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(Thanks to the guys on Grey Dog Forums for their TEW storyline which i've tweaked)

As the year 2000 came to a close, a number of potential buyers for WCW were rumoured to show interest in the company. Ted Turner, however, was still in charge of Time Warner prior to the final merger of AOL and Time Warner in 2001, and most offers were rejected. Eric Bischoff, working with Fusient Media Ventures, made a bid to acquire the company in January 2001 (shortly following the AOL/Time Warner merger), and it appeared that WCW would continue.

One of the primary backers in the WCW deal backed out, however, leaving Fusient to take that offer off the table while it attempted to bring a new deal around. In the meantime, the World Wrestling Federation began speaking to the new AOL Time Warner about acquiring the WCW brand. Jamie Kellner was handed control over the Turner Broadcasting division, and deemed WCW wrestling to be out of line with their image. As a result, WCW programming was cancelled on both TBS and TNT, leaving Vince McMahon's company, which at the time had an exclusive deal with Viacom, free to acquire the trademarks, video libraries and a few contracts.

A last minute deal was done though and Bischoff managed to scrape together the financial backing to put another offer to AOL Time Warner. Much to Vince McMahon's ire WCW was sold to Eric Bischoff for a basement bottom price of 2 million dollars. With no TV deal, damaged prestige and a roster more then disgruntled alot of work looked to be ahead for the once #1 promotion.

The Great American Bash

After closing shortly in May of 2001 for a brief restructure effort WCW returned with a massive bang in June of the same year. After securing a lucrative deal with FOX to bring Monday Nitro back on the air and several PPV providers to also bring WCW events back to PPV, the company begun hyping one of it's premier PPV's The Great American Bash with promises of a fresh product and at least two huge surprises for the show. Eric Bischoff having learnt the lessons of the past delivered and then some to the 10,000 strong Atlanta crowd.

Leading up to the event many speculated if WCW legend Ric Flair would appear considering his falling out with Bischoff was now well known. In a display that started to show signs Eric really had learnt from his mistakes Bischoff publically apologised to Flair and promised the Nature Boy moving forward their relationship and the way the Flair legacy would be handled would be very different. Having lost some of the companies biggest names due to contracts running out (Hogan, Savage, Piper, Hall) Flair was one of the few well known stars WCW still had on it's roster and resigning the living legend proved to be quite the coup for Bischoff and WCW.

The 2001 Great American Bash proved to be a turning point in WCW's history. Leading up to the event Ric Flair cut scathing promo's putting down defunct promotion ECW describing the agony he felt when the promotion dumped the NWA in the now infamous Shane Douglas incident. Three weeks before The Bash PPV Flair was interrupted while delivering one of his ECW rants... by none other then ECW's very own Rob Van Dam. RVD attacked Flair with brutal chair shot after brutal chair shot and set the stage for a legendary WCW vs ECW show down at the PPV. Both men lived up to their reputations as two of the most exciting workers in recent memory put on a clinic in the squared circle and picked up numerous "Match Of The Year" votes in doing so. Van Dam would prove victorious in the thriller with a Frog Splash through a table. RVD's star rose almost immediately and he began receiving some of the biggest pops on Nitro even though portraying a heel.

Another surprise of the night was the returning Eddie Guerrero! After being released from his WWF contract for several incidents involving his personal daemons Eric Bischoff extended his hand in friendship in another attempt to make amends for his past actions. Guerrero accepted Eric's offer but many believe he needed to be fired from the WWF to rehabilitate himself before returning to the ring. The jury is still out whether or not Guerrero made the right decision in resigning with WCW and not seeking personal help for his issues. Guerrero defeated Booker T on the card to capture the WCW United States Title once again.

After several months chasing the WCW World Heavyweight Title, Goldberg defeated reigning champion Scott Steiner to reclaim the strap in a far better then expected main event with both men leaving nothing in the ring and leaving WCW fans quite impressed with the effort.

