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This is up to you whether i keep this going, i will have updates as soon as possible!

WCW : Nitro 1/3

Show Begins with Seether-Remedy playing and Eric Bischoff is on the screen

Eric Bischoff : Hello everybody and welcome to the first of many new WCW Monday Night Nitro's. We are back and will not die out because i have full control over everything. I have appointed Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara the Directors Of Authority in WCW because of the great job Vince did in another federation. I brought Ed back for his humor in making fun of the WWE announcer JR. Now back to business, I have a major announcement. All belts are vacant and there will be new champions tonight. For the WCW World Heavyweight Championship we will hold a battle royal in which each WCW superstar who's not in a championship match tonight will have a shot at the title. Next, the World Television Title will be on the line when Marc Mero defends his title against Alex Wright and Sonny Siaki. For the Tag Team belt's next week we will have a 6 way tag team dance which will feature The Hardyz, The Filty Animals(Rey Mysterio and Konnan), America's Most Wanted, The Steiners, The Guerreros, and the team of Lance Hoyt and Test. The United States Champsionship will be decided in a match which will feature 'The Chosen One' Jeff Jarett and Booker T. The Light Heavyweight Title will be decided in a battle royal which Juvi Guerra, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Billy Kidman, and Alex Shelley will be apart of. This is the new WCW, Thank you to all those who fought for us to come back and enjoy the show!

Tony Schiavone : Welcome Everyone to WCW Nitro, We are back! We would like to thank Vince McMahon for giving us another chance and Eric Bischoff for buying the company and giving us all our jobs back. I'm here with the Professor Mike Tenay.
Mike Tenay : Oh my god! Eric Bischoff has labeled some high quality matches. The tag titles will be decided in a 6 way dance, The World Title in a battle royal? This is going to be a great show!

Fades Away and goes to the locker room where we see Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero talking

Chris Benoit : Wow Eddie, WCW is back! It makes me feel great knowing i was apart of this back in the day.
Eddie Guerrero : Oh la lay man, i know! Me and Chavo are going for the tag belts esse. Next week is going to be our night.
Chris Benoit : When i win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship tonight definitely will be OUR night.
Sting walks in
Sting : Did i hear you right Chris? Did you say you were going to be World Heavyweight Championship? Wrong because i am going to win it and bring some class into WCW. There is no way in hell i'm going to let you walk away with my title Chris. I will win, no douby about it!
Sting leaves and Chris Benoit looks in shock.
---Commercial Break---

Tony Schiavone : Wow Professor! The battle royal is worth a lot to so many people. Tonight we will find out who's really the man!
Mike Tenay : Yes Tony, we certainly will. But, wait i hear some music.
"Wildman" plays and Marc Mero with Sable walks down the ramp and is ready for his match, He is followed by Sonny Siaki and finally Alex Wright.

WCW World Television Title Match --- Marc Mero Vs Alex Wright Vs Sonny Siaki
Pretty decent match between the three. Mero knocks Siaki out and goes to top the top finish off Alex Wright with a splash but Wright reverses it into a pin and wins the title! Wright slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp and dances for the crowd and celebrates with his new championship.
WCW New World Television Champion -- Alex Wright
Mike Tenay : Wow I thought the Wildman had him there with the splash, I guess i was wrong.
Tony Schiavone : Yes Professor I thought Wildman was going to win too, What a great finish to a great match between these three men. Wildman will hopefully be getting some revenge on Wright!
Mike Tenay : Oh no! We've been interupted by more music, Wait a second thats not who i think it is, is it?
"Voodoo Chile" plays and none other then Hulk Hogan slowly but surely walks down to the ring. He goes into the ring and listens to the crowd chant his name.
Hulk Hogan : Well ya know something brother, When i found out that WCW was coming back, i called Eric Bischoff and asked him if it was true. I thought to myself what was WCW without Hulkamania? What was WCW without the New World Order? and most important what was WCW without Eric Bischoff?
"I'm Back" Plays and Eric Bischoff walks down the ring and grabs a mic.
Eric Bischoff : Hulk, I know why your out here to discuss something. So please lets just cut to the chase and say it.
Hulk Hogan : Brother, let me tell you, When i was in the WWE, It was boring and when i came down here it was something new. Something i would like to retire to. I gotta say th...
"Macho" plays and The Macho Man Randy Savage comes down to ring side with a purpose and attacks Hogan until they get seperated. Macho grabs a mic as Hogan is being restrained.
Randy Savage : I want ya Hogan, I want ya in a match at Soul'd Out ohhhh yeah. We'll call it a retirement match "brother".
Hulk Hogan : You want it, You got it brother!
--- Commercial Break ---
Tony Schiavone : Wow did you hear that? A RETIREMENT MATCH PROFESSOR!
Mike Tenay : Yes Tony, I did hear that. Just like i heard The Macho Man's rap cd where he bashes Hogan. This match will be a classic!
Tony Schiavone : It sure will Mike. We've seen one bout already and have crowned one champion already tonight...
"Air Juvi" is played and Juvi Guerrara makes his way to the ring, followed by Super Crazy, Alex Shelley, Psicosis and Billy Kidman.

