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Real Life Stories:

WWE Version 1.0: One of the Best New Shows on BTB today;
Back in September, Kermack needed a partner to help write this show called Version 1.0. So I offered to help write The Raw side of version 1.0. Before I even wrote my first show we did a lot of trades shuffling the rosters around to find the right mixture of wrestlers to showcase there brand. Well, as I was writing my first show I could feel inside of me these new waves of ideas floating in my brain on how to perfect the shows to what it is today. So as I was typing I mentioned to myself who not build up some great storylines. So after writing the first episode I asked Kermack if we can pick up anyone we want. After he gave the ok I thought of the best wrestler for the job. He was a fellow TNA member before I brought him to Raw to showcase his talents. The wrestler was AJ styles. Since I put AJ on the raw roster I put him in the role that best suits his attitude. And the storyline that he is currently using to this day is with HHH for the World Heavyweight Title. Long story short ever since I wrote my first show I love what I do and I love what I am writing for.
- WWE Version 1.0.

Be The Booker News and Rumors:

Rumors for Survivor Series, another Fatal 4 Way? Main Event up in the Air;
* At recent house shows, Mark Jindrak has been defending the US championship in fatal four ways against John Cena, Carlito Caribbean Cool and RVD look for one of these men to possibly get a title shot at SS, maybe even another Fatal Four Way match.

* Kurt Angles role at the Pay Per View is still being debated at this time as is AJ Styles, Eddie Guererro and Brock Lesnar.
- WWE: Era of Greatness

Russo pulling strings, Vince not happy! Bret Hart says ‘Can’t wait to get back in the ring,’ Booker T Traded & more;
* Backstage management of the WWE feels No Mercy was a huge success and hopes that they can continue this throughout the following months, with Survivor Series coming up WWE is believed to be trying to get their ratings up as much as possible.

* Scott Steiner was not originally set to be in the Battle Royal, and it was supposed to be a 19 Man Battle Royal as opposed to a 20 man.

* Bret Hart after RAW this week said he felt fine in the ring, and wants to be more involved in his next tag match!

* RAW is rumored to be following the tradition of the Survivor Series with three elimination matches.

* Mr. McMahon is said to be growing frustrated with Russo always butting in backstage with suggestions for storylines when he knows that is not his job, at this time it is believed that McMahon will just wait and see how Russo goes over the next little while.

* Booker T, unhappy with his role on Smackdown demanded a trade over to RAW. His wish was granted as he was traded for a RAW wrestler to be named later. At this time it is unknown when Booker will join RAW, or who Smackdown will receive for the Five Time WCW Champion and when that wrestler will join Smackdown.

* A second trade is rumored to be in the works that will have Survivor Series implications. This is just a rumor nothing has been confirmed at this point.
- WWE RAW and Smackdown! (SIAG)

Triple H Using Politics Again, Taboo Tuesday Cancelled, Triple H / Cena feud? + More;
* Many fans in attendance were in a state of shock this past Monday Night, as many Internet sites had been reporting for weeks that it would be Chris Jericho facing Chris Benoit for the Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven. However, Triple H won the match, and now has ANOTHER shot at Benoit on September 12th.
It is expected that this will be the "Final Encounter" between the two, and it will certainly be a gimmick match.
Rumors at the moment are fluctuating between the match being a 60 Minute Iron Man match, Three Stages of Hell, Hell in a Cell, and a Street Fight.
As we all know, Triple H is a fan of Iron Man Matches, and there is no one better to work one with than Chris Benoit, so all pointers would suggest this could be the match, although the one major problem with this is that an Hour long match would take up a lot of PPV time, so this rumor can be only that for now.

* WWE.COM also announced plans of scrapping the Taboo Tuesday PPV which had been scheduled for October 19th. This is due to WWE wanting to push for a PPV quality card in Manchester, England for RAW on October 11th. Watch this space for more news on that.

* Also, at Summer Slam, two extremely intense segments occurred between RAWS Triple H, and Smackdown's John Cena. This was put together at first for entertainment value, and some interaction between the two brands, but after witnessing the chemistry between the two, officials are now playing with the idea of a trade involving one of the two, or perhaps an inter-promotional match at Survivor Series, or Wrestlemania.
Officials believe that Cena just needs one huge feud that can elevate him from the upper mid-card spot he holds, to the main event slots, and Triple H could provide that one huge feud.

