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WWE was gaining so much success that men from TNA were joining and TNA died out. With no competion WWE was starting to go down again but Shane McMahon was tired of his dad destroying WWE. Shane McMahon deiced to go to court with his dad over the name of WCW. After months WCW was brought back under Shane McMahon's ownership. Shane McMahon gained the PPV names, title belts, and wrestlers WWE names that joined with WCW. The company started again in October and had their first PPV Halloween Havoc '05.

Halloween Havoc '05 Results

Road Dogg and Konnan deafeted Chris Kanyon, Sick Boy, and Van Hammer after Billy Gunn came and helped Road Dogg and Konnan win.

Mark Jindrak deafeted Big Show.

Televsion Championship
Chris Jericho deafeted Rob Van Dam and Sabu in a Triple Threat Match after pinning Rob Van Dam.

Street Fight
Hardcore Holly deafeted Perry Saturn.

Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman deafeted Rey Mysterio.

Booker T deafeted Bam Bam Bigelow

Tag Team Championship
Steiner Bros. deafeted The Nasty Boys.

WCW Heavyweight Championship
Raven's Rules
Raven deafeted Kevin Nash

WCW had more people buying the PPV then how many people bought No Mercy.

WCW was getting ready for its next PPV which was is Novemeber and it had thousands of more buyers than Halloween Havoc had.

World War 3 Results

Television Championship
Chris Jericho deafeted Rob Van Dam.

Money In The Bank Cage Match
Sting deafeted Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Show, and Booker T by escaping the cage.

Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio deafeted Billy Kidman by count out when Kidman left with his belt makeing Kidman retain his championship.

Sabu deafeted Kevin Nash.

WCW Tag Team Championship
Steiner Bros. deafeted Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, and Sicky Boy and Van Hammer after pinning Van Hammer.

Chris Kanyon deafeted Hardcore Holly.

Cactus Jack deafeted Perry Saturn.

WCW Heavyweight Championship
Raven deafeted Hulk Hogan after Perry Saturn hit Hogan with a barbed wire steel chair busting Hogan open.

Afterb the PPV WCW was getting fans across the world and WCW was getting better.

In December the latest PPV came at Madison Square Garden for the biggest night in WCW history.

StarrCade Results

Rey Mysterio deafeted Psicosis.

Television Championship
Chris Jericho deafeted Rob Van Dam.

Road Dogg, Konnan, and Billy Gunn deafeted Vader and The Nasty Boys.

Tag Team Championship
Steiner Bros. deafeted Van Hammer and Sick Boy.

Sabu and Chris Sabin deafeted Bam Bam Bigelow and Mark Jindrak after Sabu deafeted Bam Bam Bigelow making Mark Jindrak still undeafetable in WCW.

Cruiserweight Championship
Kidman's Open-Challenge
Jushin Liger deafeted Billy Kidman.

Booker T deafeted Ric Flair.

Scott Hall deafeted Cactus Jack.

Ultimo Dragon deafeted Juventud Guerrera.

WCW Heavyweight Championship
Raven deafeted Diamond Dallas Page.
Fan were loving WCW but Shane McMahon decieded to have WCW take a break for 2 weeks. It was now January 8th 2006 and on January 29th is Capital Combat which has already sold out.


Bam Bam Bigelow
Booker T
Sick Boy
Rob Van Dam
Road Dogg
Ultimo Dragon
Ric Flair
Juventud Guerrera
Chavo Guerrero
Billy Gunn
Scott Hall
Van Hammer
Hulk Hogan
Hardcore Holly
Cactus Jack
Jeff Jarrett
Chris Jericho
Mark Jindrak
Chris Kanyon
Billy Kidman
Brian Knobbs
Jushin Liger
Lex Luger
Jerry Lynn
Dean Malenko
Rey Mysterio
Kevin Nash
Diamond Dallas Page
La Parka
Chris Sabin
Jerry Sags
Perry Saturn
Big Show
Elix Skipper
Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner
Lance Storm

Ring Side Annoucers

Joey Styles
Mike Tenay


Howard Finkel


Jim Ross
Don West
Shane Douglas
Mean Gene
Josh Matthews


World Heavyweight Championship-Raven
Television Championship-Chris Jericho
Tag Team Championship-Sick Boy and Van Hammer
Cruiserweight Championship-Jushin Liger
MITB Holder-Sting


