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This a story in which World Championship Wrestling never dies, it starts just after Starcade 1999 and WCW has just been purchased from Ted Turner by billionaire Buisnessman Donald Trump, this is not a story of how WCW dies this is a story of how WCW lives on and how the legacy of a great wrestling tradition continues. Hope you all enjoy

WCW Starrcade 1999
Washington, D.C MCI Center

Big Vito and Johnny the Bull defeated Disco Inferno and Lash Leroux

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match;
Evan Karagias beat Madusa to retain the cruiserweight title

WCW Hardcore Title Match;
Norman Smiley defeated Meng to retain the hardcore title

Revolution (Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, and Asya) defeated Jim Duggan and the Varsity Club(Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotunda and Rick Steiner).

Vampiro defeated Steve Williams

Vampiro defeated Oklahoma

Creative Control and Curt Hennig defeated Harlem Heat and Midnight

Jeff Jarrett defeated Dustin Rhodes in an "bunkhouse brawl match".

D.D.P lost to David Flair in a "crowbar" on a pole match.
(Ric Flair helps his son win the match)

Sting defeated Lex Luger
(Miss Elizabeth turned on Sting after the match helping Luger destroy Sting)

Kevin Nash defeated Sid Vicious in a "power bomb match".

WCW U.S Title Ladder Match;
Chris Benoit defeated Jeff Jarrett in an ladder match to retain the U.S Title.

WCW Championship No Disqualification, Battle to End the Millennium Match;
Bret Hart defeated Goldberg to retain the W.C.W Title after Piper called for bell when Goldberg had not tapped)

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World Championship Wrestling enters the new millennium with a new owner tonight as billionaire Donald Trump will make his first appearance on Monday Night Nitro since buying the company from Ted Turner less than a week ago, what will Trump have to say about the future of WCW and how will the billionaire Trump make his presence felt on his first night in charge of WCW?

At Starcade the World Heavyweight Championship Main Event between Goldberg and Bret “The Hitman” Hart ended in controversy when Rowdy Roddy Piper called for the bell saying Goldberg had tapped out to the sharp shooter when TV pictures clearly showed that he had not, as a result Bret Hart retained the World Title in less than happy circumstances and Goldberg was left furious at being screwed out of the chance to leave Starcade the new Heavyweight Champion, what will Hart and Goldberg have to say on the most controversial main event in Starcade history and how will the World Title picture play out tonight on Nitro?

Also will Miss Elizabeth explain why she turned her back on Sting in favor of “The Total Package” Lex Luger and see a rematch from Starcade that many fans believe stole the show as Chris Beniot defends the United States Championship against “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett in a Ladder Match.

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January 3rd 2000

Commentary Team/ Tony Schiavone & Mike Tenay

The show opens with new WCW Chief Executive Eric Bishoff standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand

(Bishoff) Ladies and gentleman it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you right now the new owner of World Championship Wrestling, Donald Trump!

Trump’s music hits and outcomes the new billionaire owner of WCW to a huge ovation from the fans, Trump struts down the ramp and towards the ring flanked by two gorgeous women on his arm.

(Schiavone) Ladies and gentleman welcome to Monday Night Nitro live for the first time in the new millennium and what a way to kick off the year 2000, we are all witnessing history in the making tonight as that icon and billionaire Donald Trump takes over the reins here in WCW.

Trump gets in the ring shakes the hand of Eric Bishoff and then asks for a microphone as the crowd chant his name

(Trump) Thank you for such an amazing welcome to WCW and let me first start off by saying what an honor it is to be the new owner of such an historic company with such loyal and avid fans like all of you here tonight inside this arena.
When Eric Bishoff first approached me about putting in a bid to by World Championship Wrestling at first I thought it was a crazy idea but the more I watched and the more I learned about this amazing sport and this amazing company the less crazy the idea became and here I am tonight standing here as the sole owner of WCW.
Now let me tell you people something I have never failed at anything in my life and I have not bought WCW just because I am a billionaire and I can, I have bought WCW to take this company and this sport to new heights that have never been seen before and trust me that is exactly what I am going to do, now I’m not a wrestling guy and quite frankly I don’t have time to take care of the daily running’s of this show or the patience to put up with all of the big ego’s floating around that locker room backstage and that’s where the man standing beside me Eric Bishoff comes in, not only was Eric vital in me buying WCW Eric will now be the new Chief Executive of WCW under taking all day to day and on screen duties that I cannot attend to personally, I will also later on tonight be unveiling a new WCW Commissioner who along with Eric will have my blessing to make decisions in this ring as they see fit and with my full trust and backing.
But before I hand over the reins to Eric there is a situation I want to deal with personally and that is the situation regarding the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, at Starcade the ending of the Title match between Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Goldberg was an absolute disgrace to this company and to that Title and I hold one man holey responsible and that man is Rowdy “Roddy” Piper, so earlier today I suspended MR Piper indefinitely and sent him home without pay, after I had done that I spoke to both Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg and I made the decision with both men’s consent to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship, that being said later tonight we will see Bret Hart and Goldberg meet one on one again and right here tonight we will crown a fair and new World Heavyweight Champion (Crowd Cheers).
Ladies and gentleman all I have left to say to you this evening is enjoy the show.

