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I Guess my GPW didn't go too well, l wrote the results for it up but my computer crashed and l couldn't be bothered writiing it up all over again.

Hulk Hogan
'Macho Man' Randy Savage
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
Randy Orton
The Giant
Rey Mysterio
Paul London
Rene Dupree
John Cena
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Mark Jindrak
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Keibler
Billy Kidman
AJ Styles
Chavo Guererro
Eddie Guererro
Ken Shamrock

First Show will be up soon.

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Nice Roster!

Hopefully this will turn out great!

Better Than You
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WCW Nitro

Fireworks Shoot off into the air

Tony: Welcome, to WCW NITRO!

Bobby: With Tony Shiavone and l as your hosts for tonight!

Tony: Yes, and here comes our owner, Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring with the World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder, he rolls into the ring, he then gets a microphone and speaks

Eric: Welcome, To WCW Nitro, Proudly owned by me, Eric Bischoff..and

Paul Heyman’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and Eric Bischoff is just staring at him with a shocked face

Eric: What the hell, Do you think your doing here, in WCW? Go back to the WWE!

Paul: I’m so sorry, Eric, But l got a call from Ted Turner, saying that l can co-own this company with you!

Eric: WHAT?!

Paul: That’s right, Eric!

Eric: What the hell, do you have planned? Huh?

Paul: To create some matches for tonight!

Eric: But l have to agree with them!..

Paul then whispers in Eric’s ear

Eric: I like your style, Heyman, l like your style..

Both men then roll out of the ring and head up to their office

Tony: I wonder what Heyman said to Eric!

Bobby: I have no idea, but it must be good.

Tony: Anyway, The WCW PPV, WCW Sin is coming up this month!

Bobby: Yes, and it should be one hell of a PPV

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs Paul London vs Billy Kidman
All men circle the ring, Paul stares at Kidman and Mysterio until Kidman and London grapple, Mysterio then comes in and nails a punch at Kidman, then to London, he then throws the two to the ropes and nails a double crossbody but both London and Mysterio catch Mysterio and throw him over their heads onto the hard mat, London then covers but Kidman pulls him off by London’s leg, London then gets up and dropkicks Kidman down until Mysterio gets back up and nails a Swinging Head Scissors to London and covers, 1…2...Kidman then breaks the pinfall with a dropkick, Mysterio gets up and fires away at Kidman, Mysterio throws Kidman to the ropes and Kidman jumps over Mysterio and nails a Spinning Kick to Mysterio’s face, Kidman rolls over Mysterio, 1…2…London breaks the pinfall with a legdrop, Kidman gets up and clotheslines London over the ropes to the outside, and Kidman picks up Mysterio and nails the Kid Krusher, Kidman then climbs the top turnbuckle but London gets on the apron and pushes Kidman off the turnbuckle onto the guard rail, London then climbs onto the Top Turnbucle and nails the Londons Calling right onto Mysterio, Mysterio then covers, 1…2…3
Paul London defeated Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio
Tony: What a great Cruiserweight Title Match!

Heenan: Yeah, And London won it with his brain!

Tony: Kidman could of won it, but London was too fast for him

Heenan: I agree with you, Tony.
The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment

Mene Gene: Well, Tonight l am with the Peoples Champion, The Rock!

The Rock: What Mene Gene?

Mene Gene: Well..

The Rock: Shut Your Trap, Mene Gene, Well, Mene Gene, Who am l versing tonight?

Mene Gene: You are versing Ken Shamro..

The Rock: Ken Who?

Mene Gene: Ken Shamroc..


The Fans Cheer


The Rock then walks off

Tony: Well, You heard The Rock!

Heenan: I heard him alright!

Tony: Things are heating up between Shamrock and The Rock

Heenan: I wonder who will win tonight..

Tony: So do l, So do l..
WCW Tag Team Championship
Stylin’ Profilin’ (Randy Orton and Batista) vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Charlie Haas and Batista start, they grapple, Charlie gets knee’d in the mid-section by Batista, Batista then throws Charlie to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Charlie ducks and flies back with a dropkick to knock down Batista, Charlie quickly tries to lock up the Haas Of Pain but Batista rolls out of it, Randy Orton then gets into the ring and nails some right hands to Charlie until the referee pulls Orton away, as he is Batista is choking Charlie, the referee counts for Batista to let go of Charlie, 1…2…3…4..Batista lets go and tags in Randy Orton, Orton gets into the ring and starts giving right hands to the head of Haas, he nails a suplex and runs to Benjamin and clotheslines him off the apron onto the steel barricade, Orton then goes for an RKO out of no where on Charlie but Charlie throws him off and tags Benjamin, Benjamin rolls into the ring and starts firing away at Orton with punches, he throws Orton to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Orton ducks and flies back with a dropkick to Benjamin’s face, Orton then tags in Batista, Orton and Batista start hitting Benjamin, they both throw him to the ropes until Benjamin nails a crossbody onto both of them, the referee counts, 1…2…Batista and Orton kick out at the same time, as the referee is pushing Batista away, Orton takes something out of his boots and nails Benjamin with it, he puts it into his tights and covers, 1…2…3
Stylin’ Profilin’ defeated The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Heenan: Orton is sneaky..

