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We are starting our own WWE and well lets say the legends have returned :)

The roster and the champions are the same as as it is now and we will start with this week's SD. The Main Event will be writing Smackdown and I will be writing RAW, and also we are doing those like 4 or 4 line matches as we are focusing more on storylines.

Oh and anyone who tries to question our legend status, should not put up a fight because most people here have and lost :)

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I got nothing to come back with on that......

Why can't I be a legend, I come second to Wolf Beast on having the longest running show....... you guys haven't gone that long on a show........ so maybe it's Wold Beast and I that are the legends, not you two!!!!

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^^^ he has a good point.

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Grendrill said:
I got nothing to come back with on that......

Why can't I be a legend, I come second to Wolf Beast on having the longest running show....... you guys haven't gone that long on a show........ so maybe it's Wold Beast and I that are the legends, not you two!!!!
Champ's judgement is slightly off, you probably are a Legend.

I had a long running show ages ago, have won most tournaments....I dont wanna go on so I rest my case :)

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Most of the tournements?

There's been 6 booker Tournements and you've won 2, I won 1 and other people wone the rest..........

anyway..... lets let it rest and put up with the legends:D

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Don't count out mine and Wolf Beast's shared shows!!!
We still have more to come!!!!!!!
Would you believe 4 shared shows are now going head to head!!!
Maybe, If we beat you in a ratings war, Wolf Beast and I should be nicknamed "The Legend Killlers"!!!!!!!!

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WWE Smackdown Preview 29/07/04

This Weeks Main Event: Rene Dupree V Eddie Guerrero

In what is bound to be a history making night, It has been announced in the Main Event of Smackdown this week will feature The French Phenom Rene Dupree taking on former WWE Champion, Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. Will the young frenchman get perhaps the biggest victory of his career? or Will the veteran Eddie Guerrero prevail?

Over the past few weeks, Paul London and Billy Kidman have proved why they currently sit atop the tag team mountain. This week, however, their mountain my come crumbling down, as they prepare to put their WWE Tag Team Championship on the line against the most decorated tag team in the history of sports entertainment, the Dudleys. Can London and Kidman fend off Bubba Ray and D-Von?

In other action, the Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line, as the high-flying Rey Mysterio battles the runt of the Dudley litter, Spike.

As if the two title defenses aren't enough to possibly shake the SmackDown! foundation, Mr. McMahon will announce a new General Manager. Who does McMahon think has what it takes to run the ship? How will that person do in his or her first night of power?

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Here is the first WWE Smackdown.


Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

Pyro goes off and the Smackdown Theme Song plays throughout the arena

Cole: Welcome to WWE Smackdown, what a night we have in store for you, tonight the new GM will be revealed, but whoever he or she is, we have a blockbuster main event for tonight, Eddie Guerrero takes on Rene Dupree

Tazz: It's gonna be off the hook Cole, I'm looking foward to finding out exactly who that new GM is

Cole: Also tonight, the rematch from a few weeks ago for the WWE Tag Team Championships, Paul London and Billy Kidman against the Dudley Boyz

Tazz: Well, I think we're gonna have new Tag Team Champions tonight, the original victory a few weeks ago was a fluke Cole

"No Chance" hits throughout the arena to a mixed reaction and out comes Mr McMahon walking confidently to the ring

Chimnel: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Mr McMahon

McMahon gets in the ring and gets the microphone

Vince: You know, if there is one fault in any person, it is that they make mistakes.......and unfortunatley for me, I've made a few very bad mistakes in my time....some of which I regret

Before Vince can speak anymore, Kurt Angle's music immediatly hits to huge heat throughout the arena, Angle walks out to the ring staring at Vince. Angle gets the mic

Angle: Vince, I wholeheartedly agree, people make mistakes, people like Eddie Guerrero, people like Tony Chimnel but I'm not going to continue about them, for the very first time in my life Mr McMahon, I made a mistake I regret, and that is ever lying about not being able to wrestle ever again. But I know what your going to say Mr McMahon..........and I would gratefully accept your apology and I will take my job back as General Manager, thanks

Vince: Firstly, never interrupt me, Secondly you address me as Mr McMahon, and I am not offering you your job back, nor am I apologising. The Mistakes I were talking about, were not about you.........they were about my daughter Stephanie, Last year I comitted some dispicable actions but thankfully we have sorted things out, and that brings me to the announcement of the new General Manager

Fans Cheer

Vince: Stephanie McMahon!