Trump and Bishoff shake hands and exit the ring together.

(Tenay) We have just heard the first statement of intent from the new owner of WCW Donald Trump and talk about laying down the law early, vacating the World Heavyweight Championship and making that huge main event tonight between Bret Hart and Goldberg where a new and true Heavyweight Champion will be crowned.

(Schiavone) The Trump era has well and truly began here in WCW and this company will never be the same again.


As Nitro comes back to air we are all set to kick off the in ring action with an eight man tag team match pitting The Filthy Animals VS the team of Brian Knobbs, Fit Finlay, Steve Williams and Bam Bam Bigelow.

(Schiavone) What an interesting eight man tag team contest we have right here, the exciting and innovative Filthy Animals against a four man team full of guts, experience and knowhow.

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Brian Knobbs, Fit Finlay, Steve Williams, and Bam Bam Bigelow

The bell rings and Billy Kidman takes a right hand to the temple from Finlay, Fit Finlay with a spinning neck breaker on Kidman and then the Irishman Finlay tags out to Brian Knobbs.
Brian Knobbs strikes Billy Kidman with clubbing right hands to the back but Kidman rakes the eyes of Knobbs and then there is a Tag between Billy Kidman and Konnan, Brian Knobbs throws some punches and Konnan but Konnan is pumped up and they just bounce off, tag between Brian Knobbs and Bam Bam Bigelow, Knobbs & Bam Bam whip Konnan into the ropes and hit a double back elbow on him ending Konnan down to the canvas, Bam Bam hits a stump pile driver on Konnan and makes the cover 1, 2, but incomes Eddie Guerrero to break up the pin.
Tag between Bam Bam Bigelow and Steve Williams and Konnan takes a vertical suplex from Williams very well executed, Williams nails Konnan with an uppercut and then Williams tags out to Fit Finlay.
Tornado punch from Fit Finlay, Konnan goes down Finlay covers 1, 2, but Konnan kicks out.
Konnan ducks a wild right hand from Finlay and Konnan dives across the ring to tag in Rey Mysterio Jr.. Finlay takes a flying neck breaker from Rey Mysterio Jr.. The highlight reel Mysterio off the top ropes with a sunset flip into a cover, 1, 2 but incomes Knobbs to break up the count.
Rey tags out to Eddie Guerrero & Rey Jr. & Latino Heat whip Finlay into the ropes and hit a double backdrop sending Finlay hard into the canvas, three consecutive suplexes from Eddie Guerrero put Finlay on dream street and Eddie covers 1, 2, but income Williams, Knobbs and Bigelow to break up the count, now The Filthy Animals raid the ring in retaliation and all hell breaks loose with a big brawl.
In the melee of the brawl Brian Knobbs has Tagged himself in and Brian Knobbs comes up with a right hand out of nowhere smashing Eddie in the back of the head, Eddie is down and Knobbs Tags in Steve Williams.
Brutal forearm by Dr.Death but then Eddie counters a backdrop attempt with a drop kick to the face, Eddie pulls himself up on the ropes and tags in Rey Mysterio Jr.. Eddie & Rey Jr. whip Dr.Death into the ropes and hit a double back elbow, Springboard dropkick from Rey Mysterio Jr.. Nicely done and Steve Williams is in trouble, Rey goes to the top turnbuckle and Rey lands a Flying Hurricanrana!!! Into a roll up 1....2....3!! and Mysterio and The Filthy Animals have won it, they all celebrate in the ring lifting Mysterio aloft.​

We now go live backstage where Mean Gene Oakland is standing by with the two men who will battle it out to become World Heavyweight Champion tonight Goldberg and Bret “The Hitman” Hart

(Mean Gene) I’m standing backstage right now with the two men who just over a week ago were involved in perhaps the most controversial World Championship match in Starcade history, as a result earlier today the Heavyweight Championship of the World was vacated by Donald Trump and will be contested tonight in a match between Goldberg and Bret Hart, first off let me speak to you Bret what has been your reaction to Starcade and your reaction to Mr Trump vacating the title you held earlier today?

