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Nitro music hits & pyro goes off.

Schiavone:Welcome folks to the first ever Fusient-owned WCW Nitro! We’ve got some excellent action for you guyz tonight, and I’ll think you’ll agree with me Mark, that Mr.Bischoff has got to be in a good mood.
Madden:Well Tony, you can’t predict what Eric has to say.
Schiavone:So you’re on first name terms with him?
Madden:please,Tony, come on,me & Eric go way back.
Schiavone:Ok Madden whatever you say.Let’s get to the matches….

Rick Steiner .v. The Wall
Steiner & Wall lock up,both break.They both lock up a again,both break yet again.Rick Steiner lunges at The Wall,Wall counters with a belly-to-belly suplex which sends Steiner into the corner.Wall then corner splashes Steiner and taunts the crowd.Steiner explodes out of the corner, spearing The Wall,and pummelling him when hes on the mat.Wall pulls himself out the ring, with Steiner in persuit.Steiner then punches & knee thrusts Wall to weaken him up,Steiner then tries to whip Wall into the barricade but Wall catches him, and gorilla press-slams Steiner into the ring.The Wall climbs back into the ring and goes on the attack against Steiner with kicks & punches, but Steiner goes behind and side suplex’s Wall.Steiner then works Wall into the corner and uses shoulder thrusts to the gut.Steiner irish whips Wall into the corner,but Wall reverses the irish whip, into a whip of his own.Wall goes for a running elbow,it misses, and Rick Steiner hits a HUGE german suplex.Both men get up and Wall goes for a big boot,Steiner ducks though, and gives him an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for the two count.The Wall sneaks out the ring and picks up a chair.Steiner follows him out of the ring,but the Wall springs out from behind the ring steps,and lamps Steiner with a chair.Wall rolls Rick back in the ring and pins him.1-2-3.
Winner:The Wall

The Wall continues to pound on Steiner with the chair,until the sirens hit and Big Poppa Pumps runs out from the back with a steel pipe!
The Wall bails out the ring and sprints halfway up the ramp.The Steiner boys shout to the Wall.

Madden:Well Tony, looks like your boyfriend is scared of Freakzilla’s peaks, hey you know what……
Schiavone:What, Madden?
Madden:Maybe you and ‘Da Wall’ could become one of Steiner’s freaks?
Schiavone: Anyway, I’d just like to say that I’m looking forward to tonights mystery Cruiserweight challenge, it’s gonna be great folks!
Madden:*cough* (suck up)*cough*

Cash .v. Rick Micheals
Cash & Micheals lock up.Cash puts Micheals into a side headlock and Micheals pushes him into the ropes.Cash uses a shoulder block,but Rick Micheals gets back up & goes for a hiptoss on Cash,Cash reverses it into a hiptoss of his own,sending Micheals over the tope rope.Cash climbs to the top turnbuckle, and launch’s a somersault dive onto Micheals.Cash gets back up and proceeds 2 climb into the ring,while Micheals struggles up and gets on the apron.Cash goes to get Micheals.But Micheals thrusts his shoulder into Cash’s gut ,through the second rope,and follows it up with a sunset flip for the two count.Micheals runs the ropes and dropkicks Cash,sending him into the corner.Micheals pummels Cash then goes for an irish whip,but it’s reversed and Micheals ends up on the bottom turnbuckle.Cash drags Micheals legs into a variation of a sit-out powerbomb,close two count.Cash sends Rick Micheals into the ropes,attempts a back body drop,but Micheals leapfrog’s over him.Micheals then jumps onto Cash’s shoulders an gets the 1 count with a victory roll.Cash & Micheals both get up and Micheals dropkicks Cash to the outside.
Micheals climb onto the apron and lands a asai moonsault.Micheals then puts Cash back into the ring and follows.Micheals whips Cash into the ropes, goes for a clotheline,he misses,and Cash hits the Cash kick,1-2-3.

Schiavone:If that was boxing,Cash would have knocked out Rick Micheals with that mule kick.
Madden:But it’s not boxing Schiavone…
Schiavone:Thanks.That’s why you’re a colour analyst.But i gotta tell all you WCW fans about tonights special cruiserweight challenge match, it’s going to be a….

*Bischoffs music starts up*
Madden:woohoo! Eric in da house!!
*Bischoff comes down smiling*

Bischoff:Ya know what people ,I’m back and I’m better than ever!But I’ve also got some changes that I’m gonna make just for u fans….My first agenda is Buff Bagwell.Marcus, or Buff as he likes to be called , has been trashing me on various web sites and in interviews,so come on Buff get your ass out here!

*Buff comes down to the ring & confronts Bischoff *

Bagwell:What the hell Bischoff!What u want me for?!
Bischoff:to tell u this….. your fired!

*Bagwells face is in disbelief.He grabs Eric Bischoff by the throat*

Bischoff:security!security! take this man outta my building!

*Doug Dillenger and security come out & takes Buff Bagwell away ; while all the time Bagwell is saying that he’s gonna get Bischoff*

Bischoff:Well ladies & gentlemen that was rather unpleasant, but I hav several business plans to work on,and oh by the way,Ernest Miller or The Cat,or whatever the hell I’m meant to call you;u gotta a match with WCW’s MVP Chris Kannnnnyon!

