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WCW: 2006

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Right, new WCW Fed. The main thing about this is, I'm not reviewing everyone. Besides, this isn't my main forum, so I just won't have time to review everyone I would like to.

Basically, I want your words. If you don't want to give me a proper review, that's fine. Just drop me a PM to say what you thought of the show. Just a few lines, tell me what you like, you don't etc.:agree:

Remember, review or not, PM ONLY!

Back story:

The WWE, after much success, started to fall after WM 17. The shows, attendance, PPV buy rates, ratings and quality of wrestling got so much worse. Vince was at his wits end, until he just decided that he didn’t care anymore. Other people ran the business, as he watched it sink.

Meanwhile, after WM 17, Paul Heyman found himself depressed. He had to sell ECW, then take a job with WWE. He then got booted out of that, and put where he could have prospered, on the creative team. Instead, he had many arguments with staff, many of whom weren’t seeing straight, and had massive egos. He then got booted off there, and kicked around to different jobs, before being made the head of OVW. Although he liked working with young talent, it just didn’t feel right. Besides, his contract was coming to an end, and WWE wanted him to take a pay cut. So, he decided to do something extraordinary. After thinking about it for some time, he decided the first step was to finish his contract. After that, he joined TNA. Within two months, he was I a major creative force, with the same power as the Jarrett’s. This, however was never his intention, so, he decided to buy TNA out with the little money he saved. No one could figure out what ‘the evil genius’ was planning. His original idea was to reform ECW, but he decided having it big wouldn’t feel the same, and would cause to much stress. But, there was a company, which he hated, which fired him. However, it was very successful, and very good. He hated it, but he knew he could make it work. That company, was of course, WCW!

All he needed to do was buy out the rights to WCW from WWE, get a roster and he’d be off. He raked in all the cash he could get, from old friends offered a job from him, or people who just wanted to see the business survive. When he finally got the money, he found he couldn’t JUST buy WCW, with the money he had, WWE was going so cheap, he could buy THAT too! So Heyman bought it all out, and most of the superstars joined WCW, it was either that, or go to the local job centre. And so, with a huge roster, and very little money at his disposal, Paul Heyman had WCW up and running. They scheduled three shows, Nitro, Thunder and Saturday night. Also, they got their first PPV, Bash at the Beach. There were titles made, and everything went mad, as very soon, the first nitro was about to go on the air to the World, and WCW would be REBORN!


Keeping it a surprise/ can’t be bothered!


Lawrence Joel Coliseum, NC
29’th May, 2006

We hit with just a big WCW sign on the TV, then, all of a sudden, the Nitro banner hits…

After that, we go straight into the arena, where massive pyro goes off, and the fans in the Lawrence Joel Coliseum, in the home of WCW, North Carolina! To the side of the stage there is a small table, where the announcers (Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan) are standing, we pan into them.

Mike Tenay: Fans around the World, you have been waiting for this moment to come for so many years. It finally has, it is the return of W…C…W!

Heenan: And what a night this is, I am just so proud to be here tonight, and I am so glad that I finally have my job back after years of grovelling.

Tenay: *Laughs* indeed Bobby, indeed. *He then proceeds to hold up a blank piece of paper* This, fans, is my script for tonight, I have no idea what I’m going to do. There may be matches tonight, there may not. I have no idea, but we expect a visit from the new owner of World Championship Wrestling……

A infamous demonic theme hits, and out comes the new owner of WCW, Paul Heyman! He gets a huge ovation as he steps through the curtain, and he stands on the stage, with tears in his eyes. He stomps down to the ring, and steps through the ropes, but not before he salutes the announce team. He is given a microphone, but can’t speak as he is droned out by ECW chants from every corner. He stops in the centre of the ring, and you can here his voice cracking.

Heman: No, No, NO! This is not ECW! This is now the official WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thousands of fan in the arena go wild and start chanting ‘Thank you Paul’. This goes on for ages, and Paul leans on the ropes and starts to cry. Finally he motions for the crowd to stop, and immediately they do.

Heyman: Yes, this is not the old fashioned, we don’t care, big ego WCW that you grew up with *big pop*. No, this is fast, edgy and will beat the crap out of you without a second thought! *Yet again, the fans go wild* Title will be decided, wars will start. I want to let the chaos begin, but there is one announcement, and that is for the MAIN EVENT. There will be history made tonight, but we will also go back to tradition.

The crowd give a mixed reaction to the announcement, as it contradicts everything before it.

Heyman: No, don’t be afraid. Tonight tradition returns, and will be one of the most vicious encounters in history! Yes, tonight will be the return match, of the main event of the last Nitro five years ago.

Some fans scream at the announcement and know what’s coming


With that, Paul leaves the ring, and lets the crowd absorb the shock of the last promo.

Tenay: Oh my God, can you believe it Brain

Brain: No way, tonight is going to be amazing

Tenay: You know, I just want to let the action begin, but we’ve got to go to a commercial break!

Brain: Damn it!

(All the bone crunching, Flesh Hunting Stars will be out as the new WCW brings you Bash at the Beach. Live on Pay Per View 26’th July!)

More Commercials for weird Crap.

We come back, and once again we see tradition, as standing by backstage, is ‘Mean’ Gene Okerland!


Mean Gene: Yes indeedy, it is very good to be back in North Carolina, and to be here in WCW. Right now, I’m standing by with a legend, a man who has done it all in professional wrestling, and tonight he is going against Sting *big pop* please welcome, the nature boy, Ric Flair.


In comes a fresh faced, relaxed Ric Flair, to a huge pop from the Carolina audience!

Ric Flair: Whooo, hahaha. Oh boy, it’s good to be back in the Carolina’s. Have you missed me?

The fans respond with a huge pop

Flair: Hahaha. Whooo

Gene: Well Ric, you seem all smiles tonight, but what are you going to be like when you step into the ring with Sting tonight.

Ric Flair: Sting, tonight, you and I go toe to toe, for the first time in five years. Five long years since you and I had a match together. Steve, I have all the respect in the world for you man, but tonight, when you step in the ring with the nature boy, there will be no honour, it will be a straight up fight. I always used to say, ‘to be the man you have to beat the man’ and Sting, I’m in the best time of my life, I feel great, and I’m ready to kick some ass. I’m a sixteen time world champion, I may be fifty seven years old, but I’m not going down without a fight. So when I win tonight, I’m gonna be at the top of the mountain of WCW , and the man, once again.

Gene: Ric Flair, thank you very much, and good luck tonight. It’s good to see you back.

Ric: Thanks Gene, it’s great to be the jet flyin’ limousine ridin kiss stealen wheelin dealin son of a wooooo gun. Hahaha. Gene, you wanna go out for a drink after the show tonight……I’ll have my girls……

Gene: Ric, let’s go talk…… right now we have a announcement from Paul Heyman……come on Ric……


We go to Paul Heyman’s office, where he is standing with a large cabinet full of championship belts.

Paul: Welcome, everyone to my office. It’s a bit small, but it shall do. You may be wondering what I’m doing with this cabinet here. Well, I’m here to announce what titles shall be made for the new WCW. Some will be decided over the coming weeks, and some will be decided at our first Pay Per View, Bash at the Beach. *He opens the cabinet and the crowd pops* Here is the WCW Cruiserweight Title, and that…will be decided Right Here Tonight!!!

The crowd go crazy at the announcement that they could get to see the cruiserweights go at it live.

Paul: Yes indeed, the very next match shall be a fatal four way elimination match between

Chavo Guerrero


Billy Kidman

Big Pop for the former poster boy of WCW

Juventud Guerra

Big Heat for the arrogant Luha

And……Rey Mysterio!

The fans go crazy

Paul: Now, onto other matters. The Tag Team Titles, haha. Now they, my friends will be decided in a Tag Team Turmoil match. When? Two and a half weeks time, on the main event of Thursday Thunder! I know for a fact there are many willing teams that want a shot at that title, so I’m giving them enough time to prove to me why they belong there.

Paul reaches in and grabs a old looking title

Paul: Now, this is one title that sure brings back some memories. That’s right, it’s the old TV title. You know, people used to call this the kiss of death title, because you had to defend it at the TV tapings in long, boring matches. Well, not any more! Oh my, you see I can’t wait to have this title given to someone. But, I know there are so many wrestlers who want it, that I’m going to have to wait. Haha at Bash at the Beach, there will be a insane eight man elimination match for the title!

The crowd are getting more and more excited about the possibility of matches.

Paul: Now, here is a very prestigious title, that hasn’t got it’s respect in recent years. The US Title! Over the next few weeks, I was planning a huge tournament between the biggest stars of today, but then I thought, no. I want something with a difference. So, over the next few weeks, there will be TWO Fatal Four way elimination matches, and the two winners, will go head to head at Bash at the Beach……in a ladder match!

The amazed crowd are already dialing up IN Demand to order BATB

Paul: Finally, there’s this *Heyman pulls out a very heavy looking world title and the crowd goes wild!* it, is the WCW World Heavyweight Title. I have some very special plans for this, and it involves two very special superstars who I’ve signed up just recently. These two men will become clear to you all over the coming weeks, until then, enjoy the show boys and girls!

We pan out of Heyman’s office, and into the arena with the screaming fans.

Tenay: Wow, can you believe those titles?

Brain: I know, they were nearly as shine as Paul Heyman’s head!

Tenay: Will you stop it Brian, that’s out boss! Anyway after this commercial break, we will have that fantastic Cruiserweight title match.

Brain: Oh joy, three Mexicans that all look the same, and boring Billy the Kid…man

Tenay: You know, your full of it Bobby, these men are talented……

Brain: Talented my shiny as……

We cut out to a commercial as Bobby and Mike Tenay continue to argue……

Mexicana Forever Gringos


Crappy Generic Lucha music plays, and out comes the brash, cocky Juventud Guerra. He has his usual white pants, and a green headband. This time, he is also sporting a pair of sunglasses. He steps onto the stage to a hue chorus of boos through the crowd. He arrogantly tries to liven them with a hand cupped to the ear, then walks down the stage laughing and signalling to the crowd that he will win the title. He walks into the ring, and throws his sunglasses to the crowd.

Brain: Now this is a cruiserweight champ we could be proud of

Tenay: I’m not talking to you anymore Bobby

Brain: Good, try not talking at all so you can save the viewers too!

Hey Yo.


The crowd goes wild as Billy Kidman, WCW’s own poster boy comes storming down the stage, and into the ring, scaring off Juventud. Billy gets on the second turnbuckle, and holds his arms up, to a great response, before backfliping off.

Ohhh Chavo!


Chavo Guerrero comes through the stage to quite some heat. He holds his hands up high, and does that thing with his fingers. He lingers his way down to ringside, and gets into the ring looking very pleased. He stares down at Billy Kidman, and they both back off.

Boyaka 619!


Boyaka 619 rings out, and the fans go wild as Rey jumps up onto the stage, then goes to each side of the stage and holding his hands high. He walks down to ringside, and slaps hands with the fans. He walks around, then gets in the ring. He jumps on the second rope, and the crowd start chanting ‘619’

Tenay: Listen to these fans, they have gone wild at the return of Rey Mysterio

Brain: Yeah, but look at this

Chavo and Juventud jump Rey as he gets down, and we are underway!









SUMMARY: The match begins with Billy Kidman standing back and not doing anything, while Rey is beaten down by the two heels. They whip Rey to the ropes, then hit a double flapjack. Finally, Juvi goes to Kidman and talks smack to him, finally slapping the taste out of his mouth. The match becomes a all out spot fest, where all four men pull out everything. Highlights include Rey hitting a Asia Moonsault on all three men on the outside! Juvi and Rey mainly go at it, while Chavo and Kidman slug it out. Rey has Juvi On the second turnbuckle, and may be looking for a hurricanrana, but Juvi rakes the eyes, then hit’s a Juvi driver off the top rope! He pins, 1.………………………2.…………………………NO! Rey kicks out!