(Hart) My thoughts on Starcade was that what happened in the main event was a disgrace, I know all about being shafted and that was not the way I wanted to win a big title match on the biggest pay per view of the year, when MR Trump explained to me he wanted to vacate the title and put in on the line again tonight in a Starcade rematch I felt kind of relieved because tonight I can go out there to that ring and do things right, win the match fair and square and prove I am the real World Heavyweight Champion.

(Mean Gene) And Goldberg is was surely your dream to win the World Heavyweight Title at Starcade and Roddy Piper’s actions on that night cost you of that dream, what does tonight’s match mean to you?

(Goldberg) Me and Bret don’t always see eye to eye in fact you could say that over recent years we have hated each other’s guts but we both have a mutual respect not just for what we have both done in this business but for the World Heavyweight Championship and all it stands for, tonight though Bret if you think you are gonna escape with the title again you are wrong, at Starcade the only reason you walked out with the World Championship around your waste is because I got screwed but tonight there is nothing and nobody that can get in the way of me taking my title back, Bret “Hitman” Hart, YOUR NEXT!

Bret and Goldberg face off eye to eye as the show goes to commercial break


As Nitro comes back to air we are set for a six man Cruiserweight tag team match pitting the exciting La Parka, Psicosis and Crowbar against the up and coming boy band entertainers Three Count who consist of Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and the Cruiserweight Champion Evan Karagias

Six Man Cruiserweight Tag Team Match
Daffney W/ La Parka, Psicosis, and Crowbar vs Three Count

The bell rings and Crowbar hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw of Shane Helms, Crowbar then delivers a back breaker to Helms and Tags out to La Parka.
The exciting and innovative La Parka snap suplexes Helms...with authority! Parka now goes up top and La Parka nails a flying elbow drop right into the chest of Helms, Parka tags out to Psicosis and Parka & Psicosis whip Helms into the ropes and hit a double back elbow, Psicosis uses a basement dropkick to the knee but then Shane Helms reverses a hip toss, spin kick by Shane Helms to the face of Psicosis and Helms rolls across the ring to tag in the Cruiserweight Champion Evan Karagias.
Flying elbow from Evan Karagias followed by a Tornado DDT and Psicosis got planted, cover by Karagias 1, 2, but in comes Crowbar to break up the count.
Evan Karagias hits a rolling kick on Psicosis and now a tag between Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore.
Stiff high kick on Psicosis by Shannon Moore followed by a Second rope flying axe handle, Psicosis goes down but then Psicosis pulls a mule kick out of nowhere.
Tag between Psicosis and Crowbar and a Hard back suplex on Moore by Crowbar and his valer Daffney shows her delight with a loud pitch scream, Moore crawls through the legs of Crowbar and manages to tag in Shane Helms, Dropkick from Helms connects and Crowbar goes down, Crowbar takes a hurricarana from Shane Helms who quickly grabs the tights of Crowbar to score with a school boy pin! 1...2...3! The referee somehow missed the blatant cheating and Three Count have won the match.​

(Tenay) Like them or not you have to give these three young superstars huge credit, by hook or by crook they find a way to win.

Backstage we see Lex Luger walking in the corridor with his new woman Miss Elizabeth after she turned her back on Sting at Starcade

(Schiavone) Ladies and gentleman there you see the “Total Package” Lex Luger with the lovely Miss Elizabeth and I have just been told that Luger and Elizabeth are on their way out to the ring and we will hear from them next!


As Monday Night Nitro comes back to air Lex Luger’s music hits and out he walks with Miss Elizabeth on his arm to a chorus of boos from the WCW fans

(Schiavone) I still think many WCW fans are trying to come to terms about what that lady Miss Elizabeth did to Sting at Starcade just over a week ago, turning her back on Sting to join forces with his arch nemesis “The Total Package” Lex Luger.

