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WCW Altering History

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World Championship Wrestling

AOL Time Warner announces their intentions on selling WCW. A number of interested parties attempt to bid on the company including Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon. After hearing that the Television deal would not be including Eric Bischoff invests more funds into his deal with AOL. The deal is finalized late on Sunday, March 24, 2001 and Eric Bischoff becomes the new owner behind closed doors. The deal made with AOL finds WCW remaining on TNT and TBS for a 1 year contract solely based on the wrestling company increasing television ratings. Wrestling fans are unaware of who has finally purchased the company and tune into what would be WCW Nitro's last broadcast.

WCW Monday Nitro Results
Night of Champions
-New Owner will be announced at end of the show
-Ric Flair challenges Sting to the Main Event
-WCW World Title: Scott Steiner (c) def. Booker T
-Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Filthy Animals def. Jung Dragons and 3Count
-WCW Cruiserweight Title: Shane Helms def. Chavo Guerrero (c)
-Shawn Stasiak def. Bam Bam
-Sting accepts Flair’s challenge for the show
-Sting def. Ric Flair
-Eric Bischoff is introduced as the new owner of WCW. Bischoff officially vacates all championships and announces will return to TNT on Monday, April 9 live from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Eric Bischoff

AJ Styles
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
Bill Goldberg
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Buff Bagwell
Brian Adams
Bryan Clarke
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chuck Polumbo
Chris Kanyon
Christopher Daniels
Curt Henning
Diamond Dallas Page
Don Harris
Dustin Rhodes
Earnest Miller
Elix Skipper
Hulk Hogan
Jeff Jarrett
Juventud Guerrera
Kevin Nash
Lance Storm
Lex Luger
Macho Man Randy Savage
Marc Jindrak
Mike Awesome
Nature Boy Ric Flair
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Ron Harris
Sean O’Haire
Shane Douglas
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Shawn Stasiak
Sid Viscous

Jimmy Hart
Stacey Keibler
Torrie Wilson

Arn Anderson
Bobby Heenan
David Penzer
Dusty Rhodes
Jerry The King Lawler
Fit Finlay
Mean Gene Oakerlund
Michael Buffer
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Tony Schiavone

WCW Monday Nitro: Live on TNT 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST
WCW Saturday Night: Taped on Mondays on TBS 6:05 PM to 7:05 PM EST

May 6, 2001: Slamboree live from Green Bay, Wisconsin
June 3, 2001: Great American Bash live from Washington, DC
July 1, 2001: Bash at the Beach live from San Diageo, California
August 5, 2001: Road Wild
September 2, 2001: Fall Brawl
October 7, 2001: Halloween Havoc
November 4, 2001: Mayhem
December 2, 2001: Starrcade
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WCW Monday Nitro Preview:
2 weeks removed from the Night of Champions; WCW returns to Charlotte North Carolina for an amazing and historic night as Eric Bischoff officially takes charge as the new Owner of World Championship Wrestling.

The Boss is Back:
What will be on the mind of Eric Bischoff as he returns to WCW after nearly a year's hiatus. The man who was at one time king of the Monday Night Wars promises redemption for his company. How will the locker room react to Eric Bischoff's return? There are a ton of unanswered questions now that he's back and in complete control.

Road To Slamboree:
WCW's first Pay-Per-View of the new era is set for May 6 in Green Bay Wisconsin. How will the road to Slamboree be shaped over the next several weeks. Eric Bischoff promises to reveal the Number One Contender for the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World. Who will challenge Scott Steiner in the biggest main event of the year? The only way to find out is to tune into Monday Nitro. Live on TNT 8:00 PM EST

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WCW Monday Nitro
Live on TNT from Charlotte, N.C.

WCW Monday Nitro’s theme music plays and the pyro goes off in the arena as the WCW Logo set makes its return. “Great Gate of Kiev” plays and Jerry “The King” Lawler makes his way to the broadcast booth to join Tony Schiavone as the new voice of WCW Monday Nitro. Eric Bischoff’s music hits and the owner makes his way down to the ring to kick off Nitro.

