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WCWE- World Championship Wrestling Entertainment [Doing this along with CWF]

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//First Off.. CWF IS NOT CANCELLED. I REPEAT... CWF IS NOT CANCELLED. CWF comes first, just doing this as a second project, but my first priority is CWF.//

On an episode of WWE Raw, at the beginning of the show, Vince Mcmahon walks out to the ring. He grabs a mic and does not look all that happy.

Vince Mcmahon- Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention. I have some big news. A few weeks ago, I was approached by Eric Bischoff. He told me he had interest in becoming an owner of a wrestling company. Eric Bischoff has always been a great leader. Now despite what many of you may think, I was rather pleased. You see, WWE ratings were much higher back in the days of the ratings war with WCW. So I encouraged Eric Bischof to do what he wanted as of now, Eric Bischoff is no longer under contract witht the WWE and has a new creation called the WCWE. I wish him the best of luck and dont anyone worry, he has not taken anybody that has a contract with the WWE. However there is a rather large and talented free agent pool, so I am sure there will be nice competition. You can check out WCWE Nitro, Monday nights at 8 PM Eastern, 1 hour before Raw starts. As for the General Manager of Raw position, that will be taken care of next week. Thank you and goodnight.

// Ok, this has nothing to do with Raw, just thought I would use this as a preview for my new BTB Project WCWE Nitro. A combination of the names WCW and WWE. It is owned and ran by Eric Bischoff. It is composed of non WWE wrestlers and has only one TNA wrestler. Roster will be posted with the first show as it is mostly of surprise. Should be interesting and any comments, tips, thoughts, would be appreciated.//
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WCWE Press Conference- Live in Atlanta, Georgia

Live in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of newly found wrestling federation- The WCWE. The fans are everywhere as Eric Bischoff then walks out to a podium on the stage.

Eric Bischoff- Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the very first press conference of the WCWE! This is my creation and it is a combination of the names WCW and the WWE. You see, Vince Mcmahon claims to not be afraid of a little combination.. Well lets see how he feels about some of the names I have brought to WCWE!! Now before I introduce the roster to all of you. I would like to make an announcement regarding the championships. WCWE features the World Heavyweight Championship, the United States Championship, the Television Championship, The Cruiserweight Championship, and the Tag Team Championship. All the titles will be on the line at the first WCWE Nitro, except for the World Title. I will reveal my plans for the title on Nitro. Now for the WCWE PPV Schedule. You see WWE owns all the WCW names for PPVs, however, all the WCW PPV Names, that the WWE did not choose, can be used here. So without further ado.. here is the schedule.​

January PPV- World War 3 (Royal Rumble)​
February PPV- Superbrawl​
March PPV- Uncensored​
April PPV- Spring Stampede​
May PPV- Slamboree​
June PPV- Sin​
July PPV- Independence Day​
August PPV- Bash At The Beach​
September PPV-Fall Brawl​
October PPV- Halloween Havoc​
November PPV- Mayhem​
December PPV- Starcade​

Now, onto the roster of the WCWE. Now first I would like to announce, that I will not name one superstar. This superstar is my little surprise and he will rock the WCWE to its very core. You can find out who it is only on Nitro! I would like to thank Vince Mcmahon for the oppertunity to get this wrestler. Now here is the rest of the roster. First I would like to announce a few main event level guys that I have received. The first man I would like to name.. the WWE has been after him since the purchase of WCW. They could never get him and now they never will.. ladies and gentlemen.. I have signed.. STING!! Thats right. Another man I have signed is one of the most dominant wrestlers in history. I have signed GOLDBERG!!! Another big grab I have gotten, just got out of his no compete clause just days ago. Ladies and gentlemen.. I have also signed BROCK LESNAR! Now here is the rest of the WCWE roster.​

All are in no order

Eric Bischoff

Tony Schivane (sp?)
Scott Hudson
Pamela Paulshock- Interviewer
Sharmelle Sullivan- Interviewer

Main Event
Brock Lesnar
Scott Steiner
Ken Shamrock
Hulk Hogan- Injured

Mid Carders/Jobbers
Nathan Jones
Dlo Brown
Sean O'Haire
Johnny Stamboli
Chuck Palumbo
Train (A-Train)
Billy Gunn
Rodney Mack
Ron Simmons
Ahmed Johnson
Chris Kanyon
Justin Credible
Mike Awesome
Perry Saturn
The Cat
Big Vito
Buff Bagwell
Sean Stasiak
Bryan Adams
Bryan Clark

Jerry Lynn
Jamie Noble
Ultimo Dragon
Evan Kargious
Juvi Guerrera
The Artist
Mike Sanders

Tag Teams
O'Haire and Palumbo
Mike Awesome and Test
Rikishi and Jamal

Divas (Inactive, No Womens Division)
Sable- Managing noone at moment
Nidia- Managing Jamie Noble
Terri- Managing Sean Stasiak

Eric Bischoff- Thank you, and do not forget to tune into WCWE Nitro!!

