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(Ok I thought I would try this)

March 30-few days after WrestleMania

Vince McMahon is on the phone with Eric Bischoff

McMahon-Are you sure we can trust him?

Bischoff-Yes,now I know you had some trouble with him in the past but Ted Turner is a changed man...

McMahon-Well I hope so,goodbye Eric.

Bischoff-Goodbye Mr.McMahon.

McMahon and Bischoff hang up...but what McMahon dosen't know is Bischoff is not alone...

Bischoff-Mr.Turner...he bought it...after he signs the contract WCW is reborn!

April 5-First RAW of April

No Chance plays and Vince McMahon walks out to the ring,a table is set up and Vince has a smile on his face.

McMahon-Ladies and Gentlemen,I have made some very wise choices in my life but this one of the best I've ever made...ladies and gentlemen...my NEW partner...Ted Turner!!!

Ted Turner walks out and down to the ring,him and McMahon have a seat and McMahon then signs the contract...

McMahon-There you have it,Ladies and Gentlemen...

McMahon gets cut off when Eric Bischoff's music plays,Bischoff walks out with a mic...

Bischoff-Now Mr.McMahon,you said you've made some wise choices and well...you did...because by signing that contract you gave Ted Turner back full control of WCW!

McMahon is shocked and speachless

Bischoff-Don't Worry,you still have WWE,but we have WCW and all the former superstars,so Vince...see you next monday,when Nitro will debut!

Bischoff's music plays as he and Ted Turner walk away laughing and the WWE symbol fades out and the screen goes to black.

April 12-Nitro is back!

The Camera fades into a WCW symbol overlaping the WWE symbol and the first Nitro starts.

The show starts with Eric Bischoff in the ring with a huge smile on his face,he looks around at the packed crowd as WCW chants start up

Bischoff-Welcome to WCW Nitro!!![/I]

Bischoff-Now this is our first show,so I though we would go over some of the superstars we have...

Booker T
Rey Mysterio
Scott Stiner
Ric Flair
Big Show...

Bischoff-Who by the way will now be "The Giant"

Bischoff-We also have Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keblier back!

Bischoff-Through out the night,you will see who all we have,we even have got some of WWE's best talnet to defect and come over to WCW!

Bischoff-So,enjoy the show and the first match by the way will be Rey Mystiero and Billy Kidman for the cursierweight title!

Nitro goes to commerical

Rey Mystiero VS Billy Kidman-Curiserweight Title

"619" hits and Rey Mystiero comes out to a huge pop by the crowd,he sprints down the asile taunting and slaping fans hands,he then gets in the ring and taunts on the top rope.Rey Mysterio waits for Kidman to come out but while he's waiting Kidman comes out of nowhere and hits a springboard dropkick on Rey,Kidman then starts punching on Rey's head.Rey then reverses it and has Kidman in a chokehold,Kidman slides out of it and runs against the ropes and dropkicks Rey in the head.Kidman picks up Rey and goes for a swinging DDT and hits it.Kidman then goes to the top rope,Rey gets up and Kidman goes for the dropkick,Rey moves and Kidman gets planted onto the mat.Rey then gets on the apron and when Kidman gets up,he hits the springbord on him,the ref counts but Kidman kicks out on two.Kidman gets up and him and Rey lock up,Kidman over powers Rey and gets him in a headlock,but Rey throws Kidman into the ropes,Kidman runs back and Rey jumps over him,Kidman comes back and Rey hits a droptoe hold,Kidman goes flying and his caught in the ropes,Rey calls for it...6...1...9!!! Rey hits it and goes for the West Coast Pop,all of a sudden out of nowhere Raven comes and and hits the Raven Effect while Rey is on the ropes,Raven then gets out of the ring as Kidman goes up top and hits the Shooting Star Press and gets the three count....


Kidman gets his belt as he and Raven head off toward the back,the cameras then cut backstage where we see "Mean" Gene standing by with Goldberg

Gene-Goldberg,tonight on the first Nitro,you will fight against a Myestery Opponet for the World Title,and well any thoughts on who it might be?

Goldberg-Well Gene,I know Eric Bischoff and well I have no idea who that stupid bastard might pick but all I know is...

Just then we here a smack and we see that Goldberg has been hit with a chair,just then Chris Jericho walks on screen...