Eric: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all so very much and welcome to the return of WCW Monday Nitro. This is the milestone moment for WCW as we make history; for the first time in over a decade WCW is owned once again by an independent promoter; not billionaire Ted and my intentions as the owner of WCW is simple; to make WCW the greatest wrestling promotion in the world once again. In order to do that I’ve decided to make an even playing field for everyone which is why all the championships have been vacated and we’re going to start fresh and crown the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Big Poppa Pump and Midajah head down to the ring. The former World Champion is pissed off as he enters the ring and gets in the face of Eric Bischoff.

Scott: Listen here you two bit chump. In case you haven’t realized; the Big Bad Booty Daddy is the greatest WCW Champion of the Millennium. I’ve defeated everybody who’s crossed my path and intend on doing it once again Bischoff. I should be the champion; there shouldn’t be any question about who’s the best.

Eric: Listen Scott; I know how you’re feeling and you’re right. You were the best Heavyweight Champion of the World over the new millennium, but that was before I came back. I’m given you that opportunity to prove that you’re the best once again, but in order to do that you must compete in the main event tonight.

Scott: I can beat down every single wrestler; so who are you going to put me up against tonight?

Eric: Tonight Scott; the World Heavyweight Championship will be determined in a Gauntlet for the Gold Match. Four wrestlers will compete with the last man standing getting the opportunity to be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Allow me to introduce you to your opponents tonight.

Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, and Sting all come out through the Logo entrance and stand on the ramp. Scott Steiner is furious as Eric Bischoff continues.

Eric: And one other thing Scott. Since you feel that you’re the best champion in company history I’m going to allow you to prove that be being in the first match of the gauntlet. You see Scotty; I believe that you can single handily defeat all three men which is why you’ll have the opportunity to do so tonight. Good Luck Big Poppa Pump because you’re going to need it.

Bischoff’s music plays as the Owner of WCW leaves the ring area. Steiner and Midajah talk strategy as his three opponents watch on from the ramp. Tony and the King hype the huge announcement made for tonight’s Main Event.

Backstage: The Nature Boy Ric Flair arrives to the arena as the fans in Charlotte erupt for their hometown hero.

-Commercial Break-

Video: WCW and Snickers present Slamboree live on May 6 live from Green Bay Wisconsin.

Match One:
Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero

The high flying cruiserweights square off in Nitro’s opening contest. A very frustrated Chavo Guerrero takes out Kidman early on in the match, but Kidman comes back with a fireman’s carry and drops Chavo to the canvas. Guerrero is nailed with a series of high risk/high flying moves and Kidman follows up with a pin attempt. The former Cruiserweight Champion drops Kidman with a low blow then follows up with three suplexes back to back. Guerrero dives off the top with a Frog Splash and covers Kidman for the pin.
Chavo wins (5:01)

The former Cruiserweight Champion’s hand is raised and he grabs a microphone. Chavo cuts a promo of being taken advantage of by every other cruiserweight in WCW. Chavo demands respect from the cruiserweights and makes it clear that he is the top draw of the division. Chavo is interrupted by a young AJ Styles who comes out. AJ introduces himself and reminds Chavo that he was defeated at Night of Champions by Shane Helms. Chavo doesn’t take kindly to AJ and spits in his face. Chavo tells AJ that he demands respect. AJ offers to show him a little respect and does so in the form of a Pele kick. AJ takes his shirt off and drops Chavo with a Styles Clash and the fans cheer for AJ Styles as he poses for the crowd.

Backstage: Ric Flair enters Scott Steiner’s locker room and hears that the former champion has to fight in a 4 man Gauntlet. Flair is flippant about the announcement and promises to go after Eric Bischoff about it later on.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Flair goes into Eric Bischoff’s office and confronts him about the Scott Steiner situation; commenting on how unfair it is. Bischoff makes it clear to Flair that everyone has an even playing field around WCW now and everyone needs to fight for their spot. Flair throws a chair out of the way and gets in Bischoff’s face, but Eric keeps calm. He offers Flair the opportunity to help Steiner out tonight. Flair asks what he needs to do and Bischoff makes the proposition; should Flair win his match tonight than Scott Steiner will be the last person to compete in the gauntlet; however if Flair loses than not only will Steiner be the first man, but each gauntlet match will be a steel cage match. Flair reluctantly agrees and Bischoff tells Flair to get ready.