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The show starts out with no intro, no pyro, just Eric Bischoff standing in the middle of the ring.

Eric Bischoff- Ladies and gentlemen.. welcome to the first ever WCWE Nitro!! All the titles will be on the line tonight, except for the World Heavyweight Championship, which I will announce the plans for in a few moments. But first Im going to give you what you wanted. Im going to give you all what you came to see. Everyone wants to know who Eric Bischoff's secret signing is. Well the wait is over!! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you.. none other than... THE ROCK!

The crowd goes insane as a whisper is heard saying, "..Is Cookin.." then The Rock's music hit as the crowd is going nuts. After a few moments, The Rock steps out on stage and the fans get even crazier. Eric Bischoff laughs and claps in the ring as The Rock proceeds to the ring. He climbs in and jumps up on a turnbuckle and raises his hand. He jumps down and Eric hands him a mic before moving his arms up and down as if to bow. The Rock grabs the mic and soaks in the cheers before finally speaking.

The Rock- Finally.. THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO HOTLANTA BABY!! And Finally The Rock has COME BACK TO WRESTLING!! First off Eric Bischoff, The Rock has a request. Do you know what it is? Its simply for you to stop acting like a complete jackass! Now lets get down to business. You see it was just weeks ago that The Rock was trying to reach an agreement with the WWE on a new contract. But Vince Mcmahon decided that since Stone Cold Steve Austin and him were on good terms once again.. he didnt need The Rock to make special appearences here and there. Vince Mcmahon said he didnt neeeed The Rock. Vince Mcmahon said the WWE didnt neeed The Rock. Vince Mcmahon said the People...didnt neeed The Rock! Well Vince let me tell you something.. The Rock just signed a contract for three years with the WCWE! And the contract was not for special appearences.. NO! NO! Thats right Vince.. The Rock is back full time baby! One more thing Vince.. as far as The Rock is concerned, you can go directly to hell! And you can take the WWE with ya! IF YA SMELLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK...IS COOKIN'!

The Rock then drops the mic, taunts on the turnbuckle one more time, before exiting the ring and heading to the back to a big pop. Eric then picks up the mic.

Eric Bischoff- Well now that, that is out of the way. Lets..truly get down to business. Starting with the cruiserweight championship. The title will be on the line tonight, in a gauntlet match! Two men enter the ring, one gets pinned, he leaves and then another man enters and it goes on till there is one man left standing! The Tag team titles will be on the line when Kronic will face Rikishi and Jamal, O'Haire and Palumbo, and Test and Mike Awesome in a 4 team elimination match! The TV title will be on the line when it will be Rodney Mack vs Dlo Brown vs Chris Kanyon in a triple threat elimination match! And the United States championship will be on the line in a 6 man elimination match when it will be Nathan Jones vs Saturn vs Justin Credible vs Ron Simmons vs Billy Gunn vs Ahmed Johnson! Now onto the World title. You see I have 6 men, that all deserve the title. 6 Men that all deserve the right to be the first ever WCWE World Champ. So at the first WCWE PPV entitled Uncensored. But you see this match deserves a special stipulation. and you know when I was in WWE.. I invented a special type of match. Now the WWE has rights to it.. but I am the one who invented it. So that means I can use it if I choose to do so. Now first lets announce the participants. It will be Ken Shamrock vs Scott Steiner vs Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Sting vs ...The Rock! And incase you havent guessed.. it will be in the ELIMINATION CHAMBER!! Now.. for the main event tonight.. its going to be a little 6 man tag team matchup! Its going to be Ken Shamrock, Scott Steiner, and Brock Lesnar taking on Sting, Goldberg, and The Rock! Thank you very much!!

