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Ok, I was going to do TNA, but now TNA shows are popping up everywhere. I want to stay original so I am doing wCw. Expect a backstory and roster up later, and dont worry, Im not adding WWE guys that werent in WCW to my show. For example, you wont see Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker or anything in my show like that. Some people you will see is people that were in the WCW at the time of the Invasion like Booker T., Rey Mysterio.. people like that. I also wont take people from TNA that were in WCW except maybe a couple but no major stars (Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Kevin Nash). Dont worry I am going to stick with this one and like I said, backstory and full roster later along with the first show in about a week.

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lol BURN! lol dont worry man, Im a wCw mark, this will be around for awhile. Plus, basketball tournament is over next Saturday so expect me to go out it full heartidly.

Vince Mcmahon came out to the ring on a recent episode of WWE Raw to announce that the next week on Raw, a press conference would be held to showcase a major announcment. The questions were then answered the next week when the press conference was shown on Raw.

Vince Mcmahon- Ladies and gentlemen, I have held this press conference to hold a major announcment. You see, when the WWE bought wCw.. the ratings of WWE programing went down. Why? I think it is because there is just no competition for the WWE anymore. So I have decided to sell the rights to wCw. Now Now.. I think that this move will not just bring back more fans to the WWE, I think this will bring back more interest in professional wrestling, all together. Now I am sure that you all are wondering exactly what individual I have sold this company to. So ladies and gentlemen.. please put your hands together for.. HULK HOGAN!!

Hulk Hogan then walks out on the stage. He flexes his arms to some cheers and then walks to the podium.

Hulk Hogan- Thank you. Thank you. The wCw is back brother! You see in my opinion, wCw had the talent.. they just didnt have the mangement. Well kiss that problem goodbye brother! Now the wCw programing will be every Monday night at 8 PM Eastern, on Fox. Now be sure to tune in to wCw Monday Night Nitro.. when all the titles will be decided! And now.. onto the wCw roster.

wCw Main Event

Booker T.
Scott Steiner
Sid Viscious (Injured)
Lex Luger
Ron Killings

wCw Midcarders/ Cruiserweights

Sean O'Haire
The Cat
Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman
The Hurricane
Shannon Moore
Chavo Guerrero
Elix Skipper
Kid Romeo
Mark Jindrak
Johnny Stamboli
Jamie Noble
Juvi Guerrera
Ultimo Dragon
Rick Steiner
D'Lo Brown
Bryan Adams
Brian Clark
Buff Bagwell
Lance Storm

wCw Tag Teams

Totally Buff
Rey Mysterio and Kidman
Steiner Bros
Hurricane and Shannon Moore
Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo

wCw Women

Major Gunns

// Aight there it is. Only added one major guy and only 3 guys that werent in WCW and they are just midcarders/jobbers. Not to bad. Comments/ Feedback would be cool.//

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wCw is proud to announce the signings of former ECW World Champion, Mike Awesome. Also signed is Chris Kanyon. And lastly wCw has signed Chuck Palumbo. In other news, Konnan was backstage at a recent closed door wCw practice session. There is no news on whether there was talk of contract situations. Also released is the announcing team of Nitro.


Tony Schiavone
Stevie Ray


Pamela Paulshock
Sharmelle Sullivan

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WCW Breaking News

wCw has just signed the man with a thousand holds, Dean Malenko to a wrestling contract! Tune in to wCw Nitro to see the return of Dean Malenko.

The wCw is sad to report that Rick Steiner has been injured. In a closed door session, Rick Steiner was in a practice match and left with broken ribs. Rick Steiner is a tough guy so we dont expect him out long, but he will be out at least a month.

Ok I was just thinking.. would you guys rather see this roster.. or the sameEXACT roster of the wCw when ever WWE bought it? Please leave your comments.

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Hey efchin.. you're a dumb thread! *runs away crying*

I have decided to just go with the actual roster of wCw and the show takes place in 2001. On the last Nitro, Vince Mcmahon talked about how he owned wCw and that he was going to fire everyone. Eric Bischoff then showed up and announced that he had bought wCw right from under Mcmahon's nose. What is going to happen on this Nitro? What does Eric Bischoff have in store? Whats going to happen with the champions? What is the fate of wCw??

