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I have been awaiting a long time for this! :D
I cant wait!

WCW>Everything else :p

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Owner: Eric Bischoff
Commissioner: The Cat
Commentators: Scott Hudson/ Tony Schovane


Charvo Guerrero
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Evan Karagias
Elix Skipper
Kaz Hayashi
Yung Yang
Jaime Knoble
Kid Romeo
Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio

WCW Cruiserweight Champion:
WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champions:


Mike Awesome
Hugh Morris
Lance Storm
Johnny The Bull
Chuck Polumbo
Sean O’Haire
The Wall
Jason Jett
Bryan Clarke
Brian Adams
Buff Bagwell
Dustin Rhodes
Disco Inferno
Alex Wright
‘Franchise’ Shane Douglas
Rick Steiner

WCW United States Champion:


Booker T.
Jeff Jarrett
Lex Luger
Buff Bagwell
Scott Steiner

WCW World Heavyweight Champion:


Miss Jones
Torrie Wilson
Stacey Keibler
Major Gunns


Polumbo & O’Haire - Chuck Polumbo/ Sean O’Haire
Kronic - Brian Adams/ Bryan Clarke
3 Count - Evan Karagias/ Shannon Moore
Jung Dragons - Yung Yang/ Kaz Hayashi

WCW Tag Team Titles:


691 Posts
I love those cruiserweights!
Great roster

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Nitro Recap - March 26th 2001
WCW United States Championship vs. WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Booker T defeated Scott Steiner

Rey Misterio Jr. & Billy Kidman over Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang and Shannon Moore & Evan Karagais

[WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Shane Helms defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo over Lance Storm & Mike Awesome

Loser Gets A Tatoo Match
Shawn Stasiak over Bam Bam Bigelow

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship
Rey Misterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

Sting defeated Ric Flair

Sting and Ric Flair leave the ring raising each others hand in respect for their great careers.

It then cuts to Vince MacMahon on the screen.

Vince McMahon: Well, Well, Well, looks like I finally won the Monday Night Wars, it also looks Like Ted Turners 'WCW Boys', couldn't cut what was needed to stay in this business. Now this brings me to what I'm going to do with WCW, should I put it on the self? Should I turn it into something like MY WWF?............Well I don't think so, next Monday night, all WCW superstars are requested at RAW, so I can look you all in the face individually and say YOUR FIRED, and Eric Biscoff I wish yo...............

Hit Bischoff's music

Eric Bischoff: You know Vince...... While you have been rambling on about what your going to do with WCW, I've been making plans for what I'm going to do with WCW! You said earlier tonight, 'Who would have thought Vince MacMahon would ever open up a WCW broadcast', Well I've just fixed that problem, because we will never see you open up a WCW broadcast again, you know why? Because I've have just bought all rights to WCW!!!!!! So I only got one thing to say...... Good bye Vince!

Crowd Cheers

Eric Bischoff: Now for what I'm going to do with WCW, hmmmmmm Ah, I am as of now stripping Ric Flair as CEO of WCW, next I am going to take all belts tonight and make them vacant, so champs, would you please come out here.

Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman (Cruiser weight tag champs come out), Pulumbo and O'Haire (tag champs), Shane Helms (cruiserweight champ), and finally Booker T (US champ and WCW world Heavyweight Champ).

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, I much appreciate this, if would all give me your belts and leave, I promise you will have your chance at getting them back.

They all stand around ringside looking ateach other, Shane throws his in first and then the rest do, but Booker gets up on the aporn and gets in the ring.

Booker T hesitates and asks for a mic.

Booker T: Eric what is up with dis?

Eric Bischoff: Booker, leave your belts and you will find out, I'm sorry for what has happened in the past between you and me, but please trust me.

Booker T hesitates and then throws his belts at Biscoff

Eric Bischoff: OK now that that is done, its time for some changes, on April 12th there will be a new ppv airing, WCW Big Bang, everything will be anew. It is time for change around here, and I'm the man to do it.........

Bischoff smiles as Nitro fades off the air.

(I'll have The Big Bang up tomorrow)

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Wolfy, I garentee it will be special, I'm re-writing all the shows but keep the same storylines as before, but they will be much more in depth than before..... Big Bang will be up tonight hopefully.

Glad to see I've still got fans.

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I've had a shit busy week and haven;t had a chance to convert TBB over, so I will have it up Sunday night and from then on each monday as the usual time slot goes.

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I want to know what's going to happen next.

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It isn't, its going up against my WCW..which is better. Hahah :p (jk) We will have a Ratings War during the month too, maybe.

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HOLY CRAP SHE'S BACK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Why thank you, I was up till about 1 lst night re-writing all the matches, it will be up tonight at 8:00pm A/EST.

See you all then!

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Cant wait for the show Grendrill Your Nitro was goodd before and now since everything is gonna be 10x better ITS GONNA ROCK ODALE VATO.
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