Y2J-Hey,Goldberg,if you think I'm your opponet,your wrong,I just never forget!

The Camera fades into Goldberg laying on the ground and Nitro goes to a commerical

The Camera fades into Bischoff sitting at his desk

Bischoff-Ladies and Gentlemen,I'm here to tell you all the next match on my list tonight and that match is...Rhyno VS RVD in a anything goes match for the Hardcore title...RVD have fun with this one...

"One of a Kind" hits and RVD comes out to a huge reaction to the crowd,he walks down the asile and does his R..V..D taunt,he rolls in the ring and taunts again."Man Beast" plays and Rhyno comes out to a mixed reaction,he walks towards to ring hitting himself in the head and getting pumped up.He gets in the ring and the bell rings.The two face off and circle around the ring,RVD and Rhyno lock up,RVD gets control when he hit Rhyno with a step over wheelkick.RVD bounces off the ropes and kicks Rhyno in the kneecap and knocks him down again,RVD goes outside and grabs a chair,Rhyno gets up and RVD throws the chair at Rhyno,Rhyno cathes it and RVD hits the vandamaniotor.RVD then runs and hits the rolling thunder.RVD goes to the top rope and calls for the 5 Star Frog Splash,he goes for it but Rhyno moves.Rhyno then goes outside and gets a table,he slides it in the ring and sets it up in the corner,Rhyno starts wearing RVD down and props him up on the table,Rhyno goes for the Gore but RVD moves and Rhyno goes through the table.Rhyno gets up but gets kicked in the face by RVD.Rhyno slides out of the ring to catch a breath but RVD runs off the ropes and flys over and hits Rhyno,they both are layed out on the floor.Rhyno staggers to his feet and starts walking up the asile,RVD then follows and slams his head into a gaurd rail,RVD then grabs Rhyno and throws him into a bunch of boxes.They are now up by the stage,Rhyno then closelines RVD and runs backstage and hides from RVD.RVD then heads backstage looking for Rhyno,RVD is searching and out of nowhere Rhyno comes out and smacks him with a chair.Rhyno then beats down RVD with the chair,Rhyno picks up RVD and puts him in a shoping cart,Rhyno then pushes RVD and runs him into a wall.Rhyno then signals for the Gore,RVD gets up and Rhyno runs to connect with the Gore,RVD moves out of the way and Rhyno smacks right into the wall.RVD walks off camera and comes back with a huge ladder,RVD climbs up the ladder and taunts for the Frog Splash...but the ladder then tips over and RVD goes crashing and smacks onto the hard cement floor,Rhyno crawls over and covers RVD...1..2..3!!!



Nitro comes back on with Bischoff in the ring

Bischoff-This next match is the main event...now I know it was a three match night,but just wait untill Thunder,on that Show we will have the New World Heavyweight Champion,who we will find out who that is soon...so...Ladies and Gentlemen...Goldberg!

"Goldberg March" plays and his pyro sparks go off and Goldberg comes out and stands in the flames,Goldberg starts taunting and walks down to the ring,he gets in the ring and stares at Bischoff...

Bischoff-Whoa! Goldberg,watch it,I gave you this match,Now...his opponet...WCW's Newest Wrestler...who we stole from WWE...THE NEXT BIG THING...BROCK LESNAR!!!!

"Next Big Thing" plays and Brock Lesnar walks out doing his jumping taunt,he walks down the ramp and then when gets to the ring he taunts again and jumps on the apron as huge pyro goes off...Lesnar gets in the ring and stands by Bischoff

Bischoff-Oh yeah,there will be a special guest referee...come on out!!!

A count down begins to go off...5...4...3...2...1....then "Break the Walls down" plays and standing in the entrace taunting in a ref shirt is....Chris Jericho!