wCw Champions
Booker T. (World and U.S. Champ)
Rey Mysterio (1/2 of cruiserweight tag champs)
Kidman (1/2 of Cruiserweight Tag Champs)
Sean O' Haire (Tag Team Champion)
Chuck Palumbo (Tag Team Champion)
Shane Helms (Cruiserweight Champion)

wCw Roster
Alex Wright
Arn Anderson
Bam Bam Bigelow
Big Vito
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brian Adams
Brian Clark
Buff Bagwell
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Chris Kanyon
Chuck Palumbo
David Flair
Diamond Dallas Page
Dustin Rhodes
Disco Inferno
Elix Skipper
Eric Bischoff
Evan Karagias
Fit Finlay
Gene Okerlund
Hugh Morris
Jamie Knoble
Jeff Jarrett
Jim Duggan
Kaz Hayashi
Kevin Nash
Lance Storm
Lash LeRoux.
Major Gunns
Mark Jindrak
Mike Awesome
Mike Sanders
Norman Smiley
Rey Mysterio, Jr.
Rick Steiner
Ric Flair
Scott Steiner
Shane Douglas
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Shawn Stasiak
Shawn O'Haire
Sid Vicious
Stacie Kiebler
Stevie Ray
The Cat
The Total Package
The Wall

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Ok I think this is absolute shit, but it is just the first show, I know its kinda short, but I promise the weeks to come will be better. The first show is always tough. Ok enjoy and please post reviews.

"wCw Nitro" plays and clips of various wCw superstars are shown. The video ends and we are live on Atlanta, Georgia on TNT for Monday Night Nitro. We go straight to the ring where Eric Bischoff stands in the ring.

Eric Bischoff- Now.. did you really think that I would let Vince Mcmahon take over MY company? My creation? I dont think so! The wCw is still breathing damnit! But it is time for a new day in the wCw. Time for a new beginning. I will NOT let this company make the same mistake twice. I will NOT let this company fall! So first off.. Ric Flair has been relieved of his duties and is at his home in North Carolina. The Cat as the commisioner? Not anymore! I apologize Ernest Miller.. but there is one man in charge around here and damnit its ME! As for the Magificient 7.. they are no longer a faction because I SAY SO! Now as for the titles.. No I am not going to strip anyone of the titles.. but they will all be defended tonight! That means Booker T., you will have to pull double duty tonight. Also, the cruiserweight tag team champions will face the tag team champions in a unification match. Booker.. your United States Championship will be defended tonight in a triple threat match against Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett! And your Heavyweight Championship.. it will be Booker T. defending against.. STING! Im sorry Booker but if you want to be taken seriously as World Champ.. then you will have to prove to me that you are in fact, the man. The cruiserweight championship will also be on the line in a rematch from last week when Shane Helms defends against Chavo Guerrero! And I have a little special thing planned for tonight as well. I know I have announced some huge matches but they are not even the main event! You see earlier this week.. I made a call to certain superstars that were put out by the magnificient 7. I have made an invational to them for the main event tonight, when any that show up will go at it for the number one contendership for the world title. Thank you and goodnight!

Commercial Break

Tony Schiavone- Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.. and what announcements! What matches! What a night this is going to be! This is going to be one of the greatest nights in the history of Nitro! WCW is alive and kicking!

Scott Hudson- You can say that again Tony! Booker T. will defend both of his titles! Plus an open invational to anybody that Magnificient 7 put on the shelf.. that includes some of the top stars in wCw. Who will show up?

Tony Schiavone- That is a good question but lets take you to the ring for the United States Championship match!

"Cccchhhosen One" hits and Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring with guitar in hand to major heat. "Sirens" then hits and Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring with Midajah to even bigger heat. "Dont Hate The Playa' hate the game" hits and Booker T. makes his way to the ring to a HUGE pop. Booker has a title on each shoulder and rolls in the ring and is imediately attacked by Steiner and Jarrett.

Jeff Jarret vs Scott Steiner vs Booker T.- United States Championship

The Finish- Match full of a lot of double teaming by Jarrett and Steiner. Booker eventually gets the momentum and fights back. Jarrett then goes to nail Booker with a guitar, but Booker ducks and Jarrett nails Steiner. Booker then finishes off Jarrett with the Book End and retains the title.

Winner and STILL U.S. Champ- Booker T.

Booker celebrates in the ring as we go backstage in the Filthy Animals lockerroom.

Rey Mysterio- Yo, Kidman. Tonight we putting up our belts but O'Haire and Palumbo are too. And after tonight.. we will be the OFFICIAL tag team champions, baby.

Kidman- Oh yeah, tonight, we will show O'Haire and Palumbo who the real champions are!

Konnan- Yo. Yo. Thats what I like to hear. Tonight you two go out there and bring the gold to the Filthy Animals. Those two cranberries dont have nothin' on us!

The Filthy Animals laugh and celebrate as the screen switches to the hallway where Shane Douglas and Rick Steiner are brawling. The two go back and forth, punching each other and fight down the hallway. Finally security seperate the two as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

We return as Gene Okerland is standing by with.. STING!

'Mean' Gene- Sting, tonight you will face Booker T. one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship. We have recieved word that this match will have no interference and will be mano e' mano.