Match Two:
Perfect Event (Polumbo and O’Haire) vs. Kronik (Clarke and Adams)

Two of WCW’s top tag teams collide in action as Polumbo and O’Haire take the fight to Kronik. Both teams trade back and forth throughout the match with Kronik nailing Polumbo with High Times. Clarke is unable to capitalize with the pin as O’Haire interrupts. A brawl breaks out with all four competitors before Polumbo and Adams take their fight to the outside. O’Haire drops Clarke to the canvas with a double arm DDT. O’Haire covers Clarke for the pin.
Perfect Event win (4:32)

Clarke’s hand is raised by Charles Robinson as Curt Henning comes down the ramp. Henning gets in the ring and is handed a microphone from David Penzer. Henning applauds Polumbo and O’Haire on their victory, but makes it very clear to them that they are far from being the Perfect Event. O’Haire starts getting defensive when Henning tells them about what being perfect is all about. Henning offers his services to the two of them as a mentor and protégé in their quest to become new WCW World Tag Team Champions. Polumbo and O’Haire are given one week to make their decision and Henning leaves.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Mean Gene Oakerlund interviews Eric Bischoff again. Bischoff announces a US Title Tournament to be kicked off this Saturday on TBS. The tournament will conclude with the finals taking place at WCW Slamboree. Bischoff is interrupted again, this time by Mike Awesome. Bischoff tells Awesome how disappointed he is in how Awesome turned out. Bischoff reveals that he thought Mike Awesome needs to be a monster once again should he ever hope to be a champion. Bischoff gives him an opportunity to prove himself by being the US Title Tournament.

Match Three:
Nature Boy Ric Flair w. Midajah vs. Bill Goldberg

Flair and Goldberg square off inside the ring in a WCW classic as the Nature Boy shows why he’s still considered the dirtiest player in the game. Flair pulls out every dirty trick in the book to keep Goldberg grounded, but the man simply battles back and forces Flair into the corner. Goldberg dominates the fourteen time champion with brutal chops and knees to the midsection before whipping him so hard into the turn buckle that Flair ends up diving over and running across the to another turnbuckle. Flair climbs to the top and is grabbed by Goldberg who whips him onto the canvas. Flair pleads with Goldberg for mercy but the Man doesn’t give in. Flair finally gets back on track after poking Goldberg in the eye then working on the legs of the Man. Midajah cheers Flair on while the Nature Boy sets up and applies the Figure Four on Goldberg. Bill fights for his life and is able to get to the ropes, forcing Flair to remove the hold. Flair continues to beat down Goldberg and kick the legs repeatedly before attempting another Figure Four. Goldberg fights it this time and gets Flair into a small package. When both men get back up Goldberg charges after Flair with a spear. He pulls Flair up and drops him with a Jackhammer, then covers Flair for the pin.
Goldberg wins (9:10)

-Commercial Break-

Video: WCW and Snickers present Slamboree live on May 6 live from Green Bay Wisconsin.

Backstage: Vampiro puts on a cryptic promo in the dark rafters as he talks about the afterlife and what comes from death is being reborn. Vampiro addresses his opportunity in WCW is being new life; a rebirth that will come from the end of everyone else who crosses his path. Vampiro promises to unleash hell in WCW and claim the lives of every man, woman, and child who gets in his way. Vampiro ends the promo by stating that a war is coming.

Match Four:
Steel Cage Gauntlet for the Gold
WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Scott Steiner w. Midajah vs. Diamond Dallas Page w. Kimberly

DDP maximizes the use of the steel cage during the first on three gauntlet matches. Steiner is isolated in the corner as Page beats him down with kicks to the midsection. An Irish Whip sends Steiner across the ring and he is nailed hard with a clothesline from DDP. After being sent into the cage wall repeatedly Big Poppa Pump falls to the canvas with a bloody face. DDP goes for the escape but Steiner manages to stop him, pulling him back in. Page slams Steiner to the canvas then drives him with a sling shot right into the cage again. The Master of the Diamond Cutter starts climbing the cage, but the former champion refuses to give up and goes after him. They fight on the top of the cage until Steiner gets the better of Page and powerslams him to the canvas. DDP and Steiner exchange blows further until Steiner drives Page into the cage. Scotty hits a Frankenstiner on Page then exits through the door.
Steiner wins (10:23)

