect. Kane gets up and full nelson slam on Hogan. Kane climbs to the top rope and flying clothesline. Kane with the cover 1…2.. Hogan kicks out! Kane whips Hogan off the ropes misses the clothesline and Hogan with a shoulder block. Hogan whips Kane off the ropes and a huge back body drop to the outside. Hogan is distracting the referee while Nash and hall gets cheap shots on the outside. Look, batista, orton, o’haire and hardy are coming down to the ring! Nash and hall are being attacked. Kane in the ring now. Hogan turns around and chokeslam! Cover 1…2…3
Winner: Kane

The 4 outside bring Nash and hall into the ring. Storm and Morley are coming sown the ramp with steel chairs! Storm with a shot to orton and batista. Nash gets o haire and jacknife powerbomb. Hall with a razors edge on hardy. Nash meets Kane with a big boot. Hogan off the ropes and leg drop!

Bischoff comes down the ramp

Bischoff: well we got rid off all the garbage now let me introduce to you the newest addition of raw.

Lights go out and… lights go on again and we see nWo bischoff, storm and Morley all out in the middle of the ring

JR: who did this and where is bischoff’s new signing?

*end of show*
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