Luger gets in the ring and first hands the microphone to Miss Elizabeth who gets a “You suck” Chant from the crowd

(Elizabeth) All week I have been asked the same question, why Elizabeth why, why did I turn my back on Sting at Starcade, well the answer is simple, I don’t want a man that lurks in the shadows, that hides behind a mask of face paint, I wanted a man who could protect me, I wanted a real man and that’s what I am standing beside tonight, a real man in the “Total Package” Lex Luger. (Crowd boo’s)

(Luger) What can I add to that Sting you see any fool in this arena knows why Elizabeth chose me over you, I am a man of honor, I am a man who stands up for his woman while all you are Sting is a fraud who hides behind a mask and all these idiot fans might buy it and cheer you but deep down they all know what we both know Sting, that I am just a better man then you in every single way.

Suddenly the lights in the arena go out and when they come back on Sting is standing in the ring in front of Luger and Elizabeth with a baseball bat in hand, Luger and Elizabeth high tail it out of the ring but Sting picks up the microphone

(Sting) What did you think Luger that I would just let you get away with it? Let me tell you how this is going to go Luger, earlier today I had a meeting with Donald Trump and in exchange for me not physically touching you unless provoked Trump has given me a match with you at the next Pay Per View Sin and this match can be any type of match that I desire, so Luger it’s gonna go like this, you versus me at Sin in an Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere Match which basically means I am going to beat your ass all over the arena until you regret the day you ever heard the name Sting. (Crowd Cheers)
As for you Elizabeth you wanted to break my heart but all you did at Starcade was remind me that I don’t have a heart and while Luger may be safe until Sin at least for you Elizabeth it is open season and when I get my hands on you make no mistake I will take my ugly revenge, IT’S SHOWTIME FOLKS!!!!!!!

Sting holds his baseball bat aloft in the ring as Luger and Miss Elizabeth look on concerned.



Live on Pay Per View Sunday January 30th 2000

As Nitro comes back to air Diamond Dallas Page is already making his way to the ring, Page grabs a microphone as the crowd chant “DDP” at him

(Page) At Starcade not everything went to plan for old DDP and to be honest it was not even the fact that I lost my match against David Flair, what got me the most is how I lost it because a man I have a hell of a lot of respect for “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair walked into the ring and cost me a match on the biggest stage of them all Starcade, now I realize I was facing Ric’s son but Ric should know more than anyone what being on that stage at Starcade is all about and what Ric did whether he loves his son or not was wrong because he disrespected the fans, he disrespected WCW and more than that he disrespected me, now as I said I respect Ric Flair for the legend he is in this industry so I would like Ric to come down here now and have this out with me face to face, man to man!

Ric Flair’s music hits and outcomes “The Nature Boy” to a mixed reception from the crowd

(Schiavone) He is a living legend; a 16 time former World Heavyweight Champion but tonight Ric has some questions to answer to a man I know he regards as a friend in this industry, Diamond Dallas Page.

(Tenay) I can see why DDP is livid but can anyone blame Flair for helping his son, is that not what any dad would do for their child?

Flair gets in the ring and grabs a microphone

(Flair) Dallas you are 100% right my man I am the guy who for decades has set the standards in this company, set the standards in this industry and at Starcade I let those standards slip, I got involved in something that was not my fight, I disrespected the legacy of Starcade ad this magnificent company and I also disrespected one of my dearest friends in this industry, you Diamond Dallas Page.
I stand here with no excuses other than to tell you why I did it DDP and the answer is simple, David is my son and as his father it was my job to protect him, all I can do right now is be a man, say I’m sorry and offer to shake your hand?

DDP and Flair shake hands but from behind David Flair slides in the ring in one of his dads robes and nails Page with a shot to the back of the head, Ric Flair smiles and David and now father and son go to work on DDP laying the boot into him as the crowd boo, David Flair then puts DDP in a Figure Four Leg lock while Ric Flair slaps DDP around the face, Ric and David Flair then strut in the ring as the crowd boo and they leave DDP laying face down.

(Schiavone) I guess we have just seen the real Ric Flair resurface, “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” falling us all as he reveals he was in cahoots with his son David all along.

(Tenay) I guess “The Nature Boy” is keeping it in the family Tony and DDP just paid the price.