Juvi can’t believe it, and goes to the top rope. Meanwhile, Billy Kidman hit’s a big face buster on Chavo, as he rolls out the ring covering his battered face. Guerra soars off the top rope with a 450 Splash……But Mysterio gets the knees up, right into the ribs! Juvi lays on the ground, until Billy Kidman picks him up and goes for a BK bomb, but Juvi counters, and drops Kidman head first onto the top ropes. As his neck snaps back, he falls down to the second rope. The fans go wild as they see his position, and Rey also notices. Taking advantage, Rey runs to the ropes, and comes back, smacking Billy K in the face with a 619!!!! Rey holds his hand in the air, and the fans rise to their feet. He springboards off, but Kidman ducks. Luckily, the Juice is off guard. Mysterio sails over the head of Billy Kidman and hits Juventud Guerra with a huge seated senton. He pins, 1.……………………………2.………………………3! He gets the pin!

Tenay: There goes Juventud Guerra, he’s out of the match.

Brain: Awww, I was counting on him!



SUMMARY: We come back, with Billy Kidman on the outside, looking in on Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio going at it one on one.

Tenay: Fans, welcome back to North Carolina and WCW Nitro, but I just can’t understand this, Billy Kidman is on the outside and is just not wrestling. What’s on his mind right now?

Back in the ring, Rey and Chavo are blinding the crowd with high flying moves. Finally, Chavo slows down with a reverse chin lock on Rey. This initiates lots of fast paced chain wrestling, till Rey gets on top, hitting a handspring spinning heel kick. He uses all the spinning, high flying moves in his arsenal, finally hitting a flipping power bomb with great force, only to get a close 2 count.

FINISH: Rey whips Chavo to the ropes, a tries to leapfrog him, but gets caught, and given a hard powerbomb to the floor! Chavo gets heat from the crowd as he taunts them with his arms raised and a cocky smile on his face. He picks up Rey, and positions him up high, ready for a suplex. He spins round and round…and round, finally dropping with a devastating spinning brain buster. He pins, 1.……………………2.………………………NO!!!! Somehow Rey Rey kicked out! Chavo gets up, furious. He yells at the referee, then runs to the ropes. Kidman, however, trips him up, and he falls flat on his face! Chavo gets up, furious. He turns to Kidman, who just shrugs. Guerrero turns around, and gets rolled up by Mysterio, 1.………………2.…………………3!!!!!! Mysterio gets the pin!


Tenay: I can’t believe it, Kidman just screwed Chavo Guerrero!

Brain: I know, isn’t it brilliant

Tenay: I don’t understand, what is going on with Billy Kidman?

Brain: Look, Billy’s obviousl decided he’s had enough of being boring.

Tenay: Well, if this is interesting, I’d rather stick with the boring Billy!

SUMMARY: Billy Kidman cautiously gets into the ring, as Chavo complains to the referee. Kidman, being very tentative, locks up with Mysterio. He begins to ground him with submission moves, including a very crisp bow and arrow surfboard. Finally, he whips rey into the ropes, and puts his head down, but Rey reverses it, turning it into a tornado DDT!!!! Billy K rolls outside of the ring, but Rey once again runs to the ropes, and comes off with a springboard Planca!!!! Both men are down on the ramp, exhausted.

Tenay: What a fight by both men!

Brain: These two have put on a amazing match, they all have!

Tenay: These men must be exhausted by now!

FINISH: Rey rolls Billy back into the ring, and whips him to the ropes, coming off with a drop toe hold, knocking him into the second rope, to the delight of the fans! Rey goes for a 619, but Billy ducks! Rey gets back into the ring, but immediately gets rolled up, 1.……………2.……………Kidman’s got the tights!……………NO! Rey Myterio kicks out at two. He gets up, and looks at Billy very strangely.

Tenay: What IS up with Billy Kidman today?

Brain: He’s just doing whatever it takes to win.

Kidman has a very determined look on his face, and runs at Mysterio. Rey Rey counters it, and hit’s a huge Hurricanrana, dropping Kidman right on his head! Mysterio then ascends the top rope. He’s waiting till Kidman gets up, then signals that it’s over. Meanwhile, Kidman is being checked on by the referee. He deliberately shoves the referee into the ropes, so that Rey is shook, and falls down onto the turnbuckle. Billy Kidman slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and hit’s a BK BOMB OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!! He pins, 1.………………………2.…………………. ………………………………........3!!!!! Billy Kidman is the Cruiserweight champion!

Tenay: Oh I just don’t believe it, Billy Kidman just cheated his way to winning the cruiserweight title.

Brain: What the hell is your problem Tenay? He’s done nothing wrong

Tenay: What are you talking about, he’s done everything wrong!

Brain: He didn’t get DQ’d!

Tenay: Is that how you judge right and wrong? Whether someone gets in trouble or not?

Billy Kidman is handed the cruiserweight title, and holds it high in the air. The fans begin to boo him, and even start throwing stuff into the ring, like popcorn and drinks. He gets onto the second turnbuckle, and poses, thinking the fans are cheering and congratulating him.


Tenay: Well, Billy Kidman leaving the arena very unpopular with the fans, but he is totally oblivious to it all. Anyway, after the commercials, we shall have a big 6-man tag team match. Stay tuned to WCW Nitro


When we come back, we have ‘Mean’ Gene Okerland backstage.

Gene: Yes, welcome back fans to WCW Nitro. Right now, I have a very important man, who was one of the greatest……

With that, Gene is cut off, as KURT ANGLE storms into the picture

Angle: Yes, I think they know who I am ‘scheme’ Gene

Gene: Well……

Angle: just cut it and retire now Okey. I’m the future of WCW. WCW was DEAD, until I came along. Now, that little snake Paul Heyman was OBVIOUSLY talking about me when he said he has two very special people fighting for the world title. So on Thursday Thunder, I’m going out there and I want to know WHO my opponent is, no wait……I DEMAND that Paul Heyman HAND me that WCW World title, because God know I deserve it more than any other wrestler on this freakin crappy roster. Why the hell aren’t I in the main event? Why do the two has-beens get centre stage? *sigh*

Gene: Wh…

Angle: Let me guess, you want to ask me one more question…go ahead……

Gene: Yes, why do YOU think you DESERVE the title more than anyone else? I mean, you never even wrestled for WCW

Angle: No, let me ask you a question. Do you even have you real teeth in??? It’s obvious to everyone except for your intrepid brain why I deserve that title. And if you ever ask me a question like that again, I’ll MAKE SURE you retire! Now get me outta here, it smells like old man……

Kurt Angle storms off as Mean Gene shakes his head

We go somewhere else backstage, where Billy Kidman is walking backstage, Cruiserweight title on his shoulder. He is smiling, as Paul London comes up to him


Kidman: Hey, Paul……

London: uh…Hey Billy

Kidman: So, aren’t you gonna congratulate me on my title win?

London: Uh…yeah…anyway, I wanted to ask you about that. What was that all about?

Kidman: What was what about?………Oh, you mean the new attitude? Yeah, isn’t it awesome, the fans loved it!

London: Errr, no they didn’t. Didn’t you hear the boos, and the stuff they threw in the ring?

Kidman: What?………Ahh, ya just messin with me. See ya later.

Billy Kidman walks off with a cocky smile on his face, while London shakes his head. Suddenly, he sees Rey coming back as well, holding his head. He, Spike Dudley and L.A Park crowd around him.

Mysterio: Man…son of a……Man, why would he do that?

Spike: I have no idea, he was acting so odd.

London: I just talked to him, he seemed totally oblivious to it. He actually thought the fans were cheering him…weird, huh?

Mysterio: Man, I don’t care what he thinks, I’m gonna get my rematch and my cruiserweight title.

You Think You Know Me?




We come back into the arena, and Metalingus rings out to the fans. Out comes Edge, along with his two tag partners, Christian and Lance Storm!

Tenay: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and what a night it’s been already! We’ve had a new cruiserweight crowned, we’ve found out how all the new WCW titles will be decided, and we still have an amazing main event to come.

Brain: And let’s not forget Kurt Angle. He certainly made an impact on ‘scheme’ Gene

Tenay: Interesting comments from Angle indeed. Right now, we are set for six-man tag team action, and Edge, Christian and Lance storm aren’t getting the warmest of reactions from this crowd in North Carolina!

Brain: Yeah, and it‘s just been announced that this match is for qualification into one of the Fatal Four way matches for the US Title

They make their to the ring, and step in. They all stand together in the ring, and hold their hands up high, to the crowd, who are shouting and screaming.



The Booing stops as ‘One of a Kind’ plays out, and out comes the whole F’N show, Rob Van Dam. He is greeted by a huge ovation by the crowd, as he walks down to ringside. He stops at the end of the ramp, and point to his shoulders, as the ring announce and the fans join in ‘R-V-D!’. He waits on the ramp for his partners.



Fans go wild as Whatever plays, and out comes the crippler, Chris Benoit! He gets a huge ovation, and the fans are on their feet screaming his name. He high fives RVD, then points to the ramp as………



The biggest pop of the night comes as John Cena comes storming through the curtain. He holds his two hands together, then runs down to ringside

Tenay: What a ovation by for all three men!

Brain: I just don’t get it, I mean Edge is so much more talented than all three of them put together.

Tenay: Bobby, I have to cut you off, as this match is on!!!!

The three faces come storming into the ring, going straight after the Canadian trio. After knocking everyone out of the ring, Cena directs traffic, as RVD dives over the top rope on Lance Storm and Christian, while Benoit hit’s a running planca through the second rope on Edge!

Tenay: This match is underway, but we’ve got to take a commercial break. We’ll be right back with this incredible tag match.

Brain: Look at ringside, it’s a total mess.


SUMMARY: Edge, Christian and Lance Storm take total control, after numerous cheating chances, finally taking control of RVD with Lance Storm driving his knee into the back of RVD while he was running to the ropes. Obviously, when Storm gets tagged in, he works on the back with lots of different submission hold. They begin to work like a experienced tag team, with numerous tags, and lots more cheating, as one member distracts the referee, while the other attacks from behind. After Storm locks in the Half Boston Crab, Benoit and Cena have had enough and get into the ring. The referee tries to stop them, but while Benoit is arguing, Cena gets his chain and smashes in Christian’s head. He then scares Edge out the ring, before dropping the chain. He sees Lance with the submission hold locked in, then runs to the ropes. He comes off, and hit’s a big throwback, throwing Lance Storm off of RVD! All the teams go back to the apron, as both men struggle to get to their respective partners.

FINISH: RVD finally makes his way to his corner, and tags in Chris Benoit. Storm is on his feet, but Benoit nails him with three hard forearms to the face, then whips him to the ropes, and driving the knee into his sternum, sending him flipping over onto his back. He waits for him to get up before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex, to thje other side of the ring. He makes a cut throat sign, signalling for the end. He stops, however as Christian goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks and locks the arms around the stomach. He hits one big German, two……but he has to let go at three as Edge comes in and hit’s a vicious spear!!!!

Tenay: What a spear by Edge!!!

Brain: All hell has broken loose in this match…Just how I like it

Tenay: Welcome to WCW folks!

All hell really brakes loose as all six men are fighting inside the ring. RVD hit’s a flying kick, knocking Edge through the second rope. John Cena takes Lance out with a clothesline, also taking himself outside. Christian picks Benoit up, and goes for a Unprettier, but Benoit shoves him to the ropes. He comes back and Benoit takes his arm and locks in a Crippler Crossface! Christian has nowhere to go, and is slapping his hand on the mat to submit, but the referee tells Benoit Christian’s no the legal man. He lets go, furious, as Christian rolls out the ring. The Rabid Wolverine turns around into a huge superkick from Lance Storm. He pins, 1.…………………2.……………………………...............NOOOO!!!!!!! The crippler kicks out! The fans go wild as Storm slaps his hands on the mat in dismay

Tenay: Oh My God! He kicked out of a Superkick from Lance Storm

Brain: I will give this to him, he is resilient

Tenay: Resilient? He’s a machine!

