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K. This thread all depends on you, the readers. I said I would take a break, and I have been working on this behind the scenes. And after this I came to the realisation (sp?) that I dont need a break, I just dont need a partner at the moment. Because Im busy at this point, but this way I can work on my own time. No guilt. So Im posting this show, and if you people like it, I will continue. If ya dont, then I just need to continue with my break, and then in several weeks return with a partner.

Backstory- Vince Mcmahon sensed that there was no passion in the sport of Professional Wrestling anymore. Like the fans had already discovered, he noticed that there was no real spark anymore. And that spark could only be ignited by some heated competition. And the way TNA was going, that wasn't going to cut it. So Vince sold the WCW name to Eric Bischoff. Bischoff then bought the NWA-TNA.

Roster- Not going to post the whole roster, just think NWA-TNA without a few non important people and BG James, with Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Booker T., Rey Mysterio, Chris Masters, and The Outsiders.

WCW Week 1
July 4th, 2005

//The show opens with no opening music, no opening video, no commentary, no nothing. The arena is pitch black. The lights then turn on and Eric Bischoff is in the ring with a giant smile on his face.

Eric Bischoff- Atlanta, Georgia.. the WCW has returned! And this time.. it will NOT fail! Because I now have FULL control, and I will NOT let that happen! The WCW is back and believe me, it is better then ever. With a whole new style and brand of entertainment. But lets get to tonight, shall we? The WCW Championships, the World Title, the United States title, the TV title, the Cruiserweight Title, and the Tag Team Titles.. will all be decided tonight, in THIS VERY RING! Tonight, the Tag Team titles will be decided when Kronik take on The Naturals taking on Rey Mysterio and Konnan taking on America's Most Wanted! The Cruiserweight Championship will be decided when Christoper Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Primetime, Sean Waltman, Michael Shane, and Chris Sabin battle it out gauntlet style. The TV title will be on the line when Chris Masters takes on Jeff Hardy. As for the United States Championship, it will be decided tonight in a 3 way dance, featuring Ron Killings, Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett! Now tonight, the main event is very special. Because you see, there will be a 15 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal. And when there is two competitors left, they will go one on one. And the winner will be the World Heavyweight Champion! Thank you and enjoy your evening!

"Im Back" hits as Eric exits the ring.

Tony Schiavone- Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to welcome you to WCW Monday Night Nitro live on Fox Sports Net. We are back in business! I am Tony Schiavone, alongside Iron Mike Tenay, and what a night we have in store for us, huh Professor?

Mike Tenay- You can say that again. All the titles on the line tonight. And in a big way. This is going to be one.. heck of a night!

"Here Comes The Pain" hits and the fans erupt in cheers.

Mike Tenay- Wait a minute..

Tony Schiavone- What's this?

The cheers get louder as BROCK LESNAR steps out on stage. He is in a muscle shirt and track pants and begins to make his way to the ring.

Mike Tenay- I am SHOCKED!

Tony Schiavone- Brock Lesnar.. in the WCW??

Lesnar climbs in the ring and grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to die down.

Brock Lesnar- Ya' know.. it was only a few months ago, when I was battling with Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon. Not in the ring, no no, but in the courtroom. And why was I fighting Vince? Because Vince took it apon himself to ban me from wrestling in ANY company besides, the W.. W.. E. And then Vince had the balls to tell me, that the W.. W.. E, didnt need me. So then I took it upon myself, to fight that little statement. And I failed, to be honest. But since Vince decided that he would sell the WCW to Eric Bischoff, Vince lifted that ban, and here I am. The Next Big Thing is now WCW. And ya' know something? It feels great!

"Can You Dig It.. Sucka?". The crowd explodes in cheers as Booker T. steps out on stage. He has a Booker T. shirt on with track pants. He doesn't do his usual entrance, just walks down the ramp. He climbs in and walks over to Lesnar and snatches the mic.

Booker T.- Let me tell ya' something, Lesnar. Nobody gives a damn, why you are here. The only thing these people care about.. is that the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 TIME, WCW Champ is back. Ya' see, whenever the WCW was bought by Eric Bischoff, I went up to Vince Mcmahon and I told him like it is. Because the WCW just can't cut it, without the Booker Man. Period.