Backstage we see Chief Executive Eric Bishoff asking Donald trump who the new WCW Commissioner is? Trump says Eric will have to wait like everybody else to see but Eric then says he wants to run an idea past Donald about this Thursdays WCW Thunder show, as the WCW Tag Team Championships are vacant Eric wants to put on an eight team tag team knock out tournament to crown new WCW Tag Team Champions this Thursday night?
Trump says it sounds like a hell of an idea and he will look forward to tuning in and watching the tournament.

We now see a recap video of the match that many believe stole the show at Starcade, Chris Beniot defeating Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match to win the WCW United States Championship.

(Schiavone) Ladies and gentleman it was a match that captured the fans imagination at Starcade and I am so pleased to say that when we come back we are going to see it all over again, a Starcade rematch signed off by new WCW Owner Donald Trump tonight, Chris Beniot defending his newly won United States Championship against Jeff Jarrett in a Ladder Match when we come back.


As Nitro comes back to air we see WCW Owner Donald Trump on his cell phone talking to whoever the mystery Commissioner he is going to appoint tonight is, Trump says he expected him to be here by now and not to leave it too late because he can’t wait to see people’s faces.

Back in the arena we are set for our next match and Chris Beniot’s music hits to a huge ovation

(Schiavone) At Starcade Chris Beniot was a man who grabbed destiny and made it his own, originally he was set to take on Scott Hall but when Hall pulled out injured the United States Championship was vacated and Beniot versus Jeff Jarrett in a Ladder match for the title was made, it was then that Beniot and Jarrett went on to steal the show with an epic ladder match and tonight we get to see it all over again.

(Tenay) I don’t think there is anyone who was not happy that Chris Beniot got his chance to shine at Starcade and took it with both hands.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and outcomes “The Chosen One” to a chorus of boo’s

(Schiavone) The self-proclaimed “chosen one” Jeff Jarrett love him or hate him is a hell of a hand, Jarrett deserves just as much credit as Beniot for the match at Starcade and you just know that Jarrett is going to wanna reverse the result of the match here tonight,

United States Championship
Ladder Match
Chris Beniot VS Jeff Jarrett

The bell rings and Beniot and Jarrett go toe to toe in the center of the ring trading big right hands and knife edge chops, Jarrett sends Beniot off the ropes but Beniot ducks the attempted clothesline and puts Jarrett down with a flying shoulder barge off the ropes, Beniot now with a hard snap suplex driving Jarrett spine first hard into the mat and now Beniot rolls out of the ring to retrieve the ladder and bring it into the ring for the first time in the match, Beniot sets up the ladder under the hanging United States Championship belt and goes to drag up Jarrett but Jarrett drop toe holds Beniot face first into the ladder, Beniot is stunned and groggy and Jarrett wants to take advantage by climbing the ladder and retrieving the belt, Jarrett starts climbing but Beniot drags himself up and grabs Jarrett by the trunks to make sure he can’t climb any higher, Beniot grabs Jarrett from behind and Beniot nails Jarrett with a German suplex off the middle of the ladder and to the canvas below, the impact was huge and both men are down, Beniot shakes off the cobwebs and now the U.S Champion Beniot is gonna climb to the top turnbuckle, Beniot with adrenaline pumping flies off the top with a flying head butt but Jarrett moves and Beniot crashes face first into the mat, Beniot looks out cold as Jarrett drags himself up on the ropes, Jarrett now puts the ladder in place and Jarrett starts the climb all the way to the top, Jarrett has one hand on the belt but somehow Beniot has got himself up and in a desperate act Beniot lunges at the ladder pushing it over and making Jeff Jarrett fall down without the belt, Jarrett is furious and picks up the ladder before driving it right into the face of Chris Beniot, Jarrett goes to the outside and brings in a new ladder, he puts it in place but before he can climb it Beniot out of nowhere explodes up to his feet and locks Jarrett into a cross face, Jarrett is tapping out but it means nothing in a ladder match and Beniot will not release the hold, Beniot wants to damage Jeff Jarrett, Beniot finally releases the cross face but then drags Jarrett up with the crowd cheering him on and nails Jarrett with a hat trick of German suplexes that turn Jarrett inside out, Beniot puts the ladder in place and now Beniot begins the journey to the top, Beniot looks like he is going to retain his title but somehow Jarrett musters the energy to get up onto his knees and shake the ladder until Beniot has to come down, Beniot goes for another German suplex but Jarrett blocks it with a low blow and then hits The Stroke on Beniot planting him face first into the mat, both men are down and the United States Championship is still hanging above the ring.
Jarrett is up to his feet and Jarrett puts and ankle lock on Beniot, Jarrett wants to incapacitate Beniot so he can’t climb the ladder but Beniot rolls through to escape and then locks in the cross face again, Jarrett screams out in pain again trying to tap out but the ref can do nothing, Beniot finally releases the hold again and goes for a vertical suplex but Jarrett fights out of it in midair and then clotheslines Beniot over the top rope and to the outside of the ring, both men are running on empty and Jarrett goes to the outside and slams Beniot face first into the steel ring steps, Jarrett drags Beniot up and goes for it again but Beniot blocks it and smashes Jarrett head first off the announce table, Beniot lays Jarrett out on the announce table and Beniot climbs to the top turnbuckle, Beniot is taking a risk and Beniot with a flying head butt on Jeff Jarrett that sends both men crashing through the announce table, there is wreckage everywhere, Beniot is first to move and he drags Jeff Jarrett up to his feet but Jarrett cannot even support his own weight, Beniot goes for a German suplex on the outside but Jarrett blocks it and low blows Beniot, Jarrett is desperate and Jarrett grabs the ring bell and smashes it right into the skull of Beniot laying the Champion out.
Jarrett rolls in the ring and positions the ladder under the belt, Jarrett slowly climbs rung by rung towards the top and has one hand on the title belt, Beniot somehow is bloody and confused but gets to his feet and rolls back into the ring, Beniot lunges at the ladder and starts to climb after Jarrett, Jarrett though can see that Beniot is on dream street and shakes him off with three kicks to the face, a bloody Beniot falls to the canvas and Jarrett grabs the belt, the match is over and Jeff Jarrett is the new United States Champion.​