WCW Light Heavyweight Title Battle Royal -- Psicosis Vs Super Crazy Vs Alex Shelley Vs Juvi Vs Billy Kidman
This match definitely steals the show. At the end Psicosis, Juvi, and Super Crazy are all out. Raven hits the ring and Raven Effect's Billy Kidman onto the mat. Alex Shelley rolls over to pin him but get's pushed over by Super Crazy who everyone thought was knocked out. He gets the three and walks out holding and kissing the title he has won.
WCW New Light Heavyweight Champion -- Super Crazy

Ed Ferrara : Hold up just a second cowboy. You forgot about good ole Oklahoma did ya? Well let me tell ya that Oklahoma is back on the announce team.
Mike Tenay : Oh my god! No!
Tony Schiavone : Haha!
Oklahoma : How's it going boys!?
Tony and Mike Together : Great, what the hell are you doing here?
Oklahoma : Well i was sitting at home shooting some fakecows with my water shotgun and Mr. Bischoff gave me a call and said "Oak we need ya back on the announce team!", Of couse i accepted, who wouldn't?

"Real Good Girl" hits and Christy Hemme makes her way to ringside to announce the participants in this next match featuring Jeff Jarrett and Booker T.
Christy Hemme : Wow guys, Its great to be here in WCW! I never thought in my wildest dreams i would be here, But then again i never thought i would be in Playboy either! Hehe. Well...
"The Chosen One" hits and Jeff Jarrett with guitar in hand comes out and starts walking to the ring and stops and lifts up his guitar and pyro goes off.
Jeff Jarrett : Listen sweetie, no one cares about you or what your doing here or anything, The only reason these people are here is to see me beat Booker T and win the WCW United States Championship!
Christy Hemme : Well then, Jeff let me tell you something Mr Bischoff said to me before i came out here. In order for you to win, It needs to be a clean pinfall.
Jeff Jarrett : Haha! I can do that slapn..
Jeff is mad and goes to put his hands on Christy but "I'm Back" plays and Eric Bischoff comes out.
Eric Bischoff : Not only can you not use the guitar Jeff, But if you lay a hand on my special ring announcer you will forfeit your title chance and be suspended without pay for a month!
Jeff takes his hand down and "Can You Dig It Sucka" plays and Booker T comes out with pyro.

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match -- Jeff Jarrett Vs Booker T
Pretty good match featuring the best of the best. The ref is knocked down and Jeff goes for a chair but just as he gets into the ring, Abyss hits him with his guitar and hits a Black Hole Slam on Jarrett. Booker T covers Jarrett to become the new United States Chamption!
WCW New United States Heavyweight Champion -- Booker T

Fades to Eric Bischoff talking with Abyss
Eric Bischoff : Good job Abyss, Good job!
Abyss : *nods and grunts*
--- Commercial Break ---
Oklahoma : Did you see that chaps? Abyss is working for Mr. Bischoff!
Mike Tenay : And Booker T is our new United States Champion. What a shock!

Fades to the back where we see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash talking

Scott Hall : Wow Big Kev! I never thought I'd see the day when WCW would be brought back. Man i got an idea!
Kevin Nash : What's that man?
Scott Hall : You know chico, we're The Outsiders man! We should get a chance to win the Tag Titles too man!
Kevin Nash : Your right! We should get our chance, Maybe if one of the teams competing tonight were to lets say.. Have an accident, Eric would put us in the match?
Scott Hall : I like the way you think big man.