The crowd begin to boo Booker, due to his "heelish" attitude. Lesnar smirks and then snatches the mic right back from Booker!

Brock Lesnar- Is that so Book? No let me tell YOU something, Booker. You may have been a 5 time WCW Champ. But I wasnt around Book. But now that Im in the WCW, I guarantee that you wont be calling yourself a 6 time WCW Champ. "Period".

The crowd cheer as Booker looks embarrassed. Brock then sarcastically tosses the mic to Book, who catches it.

Booker T.- Hey Brock.. Here.. Comes.. The Pain.. SUUUUCCCCKKKKKAAAA!

Booker slams down the mic and he and Brock get face to face. Suddenly, from the crowd, somebody rolles in the ring.. Its MONTY BROWN. He runs and then nails the POUNCE to Brock Lesnar! Booker and Monty then precede to stomp down on Lesnar.

Booker- Yeah.. What Now Sucka? WHAT NOW!

Booker then nails the Scissors Kick to Lesnar! Booker and Brown continue to beat down Lesnar to the dismay of the fans. Suddeny "Goldberg's March" begins to play! The fans go insane with cheers, as Booker and The AlphaMale look up at the stage with fear in their eyes! Goldberg then steps out on stage as pyro shoots off. Goldberg makes his way through the pyro. He stands on the stage, and takes off his Harley Davidson jacket, before storming to the ring. Goldberg slides in, as Booker and Brown slide out through the sides of the ring. The two make their way up the ramp, keeping their eyes on Goldberg. Goldberg stands on the second rope and yells, "Your Asses Are Next!" Booker and Brown have a kick in their step, as they walk backstage.Goldberg turns around and the crowd goes crazy with cheers, as Lesnar gets to his feet. Him and Goldberg go face to face, with neither man backing down. After a few moments, Lesnar extends his hand. Goldberg looks around at the crowd and then down at Lesnar's hand. He then SHAKES IT! The two then raises each others arms as we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

Tony Schiavone- Fans, welcome back to Nitro. What a moment we just saw! Goldberg and Brock Lesnar embracing.. and shaking hands! Goldberg making the save for Brock Lesnar? I did not see this coming!

Mike Tenay- With the battle these two had in the WWE, I would have never thought that they would be shaking hands. What a surprise. But what about Booker T.? What has gotten into him?

Tony Schiavone- I dont know, but it would appear that him and Monty Brown have some kind of an alliance! But in any event fans, we are recieving word that Scott Hudson is standing by, with Jeff Jarrett!

The titantron flickers, and then shows Scott Hudson in a suit, standing by with Jeff Jarrett, who is in a King Of The Mountain tank top, a pair of sunglasses, and has his guitar slung over his shoulder.

Scott Hudson- Jeff Jarrett, tonight you face Ron Killings and Abyss tonight for the United States Championship in a 3 Way Dance Match. What..

Jeff Jarrett- Ah, put a sock in it slapnuts. Listen up. Tonight, is not going to be remembered as the Ressurection of WCW. No, tonight is going to be remembered as the night, when Jeff Jarrett stole the show! Because tonight, Im walking out with the United States Championship... AND the World Heavyweight Championship.

Scott Hudson- World Heavyweight Championship? Have you been placed in the Battle Royal tonight?

Jeff Jarrett- Have I been placed in the Battle Royal? Of course I have. I am the King Of The Mountain. And I am going to prove that tonight, when I walk out with not one.. but two championships. So Choke On That Slapnuts.

Jarrett begins to walk off, but Ron Killings then enters the scene.

Ron Killings- Two titles, huh? Let me tell you something, "Jeffrey". I'm in that US title match, no doubt. But I just got back from talking to Eric Bischoff, and dig this.. I'm in the battle royal for the World Title to. And you can forget about winning two titles tonight. Because if anyone is walking out with the US and the World Title tonight.. its gonna' be The Truth. And yo' ass can choke on that!

The Truth smirks and then walks off as Jarrett looks on with a pissed face.

Mike Tenay- Oh my, what a night this is going to be!