Jericho gets to the ring and the bell goes off.Brock and Goldberg square off,the lock up and Goldberg gives a huge scoop slam on Brock.Goldberg starts taunting and when he turns around gets a huge closeline by Brock.Brock then lifts Goldberg like he's nothing and just throws Goldberg on his head.Brock then starts kicking Goldberg's head down into the mat.Brock then lifts Goldberg and throws him into the corner,Brock backs up and rams his knee into Goldberg's stomach,Brock goes to do it again but Goldberg grabs Brock's leg and throws him down,Goldberg then goes to kick Brock but Jericho stops him,Jericho yells something at Goldberg,Goldberg then jumps at Jericho and Jericho runs and slides out of the ring,Goldberg lifts Brock but Brock starts punching Goldberg in the gut,Brock then lifts Goldberg up to F5 him but Goldberg grabs the top rope and slides off Brock's back,and hits a back belly suplex on Brock.Goldberg then sets up Brock for the spear,Goldberg then takes off running toward Brock,Goldberg then gets smacked in the head with a chair by Jericho,Jericho then puts Goldberg in the Walls of Jericho.Jericho then lets go as Brock comes over and goes for a F5,just then Booker T runs out with a chair and smacks Jericho and Brock with it.Booker T picks up Jericho and hits the Sciorrs Kick on Jericho,while Goldberg gives Brock a huge Jackhammer,Booker T then does the Spinn-a-roonie and Goldberg does his "cut throt" taunt...as they are taunting Eric Bischoff comes out with a mic.

Bischoff-So,you two are a little team huh? Well,then on Thunder next week,it will be you two teaming up to those two!!

Bischoff-Wait a minuet,you think your fighting Brock and Jericho? No,your fight the team behind you...THE OUTSIDERS!

Just then Kevin Nash and Scott Hall attack Book and Goldberg,Nash then hits a Jacknive on Goldberg and Hall hits a Outsider's Edge on Booker.Nash and Hall then taunt and the cameras fade to a WCW symbol.

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Nice, but you had too many people coming back in one night. I'd say 8/10: good start.

Can I help write some of the stuff?

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If you want to yeah,then we'll go over it so...yeah just send me a private pm and we'll work it out

April 6-Eric Bischoff holds a Press Confrence

Bischoff-Ladies and Gentlemen,last night WCW Monday Night Nitro,beat WWE's Monday Night RAW in the ratings...

Bischoff-I am also here to say that on April 8,Thunder will debut.

Bischoff-The Matches will be...
RVD VS Mystery Oppoent (who tipped the ladder on RVD)
Rhyno VS Raven-for the Hardcore Title
Two Teams (who I will sign soon) for the World Tag Titles
Four Mystery Guys in a Battle Royal for the TV Championship
Goldberg and Booker T VS The Outsiders

Plus a interview with the World Champion....

Bischoff-The Champion is a man who deserves it..he breaths the title,he wants that title and that man is......CHRIS JERICHO!!!

Jericho enters the room,with the WCW World Title while a whole bunch of flash bulbs go out from the media,Jericho steps up to the microphone.

Jericho-Welcome to WCW is JERICHO!!!!

Jericho-As the WCW World Champion,I promise to rule the WCW,in the ring and in the locker room,and I will be the one to crush WWE!!!

The Media then takes pictures of Jericho and Bischoff,the Press Confernce is seen on CNN and is in the New York Times and known all over the world

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April 8-The First Thunder

Show opens with Chris Jericho in the ring with Mean Gene,Jericho is holding the belt,and Gene starts the interview...

Gene-Well,the NEW WCW World Champion,Chris Jericho!

Crowd boos,but Jericho taunts anyway

Gene-Chris,I know you must love being champ and all but...

Jericho interups

Jericho-Shut up Gene,I am the King of Bling Bling,and as World Champion I will be unstopable!!!

Jericho-There is not one person in the back who can defeat me for the title...

Just then Eric Bischoff's music plays,Bischoff walks out and stands on the stage with a mic.

Bischoff-You know Chris,your right,not one person can defeat you so,I will give you the night off...

Just then Chris Beniot's music plays and Beniot walks out,He walks down to the ring and steps in and grabs a mic

Jericho-Well if it isn't Mr.Roboto,Chris Benoyt...

Beniot-Cut the talk Jericho,I don't want your title,I want you!

Bischoff interups

Bischoff-Hey,Beniot,wait a minute,I got a wonderful idea,tonight before the main event,you find a team and Jericho will find a team and we will have a Eight man Tag Team match!