Lance gets up, but gets put down again by Rob Van Dam, who hit’s a spinning heel kick. He runs off the ropes, then nails a massive rolling thunder! John Cena gets into the ring, and high fives Van Dam. Suddenly they see Christian, but hit a double spinebuster, driving his back into the mat. All three men are up, and they see that Edge is the only man left inside the ring. The fans go wild as he tries to talk his way out of it. Cena smashes him in the face with a right hand, then RVD, then Benoit, then Cena again, then RVD then Benoit. Finally, Cena tells the other two men to go to the top rope. Cena lifts Edge up, and hit’s a huge FU! As he hit’s the ground, RVD comes off with a massive Five Star Frog Splash! Finally, Benoit hits a diving head butt! Benoit crawls over for the pin, 1.………………2.……………………………....3!!!! They get the win!

Tenay: My God they’ve done it! What a terrific match

Brain: These six men just put on a spectacle

Tenay: But now they have filled three of the four spots available, but who will be the last?

Brain: I’m sure we’ll find out before Next week!

The winning team roll out the ring, exhausted. Finally They walk to the ramp where they celebrate their win as the crowd goes wild. Finally they leave, and we are looking at the three losers. Lance and Christian console Edge, and they all go to get out of the ring, until Storm Superkicks Edge!

Tenay: What the hell?

Brain: I…I think Lance Storm just Superkicked Christian!

Tenay: They worked like a proper team earlier

Brain: Yeah, but when you lose a match, it doesn’t matter how much of a team you are, it changes you.

Tenay: You would obviously know a lot about that, hey Brain

Brain: Do you like being such a pleasant little man?

The fans are in shock, and so is Christian as he jumps to help Edge. He looks furious, and goes for Lance, until Edge finally gets up……and Christian gives him a Unprettier!!!!! He stands up and high fives Storm, and they leave the ring to a chorus of boos.

Brain: Do you know, Edge just took everyone else’s finisher?

Tenay: Look at him, he’s out of it.

Brain: Well, lets hope they can get a spatula and get him out the ring before the commercial break is over!


We come back, and through the curtain comes Christian and Lance Storm, to huge heat from the crowd. They see the camera, and begin to talk into it

Christian: I’ve had enough of this disrespect, after we got screwed by our own team partner, I’ve decided no more Nice Mr Captain Charisma, time to take out the trash!

Christian walks off as Storm begins to talk

Storm: If I can be serious for a minute *Major Heat* Edge cost us our shot at the US Title. We’re finished playing happy about losing. Meet, the new team Canada!

We cut back to the announcers at the side of the stage

Tenay: Short, weird words there from the…err… newest team in WCW, Team Canada

Brain: You know, it wouldn’t usually cheer for a Canuck team, but with a amazing specimen like Christian, and mister personality Lance Storm, you can’t help but love them!

Tenay: Will you stop! Right now we have some words from the man in tonight’s main event, oh boy this should be good……it’s the Stinger!

Sting is in a dark room, with the only thing visible is the black scorpions on his attire. He puts a crow on his arm and begins to talk.

Sting: So……Hahahahaha this is what it comes down too. Me and Ric Flair, for nearly twenty years we have beaten each other senseless. Check the records, I won most of them. Ric, I have the up most respect for you, but tonight, I’m throwing respect and the easy going Sting out the window. Tonight me and you have yet one more match…it may or may not be our last…but if I have my way, and I ALWAYS have my way, there will be no big comeback for the Nature boy…you’ll be a nature boy alright, you’ll be six feet under, being eaten by worms! Hahahahaha

Sting picks up a baseball bat and starts to smash up lockers, and beats one so that there is a huge dent in it. He picks the crow up and opens a nearby window, before letting it fly out and laughing again. We cut back to ringside

Tenay: ……err………wow, spooky words there from Sting, but now we get set for tag team action!


Fans go wild as the two Hardy Boys come bouncing onto the stage and go to each side of the ramp pump up the crowd. They then run down the stage and into the ring, climbing the turnbuckles to play to the fans.

Tenay: Wow! What a reception for the reuniting Hardy Boys

Brain: These two wannabes? The only people cheering are the girls!

Tenay: Listen to the crowd Brain they are going wild!

"][/COLOR]"]Get[/COLOR] The Tables

‘Drop the Bombshell’ plays and out comes Bubba Ray Dudley and his Brother, D-Von Dudley! They also come out to a great reaction, and storm down to ringside, before high fiving each other and getting ready in their corner. The lights come on and the bell rings to start the match

SUMMARY: Just like the last match, the Hardys start out really well with great speed, but soon the Duds take over with their size and power advantage. They go for all kinds of double team moves. Finally, they double suplex Jeff out of the ring, which is where we join this match!

FINISH: Both Dudley’s step outside, and Matt immediately clubs away at Bubba, while D-Von works over Jeff. Bubba soon gets control, however and smashes matt’s face into the ring apron. He then tries to whip him to the steps , but matt jumps onto the steel steps, and dives off with a flying forearm right into Bubba’s face! D-Von then goes to help, slamming Matt back first into the guard railings, then delivering a hard uppercut to the chin. He then walks him to Bubba over the ringside. Bubba takes him, and after a few clubs to the back, smashes his face into the steel steps! Bubba picks up Matt Hardy, and has a dangerous smile on his face. He proceeds to POWERBOMB Matt onto the hard floor! The fans gasp as Matt’s back is welded into the hard outside mats. Both the Dudleys turn around, pleased with the destruction, until Jeff comes running along the BARRICADE, and dives onto both men!!!!!

Tenay: Oh my God, Jeff Hardy just ran along the barricade, and dived onto the Dudley boys!!!

Brain: This match has been non stop, did you see that powerbomb!

Tenay: We are seeing some amazing matches, on the rise of WCW!

Jeff Hardy makes his way up, then grabs D-Von and rolls him into the ring. Slowly, he climbs to the top turnbuckle. He stands on the top and holds his hands in the air, and the fans go wild as they know there’s a Senton Bomb coming. Bubba, however, gets into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He punches away at the gut of Jeff, then grabs him by the throat and brings him down to the mat hard. Jeff begins to get up, until Bubba hooks his arms…BUBBA BOMB!!!! However, Bubba has to drop him, as he sees Shelton Benjamin!!!! Benjamin cracks a chair over his head!!!! Charlie Hass, of all people comes into the ring as well, and smashes a chair over Jeff Hardy’s back. As Matt still lays outside, they kick D-Von in the ribs, and make sure he goes outside too, before grabbing a mic.
Shelton: So, Paul Heyman reforms WCW, and decides the inmates run the asylum, but yet, the worlds greatest tag team, don’t get booked on the card…even worse, we have to…get this…fight for OUR tag team titles! So, we decided to crash…the…party

Hass: We never got our proper chance, so after all this time, we prove why we are the Worlds Greatest tag team!

Shelton: Paul Heyman, we are stand up guys *crowd heat* hey, shut yo’ mouths so, we’ll just wait for you to come to us…

Hass then smashes the chair across the head of Hardy, as he is getting up. TWGTT take the chairs and step out the ring, as the fans boo continuously.

Tenay: So The self proclaimed Worlds Greatest Tag Team are, amazingly reuniting here in WCW. And, unsurprisingly, the fans aren’t too pleased at their actions.

Brain: I just can’t understand these morons points. They just wanted their titles, and boy, do they deserve them

Tenay: No they don’t deserve them, and the point is, they interrupted an exciting tag match!

Once again, we go to a commercial break as Tenay and Brain argue as we go to another commercial break

Coming back, we have TWGTT walking through the curtain, they are stopped by Gene Okerland, who asks what just happened

Benjamin: You all saw what happened, we just destroyed *mocking Tenay* two of the best tag teams in the world** well, by our standards, they’re nothing but a piece of sh……

Hass: Lookey here, it’s one of those wonderful Dudley boys, what do ya want? Here to steal some stuff…look, take a table, but please don’t hurt us

The Dudleys get right into the faces of TWGTT, as they are laughing their asses off. They stop, as Bubba and D-Von just stare at them.

Benjamin: Whoa, sorry man, didn’t mean to offend ya. How about a handshake to welcome us in?

Both hold out their hands, but Bubba SPITS in the eye of Benjamin, before storming off…not before shouting

Bubba: There’s your damn welcoming…you pieces of S**T!!!

We cut back to ringside

Tenay: Welcome back WCW fans, and what an amazing night we’ve had, and we’ve just had confirmation, that was our last commercial break! We’re sticking this till the end!

Brain: And finally, we’ve been waiting for it all night, it’s the incredible main event

Tenay: Oh my Bobby, it’s time!

The lights dim, and the crowd go wild, suddenly……


The fans go wild as Ric Flair struts out to a huge reception. He spins on the ramp way, then shouting wooo as he walks down the aisle. He has his normal (if you can ever call it that) pink robe, and red trunks. He steps into the ring, and gets a chorus of ‘woooos’ from the crowd. He stops and starts to stretch, before the arena goes totally black.

Tenay: Oh God…it’s the return

Brain: He’s here, he’s here

A heavy guitar riff plays and the fans go wild, as they see a baseball bat in the distance, when one spotlight comes on, they see……………


The arena EXPLODES as Sting, pointing the bat, makes his way down to ringside. He steps up into the ring, and puts the bat down. He has the old scorpion tights on, which he reveals as he takes off his long black jacket. Both men are in the corner, and the bell rings.

SUMMARY: Before they lock up, they shake hands to the delight of the crowd. They lock up, and Sting gets the advantage. He starts to take it to Flair, and hits some big forearms and chops, before going to work on the back. He tries for a sleeper hold, but Flair pulls the referee, and low blows the Stinger!

Tenay: Ric Flair, up to his old tricks

Brain: You may not like it, but you must admit it works!

Flair totally picks apart the leg of Sting, by using the steel post to wrap his leg around, then smashing it! He puts his leg on the bottom rope, then jumps on it! The fans go wild as he keeps on attacking at the knee. He stomps on it, then lets him get up, before kicking him in the leg, knocking him down again! Finally, he goes to the second rope, then jumps off with a elbow into the knee! At last, Flair drags him to the centre of the ring, and locks in a figure four! Sting is screaming in pain, and his legs are terrible, but he fights through the pain. Just as you think he is about to submit, he gets a surge of energy, and turns him over! Flair screams, and lets go of the hold. He gets up, and goes again to attack, but Sting pokes him in the eye!!! This is where we join the match

Tenay: Wow, Sting using one of Flair’s old tactics

FINISH: Sting, with great support from the fans, goes on the attack, with some clubs to the back, then a big chop, with ‘wooos’ echoing throughout the arena. He whips Ric into the opposite corner, and he screams to the crowd, as they rise to their feet. He runs, looking for a Stinger Splash, but only gets turnbuckle! Flair goes to him, and kicks him in the leg. Sting goes straight down like a tree, and rolls out the ring. The fans applaud the whole match, as Flair steps onto the apron. Sting stands up, and Ric runs on the apron, diving off with a double axe handle……but sting nails him in the ribs! Flair topples over, and lands on the mat. Sting catches his breath, then picks Flair up, and rams his head into the steel post! He tosses Flair into the ring, then runs to the ropes, comes off with a his big trademark facebuster!!! The fans come alive once again, as he whips him to the corner. He backs up, then screams. He finally runs……and hit’s a huge Stinger Splash!!!! He whips Flair to the opposite corner, and hit’s another huge Stinger Splash! An exhausted Flair staggers to the centre of the ring, as Sting grabs the back of his head and delivers a SCORPION DEATH DROP!!!! Sting pins, 1.……………………2.…………………… ………………………………....NOOOOOO!!!! The Nature boy somehow manages to get the shoulder up

Brain: Oh my God! He actually kicked out of that!!!

