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WCW '96 - The Clique Takes Over

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Every wrestling fan remembers Bash at the Beach 1996, the day the new World order was truly born. For weeks Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, referred to as The Outsiders, had been telling everyone that they were invading WCW and people bought it. Everyone from the announcers to the on-screen talent played it off as if they were still WWF wrestlers attacking their company. Soon the duo challenged WCW to a 3 on 3 match at Bash at the Beach, but they didn’t want to reveal who the third person was. Bischoff, as the vice president of WCW, chose Lex Luger, Sting and Randy Savage to represent WCW. We all know Hulk Hogan turned his back on the fans and formed the nWo and it started a storyline that made WCW the number one wrestling organisation in the world for months. However, considering it was the WWF invading WCW, Hogan joining didn’t make much sense. What if the nWo was formed at Bash at the Beach, just not with Hulk Hogan at the helm, but instead........ Shawn Michaels? Upset his political power backstage in the WWF had significantly reduced with his Clique buddies Nash and Hall leaving, HBK started wrecking havoc backstage, which eventually led to Vince McMahon allowing him to leave. Bischoff jumped on the opportunity to sign HBK, knowing his product needed a boost because of how stale Hulk Hogan had gotten. Welcome to this alternative reality, welcome to 1996.

WCW Bash at the Beach ’96

Rey Mysterio Jr. d. Psychosis

John Tenta d. Big Bubba Rogers w/Jimmy Hart in a Carson City Silver Dollar Match

Diamond Dallas Page d. Jim Duggan in a Taped Fist Match

The Nasty Boys d. Public Enemy in a Double Dog Collar Match

Dean Malenko (c) d. Disco Inferno to retain the Cruiserweight Title

Steve McMichael w/Debra d. Joe Gomez

Ric Flair w/Elizabeth and Woman d. Konnan (c) to win the United States Title

The Giant and The Taskmaster d. Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit

The Outsiders and Shawn Michaels d. Randy Savage, Sting and Lex Luger​

When Randy Savage was on the ground, Hulk Hogan’s music hit and the fans exploded in joy. However, production quickly went to the backstage area where Hogan was shown running and suddenly getting nailed by a kick to the face. The camera zoomed out, revealing Shawn Michaels! Michaels ran to the ring and covered Savage for the pin. After the match fans started to throw garbage into the ring, and wrestlers came running from the back, prompting the nWo to leave the arena through the crowd. History had been made, and the war was on.
WCW Roster

Main Eventers
Hulk Hogan (F)
Kevin Nash (H)
Lex Luger (F)
Randy Savage (F)
Ric Flair (H)
Shawn Michaels (H)
Sting (F)
The Giant (H)

Upper Midcarders
Arn Anderson (H)
Jim Duggan (F)
Scott Hall (H)


Big Bubba Rogers (H)
Booker T (H)
Brian Knobbs (F)
Chris Benoit (H)
Craig Pittman (F)
Dean Malenko (H)
Diamond Dallas Page (H)
Dick Slater (H)
Eddie Guerrero (F)
Jeff Jarrett (T)
Jerry Saggs (F)
John Tenta (F)
Jushin Thunder Liger (T)
Konnan (F)
Lord Steven Regal (H)
Rey Mysterio Jr. (F)
Rick Steiner (F)
Scott Steiner (F)
Squire David Taylor (H)
Steve McMichael (H)
Stevie Ray (H)
The Bootyman (F)
The Renegade (F)
The Taskmaster (H)

Lower Midcarders

Alex Wright (F)
Belfast Brawler (H)
Billy Kidman (F)
Bobby Eaton (F)
Buff Bagwell (F)
Chris Jericho (F)
Disco Inferno (F)
Ice Train (F)
Jim Powers (F)
Madusa (F)
Meng (H)
Michael Wallstreet (H)
Mike Enos (H)
Mr. JL (F)
Psychosis (H)
Scott Norton (F)
Scotty Riggs (F)

Brad Armstrong (F)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (F)
Hugh Morrus (H)
Kenny Kaos (T)
Robbie Rage (T)
Steve Armstrong (F)
The Barbarian (H)


WCW World Heavyweight Champion – The Giant
WCW United States Champion – Ric Flair
WCW Television Champion – Lex Luger
WCW Tag Team Champions – Harlem Heat
WCW Cruiserweight Champion – Dean Malenko


New World Order
Shawn Michaels
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall

Dungeon of Doom
Big Bubba Rogers
Hugh Morrus
Jimmy Hart
The Barbarian
The Giant
The Taskmaster

Four Horsemen
Ric Flair
Arn Anderson
Chris Benoit
Steve McMichael
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I can only second what Baldwin has said here, along with wishing you the best of luck with your thread. Wasn't a huge fan back in the WCW days. (It was before my time, unfortunately) But from what I've read and understand, it was a big part of the reason the 'E is where it is today. With that said, I look forward to seeing how you take it from this point. Oh, and HBK FTW. Haha.
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