(Schiavone) What a match and we have a new United States Champion in that man Jeff Jarrett.

(Tenay) What an all-out war but you have to believe that Jeff Jarrett owes and awful lot to that ring bell for him leaving here the U.S Champion tonight.

Jeff Jarrett celebrates down on his knees on the entrance ramp while a bloody and dazed Chris Beniot looks on from the canvas



As Monday Nitro comes back to air Mean Gene Oakland is standing by with the man set to take on “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner up next, Booker T.

(Mean Gene) Booker T you have been very vocal since Starcade about the fact that you were very upset and disappointed to be on the card that night is tonight a chance for you to show everybody what they missed when you take on Scott Steiner next?

(Booker) Gene what’s gone is gone and tonight is not about Starcade, tonight is about me laying out a sucka for the 1, 2, 3 and that suckas name is “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, now Scott can come out with his bulging biceps and hell he is a genetic freak but even being a genetic freak does not save you from the wrath of the spinarooni Gene.
Tonight “Big Poppa Pump” is gonna feel the full force of Booker T and I only have one message I can give him and everyone in this arena tonight, don’t hate the player, hate the game sucka!!!!!!!

Back in the arena “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is already making his way to the ring and once in the ring does some push ups just to show off to the crowd.

(Tenay) Scott Steiner has muscles in places normal people don’t have places, Steiner is a genetic freak and is really beginning to forage a singles career for himself here in WCW as one of the major players in this company.

Booker T’s music hits and outcomes Booker to a huge ovation from the crowd.

(Schiavone) Charismatic, determined, popular and a hell of an athlete are all words you could use to describe that man Booker T, Booker not happy to be left off of the Starcade card but you just know that Booker will put all that frustration into his matches and make something good out of it.