"Extreme" hits as the fans begin to cheer as Jeff Hardy sprints down the ramp. He rolls in and taunts the crowd. "MasterPiece" then hits as the crowd begin to boo and Chris Masters walks out on stage with his robe on, and does his usual flexing entrance. He flings off the robe and walks down to the ring with a cocky swagger. He rolls in and goes face to face with Jeff as the ref shows everyone the TV Title. The bell rings as the two go face to face.

Tony Schiavone- This is certainly going to be an interesting contest. Two totally different styles here.

Mike Tenay- Chris Masters with that amature and power back ground, and Jeff Hardy with that cruiserweight style.

Television Championship- Chris Masters Vs Jeff Hardy

The Finish- A great match with two young stars going at it. Jeff Hardy goes for a Swanton, but Masters lifts his knees, hitting Hardy in the back. Hardy gets up holding his back, but is caught with the Masterlock. Jeff tries to swing out of it, and is about to, before Masters turns it into a Full Nelson Slam! Masters then covers with a clean win!

Winner and NEW TV Champion- Chris Masters

Mike Tenay- Wow, what an opening match! Our TV title is no longer vacant, and now will be around the waiste of Chris Masters.

Tony Schiavone- Jeff Hardy put up the valient effort, but could not get the job done!

Masters celebrates in the ring with his newly won title, to the dismay of the fans. We then go backstage to the parking lot, where a long limo pulls up.

Tony Schiavone- Whats this?

Mike Tenay- Who is in that limo?

Commercial Break

We return as "Hart Attack" hits. The fans then begin to go absolutely crazy.

Tony Schiavone- Wait a minute!

Mike Tenay- No way! Is this who was in the limo?

Suddenly, BRET HART steps out on stage. The fans are going nuts as Bret stands on stage, with a Hockey jersey, jean shorts, and his famous sunglasses. He has that famous smirk on his face as he walks down the ramp. He casually walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. He rolls in and grabs a mic and waits for several minutes, until the crowd finally lets him speak.

Bret Hart- So.. the WCW is back? Well how could the Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be.. not show up, to welcome it back? I mean, this is great. The WCW looks like it will be on top again. And I am just so happy to be here, to welcome it back with open arms, just like it welcomed me, what.. 8 years ago? Well, I would just like to..

Interupting Bret, the Canadian National Anthem hits over the PA System.

Mike Tenay- Whats going on now?

Petey Williams then begins to walk down the ramp to major heat. Bret stands in the ring, looking aggitated, as Petey rolls in the ring and grabs a mic, looking a little confident.

Petey Williams- So you are the best, huh? You are the great Bret Hart? The Excellence of Execution? Please.. you're just an old man! You want to talk about the Best There Is.. well Bret, you are looking at it! But you know something Bret? The WCW return to PPV, SuperBrawl is coming up in a little over 4 Weeks. You see, I know Im the best there is. But these stupid fans, think you are. So what Im proposing to you, old man.. is that you face me.. one on one at Superbrawl!

The crowd cheer wanting the match. Bret looks at the crowd and then back at Williams.

Bret Hart- If you would have come just a little bit sooner Petey. But ya' see, I came here tonight to announce my retirement from professional wrestling. So I'm afraid, I have to decline your challenge.

Petey Williams- Oh ok.. I get it.. you are scared! You think your the best? Your pathedic!

Petey drops the mic and then SLAPS Bret Hart right in the face! The crowd boo as Bret holds his cheek. He then looks up with rage in his eyes. He then clotheslines Petey Williams to the floor! He looks down at him as the crowd cheers like crazy, before picking up the mic.

Bret Hart- I will see YOU at Superbrawl!

Bret throws down the mic as the crowd cheers like crazy. He leaves the ring, as "Hart Attack" rehits. We then go ringside with Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone.

Tony Schiavone- Oh my goodness! What an announcment! Bret Hart will return to the ring at Superbrawl to take on Petey Williams!

Mike Tenay- Be careful what you wish for, Petey Williams. You asked for it, and now you have got it

We then go backstage where Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are talking.

Scott Hall- Hey Kev, you ready for tonight?

Kevin Nash- What's tonight?

Scott Hall- The Battle Royal.

Kevin Nash- What about it?