Fades to the arena
Tony Schaivone : Wow! that show's not only how much they want a chance, But how low they'll go to get that chance.
Mike Tenay : Yes Tony! Next week's Tag Title Match is sure to be great!
Oklahoma : I remember when i was an outsider at my school, I was shooting and spurrin and wheelin and dealin!
Tony Schaivone : I'm sure you were.

"Legs" hits and Stacy Keibler comes out in a robe, she gets into the ring her usually over the middle rope way and grabs a mic.
Stacy Keibler : I know all you fans came here to see me! Am i right?. Tonight i want to make an open challenge to any diva in the back who thinks they can beat me in a Bikini Contest!
"Its Me Its Me Its DDP" hits and Kimberly Page comes to the ring, followed by Torrie Wilson.
Kimberly Page : Well Stacy,last time i saw you on Nitro, i kicked you off the Nitro Girls! My how you've changed, And opening a challenge to anyone? That shows you got something since i'm not anybody..
Torrie Wilson : Your a nobody Kimberly, Let's show the fans our bikini's and see who wins!
Stacy Keibler : Your right Torrie!, Let's see who's better!
Stacy takes off her robe and shows the world her bright pink hot bikini and the crowd goes nuts!. She dances a little and next is Kimberly Page who disrobes and shows her black bikini and some of the crowd goes nuts but not all, Next is Torrie Wilson, who disrobes and shows off her gold thong bikini and the crowd goes nuts!! The crowd can't decide who they like better so it ends in a tie.
Winner(s) -- Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson
--- Commercial Break ---

We come back and see Chavo and Eddie Guerrero laid out cold in a pool of blood. EMT's rush to their aid.
Tony Schaivone : Was that The Outsiders plan?
Mike Tenay : Obviously Tony, but on a more serious note. The next match is for the World Heavyweight Championship. Any heavyweight as far as i know will be apart of it.
"I'm Back" plays and Eric Bischoff makes his way to ringside. He grabs a mic.
Eric Bischoff : I just got off the phone with someone who's said he's on his way and wants a way into the Heavyweight Battle Royal, He's been signed by WCW as of five minutes ago and is entered into the Battle Royal.
"I'm Back" plays again as Bischoff leaves with a smirk on his face.
Mike Tenay : Who could it be Tony?
--- Commercial Break ---

We come back and Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Chris Sabin, DDP, Sting, Lex Luger, and Tyson Tomko are all in the ring.
"Goldberg" plays and Bill Goldberg comes out to the ring and breathes fire and spits and everything.
Goldberg : Your all next!

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Battle Royal -- Shelton Benjamin Vs Chris Sabin Vs DDP Vs Tyson Tomko Vs Goldberg Vs Lex Luger Vs Sting Vs Chris Benoit Vs ??
This match was the Showstopper, At the end of the match it was Chris Benoit Vs Goldberg. Sting comes back and nails Chris Benoit in the back of the head with the championship. Goldberg goes to throw him over but..
"Here Comes The Pain" hits and Brock Lesnar hits the ring from behind.
Lesnar elimanates Chris Benoit and goes to elimanates but just as he's about to Goldberg goes down and throws Lesnar over but he lands on the mat and Goldberg thinks he is the winner and celebrates as Lesnar gets into the ring and flips Goldberg over the top and wins the match!
WCW New World Heavyweight Champion -- Brock Lesnar

"Phenomonal" plays and AJ Styles makes his way to the ring with a mic and stops.
AJ Styles : Me..You...Soul'd Out!

Tony Schiavone : Oh my god!

Fades to black.. end show.
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I now have Thunder ready to go

here it is..