Commercial Break

Tony Schiavone- Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and I cannot believe my eyes. I am in shock. The Rock has signed a contract.. All the titles will be on the line tonight except the world title which will be decided in an Elimination Chamber at Uncensored.. and tonight the 6 men that will compete in a 6 Man Tag match!​

Scott Hudson- Well, if those announcements have any indication for tonight, then it will be one hell of a night! I mean we didnt even get to our intro tonight! And what a main event tonight.. Shamrock/Steiner/Lesnar vs Sting/Goldberg/The Rock! That is huge! And those six men will compete in an Elimination Chamber at Uncensored?! Wow!​

Tony Schiavone- Well.. just huge news all around, and we are starting out with the tag team titles on the line!​

Scott Hudson- And the teams are already in the ring!!​

Test/Awesome vs Kronic vs Rikishi/Jamal vs O'Haire/Palumbo- Tag Team Championsip

Finish- Great tag match with the teams all going at it with a purpose to be tag team champs. Test and Mike Awesome were eliminated by Kronic, and O'Haire and Palumbo were eliminated by Rikishi and Jamal. Kronic double clothesline Rikishi out of the ring and then double chokeslam Jamal for the win!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions- Kronic!

Tony Schiavone- Wow what a match and what a deserving tag team. Kronic dominated here tonight.​

Scott Hudson- Yeah, it sure doesnt seem like they have lost any chemistry as a tag team!​

We go backstage as a White Hummer pulls up in the parking lot. The door opens and GOLDBERG steps out to a huge pop. He walks inside the arena and is approached by Pamela Paulshock.

Pamela Paulshock- Goldberg! Goldberg! What are your thoughts on the huge announcement made by Eric Bischoff?​

Goldberg- What announcement? Does it have to do with the World Title?​

Pamela Paulshock- Yeah, actually it did.. at Uncensored it will be on the line in Elimination Chamber match. That will feature you, Scott Steiner, Ken Shamrock, Sting, Brock Lesnar, and The Rock!​

Goldberg- The Rock huh? The Rock is in the WCWE.. I actually need to talk to The Rock..​

Pamela Paulshock- And Goldberg.. tonight you will team up with The Rock and Sting to take on Brock Lesnar, Ken Shamrock, and Scott Steiner!​

Goldberg laughs and nods his head before walking off. We then go to Eric Bischoff's office where he is putting up pictures of himself when Ken Shamrock bursts in.

Ken Shamrock- Me, Lesnar and Steiner? ME, LESNAR, AND STEINER?? What the hell are you thinking? I hate those guys!​

Eric Bischoff- Calm down Kenny. Just calm down! Everything is under control Ok? Listen.. there are 4 faces and 2 heels in this match Ok? Someone had to be on there side. And since you never seem to choose sides.. I picked you.​

Ken Shamrock- If.. either one of them.. try and screw me.. I will SNAP THEIR ANKLE!!​

Shamrock then leaves and Eric looks on a little scared.

Tony Schiavone- Well Ken Shamrock is sure intimidating..​

Scott Hudson- Hes in the best shape of his life! He may be ready to be World Champ!​
Commercial Break

Tony Schiavone- Welcome back to WCWE Nitro ladies and gentlemen.. and right now, Sharmelle Sullivan is standing by with D'Lo Brown!​

Sharmelle Sullivan- Yes I am, and D'lo, your match for the TV title is up next. But I understand this is more then about titles for you?​

Dlo Brown- You damn right girl! You see one of my oponents in this match.. is a man named.. Rodney Mack. You see back when I was in the WWE.. a man named Rodney Mack.. got me fired from my job! You see it was Rodney's fault that I no longer work for the WWE. You took my job Rodney! But then.. just a couple of months later.. he last his job to. What goes around and comes around my friend. And tonight.. Im going to take you down! And as for Kanyon.. pfft.. Kanyon just sucks!​

D'lo smirks as the crowd cheers and he then walks off. "Who's Betta" hits and Kanyon makes his way to the ring to some heat. He rolls in the ring and taunts as "Back The Mack" hits and Rodney Mack walks to the ring to some more heat. " Real Deal" hits and D'lo comes out shaking his head and taunting to a big pop. He rolls in and Kanyon and Mack exchange a look and go for the attac to D'lo.

D'Lo Brown vs Rodney Mack vs Kanyon- TV Championship

The Finish- Match has featured Mack and Kanyon double teaming Brown the whole match. Mack then turns on Kanyon and nails a thunderous spinebuster and eliminates him. D' Lo and Mack go back and forth ending with D'lo hitting a Sky High, followed by the Low Down.