Scott Hall- Are you ready for it. What are you Smokin' Chico?

Kevin Nash- Oh you meanMe winning the WCW Heavyweight Title? Oh yeah, thats toooooooo sweeeeeettttt!

Scott Hall- That is sweet.. but not as sweet as ME winning.

Kevin Nash- That's great, but what about ME winning? That's a plan.

Scott Hall- You're smart, but a better plan would be ME winning.

Kevin Nash- Good plan, but I think we go in the approach where I win.

The two begin to jokingly argue, before Sean Waltman walks out of the bathroom.

Sean Waltman- Man you guys are loud! Now let me tell you both what is sweet. Me winning the Cruiserweight Championship. Now that is without a shadow of a doubt, to sweet.

Kevin Nash- You better hurry man.

Scott Hall- Yeah, get outta here Chico.

Kevin Nash- Give them hell!

Waltman smirks and then leaves the lockerroom as we return to the ring.

"Hail Sabin" hits as the crowd gives a mixed reaction as Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring. He gets in before "Primetime" hits and Elix Skipper makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction as well. He gets in and the two go face to face.

Mike Tenay- Now fans, the rules of this match state that we start out with two cruiserweights. Every other two minutes, another cruiserweight comes in at random. A cruiserweight can be eliminated by pinfall or submission at any time.

Tony Schiavone- Whoever gets lucky number 6, will have the best advantage to win this thing.

Cruiserweight Title- Gauntlet

Recap- Primetime and Sabin battled it out every second of that two minutes, with that innovative offense only X Division stars can use. The 3rd Entrant was the Fallen Angel. Daniels come in and he and Primetime shake hands! Triple X reunion? Daniels and Skipper then go to work on Sabin. They use a variety of tag team manuevers, until the 4th Entrant, Sean Waltman, sprints down the ramp to a suprisingly huge pop. Syxx-Pac goes in and cleans house. He hits the X-Factor to Sabin, put Primetime hits him with a spinning heel kick and covers Sabin, eliminating him. Michael Shane makes his way to the ring and Triple X and Shane triple team Waltman. That is until Daniels turns on Shane with the Angel Wings to eliminate him! Jerry Lynn then comes to the ring and tries to help Waltman fend off Triple X but it is to no avail and he is pinned by Primetime. Waltman then sends Primetime over the top rope, and then hits Daniels with a suprise X-Factor to eliminate him. Syxx-Pac and Primetime do battle for several more minutes, until Sean Waltman counters a neckbreaker into a X-Factor for the victory!

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion- Syxx-Pac

Tony Schiavone- What a win for Sean Waltman! He is the new Cruiserweight Champion!

Mike Tenay- Well he certainly earned it! And in his words, and the words of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, that is just to sweet!

"Syxx-Pac" rehits as Waltman celebrates with his newly one title to the delight of the crowd. But suddenly, he is attacked from behind by Kid Kash and Abyss!

Mike Tenay- Ah, come on! What do they want?

Kash stomps away at Syxx-Pac, and throws him into a BlackHole Slam from Abyss! Kash continues the beatdown until Kevin Nash and Scott Hall make there way down the ramp to an enormous pop. Kid Kash And Abyss then leave the ring and exit to the crowd. The Outsiders check on Syxx-Pac as we goto commercial.


We return as Syxx-Pac, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall are walking down the hall way.

Syxx-Pac- I'm going to whoop Kid Rock's ass!

Kevin Nash- That's uh Kid Kash.

Syxx-Pac- Man this place sucks! I thought we had a rock star here!

Scott Hall- Hey yo, chicos, where we going?

Syxx-Pac- We are going to Eric Bischoff's office to get me a match with Kid Rock.

Kevin Nash- That's uh Kid Kash.

Scott Hall- Well fella's count me out. I have to go to the little girl's room.

Kevin Nash- That is what you get for getting that burrito.

Scott Hall- Hey it was the Big Gulp.

Hall walks off as Nash and Syxx-Pac continue to Eric Bischoff's office, as we return to the ring.

Mike Tenay- Well, it would appear that Sean Waltman would like some revenge on Kid Kash.