"All Grown Up." hits throughout the arena and out comes Stephanie to a huge pop throughout the arena, she walks down to the ring smiling and grabs the microphone, she shakes her dad's hand and Mr McMahon leaves. Kurt goes to leave but she stops him.

Stephanie: You know what Kurt, the job you did as General Manager, was so bad that putting you in a match against Eddie Guerrero at Summerslam isn't enough

Kurt looks puzzled

Stephanie: I think one other superstar deserves to get some of you and he will do next week on Smackdown

Fans Cheer Stephanie

Stephanie: So, as my first act as General Manager, next week on Smackdown it will be Kurt Angle against John Cena inside a 15 foot high Steel Cage!

Huge Pop for the announcement

Kurt grabs the mic that Vince left in the ring

Stephanie: Well have you got anything else to say Kurt

Kurt: That's not.....(cut off by steph)

Stephanie: Good then, now get the hell out of this ring

Kurt exits the ring but looks irate at the announcement of the Cage Match next week

Stephanie: Now I know you people want to see the action start so I'll not keep you much longer, just to announce one more match

Fans Cheer

Stephanie: The match will decide the new United States Champion

Fans Cheer and start chanting "Cena, Cena, Cena, Cena"

Stephanie: The competitors are as follows, Luther Reigns against Rob Van Dam against Booker-T against.........John Cena!

Fans Cheer

Stephanie: Now the last thing is......Enjoy the Show

"All Grown Up" hits throughout the arena and Stephanie leaves.

Cole: What a string of announcements there Tazz, unbelieveable, first Stephanie is the new GM, she's booked a huge 15 foot high steel cage match for next week, the second of those this month and She's made a fatal 4 way match for the United States Championship

Tazz: No doubt Cole, several Rocket Buster announcements

Cole: We're going backstage now to Josh Matthews who has John Cena


Josh: John Cena, the new general manager Stephanie McMahon has announced that next week on Smackdown you will face Kurt Angle inside a Steel Cage, what are your thoughts

Cena: Yo, I got Lumpy in a steel cage, I don't know if even that can contain all my rage, and as for chumpy, his bride to be, hell everybody knows he can't see me.............Cena turns around and starts staring at someone

Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroko walk up

Kenzo: (speaks some japanese)

Hiroko: Kenzo say that, he should be in the United States Title Match, because he's the only one on Smackdown who loves America

Kenzo: (speaks some japanese again)

Hiroko: Kenzo say that...after he defeats Charlie Haas tonight...he will take pleasure in watching Booker-T pin you in the match tonight

Cena: Chill, Chill, Chilll,..............Booker-T beating the doctor of thuganomics, are you crazy, He maybe a 5 time WCW Champion but he's also a 5 time Sucka, you think he'll beat John Cena, then you're a stupid mother f***a(holds mic up)

Interview Ended

Cole: Well Kenzo Suzuki interrupting John Cena in the interview before the Bronze Warrior takes on Charlie Haas in singles action next

Tazz: You know Kenzo must be disappointed not to be in the match

Kenzo Suzuki's music hits throughout the arena to heat from the crowd

Cole: Of Course he is and speaking of the bronze warrior it's time for him to take on Charlie Haas

Kenzo get's into the ring, staring at the crowd, Hiroko takes Kenzo's gold and orange robe.

