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Why doesnt this event get talked about more?

160,000(biggest house in wrestling history), Japanese and American wrestling in North Korea of all places, the prospect alone is absurd

The place actually lit up when Ric Flairs oppodent came out, rumor has it that he was a student of Rikidozan who apparantly was Korean and the internet practically didnt exist back then

Have any wrestlers who were there ever mentioned or remenise what the atmosphere was like?

What are your thoughts on this?

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His opponent was Antonio Inoki, who is the biggest draw in the history of Japanese wrestling. It's not a rumor, he was a student of Rikidozan who was himself a Korean man.

It's not talked about much because it wasn't made widely available to American audiences.

As for the crowd, well since the show was partly set up by the Korean government, it is believed that many in the audience were told to that it was mandatory for them to be there. You can probably find matches from the show on youtube and you can judge the crowd for yourself.
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