Sting- Well you know something Gene? I have been gone from the wCw for too long! And tonight all that prepartion, all that rehab will make amenses, because tonight I have a chance to become the wCw champion once again!

Suddenly, an exhausted Booker T. comes into view, and gets face to face with Sting.

Booker T.- Yo Sting. Let me tell you something. Now I respect the hell out of ya' and you are one of the best to ever have this world title around your waiste. And it is an honor to face you tonight. BUT! Tonight I am on a mission. I am out to prove that I am the BEST to ever have this title. So Sting.. DONT HATE THE PLAYA'... HATE THE GAME!!

Booker smirks and then puts out his hand. Sting looks down at it and then the two shake hands.

Tony Schiavone- Whoa, what a match that is going to be tonight. That is going to be huge! Sting vs Booker T.!

Scott Hudson- Well Booker has succesfully defended one title.. can he do it again later tonight? And if he can.. he is going to have someone gunning after his belt because we still have that number one contender's match.

Tony Schiavone- But up next, the tag title unification match!

"O'Haire and Palumbo" hits and the tag champs, Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo make their way to the ring to a mixed reaction. "Filthy Animals" hits and Rey Mysterio and Kidman make their way to the ring to a HUGE pop.

Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo vs Rey Mysterio and Kidman- Tag Title Unification

The Finish- Great back and forth match with neither team getting a big advantage. Finish saw Mysterio hit a bulldog on Palumbo, followed by a Shooting Star Press from Kidman.

Winners and Undisputed Tag Team Champs- Rey Mysterio and Kidman

Tony Schiavone- What a match! And what a win for the Filthy Animals!

Rey and Kidman celebrate when suddenly Lance Storm and Mike Awesome jump the two. Team Canada beat down on Rey and Kidman until Konnan runs to the ring and Storm and Awesome leave the ring.

Commercial Break

We return as Totally Buff are shown in their lockerroom in a conversation.

Lex Luger- I know, its absolutely bull crap! I mean, we arent even booked tonight!

Buff Bagwell- We are the two greatest wrestlers in this company!

Lex Luger- And you know what the worst part is? Sting gets a World Title Shot!? What has he done to deserve a title shot? Wait a minute.. I just got an idea!

Buff Bagwell- An idea huh? What do you have in mind?

Luger then leans in and whispers something to Buff, who then begins laughing.

Buff Bagwell- That my friend.. is genious!

The two then celebrate as we go to Eric Bischoff's office where he is on his cellphone.

Eric Bischoff- Kevin come on.. I know you want revenge on Scott Steiner! Your knee is still messed up, huh?.. How long do you expect to be on the shelve?.. 2 more months! You are killing me Nash!.. Haha.. get well soon.. ok.. bye.

Tony Schiavone- Kevin... Nash.?? Eric Bischoff was just on the phone with Kevin Nash!

Scott Hudson- Well it seems that sadly, Kevin Nash will not be here.

Tony Schiavone- But ladies and gentlemen.. up next.. the world title will be on the line!

Commercial Break

As we return, the champion, Booker T. is already in the ring. "Seek and Destroy" hits and the Stinger makes his way to the ring. Sting gets in and he and Booker shake hands as the bell rings.

Sting vs Booker T.- World Heavweight Championship

The Finish- Fantastic match with baby face against baby face. This match has just been about wrestling so far and has taken up 20 minutes already! Sting hits a Scorpion Deathdrop to Booker who kicks out at two! Sting locks in the Scorpian Deathlock but Booker wont tap and finally grabs the ropes. A few moments later, Booker hits the Axe Kick but Sting kicks out. Sting rises and is hit with a Book End and Booker gets the three count!

Winner and STILL wCw Champion- Booker T.

Tony Schiavone- Yes! Booker has done it! Booker has done it! Booker is still the wCw champion! What a match!

Scott Hudson- Booker has just got maybe the biggest win of his life! Booker may have just walked into the history books! What a fighting champion!

Booker and Sting then go face to face. The two then shake hands and embrace in a hug to a standing ovation. Suddenly Totally Buff jump them from behind! Buff nails Booker with a chair repeatedly as Luger does the same to Sting. Luger then locks Sting in the tortue rack as officials come in to break it up.

Commercial Break

We return as officials tend to Booker T. and Sting in the back. The parking lot is then shown and a limo is shown!

Tony Schiavone- Wait a minute.. whos in that limo? Who is here?

Scott Hudson- Could it do with the main event tonight?

Tony Schiavone- I think you are right Scott. I think you are right!

We then go back to the parking lot where Pamela Paulshock runs to where the limo is.

Pamela Paulshock- Excuse me! Excuse me.. driver! Driver! Who is in this limo?

The driver then goes and opens the door to reveal... Nothing. The limo is empty.

Tony Schiavone- I guess whoever was in that building is in the arena!