Tony: Yeah, He’s lucky that the referee didn’t see him use the chain

Heenan: But, Stylin’ Profilin’ Walk away with the WCW Tag Titles tonight..

Tony: Hopefully Shelton and Haas can get revenge..

Heenan: Don’t Worry, they proberly will..
Hulkamania Has Gone Wild!

Hulk Hogan is sitting in the back taping up his wrists until Sting walks into his lockeroom

Hogan: What do you want?, Brother.

Sting: Hey, Long Time no see..

Hogan: Yeah, how are ya?

Sting: I’m doing great, So, You have a match with The Giant..

Hogan: Yeah, Whats that gotta do with you?

Sting: Ah, I just don’t like the guy, that’s all

Hogan: Oh Alright..

Sting: Anyway, l just wanted to wish you good luck..

Hogan: Thanks, Brother

Sting then leaves
WCW Television Championship
Mark Jindrak vs AJ Styles
Both men stare away at each other, Styles just goes straight for Jindrak’s legs by dropkicking the, Jindrak falls face first to the ground, Styles then runs to the ropes and jumps over Jindrak, but Jindrak then catches Styles and nails a sidewalk slam to crush Styles, Jindrak covers, 1…2…kickout by Jindrak, Styles then runs to the turnbuckle and climbs it, he goes for a Sunset Flip on Jindrak but Jindrak catches Styles and nails a Sit-Out Powerbomb move, Jindrak covers again, 1…2…kickout by Styles, Jindrak gets up and goes for a vertical suplex but Styles flips over Jindrak and rolls him up, 1…2…kickout by Jindrak, as Styles gets up, Torrie Wilson runs down to the ring and starts cheering for AJ Styles, Jindrak rolls out of the ring and grabs Torrie Wilson’s hair until Styles rolls out and pulls Jindrak off Torrie, Styles then rams Jindrak’s head into the steel post to bust Jindrak wide open, Torrie then starts cheering for Styles as he rolls Jindrak into the ring, Styles then climbs the top rope and nails a splash, but Jindrak grabs his legs and rolls him up in an Inside Cradle, 1…2…Torrie then pulls the referee Charles Robinson out of the ring, he asks what the hell she was doing and she replies saying that her shoe laices were undone, as Charles is distracted, Styles rolls out of the ring and grabs the steel chair, Styles rolls it into the ring and picks up Jindrak and nails a Styles Clash onto Jindrak on the chair, Styles rolls the chair out of the ring and Styles rolls Jindrak up and Torrie tells the referee that AJ is counting, Charles then rolls into the ring and counts, 1…2…3
AJ Styles defeated Mark

Aftermath Torrie Wilson rolls into the ring and kisses AJ Styles on the lips, they both hold hands to the back

Tony: I think that these two have formed a couple..

Bobby: So do l Tony, So do l..

Tony: I think Torrie and AJ would make a great couple..

Bobby: Anyway, The United States Title Match is up next!


B]WCW United States Championship[/B]
Chris Benoit vs John Cena vs Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guererro[/I][/B]
All men circle the ring, glaring at each other, John Cena charges at Eddie Guererro while Jericho charges at Chris Benoit, but Benoit moves and throws Jericho over the ropes but Cena knocks Eddie to the ground, Cena gets ontop of Eddie and starts to deliver punches to Eddie head, until Benoit pulls him off and nails a few Knife Edge Chops to Cena but as Benoit goes for the final Knife Edge Crop, Cena ducks and picks up Benoit in the F-U position, but Benoit flips behind Cena and nails a German Suplex with a bridge, 1…2…kickout by Cena, Jericho gets back on the apron and Spring Board Dropkick’s Eddie Guererro to the ground, Jericho covers, 1…2…Benoit pulls Jericho off Eddie, Cena gets back up and charges at Eddie but Eddie crawls through Cena’s legs and pops up behind Cena and nails a dropkick behind Cena, while Benoit is lifting Jericho onto the top turnbuckle, Benoit goes for a superplex but Jericho lands on his feet and nails a Back Body Drop to Benoit off the Top Turnbuckle, Jericho covers, 1…2…kickout by Benoit, Eddie grabs Cena and nails three vertical suplex’s in a row, he then locks Cena up in the Laso from El Paso, Cena screams in pain and in about to tap out until Benoit clotheslines Eddie off, Jericho then runs to the ropes and nails a Lion Sault on both Cena and Eddie Guererro and covers, 1…2…Benoit pulls Jericho off Cena , Benoit then locks up a Cripplers Crossface onto Jericho until Jericho rolls out of it and locks up a Walls Of Jericho but Cena gets up and clotheslines Jericho off Benoit, Cena then puts Jericho on his shoulders and nails a hard F-U but Eddie runs to Cena and clotheslines him out of the ring, Eddie then quickly climbs the top turnbuckle and nails a lethal Frog Splash on Jericho, 1…2…3
Eddie Guererro defeated Chris Benoit, John Cena and Chris Jericho
Tony: What a match, Bobby..