Bischoff's music plays and Beniot and Jericho stare each other down as Nitro goes to commerical

Nitro comes back on with "One of a Kind" playing and RVD standing in the ring waiting for his oppoent.Just then Tommy Dreamer comes out of the crowd and smacks RVD with a kendo stick.The bell then rings and the match starts.Dreamer starts out with a camel clutch,Dreamer gets off of RVD and starts punching him in the head.Dreamer picks up RVD and hits a huge DDT on RVD.Dream then goes for a leg lock of some type but RVD reveses it into a cradle..1..2..Dreamer kicks out.As Dreamer is getting up RVD bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Dreamer in his head.RVD then starts stomping on Dreamer,Dreamer grabs RVD's leg and pushes him foward,Dreamer then gets RVD in a headlock but turns it into a sleeper hold.Dreamer lets go and goes outside for a chair,Dreamer comes in and goes to smack RVD with it but RVD hits a vandamanatior.RVD then drags Dreamer to the middle of the ring,RVD climbs the turnbuckle and calls for the Frog Splash,RVD goes for it,but Dreamer moves!!! Dream covers Van Dam...1...2...NO! RVD kicks out,Dreamer then goes and gets his kendo stick,Dreamer comes in and goes to hit RVD but RVD trips Dreamer and bounces off the ropes and hits the rolling thunder,RVD then jumps on the top rope and hits the Frog Splash..1..2..3!!!

YOUR WINNER...R...V...D!!!!!

The camera cuts backstage and we see Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay standing by backstage...

Scotty-Yo,tonight Grandmaster,we get a shot for the WCW Tag Team titles...

Grandmaster-Yeah G,good thing we signed,but who are our opponets?

Scotty-I don't know man,but I'm sure we'll beat em' lets go man,the match is next.

Scotty and Grandmaster walk out and Nitro goes to commerical

Nitro comes back on and "Too Cool" plays and out come Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty,they walk down the alise dancing and "acting" cool.They get in the ring and taunt on the turnbuckle.They stand in the ring and await their oppoents.All of a sudden when hear a familar tune play and then we hear a voice say..."OH YOU DIDN'T YOU? YOUR ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODY!!!" The New Age Outlaws then walk out to a huge pop.Road Dogg and Billy Gunn walk down the alise,Road Dogg then starts shouting stuff out,they get in the ring and Road Dogg starts things off with Scotty,the bell then rings.Dogg and Scotty lock up,Dogg takes things over and hits Scotty with a scoop slam.Dogg gets on the ground and gets him in a headlock.Dogg gets up and stomps on Scotty,Dogg walks over and tags Gunn,Dogg and Gunn hit a double suplex and Dogg gets out and Gunn takes over.Gunn picks up Scotty and hits a brainbuster on him.Scotty some how gets a DDT on Gunn and makes his way over a tags Sexay.Sexay gets in and closelines Gunn,Dogg runs in but gets closelined but Sexay,Gunn gets up and runs over to Sexay only to be scoop slamed.While Sexay is busy with Gunn,Dogg runs over at attacks Sexay.Dogg then does a jab...once...twice...three times...he then shakes a bit and gives one big huge jab to Sexay.Sexay is out,but Scotty comes in and give Dogg a big facecrusher,Dogg then flips over and Scotty calls for it...W...O...R...M,Scotty does the Worm and hits it,Scotty then gets up from hitting it,only to be hit with the fame-ass-er,Sexay comes out of nowhere and smacks Gunn from behind,Sexay then works on Gunn for a bit,Dogg comes back in and gives Sexay a pumphandle slam.Gunn crawls over and covers Sexay..1..2..Sexay kicks out! Scotty comes over and attacks Gunn but Dogg throws Scotty out of the ring,Sexay then gets up but Gunn hits another fame-ass-er...Gunn covers Sexay..1..2..3!


The Cameras cut backstage to the Outsiders getting ready,we then cut to Jericho talking to Ric Flair...

Jericho-So,Flair will you and Orton help me out?

Flair-Yeah man,anything for you Chris,but we need one more person...wait I got it...I'll be back in a little bit.

Flair walks out of the room,and the Camera then cuts over to Beniot

Beniot-So well you all just forget about the past and team up with me tonight?

Beniot-Good,well our match will be up in a little while so,get ready.