Booker T vs. Scott Steiner

The bell rings and Big Poppa Pump strikes away at Booker T with clubbing right hands, Booker T takes a right hand to the temple from Poppa Pump and a running clothesline from Scott Steiner buts Booker T on the canvas, Steiner in control but Poppa Pump walks into a trip and goes face first into the canvas, big clothesline on Poppa Pump by Booker and then Booker T hits a bulldog off the ropes, Booker hooks the legs 1, 2, but Steiner kicks out.
Big Poppa Pump kicks Booker T in the gut to reverse the momentum and a body slam by Poppa Pump into a cover for a two count, tornado punch from Scott Steiner but Booker T ducks it and counters with a spinning heel kick, Booker covers 1, 2, but Steiner kicks out.
Booker T elbows Scott Steiner in the face to break a hammerlock and now Big Poppa Pump receives some punishment in the corner, Poppa Pump counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head and Big Poppa Pump Release suplexes Booker T from one side of the ring to the other, Steiner scrambles across the ring to cover 1, 2, but Booker gets his shoulder up.
Booker T gets whipped into the corner by Poppa Pump and with the velocity gets flipped all the way over to the outside! Booker stays down on the outside and outcomes Scott Steiner to give him more punishment but Booker counters him with a kick to the gut, Booker and Scott Steiner slug it out on the outside, Booker grabs Steiner by the arm and tries to swing him into the steel steps but Steiner reverses it and sends Booker crashing shoulder first into the steel instead, the referee meanwhile has nearly reached the ten count but Steiner quickly rolls back in the ring and Booker T gets counted out, Scott Steiner has won the match!
Scott Steiner has his hand raised in victory but back into the ring comes Booker T and Booker takes Steiner down, Booker and Steiner brawling in the ring and here come WCW Security to drag the two men apart!​

(Schiavone) Emotions running high here on Nitro tonight and what a match that was between two of the toughest superstars on the WCW roster today


As Nitro comes back to air Kevin Nash’s music hits and outcomes “Big Sexy” to a mixed reaction from the crowd

(Schiavone) The record books will show that at Starcade Kevin Nash won the first ever power bomb match against Sid but in reality everybody knows that the result of that match was all down to Nash conning the referee into believing he had power bombed Sid!

Nash grabs a microphone

(Nash) I have come in for a lot of criticism for what happened at Starcade in my Power Bomb match with Sid, people have called me a cheat, people have called me a liar, people have called me a fraud and some people have even called me a coward?
What I would call myself is smart, you see what you people need to realize is that it doesn’t matter over time how you win it only matters that you didn’t lose and at Starcade all I did was find a way to win.
Could I have power bombed Sid? Definitely sure I could have but I saw an opportunity to win the match the easy way without getting hurt, without shortening my career so I took it with both hands.

Sid’s music hits and out walks Sid onto the stage to a huge cheer

(Sid) Kevin you stand in that ring and you say you chose to win the easy way and I find that kind of funny because there is nothing easy about what you did at Starcade, sure the record books show a win against your name but what you did when you screwed me Nash was make the single worst mistake of your life, you have got on the wrong side of a man who has no limits when it comes to exacting revenge and revenge is what I will have Kevin Nash, so I say the time for talking is over because in my world actions speak louder than words.

Sid makes his way towards the ring to meet Nash but out runs Chief Executive Eric Bishoff to stop him

(Bishoff) Sid I am ordering you to stop right now, sure you guys need to fight and settle the score but it won’t be tonight and it won’t be like this, I have been sent out here by Donald Trump to announce that this Thursday on Thunder it will be Sid one on one against Kevin Nash in a No Disqualification Match and the winner of that match will get a World Heavyweight Championship shot at the next pay per view Sin on January 30th but if either of you lay a hand on each other right now tonight then that match is off and you can both kiss goodbye to your title shots for a very long time!
So what I suggest you both do is back the hell up and save this for Thunder ok gentleman?

Sid and Nash stare each other down before Sid retreats back up the ramp looking right through Bishoff in the process, Sid turns to the ring to look at Nash and shouts out to him “You’re a Deadman this Thursday”


As Nitro comes back to air we go live to Mean Gene Oakland who is standing by in the ring

(Mean Gene) ladies and gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the vacant Heavyweight Championship of the World!!!!!!

Goldberg’s music hits to a huge roar from the crowd who begin chanting his name, Goldberg burst out of his locker room looking like a rabid animal ready to hunt and finally makes his entrance on the stage to a huge pop.

(Schiavone) At Starcade Goldberg’s destiny to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship was ended by Rowdy Roddy Piper but thanks to new WCW Owner Donald Trump Goldberg has the chance tonight to put all the wrongs right.

(Tenay) You are looking at perhaps the most dominant superstar WCW has ever had on its roster, Goldberg is a man trained to win, he very rarely goes into a battle and loses and no matter how great Bret Hart is rated and what Bret Hart has done over his fantastic career it is always hard to look beyond Goldberg in a one on one situation.