Bobby: Yeah, That was an awesome match..

Tony: But Eddie walked away with the United States Title..

Bobby: Yeah, Which was good..
The Most Dangerous Man In The World
Ken Shamrock is in the training room punching a punching bag
Ken: This is you, ROCK!

Shamrock then hits the punching back, which causes his hand to go through the punching bag

Ken: I’ll be seeing you..tonight, IN HELL!

Shamrock then walks off
Hulk Hogan vs The Giant
The Giant waists no time and knocks Hogan down with a Big Boot to the face of Hogan, Hogan falls to the ground and the 500 pound Giant steps on Hogan, the monster then picks up Hogan over his head and throws him over the ropes onto the outside floor, the referee then counts, 1…2….3…4…5…6…7…8..9…Hogan rolls into the ring and Giant picks up up and rams his head into the turnbuckle repeatingly, so hard that Hogan’s head starts to bleed, Giant then grabs him in the chokehold and chokeslams him to the ground, the referee counts, 1…2…KICKOUT! By Hogan, Giant is shocked and he starts choking the referee, the referee then rings the bell
Hulk Hogan defeated The Giant by disqualification

Aftermath: The Giant rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, he cracks it over Hogan’s head until Macho Man runs down to the ring and rolls into the ring, he takes the chair off The Giant and swings it at Giant but then changes him direction at Hulk Hogan! Sting then comes out of no where and nails Macho in the back of the head with the bat and chokes Giant with it out of the ring, Giant and Macho Man then back off as Sting helps Hogan up
Heenan: Nice teamwork by Sting and Hogan

Tony: I sence rivial’s forming here, tonight..

Heenan: I agree with you, Tony..

Tony: Here is our WCW Championship Match, Coming Up Next!

I]WCW World Heavyweight Championship[/I]
The Rock vsKen Shamrock
Match starts off with Rock nailing some right hands to Shamrock, but Shamrock easily blocks the last punch and nails some of his own, Shamrock then throws Rock to the ropes and nails a clothesline but Rock ducks and goes for a Rock Bottom but Shamrock powers out of it with a Elbows To The side of The Rock’s head, after that he nails a Belly To Belly Suplex, Shamrock covers, 1….2…Rock gets his shoulder up for a 2 count, Shamrock then gets up and glares at the referee, Shamrock then gets up and locks up a bearhug on The Rock, The Rock struggles to get out but the more The Rock struggles the more the pressure is applied, The Rock then elbow’s Shamrock in the stomach and runs to the ropes, but Shamrock catches him with a Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex, Rock lands right on his kneck, Shamrock then covers, 1…2…thre, Kickout by Rocky, Rocky gets picked up by Shamrock and hammered all the way to the corner, until Rock turns things around and turns Shamrock around into the turnbuckle, The Rock starts laying punches on Shamrock, Rock puts Shamrock on the top turnbuckle and Rock nails a superplex from the top, Rock covers, 1…2…thre, Shamrock gets his shoulder up, Rock then signals for the Peoples Elbow, he chucks his elbow pad to the crowd and nails a Peoples Elbow, Rock then picks up Shamrock and nails a Hard Rock Bottom, Shamrock is down and out, Rock rolls ontop of Shamrock, 1…2…3
The Rock defeated Ken Shamrock

Tony: What a match!

Bobby: Hell Yeah, We’ll see you on WCW Saturday Night Karnage!

Tony: Bye Everybody!

Bobby: Cya.

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Nice, Very Nice Indeed! I like it...I like it alot!

Sting/Hogan teaming up was great to see, as well as some awesome matches (C-W & US title match).

Love the promos especially The Rocks!

Well Done cant wait for the next show

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Yeah great job James (keep going to use Limit), most probably your best work yet, although it will never compete with MY WCW (just kidding).

Nice work, when people 'roll into the the ring' annoys me a bit but you've always used that, great work anyway.

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