Tenay: What a back and forth battle we’re seeing, this is what wrestling is about

Sting looks up at the referee as in “what more can I do?” He lets Flair get to his feet, then goes to kick him in the ribs, but Flair catches the foot, and won’t let go. Sting shakes his head, as Flair picks him up from the leg and hit’s a big shinbreaker!!!! He grabs the leg of Sting, and twists it, looking for the figure four! Sting, however, kicks him off, and Flair bounces off the ropes. Sting grabs him and puts him in a small package, 1.…………………2.……………………Ric Flair reverses, with Sting’s shoulders on the mat, 1.……………………2.…………………NO!!! Both men stand up and look at each other, as the fans applaud. Flair runs at him, but Sting ducks, grabs his legs, and locks in a Scorpion Death Lock!!!! Flair screams in pain and begs for mercy, but Sting has it locked in! Flair slowly starts to move, and both men are in great pain. Flair, however gets a surge of energy, and makes it to the ropes, as the fans go wild. Once again, both men stand up. Sting goes for another Death Drop, But Flair elbows him, then turns around and goes for a suplex. He gets a little way up, but Sting reverses and goes for a suplex on Flair! The Nature boy goes over Sting’s head and lands on his feet. He rolls Sting up! He sits on him WHILE HOLDING THE TIGHTS! 1.……………………………....2.…………………………….....................................3!!!!!! Ric Flair wins! Ric Flair Wins!!!

WINNER: RIC FLAIR @ 17:35!!!!
Tenay: My God, Ric Flair wins, what a match

Brain: He held the tights for the win!

Tenay: It was vintage Ric Flair, what did you expect?

Flair stands up and gets his hand raised by the referee, he holds his hands high and the fans go wild. He sees Sting, with his hands on his hips, on his knees. Flair goes over to him and offers him a hand. Sting looks pretty annoyed, but accepts, and they stand and hug.

Tenay: What a night, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been…

Brain: Wait, look at this!

Out of nowhere, RANDY ORTON comes into the ring, as Flair turns around, he walks straight into a RKO!!!!!! He stands up and holds his arms in the air, like the legend killer, as the fans boo. The fans cheer, however, as Randy turns around and see STING! Sting looks none to happy, and takes it to Randy Orton! He backs him into the corner, then whips him to the other side. He runs at him………Big Stinger Splash! Randy staggers about, before falling through the second rope, onto the floor below.
Tenay: My God, Randy Orton just made his debut, and RKO’d Ric Flair

Brain: That taught Randy not to mess with the legends

Tenay: Do you think he ever will learn? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we hope you’ve enjoyed your night, we certainly have, I’ve been Mike Tenay, this has been Bobby the Brain Heenen, and fans, we’ll see you on Thunder

Brain: Goodnight!

Sting and Ric Flair stand tall as Nitro goes off the air.​
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Sorry this hasn't been done in nearly 2 months, but I have still been writing. It's just finding time to post a whole show, I prefer doing it in parts...still.

Ok Different layout:


Charlotte Coliseum, North Carolina
1’st July 2006

Highlights from last week are played, including

- Paul Heyman opening a packed show

- The fatal fourway for the cruiserweight title

-Kurt Angle’s words

- The six man tag match

- TWGTT making their debut, with impact!

- Ric Flair and Sting having a classic matchup

- Randy Orton’s attack

The brand new Thunder video plays, and the pyro goes off in the packed arena, as fans go wild! Once again, right by the stage, is Bobby Heenen and Mike Tenay, we pan into them

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first, WCW THUNDER!

Brain: Indeed, tonight we have another packed show for you, although we have no idea what is going to happen……

Tenay: Indeed, we only have ONE announced match so far, and that is Chris Jericho taking on the returning, oh yes, Justin Credible!

Take What’s Mine

Randy Orton’s ‘take what’s mine’ plays, and he storms onto the stage, to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He walks down the stage, a face like thunder (no pun intended). He steps into the ring and scowls at the crowd, before taking a mic.

Randy: All damn week, people have been asking me why I did what I did, and WHY did it backfire, and WHY I ruined a great match and WHY AND WHY AND SHUT THE HELL UP! Like you even need to ask! I did what I did for the good of the fans, for the good of WCW. I did that because I had to show the world that I am the greatest wrestler who is alive today, and the two men who were in the main event were washed up…… old………bastards

The fans begin to chant ‘Randy sucks’ at the legend killer, as he yells at the crowd and stomps his feet

Randy: Shut the hell up! I AM the greatest wrestler alive, and I should be in the main event! I took out ‘the nature boy’ in a ‘heinous’ attack. You know, people always said that I was a third generation superstar, I was the youngest world champion in history, ya hear Flair, I made history, I am, and always will be, totally, 100 percent better than you are, and the fact that you’re a washed up attention seeker, is the reason I attacked you……


The nature boy, Ric Flair comes onto the stage wearing a very expensive suit. He is accompanied by his old friend, and the man he defeated on Nitro, Sting! He stands on the stage, pacing with a microphone.

Flair: Randy Orton, you said you took me out, but you didn’t get the job done! You came up from behind, you sneaked an RKO, but then this ‘washed up old has been’, my best friend, Sting came and beat the crap out of you, woooo!!! Hahaha

Sting: You know, I’d do it again, any time, any place Orton, me and you!

Orton looks to be furious as he stomps around the ring, and the fans love it!

Orton: You know, I might just take you up on that offer, old man

Flair: Oh yeah boy, let us go, tonight!

The fans cheer at the prospect of Flair V Orton tonight

Orton: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. You know what, I want to take on both of you, I don’t care who the………

Flair: Hahaha, you here that buddy, he wants a handicap match. God, whatever you’re smoking, I want some of it……but have it your way.

Orton: Ha, no way, no way! *fans boo* What I want, is a tag team match……

Flair: Oh yeah buddy boy? Where in the hell are you going to find a tag team partner? You know, that every boy in the back hates you, and wants to rip you apart. But…if that’s what you want, we ain’t gonna argue. Woooooo

Sting: Come on, lets go, main event, wooooo!

Both men start laughing, and are about to walk off, but the legend killer stops them

Orton: You think this is a joke? You think this is funny? I’ll tell you where I’ll find a tag team partner, with my boss!

Randy laughs as Flair and Sting look confused, but still walk off smiling.

Tenay: Wow, interesting words there from the legend killer Randy Orton, what do you think he meant by his boss?

Brain: Why are you asking me? I don’t know! I think it might be Paul Heyman

Tenay: I’m sure our boss has more important matters than being pestered by Randy Orton. Anyway fans, after the break, I presume we are having a match, but I know we are also having words from Billy Kidman, and fans, let us take you back to Nitro, and the extraordinary change in Billy Kidman

Video is played of Billy Kidman coming into the cruiserweight title match, first tripping up Chavo Guerrero, then cheating to win the title from Mysterio. He holds the cruiserweight title high in the air. Next shot is of him talking to Paul London.

Kidman: Hey, Paul……

London: uh…Hey Billy

Kidman: So, aren’t you gonna congratulate me on my title win?

London: Uh…yeah…anyway, I wanted to ask you about that. What was that all about?

Kidman: What was what about?………Oh, you mean the new attitude? Yeah, isn’t it awesome, the fans loved it!

London: Errr, no they didn’t. Didn’t you hear the boos, and the stuff they threw in the ring?

Kidman: What?………Ahh, ya just messin with me. See ya later.

Coming back, we have ‘Mean’ Gene Okerland in his interview set, with Billy Kidman the side of him.

Gene: Yes, hello wrestling fans, I’m ‘Mean’ Gene Okerland standing by with the new cruiserweight champion, Billy Kidman!

The fans in the arena boo as Kidman takes the microphone and begins to talk

Kidman: Hey there everybody, I’m so pleased to be here tonight, but, I’m sure your wondering why I’m here. You may be shocked at this, and so am I, but our owner has unbelievably asked me to come out here and apologise about my actions on Nitro, which I think is just bad business, because I didn’t do anything wrong! *fans once again boo Kidman* I know, I can here your dismay from over here. Anyway, even though I have no idea what to apologise for, I am profusely sorry for whatever I have done, and, once again, as I have been asked, I grant Rey Mysterio a *begins to crack up laughing as he talks* HA! I agree to give Rey Mysterio a rematch for the cruiserweight title Hahahaha, yeah, sorry, oh God this is funny

The fans are confused as once again, Billy Kidman begins to crack up. He stops laughing, however, as Paul Heyman appears on the TV screen!

Heyman: Kidman, you may laugh now, but you WILL one day, defend that cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio, in fact, I’ve booked Rey in a match tonight, and if he wins his match against Juventud Guerra next, he will get his shot, next week on Nitro!

Paul Heyman mocks Billy Kidman by laughing, then walks away as Kidman looks furious. We cut back to the cameras at ringside, as the fans cheer when they see themselves on the TV.

Tenay: Well Bobby, this night sure is heating up! We’ve got Chris Jericho taking on Justin Credible, a match just signed, Rey Mysterio versus Juventud Guerra, and a incredible main event, Ric Flair and Sting against Randy Orton, and a mystery partner!

Brain: Did you here Billy Kidman? He is a sure role model, he’s confident and……

Tenay: Pffffft, Bobby, he was as cocky as you can get, and he thinks the fans LIKE him!

Brain: Here we go!

Mexicana Forever Gringos

The fans boo as out comes Juventud Guerra. He steps on stage, and holds his hands up, while he walks down the stage. He slides into the ring, and the fans continue to yell and scream at the 450 master.

Boyaka 619

The fans flip out as Mysterio’s titantron shoots up, and he jumps onto the stage. He runs down to ringside, as the fans chant his name. He gets to the top tunrbuckle, then jumps into the ring. He stares down Juvi as the bell rings.

Tenay: And we are about to go here, this should be an excellent match! Don’t forget, if Mysterio wins this match, he will get a cruiserweight title match next week on Nitro

Both men circle each other, and are about to lock up, until………

Kidman Rules

The fans absolutely go wild as Billy Kidman walks into the arena. He laughs and waves at the fans, then goes to the side of the stage, and puts on a headset at commentary.

Kidman: Hey there guys, how are we

Brain: I’m good champ, how are you?

Tenay: Hey guys, we’ve got a match going on, can you stop sucking up?

Brain: Tenay, don’t have a heart attack

Kidman: Hahahaha

SUMMARY: Very fast paced, back and forth match. Rey Mysterio takes control early, with lots of unbelievable fast paced moves. He takes him to the outside, then runs to the ropes, and tries a 619, but Juvi steps out the way, Rey sees him then dives through the ropes with a suicide dive!!! He picks him up and throws him back into the ring, which is where we join the match……

FINISH: Both men are tired, as Mysterio runs to the ropes, however Juvi kips up just in time to hook the legs around Rey and hit a huge hurricanrana!!! Rey lays on he ground as Juvi gets his breath back. He picks Rey up and whips him to the ropes, hitting a drop toe hold when he comes back. He keeps hold of the foot, and gets up, locking in a variation of the sharpshooter! Rey screams in pain, but slowly makes his way over to the apron, finally grabbing the bottom ropes. Juvi looks furious as Rey begins to stand up. He kicks him in the gut, then once again whips him to the ropes. Juvi ducks down, looking for a back drop, but rey jumps over him, hitting a sunset flip! Mysterio slides under the legs of Juvi ala Tajiri, then as Guerra tuns around, he gets smashed with a dropkick to the face!

Tenay: Rey Mysterio, showing his great speed.

Kidman: Showing his sneakiness, more like! Didn’t you see that eye rake, and the pulling of tights?

Brain: Disgusting

Tenay: Lord help me……

Back in the ring, Juvi gets up, furious. He runs at Rey, but he backs, off, then drop toe holds him into the ropes! The fans cheer as he runs to the ropes, and comes off with a big 619! He steps outside onto the apron and holds his left hand high.

Kidman: Right, I’ve had enough………

With that, Billy Kidman runs down the ramp towards the ring. Rey, who’s about to jump, sees Billy and turns around, while Juventud is keeping the referee at bay by pretending to be injured. Mysterio dives off the apron onto Kidman, but Kidman has a chain wrapped around his fist, and smashes Rey in the ribs!!! The fan once again boo Kidman as he picks Mysterio up and rolls him in the ring. Guerra stops playing, and drags Mysterio to the corner, where he climbs atop the turnbuckles and dives off with an amazing 450 Splash! He hooks the leg, 1.…………………2.……………………3!!!! Juvi gets the win

Tenay: Oh my God, I don’t believe it, Billy Kidman just ran down to ringside, hit Rey Mysterio in the ribs with a steel chain, then Juventud Guerra hit’s the 450 for the win, can you believe Billy Kidman?

