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Peferably Shady, Xain, or LK, but if you got some talent, give it a try I guess. Ok, keep in mind this is for a BTB. What I need is a picture of Booker T. And The Text should be WCW Reborn on top, and on bottom the text should say, Suucckka. Thanks to anyone that does this, rep will be added.

Sorry to double post, just realised I never put a color. Orange or Red would best best.. but if you are a blue or green whore, feel free. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.
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Thanks for merging the post, didnt want to double post but the color is important and I saw alot of views but noone wanting to make it, so I figured that I better put the color. But either way, my bad. As for the banner, that is hot man, I appreciate it.
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