January-Capital Combat
February-Taboo Tuesday
April-Spring Stampede
July-Bash At The Beach
August-Road Wild
Septemeber-Fall Brawl
October-Halloween Havoc
Novemeber-World War 3
December-StarrCade (WrestleMania)

Nitro Preview
Nitro is returning tomorrow and what will happen? Raven will be having his opened challenge against a a hometown wrestler. A StarrCade rematch will take place when The Steiner Brothers defend their titles against Van Hammer and Sick Boy of The Raven Flock. And the "Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak will defend his undeafeted record against Chris Sabin. Will any matches be made for Capital Combat? Find out all of this and more on Monday Night Nitro.

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well I guess I will post Nitro today.

Fireworks shoot up as Nitro's music hits.

Joey Styles: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WCW Nitro! We are back in business the last time you saw us was at StarrCade just a few weeks ago which was the greatest pay-per-view I ever witnessed.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen we saw some amazing matches including what you the fans said was match of the year when Jushin Liger defeated Billy Kidman to become the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion!

Joey Styles: And soon to come on January 29th will be our next pay-per-view Capital Combat!

Mike Tenay: I can't wait for Capital Combat it will be amazing.

Raven's music hits.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the WCW Heavyweight Champion Raven!

Raven-Walks out to an amazing amount of heat as he walks down to the ring with the belt around his waist and Perry Saturn following him. Raven gets himself a microphone and smiles.

Raven: At StarrCade I did what many of you said I couldn't do. You fans were cheering for Diamond Dallas Page but guess what he lost! Raven is still your WCW Heavyweight Champion. As I said before I will take on any challenger I have successfully defended this title for the past three months and soon to be four after this month. The Raven Flock did have some bad losses at StarrCade I mean we didn't win the Tag Team Championships from the Steiner Brothers - the fans give a huge pop about Steiner Brothers still being champions - we lost the Cruiserweight Championship to Jushin Liger! - fans give another huge pop this time about Jushin Liger becoming champion - But this is no longer 2005 this is 2006 we can my new goals new resolutions and The Raven Flock's goal is the same as always take all the gold in the company. We will never lose the WCW World Heavyweight Championship because we will all make sure of that. I Raven will face anyone anytime anywhere with this belt on the line because they will all fill the same thing that Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and Diamond Dallas Page felt and that is the Raven Effect! Quote The Raven .............. Nevermore!

Generic music hits.

Howard Finkel: And his opponent Tony Hiven.

Tony Hiven-Walks out to a huge pop since he is facing Raven and he walks down to the ring wearing black leather pants.

Match 1
Raven's Open Challenge
Raven vs Tony Hiven

Finish-Raven controlled most of the match with Hiven getting a few clotheslines and dropkicks in. Raven lifts up Hiven to his feet then suplexes him. Raven lifts up Hiven to his feet then signals for The Raven Effect and hits Hiven with it. Raven pins Hiven 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here is the winner Raven!

Raven-Taunts getting heat then he gets a microphone.

Raven: Whoever wants to face me for my title I will take the challenge because just like Tony Hiven you will fell The Raven Effect! Quote The..........

Sting comes up onto the titontron getting a huge pop.

Sting: Raven! Yeah up here! Guess what Raven I am using my number one contender contract at Capital Combat. So after Capital Combat we will just see if your afraid of the Big Black Bat. - pulls out his black baseball bat -

- commercial -

Joey Styles: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Nitro! I can't believe it at Capital Combat we will get to see Sting go up against Raven!

Mike Tenay: What shocks me is how early Sting used that contract he could use it entail World War 3 which is this November but he deiced he wanted the shot now.

Joey Styles: That will be an amazing match but we are about to move on to a championship match.

The Steiner Brothers' music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCW Tag Team Championship introducing first they are the WCW Tag Team Champions Scott and Rick Steiner, the Steiner Brothers!

Steiner Brothers-Walk down to the ring taunting getting huge pops and go into the ring then to the corners holding up their belts.

Raven's music hits.

Howard Finkel: And their opponents representing The Raven Flock, Sick Boy and Van Hammer!

Sick Boy and Van Hammer-Walk down to the ring yelling at some of the fans they go into the ring and taunt getting heat.