Brain: You know, I would usually have an explanation for Billy, but he screwed Mysterio, plain and simple!

Tenay: Well, I hope he’s happy with himself, because I’m sure Paul Heyman won’t be!

Juventud gets up in the ring, and the referee raises his hand. Juvi then hops out the ring, and walks away. Meanwhile, Billy Kidman walks away laughing, all the while the fans boo, but he still waves at them like they’re loving it. Rey wakes up and stares at Kidman, You can see the expression on his mouth get angry, he shouts at him in Spanish, as the referee helps him up.


When we come back, we have Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenen in the announce position on the side of the stage.

Tenay: Yes, welcome back to WCW Thunder ladies and gentlemen, and we’ve got some footage to show you of last Monday on Nitro, and Yes, it is quite violent, lets show you the return, of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team.

Brain: Say it with passion Mike……

A video shows of Nitro’s match with The Dudley boys and the Hardy boys. It shows some highlights, then it shows the steel chair shots from TWGTT. It has some footage of them talking in the ring, then splitting open Jeff Hardy. Finally, we go backstage where TWGTT talk to ‘Mean’ Gene and express themselves, until the Dudley boys spit in their faces as a welcoming present. We cut back to the announcers.
Tenay: That footage, from Nitro, was a terrible attack, but now, we cross over to ‘Mean’ Gene Okerland, who’s standing by with Hass and Benjamin

Okerland: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have tonight, they call themselves the worlds greatest tag team………

With the TWGTT interrupt him by coming into the picture and grabbing a microphone

Benjamin: They sure as hell know who we are, and they sure as hell know we’re the Worlds Greatest Tag Team.

Hass: Yeah, now whoever is out there looking for a place in the tag team turmoil better listen up. WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN, and be God, we will prove it.

Gene: I’m sure everyone at home is very interested to know exactly HOW you will do this, there are so many great teams in WCW, where do you think you can start?

Benjamin: What the hell are you talking about? Where will we start, I told you already, we are the worlds greatest tag team, nobody can stop us. Of course we are going to prove it, we’ll damn well prove it any way we want to.

Hass: Pfft, get outta here baldy, Kurt Angle was right, it smells of old man. Now, grandad over here asked a good question, how can the best prove themselves. Well, our former manager, Paul Heyman, once again shows he is against us, once again shows favouritism against us. We have just arrived in this damn company, and he forces us into a match on Saturday Night. Well, we’re going to stick it to him, we are issuing a open challenge to anyone who wants to take us on Saturday Night, if you’re a total idiot………

Benjamin: Talking of idiots, here’s one right now……

Eugene is walking along quite happily, until he sees TWGTT. He stops and looks sad faced.

Benjamin: Hey Eugene, what’s wrong?

Eugene: Uhh…umm, You did a bad thing, you beat up my friends the Hardy boys, you know, when they do that senton bomb and the big legrops and all those moves off the ladder, they’re amazing…but you know, I wanna challenge you on Saturdat night, I wanna beat you, because, you know, your not really the worlds greates tag team, that’s the road warriors……rahhh

Benjamin: Hahaha, yeah Eugene, you can’t face us, because you ain’t got a partner, you aren’t popular, no one loves you Eugene, so get out of out interview time……

Eugene looks really sad as he walks off, and TWGTT laughs out loud. Suddenly, they go up to Eugene and attack him, dropping him to the floor. The stomp on him, till someone comes, WILLIAM REAGAL he spins Hass around and nails him with a big right hand, then rams Benjamin into the interview set. He stand there looking down at them.

Regal: There’s your bloody tag team partner for you!

We cut back to ringside, where………

YO. Incredible

The fans actually pop quite loud, as Justin Credible, the former ECW and WWE star walks through the curtain. He holds his hands in the air as he walks down to ringside, and steps into the ring. He does his famous pose with his foot on the second rope, and holds one hand one the rope, while the other in the air.

Tenay: Well, we’ve just a had a shocking announcement, WILLIAM REGAL has turned up to WCW, and we presume he’s the partner of Eugene on Saturday Night!

Brain: And what a match this could be, Justin Credible against Y2J Chris Jericho

Tenay: Bobby, when these two men are involved, it could always be a great match


Once again, the fans go crazy as the ayatollah of rock and roll shows his back to the crowd. He spins around on the stage, before making his way down to the ring. He has his back to the ring ropes, and leans on them before stepping in and going face to face with Credible.

Tenay: What a reaction both men have received, and they are both returning to the big time, Chris Jericho, giving up his Fozzy tour to be with us for the, well, as long as he wants, he’s Y2J, he can do what he wants.

Brain: Unless it involves breaking contract…read the small print

SUMMARY: both men go at it straight away, with Jericho getting the upper hand, then whipping him to the ropes, and coming off with a big dropkick. Excellent back and forth match. Jericho controls first, highlights include Credible on the apron after a good few minutes of chain wrestling. Jericho runs to the second turnbuckle, and springboards off with a dropkick, knocking Justin down to the mat. He then dives over the top with a suicide leg drop! The crowd go wild. Tries a cross body off the top rope, but gets caught, and Credible delivers a variation of the Juvi/Michinoku driver! He pins, one, two, no! Justin Credible keeps working over Jericho for a little while, but soon Jericho once again takes control. He takes his legs and drops him down, then tries to put The Walls of Jerciho on! Justin, however, pushes him off with his legs. Y2J bounces off the ropes, and into a Credible Kick (super kick!) He crawls over to pin, 1.……………………2.…………………………….....NO! Jericho just gets the shoulder up!!!

Tenay: Oh my God! He just kicked out of a Credible kick, how did he do that?

Brain: Mike, I do not know, but we are seeing an amazing wrestling match here tonight

Tenay: My Brain, for once I agree with you, what a great match!

FINISH: Credible can’t believe it, but he gets to his feet, not long before Jericho does. He grabs him and runs to the turnbuckle, then rams his shoulder into the steel post! Jericho stagger back, and walks straight into a big backdrop. Justin pins, 1.……………………2.…………No, once again Jericho pops a shoulder up. Credible picks Jericho up, then whips him to the ropes, but as he comes off he ducks, and comes back with a big facebuster! Jericho holds his hands up, then runs to the ropes. He jumps to the second rope, then comes off with a big lionsault, but Credible get the knees up! Jericho, in pain, staggers around holding his sternum. Justin Credible gets up and picks Jericho up, putting him on his shoulders, ready for a ‘That’s incredible!’ (spinning tombstone piledriver). The fans go wild as Jericho slips off his shoulder, behind him, where he pulls his head back, and locks in a dragon sleeper!! Justin is flailing his arms about in great pain, and struggles to get out of it. It looks like he’s about to submit, but at the last second, he elbows his way out of it. He spins around and puts his arm under Jericho’s armput. He lifts him up an hits a Northern Lights Suplex! He bridges for the pin, 1.……………………2.………………………NO! Jericho gets the shoulder up once again!

Tenay: My God, these men have really put in their best effort, what a match we are seeing.

Brain: Look at the moves these men are pulling off , we’ve had suplexs, dragon sleepers, what more?

Credible can’t believe it, and jumps onto Jericho, pounding away on his head, until the referee pulls him off. Credible smiles, and jumps on the second rope, then gets off, and waits in the corner for Jericho to get up. Jericho gets up in the centre of the ring, and Credible runs at him, then goes for another Credible kick, but it is blocked, as Jericho holds the leg. He spins him around, and as he comes back, he grabs the legs, drops him to the floor, and locks in the walls of Jericho!!! Credible is in the centre of the ring, with nowhere to go. He fights for a little while, he even makes it a little way to the ropes, but in the end has no choice but to tap out!!!!
Tenay: Wow, these two men really put on a superb match

Brain: They fought from beginning to end. Now Chris Jericho will go through to the other fatal four way on Nitro

Tenay: So now, it will be:

Cena V RVD V Benoit V Jericho

Brain: And boy, what a match that will be

Tenay: Just another great reason to tune into Nitro!


When we come back, we have ‘Mean’ Gene Okerland backstage, and is standing next to a very sweaty, tired Chris Jericho, who is breathing heavy.

Okerland: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, this is mean Gene Okerland, and I am joined here tonight by the man who just went through a gruelling match with Justin Credible, Chris Jericho. Chris, you are now in the fatal four way match, what are your thoughts?

Chris: What are my thoughts? Well, I’m Y2J, the ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, I’m the King of the world, and I am soon to be the WCW United States Champion. Boy, Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam, John Cena, we’ve all had great battles in the past, and you know I respect the hell outta ya’. But on Nitro, there will be a turning. I have won battles for the US title, the tag team titles, the TV title, I was the first undisputed champion, and I want this belt so much, I will give my right arm to get it.

Gene: Chris Jericho, we’re about to present a video package, and we are going to show what the US title means to the other three men in this match, and I’ll think you will understand that it mean the same to them too.

We are now presented with a video package about the US Title. Soft Music plays in the background. The first shot is of a old Us Title, sat proudly on a table

Benoit: The Us Title

RVD: The US Title

Cena: The US Title

We then have shots of the first US champion. Wahoo McDaniel with a knife edge shop, Ricky Steamboat with arm drag, Greg Valentine with a big elbow drop.

Cena: To Be the US Chamion

RVD: To Make your claim

Benoit: In History……

Some highlights of the famous ‘I Quit Cage Match’ between Magnu T.A and Tully Blanchard. The cage being used as a weapon many times, the different attempts at submission. The violent ending, with Magum stabbing a chair leg into the head of Tully.

RVD: Some of the greatest matches in history

Cena: To be alongside them

Benoit: To do the same, to make history

Next we go to WCW, where we have Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, DDP, Raven and many more in action against the best of the talent. Finally, we move to the US Title in WWE. Chris Benoit, Rhino, Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, and of course, John Cena are all in the ring holding the title high above their head.

Benoit: I have been there before

RVD: And I will not stop

Cena: Till I get there


We fade out of the voices, and onto a table again. This time, there is the old title, standing next the brand new US Title………

You Think you know me?

The crowd give a mixed, but more positive reaction as ‘Metalingus’ plays out, and out comes the man who was attacked on Nitro, Edge! He has a big bandage over the top of his head, and he looks in no mood to play as he storms out to the ring. He has his usual blue tights on, and surprisingly, no leather jacket. He stretches the ropes, anxiously waiting his opponent.

Tenay: This man, ladies and gentlemen, was turned on and attacked in a horrible way on Monday Nitro, as you can tell by the bandage. Here is the footage

A replay is shown of Storm and Christian’s attack, with a unfretted and a Superkick from Storm.
Brain: Well, it wasn’t that bad……

Tenay: What the hell are you talking about Bobby?

Brain: I mean, Christian and Storm explained it in plain English. They were tired of Edge not pulling his weight

Tenay: Come on Bobby, they’d only had one match

Brain: Yeah, but after all their exploits, they were tired of Edge

Tenay: That may be true, but Edge sure got a hell of a beating. Whatever the case, he goes head to head with one of those men tonight, Lance Storm

Team Canada

A short sound clip of the Canadian National anthem is played, but it is soon replaced by something that sound a lot like Christian’s old theme, as Team Canada comes out onto the stage to a chorus of boos. They walk down the stage, with Lance Storm, with his tights on. Meanwhile, Christian rubs his hands together as he walks, with a smart shirt on. Storm slides into the ring, and a angry Edge goes straight for him with punches to the head. The bell rings as the fans cheer for Edge.