Charlie Haas music hits throughout the arena to a decent pop with Miss Jackie at his side and he comes down to the ring to start off his match

Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroko V Charlie Haas w/Miss Jackie

Pretty even matchup, Kenzo Suzuki works on the arm of Charlie Haas midway through. Charlie Haas locks in the Haas of Pain but Hiroko distracts the referee whilst Kenzo is tapping out, Jackie pulls Hiroko down causing her to go face first into the apron, Haas breaks the hold to get the ref and Kenzo rolls him up and grabs the tights for the 1-2-3

Winner: Kenzo Suzuki

Cole: Kenzo Suzuki steals the win

Tazz: Well if you can get away with cheating, then why not do it Cole, I mean its common sense

Cole: Charlie Haas had the match won, and Hiroko got up on the apron and distracted the referee

Tazz: True, better luck next time for Haas then I guess


We cut backstage to see Spike Dudley in the lockerroom, preparing for his match, the door bursts open and Bubba Ray and D'Von walk up to him

Bubba: You know that deal we had last week Spike about your match tonight

Spike: Yeah

Bubba: We'll we think we should help you tonight

Spike: You promised if I didn't interfere in D'Von's match with Rey Mysterio, then you wouldn't Interfere in my match tonight and I didn't interfere

D'Von: Spike, have you ever heard of that thing were if somebody crosses their fingers whilst saying something, and it means it Isn't exactly true, well both me and Bubba had our fingers crossed Spike

Spike: Look just stay out of my match, I don't need your help

Spike storms off, leaving Bubba and D'Von with an angry look on their face.

We Cut Back to the arena and Rey Mysterio's music hits to a big pop from the crowd

Cole: Well now its time for the Cruiserweight Title match and you gotta wonder Tazz, if we will see The Dudley Boyz out here

Tazz: It's possible, I know Bubba and D'Von personally and they want the best for Spike and he's the underdog in this match

Cole: All they want is the glory

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Rey Mysterio (c) V Spike Dudley

A lot of high flying action as always. Rey Mysterio has a slight upperhand throughout the match. Spike comes back and eventually hits the Dudley Dog, and covers but D'Von is distracting the referee and allows Bubba to sneak in the ring from the other side and deliver the Bubba Bomb to Spike. The Dudley Boyz head up the ramp and Rey Mysterio who dosen't know what happened covers Spike and gets the 1-2-3

Winner: and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio

After the match, Rey Mysterio helps Spike up and Spike tells him about what happened, both Rey and Spike look pissed off as they go backstage.

Cole: What was that you were saying Tazz about Bubba and D'Von wanting the best for their brothers

Tazz: I don't know why they did this Cole, it's a shock to me as well as all these people

Cole: They should leave Spike along, week after week he's told them to stop coming out during his matches and they still do it

Tazz: Well I'm not sure of their motives but they'll probably have a good reason, you know, as I said I talk to them regularly and they always have reasons

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to go backstage now, Josh Matthews has caught up with The Dudley Boyz


Josh: Bubba Ray and D'Von, moments ago you just cost your little brother Spike, his opportunity for the Cruiserweight Championship, why did you do that?

Bubba: First of all Josh, we offered help to Spike repeatedly and we have helped him before, but he has become unappreciative for our help

D'Von: And when someone does such a thing to Me and Bubba, we have to punish them and we have done that with Spike

Josh: Why did you want to help Spike in the first place, when he clearly didn't want help?

Bubba: What kind of stupid question is that, why do we want to help Spike, because he's a Dudley, and you think he didn't want help, of course he wanted our help, it's just he didn't want to ask us

D'Von: Yeah and after we give him help, he throws it back in our face, we have nothing else to say so you just run along now and watch The Dudley Boyz become Tag Team Champions later on tonight

End of Interview

We Cut Back to the arena and JBL's music hits and he comes out in a long white Limo

Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield!

Cole: Well I don't know why JBL is out here, I do know however that his Summerslam opponent The Undertaker is not here tonight

Tazz: JBL he can do whatever he wants, he's the man!