Winner and NEW TV Champion- D'Lo Brown

Scott Hudson- Wow! What a match! It looks like D'lo may have got his revenge!​

Tony Schiavone- And he won some gold in the process! What a win for D'lo Brown! Wait a minute..​

Scott Hudson- Whats this?​

As D'lo celebrates Mack clotheslines him from behind. He puts the boots to him and waits for him to get up. When he does, Mack nails him in the face with the title! Mack celebrates with the title to major heat!

Commercial Break

Tony Schiavone- Well welcome back ladies and gentlemen, if you missed it, D'lo Brown just won the Television Championship.. and then was assaulted by Rodney Mack.​

Scott Hudson- Well Im sure Rodney Mack will get his, and I think its safe to say that this fued is far from over.​

We go backstage in a lockerroom where none other than Ahmed Johnson is lifting weights.

Ahmed Johnson- Im in the best shape of my life.. Im ready.. that Intercontinental Championship is mine! That United States Championship is MINE. Ahmed Johnson is back!​

We then switch over to Pamela Paulshock who is standing with Nathan Jones.

Pamela Paulshock- Nathan.. tonight you will take on 5 other men for the United States Championship.. how do you feel?​

Nathan Jones/Austrailian Accent/- Well I feel great. You know when I was in the WWE.. I was just a green rookie. But I have improved my wrestling skills.. and its time for me to show it. Its time for me to take over the WCWE.. and I will be damned..​

Test and Mike Awesome then walk up, looking pissed and tired from their match.

Test- Pamela.. why dont you forget about this "mate" and interview some real men!​

Mike Awesome- Yeah who cares about this nobody? I mean hes Austrailian!​

Nathan Jones- What do you want her to interview you about? Huh? About how you both got your asses kicked out there tonight?​

Test and Awesome then get angry, but just walk off. Nathan Jones looks on, shaking his head.

Tony Schiavone- Wow.. this United States Championship match is going to be awesome!​

Scott Hudson- Thats a good point Tony. 6 of the best superstars in the WCWE!​

"JustInCredible" hits as Justin Credible walks to the ring to some heat. He gets in and taunts as "AssMan" hits and Mr. Ass Billy Gunn sprints to the ring to a nice pop. "Rings Of Saturn" hits and Perry Saturn walks to the ring to another nice pop. "Ron Simmons" hits and the former WCW Champ makes his way to the ring to a big pop. "Ahmed Johnson" hits and Ahmed sprints to the ring to another nice pop. "G'Day" hits as Nathan Jones walks tot he ring to another good pop.

Justin Credible vs Billy Gunn vs Saturn vs Ron Simmons vs Ahmed Johnson vs Nathan Jones- US Championship

The Finish- Great match that saw Saturn Eliminating Justin Credible/ Credible then distracted Saturn, allowing Billy Gunn to pin him. Jones then pins Gunn with a chokeslam. Mike Awesome and Test then come to the ring and double team Jones as Ahmed and Simmons go at it. Johnson the picks up the fallen Jones and hits the Pearl River Slam and pins him. Simmons and Johnson go out it for a few moments before Simmons pins him with the Dominator.

Winner and NEW United States Champion- Ron Simmons

Scott Hudson- What a great match! Ron Simmons is the first ever WCWE United States Champion! What a win!​

Tony Schiavone- That it is! Ron Simmons proved that he still has some left!​

We then go backstage where The Rock is chatting with Sting. Bill Goldberg then walks in. The Rock jumps to his feet and the two go face to face.

Goldberg- Look, Rock. I know we have had our differences in the past. But tonight.. the three of us need to work together.​

The Rock- Differences? Differences as in you spearing me straight to hell? Goldberg.. we dont see eye to eye.. and I doubt we ever will.. but tonight, The Rock is walking out of here with a win. So if that means the three of us working as a unit.. then count The Rock in.​

Sting- Tonight we have to work together. This is our night tonight. We dont need to worry about the Elimination Chamber.. just worry about tonight.​

Goldberg- Thats all good.. but Im on a mission tonight. And whoever gets in my way is going down! Whether it be Lesnar, Steiner, Shamrock, or you two!​

Goldberg then walks out of the lockerroom as Sting and The Rock look on.