SUMMARY: Edge goes straight to work in this match, with hard punches and kicks to the face and gut of the much smaller Lance Storm. Storm is thrown into the corner of the ring, and is also worked on there, much to the anger of Christian. Edge whips Storm to the ropes, and ducks a clothesline. He grabs him from behind, as he is running, and brings him down by the hair with a huge Edge-O-Matic! He hooks his leg, 1.………………………2.……………………………NO! Storm kicks out! Edge looks unhappy, and is certainly not playing, wanting revenge for the bandage on his head. He lets Storm get close to his feet, then runs to the ropes, but is tripped up by Christian. He turns around and looks furious, shouting at him to “Get out of his business” He then runs to the opposite ropes. He looks to be going for Storm, but instead runs past him, hitting a baseball slide onto Christian on the outside!!! Christian is down as Edge goes to the outside. He gets on one knee and delivers closed punches to the head of Captain Charisma. He gets up and turns around, but walks into Lance Storm delivering a suicide plancha over the top rope, onto Edge!!

Tenay: My God, this match has disrupted into absolute chaos!

Brain: These men have dismantled each other

Tenay: Christian tripped up Edge, Edge hit a baseball slide onto Christian, then Lance Storm with a suicide plancha onto Edge!

Brain: What madness

Lance Storm picks up a dazed Edge and rolls him in the ring. He goes to work on him over the next few minutes with stiff moves, like chops, kicks and punches, also working on the back of Edge, possible setting up for a Storm Brewing (half Crab Hold) Finally, he lifts him up to the top rope, coming off with a devastating superplex! This is where we join the match;

FINISH: Storm holds his left hand in his right, and puts them in the air, as Christian cheers on enthusiastically, and the boos rain down from the fans. He grabs the leg of Edge, and turns it over, putting on a Half Boston Crab Lock! Edge screams out in pain, trying to move, but is stuck. He sees Christian jumping about, and suddenly gets the energy to crawl to the ropes. He is very close to being there, as the referee is asking him if he wants to submit, he says no. He is about to put a hand out, but Christian pulls the rope away from him, desperate to stop his attempts. This means he has to struggle, but nevertheless, he puts a hand out, and reaches the ropes! Christian goes beserk on the outside, as the fans cheer Edge’s bravery.

Tenay: Wow, Edge managed to make his way to the ropes

Brain: And I can’t believe how he cheated his way there

Tenay: You know, I’m really interested to his this Brain

Brain: I’m not telling you know, your being sarcastic. Besides, you should have seen it, it was so plain

Tenay: Yeah, that’s right Bobby

Storm can’t believe it, and squats down in a corner. He waits for Edge to get up, then runs at him. Nobody knows what he is going to do, and no one will find out, either, as Edge delivers a violent spear to Lance, nearly taking him out of his boots. The fans go crazy as both men lay on the mat. Edge is the first man to move, as he rolls onto his stomach, and begins to crawl over to Storm. He gets a arm over him, 1.…………………2.……………………………..................NO! Storm gets the shoulder up at the very last second! Edge can’t believe it, he yells as he pushes the hair behind his eyes. Christian is still cheerleading enthusiastically on the outside, as a desperate Edge picks him up. He puts him in a front face lock, and the fans cheer the set up for a Edgecution, but Storm punches him in the gut a few times, then rams him back first into the corner. He hits a few knifedge chops to the chest, but then puts him sitting on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and stands on the top rope with him. Storm grabs his shoulders and jumps onto his neck. He tries to fly off with a Huricanrana, but Edge pushes him off, and the former US champion falls off onto the ground, face first! Edge shakes the cobwebs off, and this time climbs to the top turnbuckle. Christian jumps up to the apron, and goes for Edge. Edge, to the delight of the fans, grabs Captain Charisma, and slams his head into the steel ring post. He smashes him in the face, and Christian falls off the apron, onto the floor below. Edge once again stands on top, and dives off, but Lance Storm Superkicks him in the face! Edge looks to be out of it, as he crawls over, 1.……………………………2.………………………….....3!!! Lance Storm wins!
Tenay: You know, I just don’t believe what has just gone down, Christian, CHEATING to help Lance Storm to pick up a win over Edge

Brain: Well, he didn’t actually cheat, he just helped him, he didn’t cheat, because he didn’t really affect the match

Tenay: WHAT? He totally changed the outcome, Edge was heading for a win……

Brain: Don’t be biased, we don’t know that!

Edge wakes up, with help from the referee, while Christian helps Lance to his feet and out the ring. The boos are still coming, as Edge looks furious with them.

Tenay: Folks, Edge does NOT look happy, and you know this one won’t end tonight.


When we come back, the demonic theme of Paul Heyman is just fading out. He has stopped in the centre of the ring, and has a microphone in hand, but the fans are still cheering him.

Tenay: Yes welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Thursday Thunder. The owner of WCW, Paul Heyman, has come to the ring, and we are told he is here to make a important announcement.

Brain: There is only two announcements that could be that important. One, I’m having a pay rise, two, you’re being fired.

Tenay: Why do I think that is NOT going to happen

The fan support dies down and the evil genius is left in the ring.

Heyman: Tonight, I am out here for one very important reason. I am out here to make the announcement of a new wrestling division! But this division is very important, these wrestlers will only wrestle in front of you people, on Pay Per View!!!

Some of the fans boo that announcement, some cheer the new division.

Heyman: Many years ago, in the old WCW, there was something called the PowerPlant. It was a training area, and so many great competitors were trained there. When I started up WCW a month ago, people were begging me to come and join this promotion. So, as a solution, I reincarnated the Power Plant. The way this Power Plant works is totally different. There are, at the moment, 20 superstars in the Power Plant. Each one has a great reason to be there, they are some of the most talented men in the world. Over the coming weeks, YOU the fans, will get to decide which one takes centre stage. At a Pay Per View, the two men with the most votes will go on to face each other in competition. There is one extra stipulation, something that could change the direction of these men’s carers entirely. If YOU, the fans, vote in a wrestler three times, then that person will win a permanent contract into the company! Over the coming weeks, you will see these men I competition, trying to prove to you that they are the best in the Power Plant, and deserve their shot.

The fans cheer the idea from Paul Heyman, and want to see the men who are working in the Power Plant

Heyman: So, as I’m sure your desperate to know, I present to you all, the roster of the Power Plant!


Monty Brown

Chris Masters


James Gibson

Dustin Rhodes (Part Time trainer/wrester)

Dusty Rhodes (Part Time Trainer/Wrestler)

Rick Steiner (Part Time Trainer/Wrestler)


Michael Shane

Paul Burchill

Doug Williams

Jack Evans


Shinsuke Nakamura

Kaz Hayashi

Tommy Dreamer (Part Time Trainer/Wrestler)

Super Crazy




* The trainers CAN be voted into the match

* You can vote every show, you can vote as many times as you want

* I don’t mind if you just want to vote. If you read, but don’t review (for whatever reason), please PM a vote, I would be very grateful

* This will be done over a number of boards, so you could see a different result than the votes on THIS BOARD

The screen goes back to Heyman, who is smiling gleefully, fans interested by what they see.

Heyman: without further ado, I present to you, two men who want to prove their worth……Spanky and James Gibson!


Fans cheer as the ever light hearted Spanky comes storming down to ringside. He slides in the ring, and straight out the other side. He runs around the mats, slapping hands with the delighted fans. He finally stomps into the ring, and stands onto the second turnbuckle.

Tenay: My, my, what a reaction to the ever great Brian ‘Spanky’ Kendrick

Brain: What kind of name is Spanky anyway?

Tenay: Hey, it’s just a fun name, Spanky just loves to have fun with the fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was voted in!

I Ain’t Scared

Heavy southern music plays and out comes James Gibson. The fans give him a rather mixed reaction as he walks through the curtain. He stomps too the ring, looking rather angry, but more determined. He gets into the ring and prepares in the corner, seemingly talking to himself and taping his wrists. The bell rings and both men make their way to the centre of the ring.

Tenay: My, and the fans will be in for a great match

Brain: These two men have made a statement across the US and Japan

Tenay: How did you know that Bobby? I’m supposed to be the professor

Brain: Hey, it pays to keep up with the news!

SUMMARY: Very fast paced match, as expected, because they have to fit a lot in a short space of time. After some good chain wrestling, Spanky takes control with amazingly fast moves. He hit’s a dropsault, knocking Gibson over the top rope and to the floor. He steps to the apron, then jumps up, sits on the top rope, and comes off with a seated Asia moonsault!! He throws James back into the ring, as Gibson tries to roll away too catch his breath. Spanky runs up, trying for a tornado DDT, but as he comes down, Gibson lands on his feet, and hit’s a belly to belly suplex, sending Spanky over the other side of the ring!!!! Gibson starts to work over Spanky with dangerous submission moves. After Kendrick fights out of a sleeper hold, then hit’s a two hard kicks two the shins, as the crowd get fired up. Spanky goes for another kick, this time to the stomach, but Gibson stops him. He sends his leg high up in the air, and Spanky soon follows. He lands on his feet with a backflip, then goes forward and nails a spinning heel kick!!! The fans go wild as both men get up quickly. Spanky runs at him and jumps on his shoulder. After sitting there for only a few second, he comes off with a huge Huricanrana!!! He keeps his leg hooked for the pin, 1.……………………2.………………………….....NO! This is where we join the match

FINISH: Spanky picks up Gibson, and kicks him in the ribs. He puts his head onto his shoulder, and the fans go wild, Sliced Bread #3!!! He runs up to the top ropes, and tries to bounce off, but Gibson throws him to the outside!!! Spanky goes from high in the air, and crashes down to the floor outside back first!!!!

Tenay: Oh My God, he just landed on those mats backfirst!!!

Brain: He could be dead Tenay

Tenay: Or maybe have a broken back!

Gibson sees Spanky on the outside, holding his back, and smiles. He steps onto the top turnbuckle, and lets Spanky get to his feet. He holds his hands up, then dives off with a huge Senton Bomb Plancha onto Kendrick!!! Both men are on the floor, battered and beaten. Gibson gets up first, and rolls Spanky into the ring. He pins, 1.……………………………...........2.…………………………NOO! Spanky gets the shoulder up at two and a half.

Tenay: How close was that?

Brain: These two men really want to show what they’re made of, it’s a matter of their career

Gibson can’t believe it, and screams away at the referee. He stands up and yells something to the crowd, who boo him. He picks Spanky to his knees, and puts him between his own legs. Gibson grabs the arms, Tiger Bomb!!! Spanky, however, manages to break his arms out of Gibson, then grabs his legs, and drops him to the mat. The fans cheer as Spanky shouts something out, then catapults him into the corner, Gibson’s face smashing off the top turnbuckle. Gibson stumbles back, and walks into a German Suplex from Spanky! He puts his hands up and the fans cheer, wanting him to end the match. He goes up to the top rope, and dives off with a Electric Smash (Flying knee drop)!!!! As he comes down, however, James Gibson moves slightly, and Spanky misses by inches! Spanky is shaken, but not unphased, and gets up about the same time as Gibson. He walks straight into a kick to the gut. Once again, James grabs him, and sets up for the Tiger Bomb. He lifts him up high, and drops him on his head, turning it into a Tiger Driver 91’!!!! He pins, 1.……………………2.……………………………............3!!!! James Gibson wins!
Tenay: James Gibson defeated Spanky, and that surely puts him in contention for a fan vote

Brain: He would, if all the fans weren’t booing him!

Tenay: Good point Bobby, you really are picking up on things…

Brain: Hard Hardy HA! Aren’t you just so funny?

Back in the ring, Gibson gets up and smiles, as the crowd boo his antics. His arm is raised by the referee, and he wipes the sweat off his face.

The camera cuts backstage as Kurt Angle is just doing his tie up. He has a very expensive suit on, and a big smile on his face, talking to himself.

Kurt: Oh yeah, tonight’s the night, it all returns to Kurt Angle. I finally get my WCW World Heavyweight championship. Come on, lets go……

Kurt Shakes his head, and puts his jacket on. He slowly walks out of the room, and down the corridor.

Tenay: Well, later on tonight, we’ll see if Kurt Angle gets his world title……

Brain: Of course he will!

Tenay: That remains to be seen Bobby. Well, up next is the tag match we’ve all been waiting for. Ric Flair and Sting take on Randy Orton and his ‘boss’. Don’t go anywhere!