"Ohh Chavo" hits as Chavo Guerrero makes his way to the ring to major heat. He taunts the crowd to more boos as "Vertebreaker" hits and Shane Helms does his Nitro Girl entrance to the ring. The crowd cheers as he rolls in the ring and the bell rings.

Chavo Guerrero vs Shane Helms- Cruiserweight Championship

The Finish- Has been a very fast paced match with High Spots galore. Guerrero goes for a Gordobuster but Helms fights out of it and kicks him in the gut.. and nails the Vertebreaker! 1..2..3, "Suga" Shane Helms Retains!

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion- Shane Helms

Commercial Break

We return as Eric Bischoff is shown in his office talking on the phone when Scott Steiner bursts in.

Scott Steiner- This is bullshit Eric and you know it!​

Eric Bischoff- Hey! Calm down we are on live TV, watch your language.. now what is your problem now Steiner?​

Scott Steiner- Whats MY problem? Whats MY problem? The United States Championship? Im better than that! I want a shot at the World Title!​

Eric Bischoff- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Wait just a second. You didnt even win your match tonight! Why do you deserve a title shot?​

Scott Steiner- Hey, I didnt get pinned, Jarrett did! And if you remember, I was one of the most dominant wCw champions of all time! I was the only thing this company had going for it. If I wasnt here.. wCw woulda been dead along time ago.​

Eric Bischoff- Ill tell you what I'll do Steiner. Since you were the last wCw champion.. next week you will face the winner of the main event tonight. And the winner will go on to face Booker T. at wCw Big Bang. Now get the hell out of my office.​

Scott Steiner smirks and begins walking out the door, but turns his head toward Eric.

Scott Steiner- You know Bischoff, you might not be so bad.​

Steiner laughs and walks off as Eric shakes his head. He then looks at his watch.

Eric Bischoff- Almost time.. better go to the ring.​

Final Commercial Break

We return as Eric Bischoff is standing in the ring with a mic in hand.

Eric Bischoff- How has everyone enjoyed the show? (Pop) Thats what I thought. But its main event time! And I have just been informed of the superstars that will compete here tonight. And what a 1 on 1 contest it is going to be. So let me introduce the first superstar.. ladies and gentlemen.. Diamond Dallas Page!!​

"Self High Five" hits and the crowd pops huge as DDP walks out on stage! He signals the Diamond Cutter and yells "BANG!" as pyro goes off. He then gets in the ring and stands in the corner.

Eric Bischoff- And his opponent.. ladies and gentlemen... I will let his music do the talking!​

"GOLDBERGS MARCH" Hits!! Goldberg?! Goldberg then walks out on stage as pyro streams up. Goldberg walks through it as the crowd is going nuts chnting his name, as he takes about 3 minutes to do his entrance. He gets in and he and DDP go face to face. Bischoff rolls out of the ring as the bell rings.

Goldberg Vs DDP- Winner faces Scott Steiner for the Number One Contendership

The Finish- Another fantastic match with Goldberg and DDP going back and forth. Goldberg goes for the spear but DDP moves and Goldberg hits the ringpost! DDP then nails the Diamond Cutter!!! HE pins.. Hes got him?! One..Two..Thre..No! Goldberg kicked out! DDP is in shock and picks up Goldberg who then rams his shoulder into him. He then takes a step back and SPEARS DDP!! Goldberg screams as the crowd cheer and then lifts up DDP for the JACKHAMMER! One..Two..Three!

Winner- Goldberg

The crowd is going nuts as Goldberg celebrates in the ring. All of the sudden Scott Steiner rolls in the ring! He then hits Goldberg in the head with the steel pipe! He hits him in the ribs a couple times and then sees DDP getting up. Steiner then nails him in the head with the steel pipe, busting him wide open. Steiner celebrates as Nitro fades to black.

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Hey fuck ou man I'm not a big wCw fan but we don't need your no-pussy getting ass coming in here and talking about how wCw sucks and how TNA sucks. Why don't you make a thread and write your own shows and we'll see if you are any good.

Anyways, 10mikebibby10 that was good, not great but good nonetheless. I'm a little stumped on who The Magnificant 7 are but the matches you chose where kool. Keep up the good work.

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As you said the debut show is tough and it was sort of noticeable throughout the show. All the titles on the line was a good idea and you were able to branch off into some storylines as well. Match order was questionable especially the Cruiserweight title match after the World title match because of the fact Booker T wrestled two matches. However, this makes the Cruiserweight belt seem meaningful which may have been what you were looking for. The Sting Booker T segment was a good idea but, correct me if I am wrong as I am unfamiliar with WCW, Booker T didn't seem totally in character. Booker T and Goldberg should be a good fued as well as some of the others you planted the seeds for. Overall a good first show 7.5/10
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