Match 2
WCW Tag Team Championship
Steiner Brothers (c) vs The Raven Flock

Finish-A long match with some great mat wrestling from the Steiner Brothers and high flying moves from The Raven Flock. Scott is knocked out at ring side due to a double clothesline to the outside and Rick is the legal man. Hammer sets up Rick for a suplex and Boy goes to the top rope then jumps off giving Rick a dropkick in the midsection and this pushes Rick back making Hammer complete the suplex then Hammer pins Rick 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here are the winners of this match and new WCW Tag Team Champions Sick Boy and Van Hammer!

Sick Boy and Van Hammer-Celebrate in the ring with the belts getting heat.

Joey Styles: I can't believe it The Raven Flock has just picked up the WCW Tag Team Titles unbelievable!

Mike Tenay: Well now the Steiner Brothers' winning streak has come to an end.

Hammer and Boy leave with the belts.

Scott Steiner-Gets up realizing what just happened and he goes into the ring and checks on Rick and tells him that they will win the belts back.


Van Hammer and Sick Boy are in The Raven Flock locker room and everyone is having a blast.

Raven: Now all you guys need to do is keep those belts. Remember we have to stay on top now Saturn I am trying to get a title shot worked out for you and Kidman you are put into a 3-Way Dance at Capital Combat against Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon.

Billy Kidman: Don't worry Raven I will bring back the belt at Capital Combat.

Raven: Well you and Kanyon got a match up next against them.

Billy Kidman and Chris Kanyon leave the room.

- commercial -

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen we got two matches already for the pay-per-view Capital Combat.

Mike Tenay: Capital Combat truly will be a great show we already have a sold out MGM Grand!

Joey Styles: And just with that you know that a WCW pay-per-view is promising I mean these people don't even have a clue what matches will happen but they buy out all the seats in the arena.

Ultimo Dragon's music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall introducing first Ultimo Dragon!

Ultimo Dragon-Runs out to a huge pop and he high fives some of the fans then goes to the corner and taunts.

Jushin Liger's music hits.

Howard Finkel: His partner he is the WCW Cruiserweight Champion Jushin Liger!

Jushin Liger-Runs down to the ring with the belt around his waist getting a huge pop as he taunts in the ring.

Raven's music hits.

Howard Finkel: And their opponents representing The Raven Flock Billy Kidman and Chris Kanyon!

Kidman and Kanyon-Run down to the ring and start a fist fight with Liger and Dragon.

Match 3
Tag Team Match
Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon vs The Raven Flock

Finish-A very good high flying match with Kanyon also using strength. Kidman and Ultimo are the legal men and Kidman runs at Ultimo then goes for the enstiguri but Ultimo ducks it then he waits for Kidman to get up then he hits the Ultimo Dragon DDT on Kidman and Liger runs at Kanyon who is getting into the ring and he hits the hurracanrana on Kanyon then Ultimo pins Kidman 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here are the winners of this match Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon.

Jushin and Ultimo look at each other as if they are about to fight but then they shake hands.

Kidman comes running up behind Jushin with a steel chair and smacks him on the back with it and then he smacks Ultimo over the head with it. Kidman puts them next to each other then Kidman goes to the top rope and jumps off hitting the Shooting Star Press on both of them. Kidman and Kanyon leave the ring laughing and they go backstage.


Nick Patrick runs into Shane McMahon's office.

Nick Patrick: Mr. McMahon, somebody attacked Rey Mysterio in the parking lot.

Shane McMahon and Nick Patrick go to the parking lot.

We see Rey Mysterio with a cut mask that has blood pouring out and glass is shattered on the floor. Rey is leaned up against a car that has a broken window.

Shane McMahon: Check the video cameras and get the ambulance out here fast!

Nick Patrick: Yes sir!

- commercial -

Joey Styles: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen we found out before the commercial break that somebody attacked Rey Mysterio but who could it have been?

Mike Tenay: Well Shane McMahon will be checking the video camera as soon as possible so we can know it was soon enough.

Chris Sabin's music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall introducing first Chris Sabin!

Chris Sabin-Walks out to a huge pop and he runs into the ring and waits for his opponent.

Mark Jindrak's music hits.

Howard Finkel: And his opponent The Reflection of Perfection, Mark Jindrak!

Mark Jindrak-Walks out to a huge amount of heat and sparks shoot up to his sides and he stands at the stage for a moment so that the fans can admire his body then he walks down to the ring.