Booker T makes his way down to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Scott Steiner vs. Booker T
The two men who squared off two weeks ago on Monday Nitro have a return match, this time however Steiner is at a huge disadvantage having recently wrestled one former WCW Champion already. Booker dominates Big Poppa Pump as Midajah watches on outside the ring. Booker drops Steiner with the scissor kick then continues to ram the former champion repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Booker continues to capitalize on the condition of Scott Steiner and drops him with a DDT. He then starts to climb the cage, but Midajah attempts to save Scotty by climbing from the outside. She meets with Booker at the top and slaps him across the face. Booker toys with Midajah long enough for Steiner to get up and powerbomb Booker to the canvas. Steiner starts working the back of the Booker T, setting up for the Steiner Recliner. The battle between the two of them continue as Booker is left to the mercy of Steiner. Big Poppa Pump slams Booker’s lower back into the cage repeatedly. Steiner slams Booker to the canvas then pulls out a pair of brass knucks which he uses to bust booker wide open. Steiner knocks him out then walks out of the cage.
Steiner wins (6:30)

WCW’s saviour makes his way down to the ring as Sting hopes to finally end Steiner’s momentum and become WCW World Champion once again.

Scott Steiner vs. Sting
Sting jumps the former WCW Champion outside the ring. They brawl in the entrance way before Sting picks him up and slams him face first into the cage. Steiner is pulled into the cage by Sting who then shuts the door and continues the assault on Big Poppa Pump. Steiner begs for mercy but the Stinger is relentless in his assault. Steiner is whipped into the corner and slammed with the Stinger Splash. The icon follows up with slamming Steiner face first to the ground Sting gives out a Woo to the crowd as Tony and the King send the show back to break.

-Commercial Break-

Returning from break, Sting continues to keep the momentum in his corner; working on the legs of Scott Steiner in hopes to set up the scorpion death lock. Steiner nails Sting with the low blow then follows up with a couple of uppercuts before sending him face first into the cage. Both men collapse on the ground momentarily. The fans in Charlotte are solidly behind Sting as he fights back to his feet, but Steiner is the first to get back up. Big Poppa Pump slams Sting with a belly to back suplex then starts badmouthing the crowd before climbing the cage wall. Sting follows up after and the two of them have an exchange leading to both falling off the cage wall and back to the canvas. Ric Flair comes down and gets in the corner of Big Poppa Pump. Sting gets up and starts crawling towards the cage door. Referee Nick Patrick opens the door for Sting as he starts crawling out of the cage, but Flair wouldn’t see it and slams the cage door square on the head of Sting. Flair climbs through the door and beats Sting down with a series of rights to the side of his head. Steiner finally gets up and Flair helps him out of the cage and wins the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World.
NEW WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World, Scott Steiner (12:40)

Eric Bischoff comes out and applauds Scott Steiner on his victory and recapturing the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World. Eric Bischoff introduces the man who will be competing for the WCW Title at Slamboree as the man who never lost the title.

Video: Hollywood Hulk Hogan returns to Slamboree.

Scott Steiner is pissed off as Nitro goes off the air.

WCW and Snickers present

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Scott Steiner (c) w. Midajah vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

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WCW Returns with the Vengeance:
Two weeks after officially announcing Eric Bischoff as the new owner of World Championship Wrestling; the company that once revolutionized the industry with the Monday Night Wars is returning with a wrath of furry and is pulling out all the stops to do so. While WWF RAW is all about the McMahon feuds; WCW Nitro reestablished itself as the company worth watching for wrestling and reality. Nitro found the full time returns of Sting, Eric Bischoff, Diamond Dallas, and Bill Goldberg to the active roster as well as the announcement of Hulk Hogan returning at Slamboree to face the WCW Champion Big Poppa Pump. WCW is packing all the punches to make Slamboree their biggest pay-per-view in recent memory.

Talent returning isn't the only thing that has changed for WCW; the momentum gained from the "Night of Champions" telecast on March 26 continues as viewership increases. The April 9th Premier a 3.2 rating; higher than the 3.0 rating on March 26. As momentum starts building the atmosphere in the company is changing. Many feel that the post Ted Turner WCW may work out well since the focus seems to be mixing the established megastars (Hogan, Nash, Sting, Goldberg) with the WCW homegrown talent (Steiner, DDP, Booker T). If the momentum continues; expect a huge comeback for WCW once again.

