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WCWE- World Championship Wrestling Entertainment [Doing this along with CWF]

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//First Off.. CWF IS NOT CANCELLED. I REPEAT... CWF IS NOT CANCELLED. CWF comes first, just doing this as a second project, but my first priority is CWF.//

On an episode of WWE Raw, at the beginning of the show, Vince Mcmahon walks out to the ring. He grabs a mic and does not look all that happy.

Vince Mcmahon- Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention. I have some big news. A few weeks ago, I was approached by Eric Bischoff. He told me he had interest in becoming an owner of a wrestling company. Eric Bischoff has always been a great leader. Now despite what many of you may think, I was rather pleased. You see, WWE ratings were much higher back in the days of the ratings war with WCW. So I encouraged Eric Bischof to do what he wanted as of now, Eric Bischoff is no longer under contract witht the WWE and has a new creation called the WCWE. I wish him the best of luck and dont anyone worry, he has not taken anybody that has a contract with the WWE. However there is a rather large and talented free agent pool, so I am sure there will be nice competition. You can check out WCWE Nitro, Monday nights at 8 PM Eastern, 1 hour before Raw starts. As for the General Manager of Raw position, that will be taken care of next week. Thank you and goodnight.

// Ok, this has nothing to do with Raw, just thought I would use this as a preview for my new BTB Project WCWE Nitro. A combination of the names WCW and WWE. It is owned and ran by Eric Bischoff. It is composed of non WWE wrestlers and has only one TNA wrestler. Roster will be posted with the first show as it is mostly of surprise. Should be interesting and any comments, tips, thoughts, would be appreciated.//