* RAW is also very happy with the work of both Raven and JBL. Vince McMahon has expressed his delight in both men's mic work in recent weeks, and after years of being anti- Raven, he has been won over with Ravens new darker character. So much so, that although he is taking the slow route with Raven, he believes that he can be one of the companies top heels by the end of the year, and may even be in contention for the Heavyweight Title.
The same goes with JBL, who Vince has always been an admirer of. There is even talk of McMahon wanting to put the World Title strap on JBL, in the run up to Wrestlemania.

* Backstage officials are also very pleased with the Orton - Benjamin feud, which has ran since the early summer. The match at Unforgiven is expected to be the blow-off to the feud, and at the present time, we are led to believe that the stipulation named on next weeks RAW concerning the match will be a LADDER match, but as with the WWE, anything can change from day to day.

WWE Smackdown! Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly return news, Miss Jackie, Ship Up or ship out.... And Much MORE!!;
* We are now only 2 weeks away from the return of Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn. There are uncertainties flying around about their ambitions when they come back. One source has stated that they are looking for revenge on the man that injured them, the "Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak. However there is also a strong feeling that they may either peruse singles gold, or bid for Tag Team gold.

* Another rumor circulating is that of the love story between Miss Jackie and John Cena. This angle has been converted onto live air after they started dating in real life. The writers are said to be very happy with the charisma there is between them. We can expect to see John Cena coming to the aid of NBF whenever they are in trouble.

* Speaking of NBF, the teams popularity seems to be growing immensely after their outstanding team appearances. The creative team is talking about a 5 month spell as tag team champions, although this is not confirmed.

* Other men who are receiving praise for their in-ring work are Mordecai, Kane, Scott Steiner and Brock Lesnar. All four of these men are expected to be involved in major storylines leading up to No Mercy.

* On the other hand, there are some workers who are being told to tidy up their work. Those certain people are Rikishi, HBK, Rey Mysterio and D-Von Dudley. With HBK as the champion, if his in-ring work does not improve, he may be forced to drop the belt.

* There is only one main rumor going around on Smackdown!, and that is the rumor of Scott Hall's loyalty to the WWE. Scott has been caught with alcohol in his blood before live shows 3 times since his arrival on SD! Scott has been warned twice and fined once. Scott has been said to be very depressed. If Scott Hall drops out of live shows with the nWo, you will know why.

Eddie Guerrero's Whereabouts:
* Eddie Guerrero has not been seen by a WWE official since No Mercy, Guerrero was scheduled to be on last weeks Smackdown, but no-showed. Chavo Guerrero has spoke to Eddie and he is very annoyed about having to drop the title he held so precious to him. Even though Eddie is on the No Mercy poster, do not expect him to show up as the WWE are preparing to release the tired superstar from his contract.
- WWE: Rebirth

McMahon / Bischoff Argument, News on the New RAW Commissioner, Brock Lesnars Debut & More;
* Rumors have been running rife as to who the new Raw Commissioner will be. Mr. McMahon has never ruled Mick Foley out of contention and smiled when answering that question on a chat show last week.

* The Raw brand heads off for Taboo Tuesday this week; many backstage are questioning Mr. McMahon letting Randy Orton compete in two high-profile matches.

* An altercation occurred when Raw went off the air last week between Vince and Eric Bischoff, is Eric cracking under the pressure, especially with his match against Stone Cold coming up.

* Brock Lesnar will be making his long awaited return to Smackdown this week as things are on the road to Survivor Series. One rumored match is a huge 10 Man Tag featuring Inter-brand Superstars.

* One last piece of news, Paul Heyman was overheard talking about a possible merger with a business client….more news on that as soon as we get it.
- WWE: Afterlife

WCW World War 3 Date announced, Main Event released, Starrcade & More;
* WCW’s World War 3 will be aired on the 14th of November 2004, which is a little under 3 weeks away, There is much anticipation for this event after the success of the past two Pay Per Views of WCW.

* The Main Event of World War 3 has also been released, apart from the actual World War Match itself it is also going to include WCW’s Sting versus NWO’s Big Show, this is been told it is going to be one great match, the idea also is to keep the WCW vs. NWO feud going strong.