Brain: We know where you live!



We cut back straight to the arena, as the fans in the Charlotte coliseum go wild. The Nature boy himself steps onto the stage, and does a twirl on the stage, shouts a ‘woooo’ , and gets a huge response from the crowd, before strutting down to ringside.

Tenay: And Bobby, here comes the nature boy, Ric Flair. He’s definitely had his ups and downs the last week, huh Brain

Brain: Of course Tenay, he came back to his home WCW, and defeated his oldest rival, Sting. Then, he was attacked from behind by his own Protégé, Randy Orton, and he has no idea what to expect in this tag match.

Tenay: No one does, Bobby, but it sure will be an exciting event

Ric Flair takes off his nice blue robe, and warms up in the ring. Suddenly, the lights go out in the arena.


The fans once again go wild as a single spotlight shines in the ring, and out comes the Stinger!!!! He has his famous black cape and scorpion attire. He walks quickly down to ring, where he slaps a few hands, then steps into the ring. He hugs Flair and they both talk strategy.

Tenay: Here is a man who has done it all in wrestling. He’s a five time WCW champion, he’s wrestled all over the world, for WCW, for New Japan, for TNA. He is a true wrestling legend.

Brain: And you should know Tenay, that’s exactly what you DON’T wanna be when your in the ring with the legend killer, Randy Orton.

Legend Killer

‘Take what’s’ mine plays and the fans go wild with boos as the Legend Killer, Randy Orton steps onto the stage. He holds his hands up in the Legend Killer position on the stage, then walks down to ringside. He stops there, and the fans get excited, as Randy gestures to the stage, and the lights go off once again. Out of nowhere………


The whole crowd are in shocked silence as The Game, Triple H, walks on the stage. He has a water bottle in his hand, and takes a drink from it, before slowly marching down to the ring.

Tenay: Is that………is that Hunter Hearst Hemsly? Is that the Game, Triple H?

Brain: It is HHH! Hunter is here!

Tenay: What the hell is he doing in WCW Bobby?

Brain: I have no idea! Look at Ric Flair and Sting, they look amazed

Tenay: Bobby, we all are in shock

HHH walks down the ramp and whispers something to Randy Orton, then steps onto the apron, while Randy gets into the ring. He takes a drink of his water, then spits it out as the fans are still taking it all in.

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve just joined us, TRIPLE H has surprised us all, and is now in a match with Randy Orton, against Ric Flair and Sting!

Brain: And what did Randy mean when he said that Hunter was his boss?

Tenay: I have no idea, but I’m sure we’ll find out!

HHH gets into the ring, and steps on the second turnbuckle, but is attacked from behind by Flair, and this match is on!

SUMMARY: Flair takes it to HHH with hard chops and punches, while Sting goes head on with Orton. After a few hard chops in the corner (to lots of ‘woos’ in the crowd) Flair brings HHH to the centre of the ring, and whips him to the ropes. As he comes back, Flair grabs him by the hair, and tosses him over the top rope! Randy Orton, who has taken control of Sting, comes over to attack, but Flair sees him, and rakes him in the eyes!!! Randy Orton back off into the ropes, and Sting runs over, both men hitting a double clothesline, knocking him out of the ring!

Tenay: This match has gone wild! Flair and Sting have knocked Randy and HHH out of the ring!

Brain: I still can’t get over the fact that HHH is in WCW!

Tenat: No one can Brain, it is by far the biggest shock we’ve had so far!

HHH and Orton have gotten back in the ring, and Sting and Randy start it out. After a short, angry attack from Sting, he tags into the nature boy Ric Flair, and he gets a huge pop as he comes in. Although soon after going to work on Randy Orton, he whips him to the ropes, but when he goes for a clothesline, Orton ducks, then hits his signature side neck breaker. The legend killer then tags in his partner, HHH, who gets a large amount of heat as he comes in. He totally dismantles Ric Flair, who is totally exhausted. The back is mainly worked, while Flair starts to scream in agony. Each time Flair tries to mount a offence against his opponents, Orton comes on and distracts the referee while HHH delivers a eye poke or low blow. Finally, Sting has had enough, as Randy steps out to the apron, the Stinger comes running round to ringside. He takes Randy by the foot, and pulls him so his face smashes onto the apron. Sting and Randy go at it while HHH still dominates Flair in the ring. Finally, HHH goes for a backdrop, but as he comes down, Ric lands on his feet, then grabs HHH’s waist and hit’s a desperation German Suplex! The fans go crazy as Ric shows some signs of life and makes his way over to the corner, but Sting is still fighting Randy Orton! Flair has no one to tag. HHH is just getting up, and smiles as he sees Flair on the ground. He jumps in the air and hit’s a big elbow, landing on Flair’s back. He has a big grin across his face as he picks him up and whips Flair to the ropes. He comes off, and HHH lifts him the air, coming down with a huge spine buster! He pins, 1.……………………2.…………………………….................. Sting gets in the ring just in time to make the save.

Tenay: Wow, what a match we’re seeing. Sting JUST made it to Ric Flair

Brain: This match has gone wild, and the fans are all on their feet

FINISH: The match turns into a total brawl as Sting goes at with HHH. He starts to get in control, with hard shots onto Hunter, when Randy Orton slides back into the ring, and attacks The Stinger from behind. He clubs him with right hands, before HHH joins in with boots to the gut. Finally, they pick him back up, and lift him up for a double suplex. They simply drop him behind their backs, no noticing that he lands on his feet. The fans in the arena go wild as he roars, and the two heels turn around, and into a devastating double clothesline! Sting puts his hands around his mouth a does a loud ‘woooo’ to which the fans respond back. He picks up Randy, who is rolling on the ground. He whips him to the left hands ropes, while he runs to the top side. As they are about to connect, Sting sidesteps him and hits his trademark face buster.

Tenay: Wow what a face buster by Sting!

Brain: That may have ruined his boyish good looks!

Tenay: Yes, that and his Heenan like cockiness!!!!

HHH comes from behind and attacks Sting. He takes him by the hair and spins him round. He laughs and kicks the stinger in the gut, then puts him under his legs, and the fans boo as he holds up his hands, signalling for a Pedigree. It’s not long before a weary Ric Flair comes to HHH and spins him around. He hits him with a hard chop, and Hunter bounces back into a big right hand from Sting. HHH goes back and forth a couple of times, before Sting delivers a big back body drop, then stomps away at him. Meanwhile, Flair sees Randy Orton down on the mat. He goes to pick him up, but Randy was playing possum…RKO!!!!!

Tenay: Oh! What an RKO there by Randy Orton

Brain: He just fooled the nature boy Ric Flair!

Tenay: Indeed he did Bobby, and Orton may have just swung the match in his and his boss’ favour

Randy Orton crawls over to pin, 1.……………………………..................2.……… ……………………………….............Sting comes in and breaks it up at the very last second!

Tenay: Sting, just getting to the nature boy

Brain: You know, all four men have been in the ring for several minutes, and the referee has made no attempt to stop them!

Sting picks Randy up, he gives him a hard head butt, and a few hard shots to the stomach, before whipping to the ropes. Sting picks Orton up, as he comes back, and nails him with a big sidewalk slam! He keeps hold of him for a pin… 1.…………………………2.………………………HHH breaks up the count with a hard kick to the head of the Stinger

Tenay: And once again the count is broken up by Triple H

Brain: This match has gone out of control. Thank you for making this match up!

Tenay: I have to agree Bobby, this is one of the best matches…no, one of the best nights in WCW history.

HHH picks up Sting and nails him with some stinging chops to the chest. He backs him into the corner and delivers some more. Finally, he hits a powerful clothesline over to the other corner, and runs at him, but Sting jumps on the second turnbuckle, then backward leapfrogs him, letting Hunter crash into the turnbuckle! HHH recovers in the corner, while Sting moves back, and calls to the crowd, and every person in the arena rises to their feet, as Sting runs over, going for a Stinger splash, but HHH pulls the referee in front of him. Sting squashes the referee, and he falls down immediately, totally out of it.

Brain: That’s what you get for talking to your idol in the middle of a match!

Tenay: What the hell? Triple H just pulled the referee in front of him, he did nothing like talk to him!

Brain: I think he wanted a autograph!

HHH smiles as he sees the referee down on the ground, then leans on the ropes to help himself get up. Sting leaves his opponent to go check on him, then sees HHH smile and gets back up. He knees him in the gut, then drives his fist into the head of Hunter a few times, as the game falls back down again. Randy Orton comes from behind with a low-blow out of nowhere, and Sting falls back to the mat. All four men are on the mat. Flair is still down, and crawled outside the ring, HHH is trying to get up on the ropes, Sting has collapsed in a heap on the mat, and Randy Orton is back down out of exhaustion.

Tenay: All four men are down, and Randy Orton just delivered a low blow!

Brain: He took advantage of a bad situation

Tenay: Yeah right, Brain, he took advantage of something The Game created.

HHH looks at the referee, before sliding outside the ring. He throws the timekeeper aside and picks up his chair. He slides into the ring, just as Randy gets up and smiles at him. Both men pick up a battered Sting, and Randy holds his arms behind him, while HHH runs with the chair. Sting is still awake, however, and ducks, so the The Games smashes the Legend Killer over the head with a chair! Randy falls down to the mat, utterly obliterated, with a stream of blood fast coming out of his head.

Tenay: Oh my God, Triple H just hit his partner, the Legend Killer Randy Orton, over the head with a steel chair!

Brain: No, Randy. Get up Randy!

Tenay: Bobby, I think he’s totally out of it!

Brain: No, this this is all you fault Tenay!

HHH looks furious, as Sting just rolls out of the ring, that taking everything out of him. Suddenly, HHH drops the chair when he’s hit with a low blow, this time a legendary move from Ric Flair! As he comes down, Nature boy catches his leg, and stands up. The crowd go into a frenzy, as Flair ‘wooos’ one last time. He is about to put the figure four on, but he has to drop Hunter when he sees someone get into the ring. He runs to attack him, but gets hit over the head with a guitar! It’s JEFF JARRETT!!!!!!!

Tenay: Jeff Jarrett? Is that the former WCW and TNA world champion?

Brain: You know, I think it was!

Tenay: Can you believe this?

Brain: What is he doing here?

Jarrett clears all the pieces of the guitar away, then places HHH atop of the Nature Boy Ric Flair. He wakes the referee up and lets him crawl over, 1.……… ………………………….…………………… ...2.……………………………......................................................... 3!!!!!!!
Tenay: Bobby, Jeff Jarrett just cost Flair and Sting the match

Brain: I know. I have no idea what he is doing here

Tenay: It looks like he is aligned with Triple H, look, he’s helping the team up!

He helps both men to their feet, as HHH smiles to Jarrett. Randy is basically out of it, but wakes up and picks up the chair. The Stinger sees all this and gets into the ring, but is smashed over the head by Orton! He then drops the chair in the centre of the ring, as the chosen one picks up Flair. He grabs his head, and positions him above the chair. He then proceeds the hit a Stroke right onto the steel chair! All three men stand up laughing, but the laughing stops and HHH nods his head. He steps to the outside again, this time lifting up the ring apron…and pulling out a SLEDGEHAMMER! The fans go wild at the Game, and a few pieces of trash are thrown. He steps into the ring as Jarrett and Orton pick up the Stinger.

Tenay: No, My God, they can’t do this!

Brain: Oh, but they can, and they will

Tenay: Bobby, this is no way to treat these men

Brain: I agree, you know, sometimes Triple H goes a little too far, but are you gonna go down there to stop him?

HHH pauses shortly to look at the destruction, then laughs as he runs and rams the hard part of the sledgehammer straight into the face of Sting!

Tenay: No, no way, this is not fair. My God, Sting could be seriously injured!

Brain: COULD? COULD? Did you see that chair shot? He just got his brains bashed in!

Tenay: This was just sickening, and why the hell are these three men here in the first place?