Tony Schiavone- You mean Kid Rock?

"AMW" hits and James Storm and Chris Harris make their way to the ring to a nice pop. "Naturals" hits and Stevens and Douglas make their way to the ring to some heat. "619" hits and the crowd goes crazy as Rey Mysterio jumps out on stage in his traditional WWE attire, that is lime green tonight. He then signals to the stage as Konnan comes strutting down the ramp. They enter the ring before "Kronik" hits and the two big men make their way to the ring to an Ok pop.

Tag Team Titles- AMW vs Naturals vs Mysterio/Konnan vs Kronik

The Finish- Naturals were eliminated by Kronik, who then screwed Kronik out of the match, so its down to AMW and Mysterio/Konnan. The two teams put on a hell of a contest, but ends when Rey hits James Storm with the West Coast Pop for the victory.

Winner and NEW Tag Team Champions- Rey Mysterio and Konnan

Tony Schiavone- What a match and what a win for Rey Mysterio and Konnan.

Mike Tenay- And now you see the respect these two teams have for each other, shaking hands.

We see the two teams shake hands and then Rey an Konnan celebrate before we go backstage where Kevin Nash and Syxx-Pac are walking to their lockerroom.

Kevin Nash- Well Sean, its settled. You and Kid Rock next week.

Syxx-Pac- That's uh Kid Kash.

Kevin Nash- Hey, thats my line!

The two then walk in their lockerroom, and find it trashed and Scott Hall, knocked out on the floor!

Kevin Nash- DAMNIT!

Syxx-Pac- Those bitches are gonna pay for this!!

Sean leans out of the lockerroom.

Syxx-Pac- Hey! We need some damn help in here! Come on!

EMTS run in the lockerroom, as Nash and Waltman continue to get angry. Syxx-Pac then looks to the camera.

Syxx-Pac- Kash! I know you are watching! Your ass is grass.. and Im gonna smoke it! Now get the hell out of here.

He then pushes the camera man out.

Mike Tenay- I can't believe this. Kid Kash and Abyss make me sick! Kid Ksh is going to get his next week!

The scene then switches to Shane Douglas who is standing by with Bill Goldberg.

Shane Douglas- Bill Goldberg, earlier tonight, you made the save for Brock Lesnar who was getting attacked by Booker T. and Monty Brown. Care to tell us why?

Goldberg- Well me and Brock Lesnar have never been friends. There is no doubt about that. But I respect the hell out of him. And there is no chance, that I am going to sit back, and watch those two goons jump Brock Lesnar. So, I evened up the odds a little bit. And tonight..

Goldberg is then interupted as Brock Lesnar walks up and the two go face to face.

Brock Lesnar- Goldberg, I appreciate what you did for me tonight. But make no mistake about it.. I came here tonight to win the WCW title. And I will beat down anybody, to walk out with that title. So no hard feelings tonight, when I F5 you out of the ring, and become WCW Champ.

Brock smirks and then extends his hand. Goldberg chuckles and then shakes his hand. The scene then immediately switches to the lockerroom where Booker T. and Monty Brown are watching a moniter.

Booker T.- Those punk-asses are going down tonight! We gonna whoop some ass tonight! That WCW Championship is coming home with the Booka' man. Ya' dig?

Monty Brown- Oh I can dig it. I can dig it.


We return inside the office of Eric Bischoff, who is sitting in a chair with his feet propped up on his desk. Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman then walk in, still angry from earlier.

Kevin Nash- What do you want Bischoff?

Eric Bischoff- Guys, just calm down. I sent for you two, because I have a couple announcements involving you two. First off, since Scott Hall will not be able to participate in the battle royal tonight, Sean, you will be taking his place. And second, I have decided to cancel your match with Kid Kash next week.

Syxx-Pac- What the hell are you talking about!? I want Kid Kash next week!

Eric Bischoff- And your going to get him. Just not one on one. No, I have a better idea. Next week it is going to be Kid Kash and Abyss vs Syxx-Pac... and Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash- I like your thinking.

Syxx-Pac- Let's go Big Kev, we got a little business to take care of.

The two leave Eric with a confused look on his face.

Mike Tenay- What a tag match next week!

