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I am going to be writing shows for this new promotion the WCWF. I would like to do this thead like F-5 and Antattuide are doing with the HWC and WWE are doing with Raw and Smackdown. I will write for my show SLAM! I need someone to write for another show. We will split wrestlers, and do some kind of draft. If you are interested in doing this with me please email me at rmfil[email protected], we can also chat, my AIM is rfiller24. I have a bunch of ideas going through my head. I want to get this going, let me know if you want to help me.
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You know F24 noone one knows what you can write,what`s your style and much more.
We need to know you a little better.Many people here know me from Jan. like BERD.CIAH,James_TV,and much more,and they don`t mind to write a show with me cause they know my style and the way i`m writing shows.
So first you have to write at least one show, for us to see what you can. do.

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Nobody has scared me, I'm still here. I've been having computer problems. I will go on with my Promotion the WCWF. I wanted someone to join me, but I guess ya'll want me to write first. I understand that. I did not want to be able to use any wrestler, that is why I wanted someone else. I will write my first show and then someone can join me if they would like. They will only be able to use wrestlers I dont use. My First show will probly be posted Saturday.
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