* WCW’s Starrcade, the event following on from World War 3, where the winner goes on to face the champion in the Main Event, has been said that it will be the biggest WCW event that has ever happened, Eric Bischoff was also heard saying he wants to out do WWE in the buy rates with Starrcade compared to Wrestlemania 21.
- Goldberg0069’s Nitro and Thunder

WWE RAW News, Kane’s attack actually scripted? WWE Announces World Tour, More Info Inside;
* It has been told through a secure resource that Kane’s attack on Lillian Garcia during the broadcasting of WWE RAW was actually scheduled to happen, the whole ‘This wasn’t scripted’ was in fact to bring back the element of ‘Shock TV’. From a very positive response from the crowd we expect to see more of this sort of work in the weeks to come on RAW and perhaps even Smackdown!.

The whole segment was the main focus of this week’s show, showing although Kane has lost two Pay Per View matches straight that he is still the monster inside. Lillian’s cut was in fact a blood capsule that was lined in the piece of glass. Vince McMahon was believed to be impressed on how well the segment worked on TV, he hopes this will draw more fan attention over the coming months with the re-emergence of ‘Shock Television’.

* This past Monday we saw Shelton Benjamin pick up his first singles title in the WWE, however many internet rumors sites were actually promoting Randy Orton to win the match against Shelton. It’s believed that WWE is leaking out false information to the internet sites to stir up more interest in the company.

* As aired during RAW this week there is was a hype video for one former WWE Superstar, Brock Lesnar. This was the first we heard of this news, as WWE has become much more secretive over the past 3 months since the new writers came in. It is not know which brand Brock will sign with although obvious indications show he will be signing with RAW due to his video being aired there, but it will be official come SummerSlam that he will have made a decision.

* WWE announced today in a press conference that they are starting a twelve week World Tour for both RAW and Smackdown! around the globe, we have a list below of each country and city the WWE will be traveling to. It was also released in the press conference that WWE will also be hold three Pay Per Views a month overseas as a ‘trial run for the future.’

World Wrestling Entertainment World Tour 2004

Smackdown! - Australia – Sydney – 19th August 2004
RAW - Japan – Tokyo – 23rd August 2004
Smackdown! - New Zealand – Auckland – 26th August 2004
RAW - Iraq – Baghdad – 30th August 2004
Smackdown! - England – England – 2nd September 2004
RAW - India – Bangladesh – 6th September 2004
Smackdown! / Unforgiven - Italy – Venice – 9th September 2004
RAW - Africa - Johannesburg - 13th September 2004
Smackdown! - Mexico – Mexico City – 16th September 2004
RAW - Ireland – Dublin – 20th September 2004
Smackdown! - Spain – Madrid – 23rd September 2004
RAW - Greece – Athens – 27th September 2004
Smackdown! - France – Paris – 30th September 2004
RAW - China – Beijing – 4th October 2004
Smackdown! – Belgium – Brussels 7th October 2004
RAW - Egypt – Cairo – 11th October 2004
Smackdown! - New Guinea – Port Moresby – 14th October 2004
RAW / Halloween Havoc - Hawaii – Honolulu – 18th October 2004
Smackdown! - Indonesia – Jakarta – 21st October 2004
RAW - Fiji – Nandi – 25th October 2004
Smackdown! - Germany – Berlin 28th October 2004
RAW - Solomon Islands – Honiara – 1st November 2004
Smackdown! - Holland – Amsterdam 4th November 2004
RAW - Russia – Moscow – 7th November 2004
- WWE: Rise of Glory

Getting To Know Your Booker:

Name: Michael Gawda (The Showstopper)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Location: Vauxhall, London, England
MSN (Optional): I'll pass; they can PM me if they want it
Time Booking (Months / Years): 3 months 10 days