The Camera cuts to the ring and "Man Beast" hits and Rhyno comes out with his Hardcore title,but one his way out Raven comes out of nowhere and smacks Rhyno with a tarsh can lid.Raven then pulls his cart-o-toys out of the back and takes out a stop sign.Raven smacks the sign on top of Rhyno and then hits the sign with a trash can lid.Raven picks up Rhyno only to be sidewalked slam right on the floor.Rhyno picks up Raven in throws him into the Nitro set,Rhyno and Raven fight their way backstage were Raven takes control.Raven slams Rhyno's head into the wall and then hits a huge gutwrench right on the floor.Rhyno then clears off a table full of stuff and props it up aginst the wall,Rhyno places Raven on the table and signals for the Gore,he runs and hits the Gore! Both men are laid on their backs.after a few seconds Rhyno gets up and trys to get away from Raven and heads outside.Raven finally makes it to his feet and goes outside looking for Rhyno,Raven searches everywhere,then a bunch of boxes and stuff fall on Raven,Rhyno then comes out of nowhere and goes for a pin..1..2..NO! RAVEN KICKS OUT! Rhyno then starts kicking away on Raven,Rhyno then slams Raven up against a truck and starts punching away,Raven pokes Rhyno in eyes and runs off,Rhyno follows Raven and heads up on top of a production truck.Raven and Rhyno start fighting on top of the truck,Raven closelines Rhyno and knocks him down,Raven picks up Rhyno and goes for a Raven Effect but Rhyno reverses and hits a Gore knocking both men off the truck.Rhyno then has enough power to lay across Raven and the ref counts...1..2..3!!


The Camera cuts back to Bischoff...

Bischoff-Ladies and gentlemen,next was supposed to be the four way match for the TV Title,but it will be down to two people....and they are...Batista and Spike Dudley...HA HA HA,good luck Spike!

We cut to the ring and Batista's music plays and he walks down the alise,Spike Dudley comes out and attacks Batista but has no effect,Batista throws Spike into the ring,and just starts man-handling Spike.He picks him up and just throws him across the ring,Batista then picks up Spike and gives him a huge powerbomb..1...2...3!!!


The camera cuts to Ric Flair smiling infront of Jericho...

Flair-I got him!

Jericho-You got who?

Flair wisphers someting into Jericho's ear

Jericho-YOU GOT HIM!

Flair-not another word,our match is next,lets go

Flair and Jericho go out and get everybody while Nitro goes to commerical

Nitro comes back on with Jericho,Flair,and Orton in the ring,Flair gets on the mic...

Flair-Ladies and Gentlemen,our foruth partner.........WOOOOOO! THE GIANT!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!

The Giant's music plays and out he comes,he walks down to the ring and gets in,he does his normal taunts.Flair,Giant,Orton,and Jericho await for Beniot and his partners...

Beniot's music plays and he walks out with a mic...

Beniot-You wanna know my partners....well...its not hard to figure out...THE RADICALZ ARE BACK!