WCW Going Extreme:
After gaining Lance Storm, Shane Douglas, and Mike Awesome, WCW may be getting more wrestlers from the now defunct ECW. Sources have indicated that Rob Van Dam and the Sandman will be coming to WCW in the near future. Look for WCW to get a little more hardcore as the company repackages itself.

Slamboree Sold Out:
The Brown County Memorial Arena sold out for the Slamboree Pay-Per-View. The smaller arena hosting the event announced 4,328 tickets have been sold for the event. This is the first WCW Pay-Per-View hitting Green Bay. Eric Bischoff has announced that in addition to the pay-per-view; fans in Green Bay will be treated to an afternoon fan fest including autograph signings, a meet and greet reception, and also an afternoon wrestling matinee featuring WCW stars as well as local talent. The Slamboree fanfest will be a separate entry fee.

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Quite interested in seeing where this all goes.

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Enjoyed the Gaunlet for the Gold, glad to see Scott Steiner getting a push! The Hulkster back as well will be a big return and I am keen to see what you do with that match. Obviously there is the big Hogan return but at the same time in 2001 Steiner is the future.

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WCW Saturday Night
Taped for TBS from Charlotte, N.C.

WCW Saturday Night Theme plays. Tony Schiavone and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome fans watching at home to WCW Saturday Night on TBS. They recap what had happened on Monday Nitro with Hollywood Hulk Hogan being announced as the Number One Contender to face Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner for the WCW Title at Slamboree. They hype the start of the US Title Tournament tonight with the finals taking place at Slamboree.

David Penzer introduces the opening contest.

Match One:
WCW United States Championship Tournament Match
The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes

Jarrett attempts to make short work of Rhodes, but the Bizarre One fights back and leaves Jeff on the canvas. Rhodes attempts to end the match several times, but keeps coming up short. Ric Flair comes down to the ring and serves as a distraction for Rhodes, allowing for Jarrett to nail him with a low blow. Jeff follows up with the stroke and covers Dustin for the 1...2...3
Jeff Jarrett advances in the US Title Tournament (5:20)

Following the match, Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair continue to beat down Dustin Rhodes. Flair gets on the microphone and announces that he’s going to personally see to it that Jarrett and Scott Steiner walk out of Slamboree with gold. Flair warns the locker room not to mess with the Nature Boy; but soon Flair is interrupted by the Icon of WCW; Sting. Sting gets in Flair’s face and tells him what he thinks about the Nature Boy interfering in events and matches that do not involve him. Sting makes a statement to Flair; making it clear that he intends on stopping Flair from getting involved in anybody’s matches. Eric Bischoff comes down and announces that at Slamboree Sting and Ric Flair are going to get it on inside a 15 Foot High Steel Cage.

-Commercial Break-

Video: WCW and Snickers present Slamboree live on May 6 live from Green Bay Wisconsin.

Back from break, Tony and the King recap the announcement made by Bischoff.

Backstage: Ric Flair is furious over the announcement and takes it out on some of the backstage crew. Flair is escorted out of the building by security.

Backstage: Mike Awesome is getting hyped up for his match later on in the show when Eric Bischoff catches up with him. Bischoff reminds Awesome that he has to show how hungry he truly is if he wants to be the WCW United States Champion. Bischoff wishes Awesome well later on.

Inside the arena David Penzer announces the next contest for WCW Saturday Night.

Match Two:
Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger w. Elizabeth vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash w. Kimberly

Totally Buff and The Insiders square off in tag team action as the show continues. Nash and Page get close to putting an end to Totally Buff a number of times, but interference by Elizabeth prevents them from capitalizing. Luger starts working on Page’s lower back; preparing for the Torture Rack, but Nash boots him in the face. A brawl breaks out with all four men in the ring. Luger and Nash head to the outside; allowing Page to capitalize with a Diamond Cutter on Buff Bagwell. DDP picks up the victory with a pin.
The Insiders win (8:15)

DDP and Nash celebrate with Kimberly in the ring as Totally Buff regroups on the outside and head to the backstage area.

-Commercial Break-

Video: Hollywood Hulk Hogan returns to WCW on Sunday, May 6 Live on Pay-Per-View for Slamboree as he competes for the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World against Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.

