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EWF Pay Per View Schedule
April-Undertow-Mayhem Only
May-Downfall -War Zone Only
June-Downward Spiral-Mayhem Only
July-Unfinished Business War Zone Only
August-Summer Beach Blast-Both
September-Corpret Power- War Zone
October-Halloween Madness-Mayhem Only
November-World War III-Both
December-Christmas in Hell-War Zone Only
January-New Years Revolution-Both
Febuary -Winter Games-Mayhem Only
March-Spring Fling-Both

Injury Reports, Developmental News, Next Big name to sign;
- New WWE (RAW and Smackdown!)
Injury Report- This week on Raw Eddie Guerrero suffered minor head injuries in his angle and actually did need several stitches in his head. He is now fine and is expected to work house shows this weekend as well as Raw next Monday.

Triple H is still currently rehabbing his knee that he had surgery on and after the angle WWE shot on Raw it is expected that Triple H will be back soon. The knee has healed well and although he is not 100% doctors say will be good to go by the beginning of 2005. Triple H will be ready for action in an estimated time of 1 month.

Trish Stratus was feeling ill before Raw and it turns out she has picked up a strain of the flu. She will be getting house shows off this weekend but will be expected for Raw better or not.

Edge on the other hand has been granted time off to rest nagging injuries and was given Raw his past week and this weekends house shows off. He is expected to rest up for one more Raw but no serious injuries are reported and he should be back by next weekends house shows.

Matt Morgan has been working hard to come back to the active roster, he has shown improvement in his in ring work and dont be surprised if he is brought back up the ranks with a new gimmick sometime down the road.

Free Agents-
With rumors flourishing about the returns of Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan WWE says they have no intentions of bringing them back right now but sometime down the road that may change. As of now WWE says they leave their options open but dont plan to bring in the two legends any time soon. However sources within say with the road to Wrestlemania right around the corner expect the unexpected. Take that for what it is worth as nothing is promised.

It appears as if Matt Hardy is trying to convince WWE higher powers to resign his brother Jeff Hardy to a short term deal. Matt says his storyline with Molly has runs its coarse and points out he has not been used well latley. Matt thinks bringing back Jeff would help him and would help Raw. WWE has not yet commented on the situation so where they stand is not clear.

Pay Per View Schedule-
December- Armageddon (Smackdown)
January- TBA (Raw only)
January- Royal Rumble (Both)
Febuary- No Way Out (Smackdown)
April- Wrestlemania 21 (both)

*Reminder*- The Slammies return this year and nomenies will be released for voting after Armageddon.
Categories named so far-
-Match of the Year
-Pay Per View of the year
-Superstar of the year
-Diva of the year
-Funniest moment
-Mr. Mic Award (best promos)
(more to be named)

WMXXI News, Austin / Neck Surgery;
- Being the Booker
John Cena's win at the Royal Rumble didnt come as a huge shock to many, as the winner was always likely to be Cena, ro The Rock, with both lined up for Title shots at their respective champions at this years WrestleMania

Ford Field has now totally sold out as hype surrounds the major WrestleMania XXI event coming up in just eight weeks.

It has also been revealed that the reason Steve Austin had been off Television from last May to last sunday at the Rumble, was because Austin went under another neck surgery, in order to be able to get in the ring for one last run. This is likely to begin with a match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, especially after Austins return at the event last Sunday.

The biggest shock coming out of Royal Rumble was the suprise return of Shawn Michaels. We had been led to believe over recent weeks that HBK was legitimately injured at the hands of the Deadman at Armageddon, so many were shocked to see him return so soon, AND turn heel, which came as a bigger shock. This now likely means that Taker and Michaels will clash at WrestleMania.

Another surprise from the Rumble, was the amount of time Sting was inside the match. He entered at #13, and lasted until the final four. Many beleive that this could be the beginning of the WWE giving the legendary figure a push, after under using him since his arrival in the WWE last April.

Expect to see a rematch between Eddie Guerrero and Triple H for the WWE Title at No Way Out, as well as some sort of #1 Contenders match concerning the title shot at WrestleMania, possibly between The Rock and Brock Lesnar, with Steve Austin as Special Guest Referee, in order to further that particular feud.

Also, it is expected that Goldberg and Kurt Angle will continue with their rivalry up to the WrestleMania PPV, so possibly we may see a six man, or eight man tag, with Goldberg leading one team, and Angle the other.

News on Unforgiven, Triple H / Beniot, Ladder Match?;- Rebirth
After a week of speculation, we finally found out the stipulation for the Benoit - Triple H match at Unforgiven. It will be a 3 Stages of Hell Match. Surely, after a long feud now, the two will go seperate ways after this feud, but the man walking out with the title has yet to be confirmed, with many wanting Benoit, and many expecting Triple H as of now.

Another feud certain to come to a head at Unforgiven is the feud between Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin over the Intercontinental Title. Officials have likened this feud to that of Triple H and The Rock back in 1998, which is likely to be the reason behind the Ladder Match being the one to end the feud. The win could really give Benjamin a huge push, but if Orton were to win, it could well and truly push him into the upper echelon in the WWE.

A big story coming out of RAW this week, was that of Eric Bischoff turning down a new contract with the company. His current deal runs out in January, so until then the WWE will have his services, but we could expect for RAW to groom someone into that General Manager role, before perhaps playing a Loser Leaves angle to explain Bischoff's deparure in the near future.

One worrying newsbit to come from the backstage area this past week was that Chris Jericho is believed to have injured his right thigh, which may well put him out of the upcoming Unforgiven PPV, and possibly a little longer.

Vince Russo was believed to have been backstage at RAW last week. We have no details on his visit, whether it was to possible return to the company, or perhaps for another reason, but we will hopefully get more news on this story next week.

Survivor Series News, Orton / Flair;
- WWE : Evolutionized
This Last week on Raw it was announced that there would be a RAW vs. Smackdown 8 - man tag match scheduled for the Royal Rumble. In addition, each brand would get to pick a stipulation to add to the match. Smackdown has decided to go the route of letting the fans decide with an online poll. But RAW GM, Eric Bischoff has guaranteed all fans that his stipulation is the biggest announcement leading up to the PPV. What could his stipulation be? Who will be the competitors?

Also with Randy Orton's brutal attack on Ric Flair last week, what will happen this week in their scheduled match? Will Evolution peer their face into the match? If so, which side will they join?

To find out all these answers, check out WWE : Evolution written by yankeesman77, and finekilla

I'll be doing this Bi Weekly now (every 2 weeks)

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Yeh Good Idea having it every 2 weeks, I tend to forget to put my news in as do others.

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Great news but I missed the interview for this week!
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