JBL walks down the ramp, shaking the hands of people from the crowd, he gets in the ring and then puts on his handcream before taking the mic from Tony Chimmel

JBL: Good Evening, my fellow Americans, and of course others from poorer countries such as, well Mexico, Your WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield is here, what a great moment, infact this has to be one of the greatest moments ever in the history of South Carolina

Cole: We're in North Carolina

Tazz: Let the man talk Cole

JBL: Ladies and Gentlemen, and I use that term somewhat loosely, What you are about to see will be the greatest experience you will ever have in your somewhat rundown lives, I John Bradshaw Layfield, WWE Champion will wrestle here tonight

Crowd Boo's

JBL: And my opponent will be, none other than, The Undertaker

Mixed reactions from the crowd

Cole: How can he do that, The Undertaker isn't here tonight Tazz

Tazz: You must be wrong Cole

JBL: I am going to beat the living hell out of The Undertaker, and not only am I going to do it for all of you, I am going to gain revenge on a couple of things, like when I tripped into the chokeslam the last week, and for Shannon Moore.....Who was going to face me for the WWE Championship at Summerslam

Crowd Boo's

JBL: Now I know all of the women were looking foward to that match, and of course Michael Cole, but that's ok....I will destroy The Undertaker, he is no match for a fighting Champion like John Bradshaw Layfield

Crowd starts a JBL sucks chant

JBL: Yes people that's it, chant my name.........JBL.................JBL...............JBL.........JBL.....JBL....JBL..JBL..JBL..JBL.

Cole: I believe the crowd are chanting JBL sucks

JBL: Now sorry to cut off, I know I'm a very popular man, but I'm also in demand so could The Undertaker now please come out here to face me

JBL takes off his black coat and cowboy hat and throws them down. The Lights Dim and The Gong goes off and purple smoke starts to fill the rampway. A small man walks out, dressed as The Undertaker, he walks to the ring like the Undertaker and stands on the ringstairs and raises his hands and the lights go on and he gets in the ring. The Midget walks up to JBL and starts trash talking before takes off his coat. JBL keeps the mic in his hand and pretends he's gonna attack the midget Undertaker who falls over and lies flat out in the centre of the ring, JBL laughs and raises his hands up, the crowd continue to chant JBL sucks.

JBL: Now look how scared The Undertaker is of John Bradshaw Layfield, referee ring the bell so I can get the 1-2-3 and I'm going to beat him in less than a minute so get that timer set Chimmel.

The Ref rings the bell

WWE Championship

John Bradshaw Layfield (c) V Mini Undertaker

JBL walks over laughing at the crowd and kneels down to cover but the mini Undertaker sits up, JBL looks on with a strange look. JBL goes to give the midget a right hand but the midget ducks and starts kicking the leg of JBL, but JBL shrugs it off with Big Boot. JBL picks up the Mini Undertaker and lifts him up in the air and just drops him and then JBL taunts the crowd again. JBL picks up the midget and delivers a powerbomb and covers for the 1-2-3

Winner: and still WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL gets the mic again

JBL: You see, that's a repeat of what will happen at Summerslam Ladies and Gentlemen, and to back my statement up, announce the time it took me to beat him Chimmel

Chimmel: The time it took WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield to win that bout was 1 minute and 13 sec.....(cut off)

JBL: Shut up and announce the proper time Chimmel

JBL threatens to hit Chimmel until he announces it

Chimmel: 57 seconds

JBL raises his hands up to the crowd and his music hits, and he leaves.


Cole: Well a very arrogant John Bradshaw Layfield there, saying he was going to defend against The Undertaker and he brings out a midget

Tazz: He did defend against The Undertaker, either he's shrunk or he's forgotten to wear his high heels

Cole: Well none the less, up next the WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line, Paul London and Billy Kidman against The Dudley Boyz

Tazz: Indeed Cole and it's going to be off the hook

WWE Tag Team Championships

Paul London & Billy Kidman V The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz control the match, working on Paul London until he gets the tag to Billy Kidman who has some momentum for a while but Bubba and D'Von bring it back to their own pace again, London goes for a missile dropkick on D'Von who moves and London get's the referee. D'Von throws London to the outside and then The Dudley Boyz hit a 3D on Kidman and cover but there is no referee. Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley run down to the ring, Spike hits the Dudley Dog on Bubba and Rey knocks D'Von to the outside. Spike puts Kidman on top of Bubba and the referee slowly comes around 1..........2..........3

Winners: and still WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Billy Kidman

Mysterio, Spike, Kidman and London celebrate as they head backstage, The Dudley Boyz are left irate in the ring.