Commercial Break

We return as Goldberg is out cold, bleeding and battered in the hallway. The camera shows two feet and the camera moves upward to reveal.. BROCK LESNAR standing above Goldberg with a chair in hand, laughing.

Brock Lesnar- Life's a bitch!​

Lesnar laughs and throws down the chair before walking off.

Tony Schiavone- What in the hell? Brock Lesnar just attacked Bill Goldberg! Brock Lesnar.. just attacked Bill Goldberg!!​

Scott Hudson- That is sure what it looks like! Dont forget these two's history. It was Bill Goldberg that beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX.​

Tony Schiavone- Well it sure does not look like Brock Lesnar has forgotten.​

Scott Hudson- No it doesnt.. and ladies and gentlemen, up next is the cruiserweight championship gauntlet.​

Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet

Participants- Jamie Noble, Mike Sanders, Juvi Guerrera, The Artist, Ultimo, Evan Karigias, Spanky, Syxx-Pac, Low-Ki, Jerry Lynn.

The Finish- Jamie Noble eliminates Sanders, then is eliminated by Juvi. Juvi eliminates The Artist and then is eliminated by Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo the pins Evan Karigias and then is eliminated by Spanky. Syxx-Pac eliminates Spanky. Low-Ki eliminates Syxx-Pac and Syxx-Pac then distracts Low-ki and he gets pinned by Jerry Lynn.

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion- Jerry Lynn

Commercial Break

We return as Eric Bischoff is in his office when Low-Ki bursts in.

Low-Ki- I.. want.. Syxx-Pac.. next week!!​

Eric Bischoff- You know what Low-Ki? You want Syxx-Pac next week.. well you are going to get him.​

Low-Ki- Syxx-Pac is going to get his.. next week!!​

Eric Bischoff- Thats what I like to here Low-Ki.. Passion from my superstars. And you know what? Your match with Syxx-Pac next week, will be for the number one contendership for the cruiserweight title at Uncensored.​

Low-Ki smirks and nods his head and walks out. We then head back to the ring for the main event. "Worlds Most Dangerous Man" hits and Ken Shamrock walks to the ring to a huge pop, despite having to be on the heel's team. He taunts on the turnbuckle as "Sirens" hits and Scott Steiner walks to the ring with major heat. He gets in the ring and he and Shamrock go face to face,nose to nose, and begin talking trash, despite being on the same team. "Here Comes the Pain" hits and Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring to MAJOR HEAT. He gets in the ring and seperates Steiner and Shamrock but Shamrock then pushes Lesnar. The two get face to face when th elights go out and "Seek and Destroy" hits and Sting comes to the ring to a HUGE POP. Sting stands in fron of the ring and "Goldberg" hits.. but there is no sign of Da Man'. His music rehits but still no Goldberg. "Is Cookin" then hits and The Rock comes down the ramp to an ENOURMOUS POP. The Rock stands at the bottom of the ramp with Sting and they look at each other before rolling in the ring as the match starts.

Six Man Tag- The Rock, Sting, Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar, Ken Shamrock, Scott Steiner

Recap/Finish- The teams go back and forth and after several minutes "Goldberg" rehits and Goldberg then runs to the ring in street clothes, bandaged up. Brock Lesnar looks on in horror as Goldberg jumps in the ring. The two then begin to brawl and take it up the ramp.The two then battle on the top of the ramp. They fight near the edge of the ramp. GOLDBERG THEN SPEARS LESNAR OFF THE RAMP!!! The crowd chant Holy Shit! as both men layout cold, with neither moving. Inside the ring Steiner and Shamrock then get into it again. Shamrock then belly-to-bellys Steiner and LEAVES THE RING looking pissed. Its now Steiner against The Rock and Sting!! After a few moments, Sting hits the Scorpian Deathdrop to Steiner, followed by The People's Elbow and the pin!

Winners- The Rock, Sting, and Goldberg

Steiner rolls out of the ring as Sting and The Rock celebrate in the ring as the crowd goes crazy. The Rock then extends his his hand to Sting and Sting looks at it and Shakes it!! Sting goes to let go but The Rock doesnt let go and suddenly, his smile turns into a pissed off look.. and he pulls Sting into a ROCK BOTTOM!!!!!!! The Rock looks down at Sting as the crowd boo. The Rock then looks up at the crowd and flips them off as the show comes to a fade!!!
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