Beniot's music continues to play and out walk Staurn,Dean Malenko,and Eddie Guerrero,The Radicalz hit the ring and attack Jericho's team,Jericho,Orton and Flair go over the top rope but they can't get the Giant over,all four of them try and finally get him over,but he lands on his feet.The Giant wipes his eyes in time to see Guerrero and Malenko fly over the rope and hit a cross body on the Giant,and The Giant falls to the ground along with Guerrero and Malenko.Jericho gets in the ring and him and Beniot lock-up,Beniot hits a belly-belly suplex.Benot then locks in the STF,Orton comes in to break up the hold but Saturn stops Orton with a running neckbreaker.Flair comes in and breaks the STF,Flair lifts Beniot and backs him into a corner,Flair does his Flair Chops about 5 times,before Guerrero comes in and hits a reverse DDT.The Ref finally takes control and gets everybody out,the two legal men are Malenko and Orton,Orton trys a suplex but Malenko is too quick and hits a DDT.Malenko gets up and locks on the Texas Cloverleaf,Orton makes it to the ropes,Malenko breaks the hold and tags in Saturn,Orton gets up and runs over and tags the Giant.The Giant gets in and stares down at Saturn,Saturn looks around and then tries some punches at the Giant,but it has no effect,Giant pushes down Saturn and starts laughing,while Giant is laughing Saturn attacks Giant and knocks him down! Saturn goes over and tags Beniot,Beniot comes in and delivers a huge germen suplex on The Giant! Beniot is all fired up and he runs over and attacks Orton,Flair and Jericho and knocks them off the apron,Beniot bounces off the ropes and hits the Giant in the kneecap,knocking the 7 foot monster down.Beniot tags in Guerrero,Guerrero gets in and starts kicking on the Giant,Giant gets over to his corner and tags in Jericho,Jericho comes running in but gets knocked down by Guerrero,Jericho gets up but gets knocked back down,Guerrero gets on the top rope and calls for the Frog Splash but Flair throws Guerrero off the top rope and Guerrero goes flying into the gaurd rail.Beniot,Malenko and Saturn get in the ring and Flair,Giant and Orton enter as well.All 3 men clash together,Giant and Saturn go over,as well as Beniot and Flair,Malenko and Orton start a brawl in the ring,Orton hits a DDT on Malenko,Orton waits for it and when Malenko gets up...RKO! Guerrero is back in and he knocks out Orton and he goes flying outside,Jericho gets up and low blows Guerrero behind the Ref's back,Jericho trys to lock in the walls but Guerrero gets out of it and hits his three suplxes,Giant gets back in the ring but Saturn some how gets him down and locks in the rings of Saturn,on the outside Beniot and Flair are beating the hell out of each other,on the inside Giant keeps tapping but he is not the legal man,Orton starts getting up and Guerrero knocks him back down,he also wears down Jericho,Guerrero goes to the top rope and calls for the frog splash...on the outside Beniot has the Cross Face locked in and Orton is being taken care of by Malenko,Giant has been passed out by the Rings of Saturn and Guerrero hits the Frog Splash and gets the 3 count!

The Camera cuts backstage and we see Booker T and Goldberg walking the halls,we also see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash walking backstage,Nitro cuts to a commerical

Nitro comes back on and Booker T is in the ring..."Goldberg March" plays and the sparks go off and out comes Goldberg,he does his normal taunts and walks to the ring where he does more.He gets in the ring and streches the rope as we hear the Outsiders theme blast through-out the arena.Out walk Nash and Hall doing their taunts and being booed by the fans.Hall and Nash step into the ring and do their taunts,Nash gets on the Apron along with Goldberg,Booker T and Hall start things out,the bell sounds.Scott Hall looks at Booker and laughs,Booker goes and faces Hall but Hall throws a tooth pick into Booker's eyes,Booker wipes his eyes while Hall hits an atomic drop on Booker.Hall gets Book into a headlock and starts yelling while it's applied.Booker build up and starts taking control.Booker starts throwing elbows into Hall's stomach,Book bounces off the ropes and knocks down Hall with a shoulder block,he goes over and elbows Nash,Nash trys to get in but the ref keeps him out,while he's busy Hall low blows Booker Goldberg then trys to get in but the Ref keeps Goldberg out and Nash comes in and him and Hall double team Book.Nash gets out quick and Hall takes over,Hall starts socking Book in the head,Hall then goes for a Outsiders Edge but Book reverses and makes a tag to Goldberg.Goldberg gets in a closelines Hall,Goldberg lifts Hall up over his head and throws him down,planting Hall on the mat.Goldberg stares over at Nash and taunts him,Goldberg goes back to Hall,Goldberg delivers a huge scoop slam,Goldberg calls for the Jackhammer,Nash gets in but Booker runs over and stops Nash,Booker sets him up and hits the Siccors Kick,Goldberg hits the Jackhammer and the ref counts 1..2..3!!!

Goldberg's music plays but Bischoff comes out with a mic...

Bischoff-Wait,hold it..hold it,no,that was not a win!

Bischoff-You Cheated,Booker T,you attacked Nash,you can't do that!

Bischoff-As of know,this match has restarted...oh yeah there is a new ref this time....ME!

Bischoff runs down to the ring,while this is happening Hall smacks Booker with a hard chair shot and Nash gives a huge Jacknive to Goldberg,Nash covers Goldberg and Bischoff counts 123!

Nash's music plays and Bischoff,Nash and Hall stand over Goldberg and Booker T as the camera fades to a WCW symbol.
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