Match 4
Singles Match
Chris Sabin vs Mark Jindrak

Finish-A great match where Sabin has been using high flying moves instead of trying to huge strength against Jindrak who has been using his size and strength as an advantage. Sabin runs at Jindrak and hits the enstiguri which seems to barely effect Jindrak then Sabin kicks Jindrak in the stomach. Sabin sets up Jindrak for the Cradle Shock but Jindrak uses his weight to make Sabin let him slide off. Jindrak grabs Sabin then hits the Mark of Excellence on Sabin then pins him 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here is your winner The Reflection of Perfection, Mark Jindrak!

Mark Jindrak-Taunts getting booed and then he leaves the ring.

- commercial -

Joey Styles: We just saw a great match between Chris Sabin and Mark Jindrak and Mark Jindrak has never lost a match yet since WCW has returned.

Mike Tenay: I though Chris Sabin was going to be the first to pull it off but Jindrak used his size as an advantage.


Raven-Walks into Shane McMahon's office.

Raven: Mr. McMahon I was wondering if you would give Perry Saturn a Television Championship match.

Shane McMahon: I have an announcement to make regarding that championship for Capital Combat so go back to your locker room and turn on your television to see what my announcement is.

(Back in the arena)

The fans wait and then.

Shane McMahon's music hits.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Chairman of WCW Shane McMahon!

Shane McMahon-Walks out to a huge pop wearing a jersey that says Shane 'O' Mac and he makes his way down to the ring and taunts. He then grabs a microphone.

Shane McMahon: Well I have an announcement to make about the Television Championship! So here it is. Well, remember Chris Jericho won that Television Championship Triple Threat Match. But he pinned Rob Van Dam. Chris Jericho did not pin Sabu so at Capital Combat Sabu and Chris Jericho will face each other. Now Perry Saturn wants his title shot well he is going to go up against the 500 pounder the Big Show! The winner will get a shot against the Television Champion at Taboo Tuesday. But for tonight I have a great main event Rob Van Dam versus Perry Saturn in a Street Fight!

The fans give a huge pop as Shane McMahon's music hits and he goes backstage.

Mike Tenay: Don't miss the Street Fight its next!

- commercial -

Joey Styles: Welcome back we are about to have the main event here tonight.

Rob Van Dam's music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a Street Fight introducing first Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam-Walks out to a huge pop as he goes down to the ring he taunts R-V-D.

Perry Saturn's music hits.

Howard Finkel: And his opponent Perry Saturn!

Perry Saturn-Walks out to heat as he makes his way down to the ring with a steel chair.

Match 5
Street Fight
Rob Van Dam vs Perry Saturn

Finish-A very entertaining Street Fight with both men pulling off some of their ECW stunts. RVD has taken control after hitting a rolling thunder with a chair on Saturn. RVD lifts up Saturn to his feet then he throws the chair at Saturn and Saturn catches it and smacks RVD over the head with it. Saturn pins RVD 1,2 RVD gets his shoulder up. Saturn lifts up RVD to his feet but RVD hits a spinning heel kick on Saturn then he grabs the chair. RVD waits for Saturn to get up then he throws the chair at Saturn who catches it then RVD hits the Van Daminator on Saturn then RVD goes to the corner. RVD taunts R-V-D then he hits the 5-Star Frog Splash on Saturn then hooks the leg 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here is the winner of this match Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam-Taunts in the corner and turns around and Saturn pulls RVD off the turnbuckle and hits the Death Valley Driver on RVD.

Joey Styles: Well that's all the time we have for tonight tune in next week to Nitro!

The show goes off the air.

Could I get some reviews ? All reviews will be returned the same way given (exp.paragraph = paragraph, full review = full review) and green rep will be added.

Capital Combat Card

WCW Heavyweight Championship
Raven (c) vs Sting

TV Championship
Sabu vs Chris Jericho (c)

No.1 for TV Championship
Big Show vs Perry Saturn

Cruiserweight Championship
Jushin Liger (c) vs Billy Kidman vs Ultimo Dragon

More matches to be added.

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I'm not too familiar with WCW history so excuse me if there's some mistake.

Raven segment: Good way to put over Raven as the Champion by having the pre-match and post-match promo in addition to the victory. Nice way of setting up the Raven/Sting match. 10/10

Shocking upset with the Steiners losing. I'm not too sure who Van Hammer and Sick Boy is, though. I'll give you 7/10 for the Shock victory.