How long have you been booking?
Been booking ever since my thread started, which was about mid-July
How did you find BTB?
I was sent a show by A-Dust, he asked me to rate it and point out good and bad points. I was surprised at first because I was still relatively ''new''. I then found out it was for BTB, popped into the forum, checked out a few threads and here I am now
What were your inspirations?
Well everyone at that time inspired me; Wolf Beast inspired me with Being The Booker, but 2 in particular. A-Dust and his show really set it for me and Grendrill and RoG just really made me want to start writing shows.
When do you write?
As often as I can, sometimes I might plan feuds and brainstorm on the way to school, in lessons. I tend to write shows between Saturday and Monday, but usually on a Sunday.
Where do you write your shows?
Sometimes in a notebook, others n pieces of paper and sometimes just saved on the PC for further ''note taking''. I write Raw on my PC at home.
When do you find it easiest to write?
It depends, sometimes I'll just want to write, other times I'll say, take down some notes. I pretty much find it easiest when I know what I'm aiming for and going towards. It's always bad when you need to write a show and you don't know half the stuff that's going to be on it
Why do you book?
I book for the passion. It's always a great feeling when you do a long show and people produce positive comments and feedback. There's just a sense of passion and willing to do better than the WWE. It's like you'll see a storyline and you'll say, ''i could do that so much better''.
How long do you intend to be a booker?
As long as my mind intends to, I'll know when it's time for me to take a break, I'm only 15 now, I think I've still got a couple of years in me, but it's touch and go, hopefully I'll keep going...
Situation: You’ve been booking for about 6 months, and people have been replying giving positive feedback the whole time and they suddenly loose interest and don’t reply to your thread, what do you do?
Solution: would never happen...... {joke}. Never give up; if you put your mind to it, you'll get your reward. Life has its way of teaching lessons, they come by and you take each one as they arrive.
Your longest show?
SummerSlam, and in my opinion my best show. #1 contributed greatly to it and I would like to thank him for sticking on the rocky path with me.
Your favorite match or yours?
Elimination Chamber at SS.
Your favorite show of yours? (Other than PPV)
Possibly last week's Raw, with the whole Austin/Y2J feud, but every show is 110%, whether written out fully or not.
Your most memorable BTB moment?
Posting my first Raw and my first PPV, it was a great feeling knowing I accomplished something that I set out to do, (SS thanks to #1). But every comment I get on Raw is a memorable moment.
Your top 3 writers:
1) Grendrill - No questions asked.
2) Wolf Beast - Awesome booker.
3) Tie - A-Dust and JarMac - Both brilliant bookers

Favorite Cereal: Don't eat it, busy man; don't have time, but like Frosties if I do have time
Favorite Color: Blue, followed by black.
Favorite Car: BMW Z3
Ford or Holden: err......I'll say Ford
Football or Cricket: English Premiership Football!!!!
Summer or Winter: Summer, beach, sun, girls, what more could you want.......of course you would have to go out of England for that...

Added Comments:
Thanks to all who have read my shows, given feedback, voted in the BTB Awards for me, and really acknowledged my work. And for anyone who wants advice, just stick to your goal, follow what your heart tells you and keep to the right path because you'll always get what you aim for.

ok, thats the first set of BTB News, next set will be up Sunday, start sending me you news and rumors for this week. I will have it up on Sunday this time.

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good michael interview

Chopped Liver
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I really love this concept Grendrill. Kudo's for coming up with it.

Some interesting stuff in it.

One minor criticism. Maybe in future, you should put the name the thread before the news, as it was a little confusing at times readng through.

Also, hopefully one week, I might be the Booker that gets interviewed....*nudge nudge* next week...

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oh shit forgot to send news and rumours, I will this week. Great stuff though looks like a real newsboard and the interview was great. I hope there is one every week.

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this weeks send of version 1.0 is insider news on the latest and biggest signs. if ya wana know you will have to read this weeks edition of grendrill's news. oh and another thing happy halloween people. get your rotten eggs ready its the best candy robbin and egg throwin time of the year. jk, jk but seriously have a safe and happy halloween. even though it isnt till sunday just thought givve people the heads up and another thing its the american election bush vs. kerry who will win. polls open and close on tuesday so winner takes all it's the idiot vs. the frankenstienly humorless john kerry.

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Like Wolfy Said, GREAT CONCEPT! I especially love the interviews.

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I hadn't thought of that.................. Don't worry I'll get around to most of you...

Wolfy, it's all good..... have you heard the saying 'Leave the best till last'? That's why I'm doing myself last :D

I'll most probably pick a random Booker.
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