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Wcw:the Real Ressurection

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I know that someone has already got a WCW but their roster is nowhere near the original roster. So I decided to make my own promotion, with injuries and suspensions etc.(My roster izsfrom WCW TV Dec 2000-March 2001)
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Kwee-Wee w/Paisley
Crowbar w/Daffney
Elix Skipper
Kevin Nash
Diamond Dallas PPage
Shane Hlms
Jeff Jarrett
Konnan w/Tygress
Scott Steiner w/Midajah
Hugh Morrus
The Cat w/Ms.Jones
Norman Smiley
Shawn Stasiak
Mark Jindrak
Shane Douglas w/Torrie Wilson
Lash LeRoux
Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio Jr.
The Wall/Malice
Terry Funk
Jamie Noble
Bam Bam Bigelow
Mike Sanders
Jim Duggan
Rob Van Dam
Sid Vicious
Mike Modest
Chris Daniels
Rick Steiner
Dustin Rhodes
*Ric Flair
*Dusty Rhodes
Road Warrior Animal
Chris Kanyon
Johnny Swinger
Kid Romeo
Booker T
Kiss Demon
Jason Jett

2-Count Jung Dragons w/Leia Meow
Team Canada w/Major.Gunns Harris brothers
Palumbo & O'haire Air Raid( Styles & Paris)
Boogie Nights Kronik
Totally Buff
Kevin Nash (suspended)
Goldberg (suspended)
Scott Steiner (injury 4 months)
Vampiro (injury 3 weeks)
Alex Wright (injury 7 weeks)

I'm only going to have Nitro until I have time to do Thunder, although I'm going to do saturday nights.

Announce team: Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, Scott Hudson (Nitro)
Mike Tenay, Stevie-Ray (Saturday nights)
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
interviewer:pamela Pulshock

I will debut soon, also if you were a big fan of WCW and you have WCW-type ideas PM me!
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I would like to add that he was in WCW in the early 90's as Robbie.V. and apparently he and Bischoff had an verbal agreement, that when Fusient bought WCW Bischoff would sign Rob Van Dam, so thats why I added him.

Also I know I'm not meant to double post but I looked at TV records and Cash(Kid Kash), Tank Abbout and Rick Micheals all competed during that time, so they are added to my roster
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