Looks like the Flock will be the major stable in this thread. Nice way of putting Kanyon and Kidman as heels with the Post-Match attack. 8/10

Good to see Jindrak getting a victory to put himself over. 8/10.

RVD going over Saturn is definitely the right decision. 9/10

Total: 42/50

Some criticism:
1. World Champion is too far down the card. If a World Champion is to appear at the start of the show, it would be for a promo. Or if he is involved in a match, he should return to cause some grief in Sting's match.
2. All of the Flock's segment are too close together. Spread them out a bit or better yet, hype up the Jericho/Sabu feud. That'll be interesting in my opinion.

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thanks for the review and criticism Les Turrey rep will be added and a full review will be returned.

I will be building up the Jericho and Sabu feud up very soon and also the other feuds will be built up. And I don't really have my WCW BtB like WCW so you don't have to worry about not understanding anything.

WCW News & Rumors

WCW has been talking to Goldberg, Bret Hart, and many other wrestlers about joining WCW.

Goldberg will not be joining WCW due to he is talking to WWE about a return there.

It has been rumored that a new superstar will be making a debut soon.

WCW had a meeting with WWE about using Taboo Tuesday and WWE has agreed to give the PPV to WCW in exchange for Clash of the Champions.

More reviews are welcomed and rep will be added with returned reviews.

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Nice show better than other BTB writers

Raven in ring- nice segment telling the fans that the Raven flock was unsuccesful and that he will except any challenge. Then it leads to Raven vs. Tony Hivel good match seeing Raven with the triuph then coming to STING! STING! Taking a number one contenders match at Capitol Combat.9/10

The Raven Flock(Sick Boy and Van Hammer) vs. The Stiener Bros Tag team championships
Nice bout with the Raven Flock coming out on top winning the Tag titles. leading to a segment with Raven, Van Hammer, Nasty Boy, Chris Kanyon and Billy Kidman. Raven telling Kidman that he is trying to work omething out for Capitol Combat. 9/10

The Raven Flock(Chris Kanyon and Billy Kidman) vs. Ultimo Dragon and Jushin Liger
Nice High Flying match between the four, since the're all cruserweights. The Raven Flock picking up the win, with no suprise. Kidman, after the match, hammering Jushin Liger with a chair then a hit on Dragon. Setting them up for a hard hitting Shooting Star Press. 10/10

Shane McMahon and Nick Pactrick find a bloody Rey Mesterio.

Chris Sabin vs Mark Jindrak
Great match between the two ending the match with the mark of excellence getting Jindrak the win. I was hoping that Chris Saban would win but of course it was 'The Mark Of Excellence' 9/10

Nice announcement regarding Capital Combat Sabu vs. Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. Perry Saturn. Nice 10/10

RVD vs. Saturn
Nicxe entertaining main event too bad RVD won. Would've been great if Saturn won would've been a good pre-match for Capitol Combat. RVD wins with a high flying 5-star frog splash. Saturn coming back after the match to give RVD a Death Valley Driver.10/10

57/60 Good Show, keep it up and I will keep reviewing!

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thanks for the review Wike rep added and a review will be returned.

The Reflection of Perfection will be getting some huge pushes in this BtB. I was trying to pick the best approach for Jindrak and I deiced to go with his Masters like gimmick.

I already got the first match wrote for Capital Combat and I have 7 more to go.

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That was a great show,

Raven vs. Hometown Guy- Easy squash match for raven good promo at the begining, Sting vs. Raven should and will be a spectacular match, I cannot wait for this one.

The Flock vs. Stiener bros.- Another good match, I didn't expect the flock to walk away with the belts but i am always glad to be surprised.

Kanyon/Kidman vs. Ultimo Dragon/Jushin Liger- I would love to see this match, Ultimo and Jushin would be a great dream team. Glad to see Ultimo/Liger get the win. Capitol Combat should be awesome.

I am looking forward to see who bloodied Rey.

Chris Sabin vs. Jindrek- Nice to see you giving Jindrek a push even thought i am a Sabin fan.

RVD vs. Saturn- Another great match this match would be another match i would enjoy watching.

Overal=9/10 really looking forward to Capitol Combat. Good luck!

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thanks for the review rep added and a review to come.

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I like your show and found that it was very detailed without having too much of a read for the matches. A lot of people write long matches and don't include a lot of the promo stuff. That's great!