U.S. Title Match:Kanyon .v.The Cat (c)
Kanyon attacks Cat from behind and chokes him, he then throws Miller across the ring & applies a camel clutch.Kanyon releases the hold and pulls Cat up.Miller rebounds with a side kick to Kanyon’s midsection and monkey flips him over,but Kanyon rolls back over and chokes Cat again.Kanyon picks Cat up by his robe and bodyslams him.Kanton then climbs the top-rope,but spends too much time up there,and cat catches him with a slam across the ring.The Cat does a lil dance , but Kanyon gets up and lands a running elbow.Kanyon grabs Cat and tosses him to the outside.While on the outside , Kanyon whips Cat into the post,stunning him,then squashing Miller’s face into ring apron.Kanyon rolls Cat in and pins him for a 2 count.Kanyon swings with a lariat,Miller ducks,picks Kanyon up by the legs and catapaults him into the turnbuckle,Kanyon kicks out at 2.Kanyon rebounds with chops & punches to the Cat before climbing to the top.The Cat tries to counter with a hurricarana but Kanyon counters that with a powerbomb,but then the Cat hits Kanyon with a huge right hand while in the powerbomb position,sending Kanyon to the floor.Ernest Miller then goes to the outside & whips Kanyon into the steps.Cat rolls Kanyon back in & Feliner’s him,1-2-The Cat picks him up, just before three and feliners him again for the 3 count.
Winner:The Cat

We see a limo pull up, and Lex Luger gets out.Lex is greeted by Eric Bischoff,and Bischoff tells him that since Buff Bagwell is fired, there is no more Totally Buff,and thsat he is not needed here tonight.Luger gets back in his limo,furious,& drives off.We see Eric Bischoff smiling to himself

Madden:well tonight sure has had some suprises , I mean Buff Bagwell being fired!Hows WCW even gonna exist without Buff Daddy!!!
Schiavone:I’m sure WCW will do fine without a prima donna like Buff Bagwell around.
Madden:are u sure?I mean Buff Bagwell is a franchise player, he has millions & millions of fans at home that wanna see the stuff,but more importantly, I wanna see the stuff!
Schiavone:You can see all the stuff u want in your own time but I’m going to concentrate on these matches.Now I have been reliably informed that next week,WCW champion,Booker T will be here, and I’m pretty damn sure that the valedictorian of violence ,Scott Steiner, will wanna get the largest arms in the world round Booker T’s neck.
Madden:You make a good point there Tony for once.The Big Bad Booty Daddy is gonna make Booker T tremble like a little girl on the Yankees field.
Schiavone:uh Mark little girls don’t play on the Yankee’s field…
Madden:look Tony I’m no Einstein.
Schiavone:you’re definently right about that.Anyway let’s get to our main event…

Shane Helms walks out and demands the mic.
Helms:I’m issuing a open challenge to any cruiserweight in the back that has never, &I mean NEVER,held the cruiserweight title.

Kid Romeo’s music hits and sprints down to the ring.

Cruiserweight title match: Shane Helms.v.Kid Romeo
Romeo dives for Helms but helms rolls Romeo up for a 1 count.Both men get up & Romeo goes for a clotheline but ‘Sugar’Shane ducks and gets a 2 count with a variation of a sunset flip.Helms picks Romeo up,but Romeo responds with elbows to the gut,before whipping Helms into the ropes.As Helms is running back, Romeo goes for a sky-high powerbomb,but Helms counters it with a hurricarana.1-2 then Romeo kicks out & rolls under the bottom rope, to the outside to regroup.Helms then runs the ropes & plancha’s Romeo.Helms slowly gets up and takes Romeo back inside the ring with him.Helms then whips Romeo into the corner,then helms goes for a corner splash but is foiled with an elbow to the head and a hangman neckbreaker,Romeo gets a close two count.Romeo picks up Helms in the inverted atomic drop position but rams him into the corner instead.Romeo then drapes Helms over the second rope,and chokes him with knee, which is broken up by the referee.Romeo snapmares Helms then surfboards him.Helms wills out of the surfboard hold and kicks Kid Romeo in the gut twice.Helms runs the ropes only to be caught from the back of the head,and chucked over the top.Romeo then gives Helms a plancha of his own,and rolls him back into the ring.Romeo proceeds to climb the top-rope and go for a high cross-body but Helms gets him halfway down with a dropkick.Both men find the strength to get up and get back in the ring.Romeo sucker punches Helms & tries a clothesline, luckily helms ducks, runs the ropes and takes Romeo down with a spinning back elbow.Helms then lifts Romeo into the firemans carry position and backbreakers Romeo on the back of Romeo’s neck for an extemly close two-count.Romeo ducks an attempted lariat only tpo be caught with the Sugar Smack & a Vertebreaker.1-2-3, Shane Helms is still the WCW Cruiserweight champion.
Winner:Shane Helms

Schiavone:Well from me and Mark Madden, g’night folks!
Madden:Whatever Tony....

i'm sorry itz short and the promos aren't that good,but i've had alot of coursework this week so NITRO's kinda rushed, i'll try to write a better one next week

see you at the matches

tell me what ya think

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+ Matches/Storylines/Promos were ok.
+ I like the Mark Madden/Tony Schiavone arguments/disagreements etc., cause I can imagine that happening...

- I wouldn't expect that main event to be a main event.

Grade: B-
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