Brain: That is something I’m sure they will say later on

Finally, the three men stand up and are about to gather in the centre of the ring, but from the curtain comes the faces as the fans go wild, Chris Benoit, Konnan, William Regal, RVD and Edge come running down the ramp, and slide in. The trio see them and quickly retreat out of the ring, but are about to be chased so make a exit through the crowd. The fans try to get at the three heels, but are stopped by the security guards. In the ring, Benoit stands on the turnbuckle and shouts at the three men, while the other check on the condition of Flair and Sting.

Tenay: Well…the crowd has gone into a shocked silence, and I really am concerned, and the show must go on, and that is exactly what is going to happen, as we are about to take our final commercial break…

Before that happens, however, we go backstage as Kurt Angle, still in his suit, is briskly walking down the corridor, still talking too himself about how this is going to be ‘his night’. We pan out of that picture and into a shot of owner of WCW, Paul Heyman in his office. He watches Angle on the TV and smiles.

Heyman: We shall see Mr Angle, we shall see……

The boss bursts out with a evil laugh, as he turns and walks out the room.


We come back and the commentators are still sitting by their desks. The fans give out a slight cheer as they see the cameras on, but Bobby and Tenay look quite serious.

Tenay: Welcome back to WCW Thunder ladies and gentlemen, and we have just had some shocking events, two WCW legends, Sting and Ric Flair, have just been badly assaulted by three people who have made a huge wave here, unbelievably, it was Triple H, Randy Orton and Jeff Jarrett. Lets take a look at this brutal attack…

Video is shown of the chair shot from the Legend Killer to the Stinger, then the Jarrett’s Stroke ONTO the chair, smashing Ric’s face up. Finally, there is a edited clip of HHH’s vicious Sledgehammer attack.
Tenay: To everyone watching at home, this is what happened to the superstars during the commercial.

Footage is then shown of Sting on a stretcher, totally unconscious with half his face paint rubbed off. He gets a round of nervous applause from the fans as he is taken up the ramp by the medics and into the back. Ric Flair, however, is being helped up by the referees, but he is walking. About halfway up, he pushes them away and tries to walk himself, but soon collapses, and is then half walked, half dragged up the rest of the way by referees.
Tenay: I am truly sorry that we have had to witness this tonight.

Brain: I agree, but it certainly was a shock to see those three men in WCW

Tenay: Bobby, I’m hearing we have to go backstage as we have Gene Okerland giving a ‘Special’ interview.

Backstage, Gene Okerland is standing by a parking lot, and coming towards him is the trio of Jeff Jarrett, Randy Orton and HHH. They are laughing loudly, but are also walking very briskly. They stop in surprise when they see Gene, and he quickly moves the mic closer to them.

Okerland: If I could just have a word with the three of you, I’m sure everyone watching would like to know reason behind that heinous attack…

HHH stops and smiles at Mean Gene, while the other two look quite pleased with themselves…

HHH: Huh, huh, huh…yeah, it was heinous alright. But there is a simple reason for it. If you don’t know already, we are the three greatest wrestlers on the planet (boos) and we’re……

Randy taps Hunter on the shoulder, and points down the corridor, where a line of angry wrestlers, lead by Chris Benoit, are running down, shouting at the three. Jeff and the Legend Killer run for it, as HHH looks into the camera…

HHH: I suppose it will have to wait till Monday then…

HHH laughs as he runs off to the car, which has already been started. He hops in just as Benoit runs outside, and pulls off with him banging on the back, but he obviously can’t keep going, and drops off in frustration, screaming and shouting at the car. We cut back to the arena.

Tenay: Wow, what a night we’ve had so far, and we’re about to end our show with what looks to be some shocking announcements!

Brain: Kurt Angle, Paul Heyman, and it’s all centred around a World Title, sparks are about to fly Tenay!

American Hero

Boos fill the arena as ‘the Olympic champion’s’ music hits, and he stomps out, wearing his brand new suit. He smiles as he steps slightly forward, so that his massive pyro can go off. He walks down to the ring, while the fans still boo him. He climbs up the steel steps, then yells at the ring announcer, who quickly (if quite scared) opens the ropes for him to get in. He snatches his mic away as well, as his music dies down. He paces around for a little while, letting the boos run themselves out, and finally starts to speak.

Angle: Heyman, lets just cut to the chase. We all know why I’m here in this promotion, I’m am by far the best wrestler you have in this locker, and you know full well that I can slap an ankle lock onto any wrestler I chose, and make them tap out in second and I am here to collect MY World championship title. So do what you gotta do Heyman, cross the T’s, dot the I’s, but you and I, and these fans all know that you WILL have to come out here some time, and give me that title…


Fans rise to their feet and cheer as the demonic theme plays and out comes the owner of the new WCW, Paul Heyman! He is wheeling out a large container on a platform, and inside is the WCW world heavyweight title. He is also clutching a microphone in his hand, which always means bad things!

Tenay: Kurt Angle has come out here tonight very cocky, looking to be just handed the world title, but maybe Paul Heyman can clear up the confusion.

Brain: What confusion? Kurt Angle is an amazing athlete, better than that, he’s a modern legend. He MORE than deserves this title, he’s head and shoulders above the rest.

Tenay: That will have to be seen to…

The fans die down as Heyman begins to talk.

Heyman: Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, calm yourself down. I have next to me the world heavyweight title, and am going to announce tonight EXACTLY where it is going!

Kurt: Heyman, don’t mess around with me, I want you to come down to this ring and hand me that belt RIGHT NOW!

Heyman: Oh but Kurt, it’s just not that simple, is it? You see, some people complained that I had only chosen two people to fight for the WCW title, but they did not understand how big these two people were. These men were the biggest signings in wrestling history. Unfortunately for you, Kurt, as much as I love having you here, neither one was you!

Kurt: WHAT? First of all, you don’t come out and hand me the title, then you tell me that I’m not even in the match. What the hell kind of promotion are you running here Heyman? I bet I could beat these two Kurt Angle admiring, Heyman ass kissing wannabes in less time that it takes for you to come down here and just hand me the title!

Heyman: Kurt, to be honest, I’m sick of your whining, so you know what, you will get your chance to fight for the World Title.

The crowd look a little insulted at that, but Heyman just has a big grin on his face.

Heyman: You know when I said it would be the two new signings going at it?…

Kurt: Yeah, so now your gonna make sure only one of those men will fight me for the title. *Rather rushing* So Paul, I’m glad we could come to an agreement, I’ll see you in a few weeks, and by the way, who will I be facing?

Heyman: Slow down Kurt, slow down. You see, I want to make this FAIR, so what I’m going to do instead is, at Bash at the Beach, we will have a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the WCW TITLE!!!!!!

The fans go wild at the announcement, and , but are still waiting to find out Kurt’s opponents.

Kurt: WHAT? Did you just say that I would be fighting a Triple Threat match? What the hell? WHY would you do that? WHY? WHY would you want to do that.

Kurt has now gotten so tense he is standing on the second rope, screaming and shouting.

Heyman: Oh but Kurt, you seemed so sure about beating these two men, I thought I had given you a great chance. Kurt, this is your chance *smiling* see, you should be thanking me!

Kurt: Thaking you? Thanking you? Over the last few years of my career you have put me through hell! *sigh* okay, okay, lets calm down. Paul, I just wanna know the names of my opponents, whoever they are.

Heyman: Well, Kurt, I just might do that. You see, these men were such big signing, I suppose I should let it out of the bag before anyone else finds out…so, without futher interruption, I give to you……………

Heyman clicks his fingers, and the lights in the arena go off. The fans scream at the possibilities, but go silent for a second as the lights go back on. Kurt turns around, and his jaw drops open when he sees………HBK SHAWN MICHEALS!!!!!!!!! once they know who he is, every fan in the arena goes wild. He has a HBK T-Shirt and a pair of jeans on, and has a big smile on his face. Kurt Angle stares in amazement, but soon gets his composure back. He yells at Michaels, but all that can be heard is something about a ‘fight’.

Brain: Holy SHIT!

Tenay: Brain! OH MY GOD, that is HBK Shawn Michaels, he’s the new signing?

Brain: It must be Tenay!

Tenay: Good God! Paul Heyman is transforming WCW. What a signing!

Brain: And yet, there is one more man. If Michaels is one, who’s the other?

HBK nods his head as Kurt takes of his jacket and tie. He undoes his shirt and stands toe to toe with Michaels. HBK hit’s the first right hand and the fans explode as they go at it. Michaels takes the advantage, and uses his shoulder to ram the Olympic hero into the corner. He beats on his bare chest with hard chops, which makes the fans come alive once again. Finally, he takes him to the ropes, which he whips him off, then runs at him with a flying lariat! Both men are down, but HBK kips up, and settles himself in the corner, setting up for a Sweet Chin Music! He stomps his boot on the ground as the fans clap and stomp with him. Angle gets up and Shawn runs, but his boot is caught! Kurt grabs his foot and drops him down to the mat, then puts his arm around the foot, ANKLE LOCK! Michaels is screaming in pain, and Kurt is yelling at him, but for what we don’t know. Soon, Michaels looks like he is about to tap out, but instead rolls through, rolling onto his back and sending Angle flying through the second rope.

Tenay: Whoa! Shawn Michaels just countered the Ankle Lock!

Brain: That took guts and brains, Tenay. The Ankle lock is a very hard move to get out of.

Kurt is in a lot of pain on the floor outside, while Michaels recovers from the Ankle lock in the ring. He picks himself up, just as the Olympic champion is getting up outside. He smiles, then grabs hold of the ropes, and dives over the top with a suicide dive! Fans scream as HBK once again gets back up. He scatter the ring announcer for the second time tonight, then waits for Angle to get up, before running at him and clocking him over the head with the ring bell!!!!

Tenay: OW! He just got smashed over the head with a ring bell!

Brain: HBK has obviously taken on a violent streak!

Tenay: You know what the world title can do to a man

HBK smiles once again. He grabs a chair from ringside, and rests on the ring apron, but also looks over at Paul Heyman, who is still standing on the ramp, watching to chaos unfold. HBK runs at Kurt, but Angle ducks, and grabs Shawn by the arm. HBK drops the chair, as he is lifted into the air, and dropped INTO THE CROWD WITH A ANGLE SLAM!!!!!! The fans are in absolute shock, as Kurt looks at what he has down, and smiles. HBK is laying, totally out of it, in the middle of the front row. Angle, who is totally out of breath, climbs back into the ring, as the fans start to chant ‘holy shit’. Heyman has a very bemused look on his face, as he turns to Kurt, and laughs…

Heyman: And the other!

Kurt moans as the lights go out again, and the fans are even more excited. There is total shock in the arena, as a man stands above Kurt Angle

Tenay: My God, is that?

Brain: Yeah, I think it is!

Tenay: THE UNDERTAKER! The Undertaker is here!

Kurt lets out a large gulp as Taker looks at him with a cold stare. Angle, with nothing else to do, runs at the Dead man, but is immediately scooped up in the air, and the fans finally come alive, as he has his legs between his head, then comes down with a devastating tombstone piledriver!

Tenay: Tombstone, Tombstone!

Brain: The Undertaker, the single scariest, weirdest, most entertaining superstar of the generation has finally come to World Championship Wrestling!

Tenay: I can’t believe Paul Heyman hired him

Brain: There are so many amazing superstars on this roster, and we’ve just had one more. I can’t wait for the title match

Tenay: Indeed, think about this, this match has just been made. KURT ANGLE V HBK SHAWN MICHAELS V THE UNDERTAKER

Brain: That should be amazing

Taker lets go of Angle, then kneels down in the middle of the ring. His famous music plays as he has one hand in the air, rolls his eyes into the back of his head, and sticks out his tongue, as the fans are going wild, and the camera fades away

Tenay: WCW will see you for Thunder, Goodnight wrestling fans!


Bash at the beach:

25’th July 2006

Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan

Current Card

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match

HBK Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker

Kurt Angle

WCW US Title Match Ladder Match

Winner of Fatal Fourway Elimination Match A

Winner of Fatal Fourway match B

TV Title Match, 8 Man Elimination match


Powerplant Match


More Matches TBA​

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