Bret “The Hitman” Harts music hits and out he comes to a good ovation from the fans

(Schiavone) Bret Hart calls himself “The Best there is, the best there was and their best there ever will be” tonight that saying may be put to the test like never before in his long and illustrious career, if Bret wants to leave here the World Champ he has to find a way to beat Da Man!

(Tenay) The Hitman is perhaps the greatest technical wrestler of the last generation, Hart has beaten the best, he has lived his career in big match situations with high stakes and make no mistake Hart will have scouted Goldberg’s every move, every strength and every weakness.

Before the match is started a backstage hand runs ringside and passes a note to Mean Gene Oakland

(Mean Gene) I have just been informed that as per the new yet to be revealed WCW Commissioner this match will now be a No Disqualification Match

(Schiavone) What the hell? The new Commissioner appointed by Donald Trump is already making the rules and we don’t even know who it is yet

WCW Heavyweight Championship
No Disqualification Match
Bret Hart vs. Goldberg

The bell rings and Bret Hart and Goldberg lock up in the center of the ring, the crowd is split about who they are behind but Goldberg strikes first blood by winning the power battle and shoving Bret Hart to the canvas, Hart dusts off and gets back to his feet, Hart wants to lock up with Goldberg again but before they lock horns Hart suckers Goldberg with a knee to the gut and a fisherman suplex into a bridge 1, 2, but Goldberg powers out and now both men have showed what they can do, the crowd are on their feet as Goldberg bounces back up and draws a line in the sand asking Hart to cross it, Goldberg and Hart talking trash and now both men collide going at it toe to toe exchanging big right hands, Bret Hart sends Goldberg off the ropes but Goldberg ducks Hart’s clothesline and counters with a powerful flying shoulder barge off the ropes that sends Hart through the ropes and to the outside of the ring, Goldberg goes to the outside drags Bret Hart up and power slams him spine first on the hard exposed floor, Goldberg throws Hart back in the ring and goes to make the cover but Bret Hart counters out of nowhere rolling Goldberg into a small package, 1, 2, and Goldberg only just kicks out, Goldberg just nearly got caught by the awareness and cleverness of Hart but Goldberg responds with a straight boot kick to the face which nearly takes Hart’s head off, Hart is on dream street and Goldberg senses a chance to nail the Spear, Goldberg is stalking Hart like a predator as Hart stumbles up slowly and here comes Goldberg with an explosive Spear but Hart moves and sends Goldberg shoulder first into the steel ring post, Goldberg is stunned and Bret Hart locks him in the Sharp Shooter, Hart has Goldberg where he wants him and Goldberg may have to tap out, Hart synchs it in tight as Goldberg tries to power his way free, the referee is asking Goldberg if he wants to tap but Goldberg keeps on fighting and somehow Goldberg extends his right hand to reach the bottom rope, Hart breaks the hold but tries to apply the Sharp Shooter again but this time Goldberg fights him off with his legs, Hart off the ropes but Goldberg explodes out of nowhere and Spears Bret Hart like a steam train, what impact of collision and now both men are down in the middle of the ring.

Suddenly onto the entrance ramp walks Shawn Michaels and the whole arena goes nuts

(Schiavone) What in the hell? That’s Shawn Michaels, what the hell is Shawn Michael’s doing on Nitro? Don’t tell me this is Trump’s new Commissioner? It can’t be!

Shawn Michaels gets in the ring and looks at both Bret Hart and Goldberg down on the canvas, both men begin to get up unaware that Shawn Michaels is standing behind them, Bret Hart is up and turns around and Shawn Michaels flattens him with his Sweet Chin Music super kick, Bret Hart is laid out cold by Shawn Michaels and Michaels just calmly slides out of the ring, now Goldberg is up unaware of what just went down, he drags Bret Hart up, lifts Hart in the air and nails him with the Jack hammer, Goldberg covers 1, 2, 3 and Goldberg is the new World Heavyweight Champion.
As Goldberg is handed the WCW World Championship belt and celebrates the new WCW Commissioner Shawn Michaels walks back up the entrance ramp with a cocky look on his face, camera’s then follow Michaels backstage to the parking lot where Donald Trump is waiting, Michaels shakes hands with Donald Trump and then gets in a limozene which rides him out of the arena.​

(Schiavone) What in the hell have we just witnessed, the new Commissioner of WCW is, SHAWN MICHAELS?

The show closes with shots of Goldberg holding the World Title aloft in the ring as Bret Hart still lays motionless.

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