WCW : Thunder 1/6

Tony Schaivone : What an opening Nitro last Monday. The return of Brock Lesnar and the challenge by AJ Styles. Man next week's show is gonna be crazy.
Mike Tenay : Thats right Tony. But we're not concerned about next week, we're concerned about today.
Tony Schaivone : Thats right! Let's goto Scott Hudson who's in the back with Sonny Ono.
Fades to back
Scott Hudson : Sonny Ono, you vouch to us that your gonna bring back Kaz Hayashi to face Billy Kidman tonight. After seeing what happened to Kidman on NItro, aren't you a little sceptacle that Raven will show up and Evenflow both Kidman and Kaz?
Sonny Ono : No I am not Scott, I promised to bring Kaz Hayashi back to WCW and thats what i did. If he has to go through both Kidman and Raven to prove he is better, then that's what he's gonna do!
--- Commercial ---

"Wolfpac" hits and both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash hit the ring
Scott Hall : Mein, did you see what happened to Eddie and Chavo last week on Nitro? It was horrible.
Kevin Nash : Yeah Scott. Let me tell you guys right now, it wasn't us. We promise
Scott Hall : Even though we wanted a shot at the WCW Tag Team Titles, We're not that low into hitting someone from behind. At least not anymore chico.
Kevin Nash : Ye...
"I'm Back" hits and Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with a purpose and looks horrified at both Nash and Hall.
Eric Bischoff : Even though i cant prove you did ANYTHING to Eddie and Chavo, I just got the report in and they said to me that both Eddie and Chavo won't be able to be in the 6 Team Battle Royal for the titles on Nitro next week. With that being said, I'd still like to keep it a Six Team Battle Royal for the titles so I'm gonna have to bring in one more team.
Scott Hall : Hey mein, why..dont..you..put me and Kev in the match?
Eric Bischoff : As exciting as that sounds...No..I'm not going to add you to the match. At least not yet.
Kevin Nash : What's that mean Eric? We're the only team on WCW that even deserves a shot at the titles!
Eric Bischoff : No your not. In fact. I have a team in mind for the space of Eddie and Chavo, But since you two want that place to bad, I'm gonna make a tag match right here tonight on Thunder!
Scott Hall : Whoever it is, They will lose 1...2...

"xXx" plays and Primetime and The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels enter the arena.
Primetime : Yeah Scott, You guys will lose...
Fallen Angel : 1...2....3
--- Commercial ---

"ECW" hits and out comes The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer to the ring.
Tommy Dreamer : Well, Well, Well..WCW is back huh? Well where is the Extreme part of it?
Sandman : Where's The Beer?
Tommy Dreamer : Where is Paul Heyman?
"ECW" hits again and out comes Paul Heyman, chuckling and walking to the ring.
Paul Heyman : WCW huh? I remember this place. In fact i remember you fired me last time. Well guess what, they cant fire me again! Haha! As of this moment, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and Myself are WCW and we'll take WCW....To the EXTREME!
"Fades to the back where we see Eric Bischoff laughing"
Eric Bischoff on the phone : I told you if we brought him back it would get a huge response..What? He's coming here tonight? No way this is to good? When he comes, I'll meet him in the ring so we can get the contract signed. Talk to you later Vince. Haha!
"Fades to Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay"
Tony Schiavone : I can't believe that! Eric was talking to Vince McMahon!
Mike Tenay : You don't know that Tony, remember about Vince Russo. The Director of Authority.
Tony Schiavone : Your right Mike, i shouldn't worry..Well anyway.. Soul'd Out is coming up and it's looking good!..The Hogan/Savage Retirement match is looking like it could be the spot of the night!
Mike Tenay : What about Brock Lesnar/AJ Styles match, or is it a match yet? No one knows...Hopefully we'll find out soon!

"It's All About Kaz" hits and Kaz Hayashi with his manage Sonny Ono come to the ring, they are followed by Billy Kidman who is looking for Raven.
Cruiserweight Match -- Billy Kidman Vs Kaz Hayashi w/ Sonny Ono

Match was good. In the end the ref is knocked out and Kidman went up for the Shooting Star Press but Raven came from out of no where again and Evenflowed him from the toprope. Sonny wakes up the ref as Kaz rolls Kidman into the cover for the three. Kaz celebrates with Sonny as he walks up to the ramp. Billy Kidman needed to be taken out on a stretcher.
Winner -- Kaz Hayashi

Raven : Eric, I want Billy Kidman in a match at Soul'd Out.
Eric Bischoff : Fine, Raven whatever kind of match you want, You can have!
Raven : And in the hour of darkness Eric, I will emerge the victor. Quoth The Raven... Nevermore.