Tony Schiavone- What business are they talking about, though?

"My World" hits and the fans boo like crazy as Jeff Jarrett comes out in his normal tights on and his under armor type shirt, in baby blue. He twirls his guitar and lifts it in the air as pyro shoots off. He continues to the ring and taunts the booing crowd. "The Truth" hits and the fans go nuts as Ron "The Truth" Killings makes his way to the ring, in a pair of black jeans and a Josh Smith jersey. Killings rolls in and takes off his jersey and throws it in the face of Jarrett to the delight of the crowd. The two talk trash as "Down In the Catacombs" hit and the crowd begin to boo as Abyss walks out on stage. The boos turn to cheers when Kevin Nash sneaks behind Abyss and nails him in the back with a steel chair! Abyss drops to his knees and Syxx-Pac then nails him in the head with a chair.

Tony Schiavone- This must be the business they had to tend to!

Mike Tenay- A little payback! Looks like this 3 Way Dance has just turned into a one on one contest!

United States Championship- The Truth vs Jeff Jarrett

Match- Waltman and Nash continue the beatdown to Abyss and Jeff Jarrett watches from the ring. Killings then grabs Jarrett into a sneak rollup for the victory!

Winner and NEW US Champ- The Truth

Mike Tenay- Ron Killings has just won the US title!

Tony Schiavone- Jeff Jarrett will not like this!

Killings grabs his title and rolls out of the ring laughing to a big pop. Jarrett cant believe it and starts to get angry. He pushes down the ref, as Killings celebrates with the title. Killings smirks at Nash and Waltman as he walks to the back.

Tony Schiavone- Well ladies and gentlemen, the 15 man battle royal is next!

Mike Tenay- 15 of the top WCW superstars battling for the world title! Stay tuned!


We return as "I Am" hits and the crowd goes nuts as AJ Styles makes his way to the ring with his traditional entrance.

Tony Schiavone- Go ahead and say it Tenay.

Mike Tenay- This man is Phenominal!

His attire is dark blue. He flick off his head and jumps up and down before taking off the hoody. He awaits, before "Alphamale" hits and Monty Brown makes his way to the ring to major heat in red tights. He rolls in and him and AJ go face to face.

Mike Tenay- Well we are starting off with two TNA Alumni. Remember, every two minutes another entrant will enter the match. You can only be eliminated by going over the top rope.

World Heavyweight Championship- Battle Royal

Entrant #1- AJ Styles
Entrant #2- Monty Brown
Entrant #3- Ron Killings
Entrant #4- Raven
Entrant #5- Syxx-Pac
Entrant #6- Rey Mysterio
Entrant #7- Booker T.
Entrant #8- Goldberg
Entrant #9- Abyss
Entrant #10- Kevin Nash
Entrant #11- Jeff Jarrett
Entrant #12- Konnan
Entrant #13- Brock Lesnar
Entrant #14- Jeff Hardy
Entrant #15- Petey Williams

Elimination #1- Raven by Booker T.
Elimination #2- Monty Brown by Goldberg
Elimination #3- Syxx-Pac by Abyss
Elimination #4- Abyss by Kevin Nash
Elimination #5- Konnan by AJ Styles
Elimination #6-The Truth by Jeff Jarrett (from behind)
Elimination #7- Jeff Jarrett by Rey Mysterio (thanks to The Truth)
Elimination #8- Jeff Hardy by Goldberg
Elimination #9- Petey Williams by Brock Lesnar
Elimination #10- AJ Styles by Booker T.
Elimination #11- Rey Mysterio by Kevin Nash
Elimination #12- Kevin Nash by Brock Lesnar
Elimination #13- Brock Lesnar by Booker T. (From Behind)

Booker T. vs Goldberg- WCW Title Final.

Now that we are down to two, so it turns into a one on one contest. Both men are tired, but battle it out for several more minutes. Booker hits the BookEnd, but Goldberg kicks out. He goes for the Scissors Kick, but it is countered. Monty Brown tries to interfere, but him and Brock Lesnar begin to brawl up the ramp and backstage. Moments later, Goldberg hits the Spear, and follows it up with the Jackhammer. He covers for the 1, 2, 3 and becomes the WCW champion!