Cole: Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley cost the Dudley Boyz the tag team titles

Tazz: And I suppose you think that's ok Cole

Cole: A measure of retribution gained by Spike on his brothers

We Cut Backstage to See Kurt Angle in the lockerroom with Luther Reigns

Kurt: Now that I am no longer General Manager Luther, things still don't change, we must run Smackdown, you have to get this United States Championship

Luther: It's safe to say I'll be walking out with the belt Kurt

Kurt slaps Luther and Luther smiles

Kurt: Now go get that belt Luther

Luther walks away and Kurt has a smile on his face

Cole: Well coming up now is our United States Championship match, Fatal 4 Way Match, the first person to get a pinfall or submission will win the match

Tazz: Looking foward to this one Cole, I'm picking Luther Reigns, after that pep talk by Kurt Angle he's gonna be ready and fired up

Cole: That maybe correct, Kurt Angle slapped Luther in the face and Luther turned around and smiled, none the less here we go, Fatal 4 Way match coming up next


WWE United States Championship

Rob Van Dam V Luther Reigns V John Cena V Booker-T

Excellent matchup. Wrestlers took turns at standing outside the ring watching the others go at it. John Cena kicks RVD in the midsection and hits the FU but Luther knocks Cena out of the ring then follows. Luther Reigns and John Cena start brawling up the ramp. RVD gets halfway up and Booker-T nails the scissors kick, as John Cena hits Luther Reigns with brass knuckles, Booker covers and gets the 1-2-3 before Cena can get back to the ring

Winner: and new United States Champion Booker-T

Cole: The ever opportunistic Booker-T picking up the victory and becoming the new US champion here on Smackdown

Tazz: I told you Cole, he was my pick

Cole: You picked Luther Reigns to win, who was knocked out by Cena hitting him with brass knuckles.

Tazz: Well Luther Reigns is a tough dude, He must've been the odds on favourite Cole

Cole: Indeed he might've been

The Lights Dim slightly and a video plays showing Jeff Hardy's previous clips in WWE and announces that Jeff Hardy will be here next week on Smackdown to a huge pop from the fans.

Cole: Jeff Hardy will be here next week

Tazz: What a major coup for Smackdown to have Jeff Hardy on board, amazing

Cole: Yes it is and now Ladies and Gentlemen tonights main event, the Young up and coming French Phenom Rene Dupree will take on the man who will face Kurt Angle at Summerslam, Eddie Guerrero

Tazz: What an influence on Rene Dupree's career it would be if he could defeat the former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero

Cole: It would be his best win to date here in the WWE, Rene Dupree V Eddie Guerrero, up next


Main Event

Rene Dupree V Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero has control of the match early on, until he goes shoulder first into the ringpost and from there on Rene Dupree controlled the matchup. Rene Dupree could not put away Eddie Guerrero and tried to use a chair but Eddie kicked him in the midsection then hit three successive suplexes followed up by the Frog Splash from the top rope and he got the 1-2-3.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero celebrated in the ring, Rene Dupree tries to attack him again but Eddie fights him off. Angle comes out and attacks Eddie Guerrero from behind. Angle folds the chair out in a seated position in the centre of the ring. Angle sets Eddie Guerrero who gets up and staggers back into an Angle Slam onto the steel chair which crushes the chair. Eddie rolls around holding his ribs

Cole: What damage has Kurt Angle done to Eddie Guerrero, see you next week!

End of Show.


Please give a rating, what you liked on it, what you disliked and what needs to be improved. All appreciated.

Another Note: Done in old style.


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Not a bad show, but no where near your best!
8/10 nothing to get particularly excited about. A nice solid report.
Jeff Hardy returning is a bonus, be interesting to see what you do with him.
Looking forward to the Steel Cage match.

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Good Things
-The JBL promo.
-The continuation of the current feuds.
-Stephanie McMahon as General Manager.
-Jeff Hardy returning, should be interesting.
-Steel Cage match.
-Booker T as US Champion.

Bad Things

I've read one or two shows better than this one by you, which were PPV's. The show was well put together though and a good start.

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