Mean Gene Oakerlund stands in the middle of the ring and introduces the WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World; Scott Steiner. Steiner comes out with Midajah by his side. He gets in the ring and talks about beating three other men this past Monday on Nitro to regain the WCW Heavyweight Championship; a title he never lost in the first place. Mean Gene comments on how his opponent at Slamboree never lost the title either and makes reference to Hulk Hogan’s last appearance at Bash at the Beach. Steiner makes it clear that there is only and will only ever be one champion. He insists that he’s the greatest WCW Champion in the history of champions around the world and compares his title reign to that of Hogan’s and others. Big Poppa Pump promises that at Slamboree he’s going not end the career of Hulk Hogan once and for all. Steiner leaves the ring with Midajah.

-Commercial Break-

David Penzer announces the following contest for the WCW Television Championship.

Match Three:
WCW United States Championship Tournament Match
Mike Awesome vs. Brian Adams

Awesome makes short work of Adams; taking him out with a huge boot to the face then following through with an Awesome Bomb. Mike Awesome finishes the match quickly.
Mike Awesome advances in the US Title Tournament (2:09)

Awesome’s hand is raise and he immediately leaves the ring area without saying a word.

Backstage: Wrestler’s get hyped for the 15 Man Battle Royal to crown the new WCW Television Champion.

Video: WCW and Snickers present Slamboree live on May 6 live from Green Bay Wisconsin.

-Commercial Break-

Match Four:
15-Man Battle Royal – WCW Television Championship
Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Chuck Polumbo vs. Chris Kanyon vs. Christopher Daniels vs. The Cat Earnest Miller vs. Don Harris vs. Elix Skipper vs. Lance Storm vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Ron Harris vs. Shane Douglas vs. Shane Helms vs. Shawn Stasiak vs. Vampiro

15 of WCW’s upcoming talent square off in a battle royal to crown the defunct WCW Television Champion. The brawl finds partners turning on each in the every-man for himself mentality. In the end Lance Storm eliminates Chris Kanyon with a superkick over the top rope to become the new Television Champion.
New TV Champion Lance Storm (10:21)

Storm is handed the new title belt and raises it in the air he asks for a microphone then starts to address the fans with his typical “If I can be serious for a moment” statement. Storm goes on to talk about how proud he is to be the Canadian Broadcasting Company Champion. Believes that he will do WCW proud as it’s champion. Storm is interrupted by a familiar face from ECW... Rob Van Dam makes his WCW debut and challenges Storm to the title at Slamboree. Storm accepts.

WCW and Snickers present

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Scott Steiner (c) w. Midajah vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Steel Cage Match
Nature Boy Ric Flair vs. Sting

WCW Television Championship
Lance Storm (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

WCW United States Championship
Tournament Finals

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WCW Monday Nitro Preview:
Following its record breaking return to television one week ago; WCW Monday Nitro returns with another action packed line up on TNT this week emanating from Albany, N.Y.

Cruiserweights Collide:
Two epic encounters on Nitro this week as Billy Kidman squares off against the Phenomenal AJ Styles in one contest while Elix Skipper goes toe to toe against Shane Helms. All four men look to impress Eric Bischoff as they hope to get the opportunity to compete for the Cruiserweight Championship at Slamboree. Will Chavo Guerrero be on hand to cause any problems for these four men? Tune it for the high-flying high paced action.

A Perfect Proposition:
Last week, Curt Henning offered a proposition that can't be refused. The offer was to take the Natural Born Thrillers and make them Perfect. This week Henning looks for a response from them. What will be on the minds of Chuck Polumbo, Shawn Stasiak, Sean O'Hair, and Mark Jindrak as they respond to Henning's offer?

Mr.Monday Night comes to Nitro:
The man famous for the Five-Star Frog Splash and for being the longest reigning ECW Television Champion in company history makes his debut to WCW this Monday. Rob Van Dam will address his Slamboree opponent TV Champion, Lance Storm. What will be the fall out from this encounter?

The Road Continues:
With only three more stops; the road to Slamboree continues with huge matches already being signed. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner defends against Hollywood Hulk Hogan; Sting and Ric Flair square off inside a steel cage; Lance Storm defends the TV Championship against Rob Van Dam; plus the US Heavyweight Championship Tournament draws to an end. As tensions increase what new rivalries will be resolved in the May Classic? Tune in this Monday at 9:00 PM EST only on TNT.
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