Winner and NEW World Champion- Goldberg

Tony Schiavone- Goldberg did it! Goldberg did it! Goldberg is the World Champion!

Mike Tenay- What a night it has been! WCW is back in a big way! Thank you for joining us. Im Iron Mike Tenay, alongside Tony Schiavone.

Goldberg celebrates in the ring with the World Title as the show comes to a fade.

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

well done man, great WCW show.

Nash?Hall/Syxx vs Kash?Abyss rivalry is gonna be a good solid feud, Im excited about the tag match next week.

US Title match was funny, Jarrets a moron.

Cruiserweight Gauntlet is and was a good idea, nice to see Syxx walk out with it around his waist.

Goldberg/Brock beat down on Brown?Booker at the start nice. They seem to be good friends, Goldberg winning the title also nice move.

I liked the draw for the battle royal, but it was missing my favourite and my pick for the match.

Not a bad show to kickoff what should be very good rebirth of WCW


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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

This was a good show, hope you continue as the rivalries are starting to look solid already! I always liked WCW and their shows a scarce in existance. Would be great to see another one, I also like the fact you have used Kash and Abyss as a tag tema because everyone seems to ignore them as a team.

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

One of the strongest starting hows I've read. I strongly suggest you continue if you can keep pumping out shows of this quality. As I told you on MSN, my favorite part was the opening promo. The characters were played to perfection. I like the little alliance Booker and Monty have. Hm.. Pac and Nash vs. Abyss and Kash? Should be great. Can't wait for that. Goldberg crowed World Champion, brilliance. I'm not a GB fan but he was a good champion. I like that Jarret was kind of the center of humor, expecting to walk out with both titles and walking out with neither, getting a bit angry to the crowd's amusment.

Overall: 9.5/10. Amazing.

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

This was great. I used to watch WCW all the time before it ended. If these men were in the WCW right now, these matches will be the outcome. Good luck. Im really looking forward to seeing Lesnar and Goldberg. Kepp up the great work and Ill keep reading.

Rating- 9.5/10

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

Good news. I decided that I will continue with this thread. Expect the full roster and PPV schedule at somepoint tommorow. Thanks for those who replied. Lets keep them coming ;)

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

OH MY GOD! does it get any better! seriously great reformation of wCw! All The Matches were JUST AWESOME! PROPS MAN! I like Jarrets role and how you gave Goldberg the World Title, that was dope. The Truth Deserved the WCW US title, and the whole card was just amazing, i hope AJ Styles or Brock Lesnar become WCW World Champion! cant wait till next week! keep em coming man your doing an amazing job.

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

Yeah great choice to keep on going but are you going to do just Nitro or Thunder as well

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

I seen the majority of the show before you posted it, so you already know most of my opinions, and I have to say, I was extremely impressed from start to finish.

The nWo skits where hilarious, Brock Lesnars opening promo was well written and well executed with the Booker T, Monty Brown and Goldberg run ins too. That is a major tag match waiting to happen.

Would rather have seen Mysterio and Kidman as tag champs rather than Mysterio and Konnan, but its still good.

Goldberg as champion is fine. He was one of the main guys in WCW towards its end, and its only fitting he is top dog once again.

I hope you stick to this thread now, as in just a short space of time at the BTB forum you've had quite a few threads opened. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

9/10 for an excellent show, which was extremely original, and very fresh to BTB.

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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

Goldberg as the WCW Champion is good to see. He was basically the top star in WCW's history, so it's a very good choice.

Also good to see Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone on the announce table.

The nWo were very good on this show, I just hope you can keep them that way.

You had good choices on who should be champions, with the exception in my opinion of Chris Masters. You could prove me wrong though.

Good luck with carrying on WCW, as it looks like you've got a lot of fans here.


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Re: WCW Nitro (Maybe One Show Only)

Thanks to all those that replied. As for the question, no there is no Thunder, at least not yet. I may be doing it down the line, but as for now I only have time for one show a week. Im currently working on Week 2, and I hope to get the roster and ppv schedule up soon, but im kinda busy. Look out for week 2 soon, I will try my best to top Week 1, and keep all you readers.
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