--- Commercial ---

Mike Tenay : That news is horrifying, Raven Vs Billy Kidman..Any match Raven wants? Thats scary Tony!
Tony Schiavone : Especially in the condition Kidman is in, Hopefully he'll make it to Soul'd Out and beat Raven once and for all!
Mike Tenay : What the..another interuption?
"Wildman" plays and Wildman Marc Mero and Sable come to the ring.
Marc Mero : I'm really upset, I mean i had the match won on Nitro, I could be the new WCW Television Champion right now Sable. Alex Wright, You coward..You couldn't beat me fair and square using any finisher so you rolled me into a small package? How original! Ha! At least I know i'll get my revenge at Soul'd Out!
"Wildman" hits again and Marc Mero and Sable leave.
Tony Schiavone : Another great match has been added to Soul'd Out on Sunday, January 30th..This match will not be for the weak at heart.
Mike Tenay : Chris Sabin has been complaining all week that he got screwed in the World Title Battle Royal at Nitro last week. Tonight he will be in a match with Shelton Benjamin and everybody that match is next!
--- Commercial ---
"Hail Sabin" plays and Chris Sabin comes out followed by Shelton.

Grudge Match -- Chris Sabin Vs Shelton Benjamin

Match was excellent, It went back and forth. Shelton hit Sabin with the T Bone and got the two count. As Shelton was complaining it was a three. Chris Sabin rolled him up for a two count. Sabin argued with the ref too, Shelton then hit Sabin with the Dragon Whip for the three count. He stumbled out of the ring and stared at Sabin.
Winner -- Shelton Benjamin

Tony Schiavone : What a great match that was. It featured two of WCW's brightest stars.
Mike Tenay : That it did Tony.
"I'm Back" hits and Eric Bischoff along side Vince Russo comes to the ring. Everyone looks shocked!
Eric Bischoff : You know Vince, you were right when you told me to bring in AJ Styles!
Vince Russo : I told you that because he is simply Phenominal boss!
Eric Bischoff : Vince, I know. Which is why i wanted to announce that next week on Nitro, the contract will be signed..Brock Lesnar Vs......AJ Styles.
"Y2J" hits and Chris Jericho comes to the ring
Chris Jericho : Eric, what about me? Where's my shot? I was the fir...
Eric Bischoff : I know, WWE Undisputed Champion..Well guess what Chris? This isn't the WWE..But I will make you a promise Chris..Next week, You and a challenger of my choosing will go for the #1 Contender spot against the champion after Soul'd Out..How do you like that?
Chris Jericho : Thanks Eric, I like the sound of that!
"Y2J" hits again and Jericho leaves.
Eric Bischoff : Now onto more important business, The xXx and Outsider match tonight will be a No DQ match for the spot in the Six Team Battle Royal.
Vince Russo : Thats a great idea. But what about interference?
Eric Bischoff : Thank's Vince, now onto my next point if anyone and i mean ANYONE decides to interfere in this match, They will be fired on the spot!
"I'm Back" goes again as Eric and Vince both leave.
--- Commercial ---
"Wolfpac" hits and The Outsider's hit the ring followed by xXx

WCW Tag Title Six Team Battle Royal Open Space Match -- The Outsiders Vs xXx

Best match of the night! Hall hit the Outsiders Edge on The Fallen Angel and Nash hit the Jacknife on Primetime, The whole arena fades to black and as it comes back up both Hall and Nash are laid out, Primetime rolls over to Hall and covers him 1...2...Hall kicks out and as he does Big Show comes out of the crowd and chokeslams both members of xXx, Nash rolls over to Primetime 1..2..3 and The Outsiders win!!
Winners -- The Outsiders

"I'm Back" hits and Eric Bischoff comes out with a smile on his face and is clapping.

Eric Bischoff : Thank you Big Show, Thank you for destroying what was called the "Best Tagteam Ever". Thank you for reforming what we like to call...the nWo! Big Show, Thank You!
Bischoff walks to ring and hugs Big Show as show ends.

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I'm currently working on the next show, it should be up tommorow, give me some feedback so i'll know what to put in the show.
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