The only suggestion I would have would be to consider dropping the whole Hometown hero thing... Its already too overdone with WWE TV and especially in the situation where you could have a no namer winning the WORLD Championship when there are guys in the business who still haven't had their moment in the sun.

It's ironic that you have posted a WCW thread because I have been working on one with hopes that it will be up this week. I hope you'll read mine and help me along.

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thanks for the reviews. Of course I will review your shows. The Raven ope-challenge is non-title matches. I just looked at the full card I made for Capital Combat and I saw I put some very good high flying matches toghther. This PPV will be my best yet IMO because since I only do match endings it gives me more time to put into PPVS.

More reviews are welcomed and will be returned with rep added as well.

What I am going to like about writing Sting vs Raven is that I know a huge amount of their moves and I like both wrestlers so expect to see the best match I ever made.

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Raven vs. Hometown Guy- Great way to put over Raven and to make him look like he meant everything he said in his opening promo.

The Flock vs. Stiener bros.- Great to see the Flock with extra titles. I was gonna say if Raven had the belt and the flock was just their lackies, then the Flock would flop but it's all right because The Flock now has Tag Team Gold.

Kanyon/Kidman vs. Ultimo Dragon/Jushin Liger- Two great crusierweights vs. Two more flock member. Great to see Liger and Dragon with the win. Only problems is that you are kinda shoving the Flock to us just a bit.

Wonder who did that to Rey..............

Chris Sabin vs. Jindrek- Nice to see Jindrak getting some sort of important role and look forward into his character.

RVD vs. Saturn- Great main event but did Shane had to announce it and then, poff, it happened? Try working on that.

8.5/10. Some flaws but a great WCW thread nonethless. As long as you stick with this thread, I will be a fan of yours.

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thanks the review Rated R. I found out that finishes are what i need to do to stay as a booker. But don't worry PPVS are writen out fully. More reviews are welcomed and will be turned and rep will be added as well.

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First of all nice back story. It was very interesting and even though the old PPV results were not needed it was a nice touch.

A nice promo by Raven and I enjoyed reading that. I think if you are going to have the crowd pop and do stuff, etc. you should put it in a colour or do something to differ it from the rest of the text.

A good squash match for the opening except I don’t think Raven should have been in this. Now after reading on I don’t think the match was necessary but it was good for Raven to prove a point. I think Sting and Raven could have had a few words but in the end it was all good.

A title change on your first show...terrific! I did that with my booker and it builds up a feud straight away, especially with the tag team titles. I can see the Raven Flock going into Capital Combat with all the gold but I think they will all loose it at CC.

A nice 3 way feud who have building here and it’s good to see Jushin and Ultimo get the win here otherwise it will have been the Raven flock dominating all night long. After the backstage segment I think Raven Flock is leaving with all the gold.

I’m glad you’re using Mysterio; I wonder who could have attacked him? I think the Jindrak V Sabin match was just to get them on the card, it didn’t really go anywhere.

A great announcement by Shane McMahon and it looks like it’s going to be great. Now I don’t think Raven’s Flock will be walking out with the gold now but I do think they will have it all at a later date. A good ending but I was unsure what happened at the end with Saturn beating on RVD because the commentators didn’t say anything!

Overall a great show and I think that with time you will improve. This is a very good thread.

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thanks for the review Shaqx the review will be returned and rep will be added.

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I skimmed through your backstory, and it was pretty good. I was/am a WCW fan, and it is nice to see someone making an all WCW thread. The only problem i have is that it is current, and to get the full effect, having all the guys in the best of shape, maybe you should have set this thread up back in time. Nonetheless, it will be intersesting to see where you go, and what type of shows you can produce. I will read your next full show, and give you my thoughts. If Blueman was willing to be a BTB partner with you, than you must have something to offer.

Off to the races you are. Good luck, and let's hope you have what it takes.

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thanks natureboy16x I will give a paragraph (unless its a ppv) for your show.

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The backstory was good, and the rosters look to be good as well. The first show was well written, and had some good stuff in it. The promos looked to be good in the main part, although at times, there were a little bit short. The feuds look to be being built up well, and there should be some very good encounters to come at the end of this. The show is focused heavily around raven, and his flock, but raven is a little too far down the card for the champion in my opinion. The match summaries were good, and had the right winners. Loom forward to the next show
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