Bash At The Beach

Riding off the success of the Great American Bash WCW would go from strength to strength putting on fantastic Monday Nitro's in the following weeks. The shows were heavily based around hyping the upcoming Bash At The Beach PPV and a huge surprise announcement was made regarding the main event. Originally scheduled to be a Goldberg vs RVD main event for the WCW World Title the main event took a swift but exciting change when Eric Bischoff announced on Nitro a tag match to replace it. In a heated promo Bischoff announced that the two top heels RVD and Scott Steiner would face Goldberg with a partner of his choosing. Goldberg hit the ring and announced his partner for the PPV would be none other then... WBC World Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis! With Bischoff's love of celebrity talent many were concerned the match would be a disaster and send WCW spiralling back into WrestleCrap history. The doubters were quickly proven wrong though as ratings, merchandise and ticket sales boomed leading into the PPV. Lewis proved to be a professional in and out of the ring becoming wrestling's hottest cross over star since nemesis Mike Tyson appeared in the WWF. The main event was a huge success also, in fact better then anyone could imagine. With the final stages of the bout coming to a close Rob Van Dam (who is known to work stiff) threw a wild heel kick at Lewis and connected knocking the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion out for a few brief seconds. The match quickly went home with Goldberg covering Steiner for the win but the incident would become infamous and catapult RVD into Worldwide superstardom becoming known as the man who knocked out Lennox Lewis legit. To say the Lewis camp was upset would be an understatement considering they were building for a massive fight with Mike Tyson on PPV. Lennox Lewis would leave the promotion with alot of ill feelings but Bischoff could not have been happier as he witnessed the heat RVD gained with the bold move.

Bash At The Beach To Mayhem

After doing great business over the last two quarters of 2001 WCW crept back from Cult status and reclaimed it's spot as a National company. Shortly after the Bash At The Beach PPV a prodigy would debut on in the promotion and prove to be a turning point. For a year WWF had been training a wrestler in it's developmental territory OVW for an eventual call up to the main roster. The worker in question had every scout who had seen him singing his praises as the "Next Big Thing". Brock Lesnar an NCAA wrestling champion is known to be one of the most competitive athletes in the US and grew impatient with his development in the WWF. Lesnar would jump ship to WCW after being offered a huge 6 figure contract and promises of a big run. As with Goldberg almost 5 years earlier Bischoff could not wait to debut the monster and called him straight up to the main roster even though many trainers thought he was still too green. Lesnar proceeded to make Bill Goldberg's first run in WCW look second best as he dominated every opponent he faced amassing a winning streak..


The Mayhem PPV was hyped as WCW's version of the Royal Rumble with a 30 Man Rumble to take place to determine the number one contender for the WCW World Title. In a sizzling encounter the newly debuted Brock Lesnar steamrolled his way to victory eliminating Ric Flair and Booker T last. Also on the card Goldberg would finally face Rob Van Dam and walk out the WCW World Heavyweight Champion defending the strap in a **** match. The stage was set for a still unbeaten Brock Lesnar to challenge Goldberg for the title at Starrcade.

Starrcade '01

WCW's flagship event Starrcade was hyped in the media nation wide and proved once again WCW could and did deliver great shows. On the undercard Hugh Morrus defeated Ernest "The Cat" Miller to retain his WCW United States Title and Sting bested the rising Kanyon in a Crypt Match (WCW's newly found version of a Casket Match) to end their feud. RVD would also defeat a departing Kevin Nash (Nash would leave the next day to begin a contract with the WWF) on the card and Sean O'Haire who was being mega pushed as a heel man beast defeated Diamond Dallas Page to solidify his spot at the top of the card. In the match that everybody came to see Goldberg and Lesnar would not disappoint putting on one of the most physically intense matches ever seen in North America. After 18 minutes of action and numerous close kick outs at the two count Brock Lesnar countered a Spear from Goldberg sending him crashing into the ring post, Lesnar quickly took advantage and delivered a triple powerbomb followed by an F-5 for the clean pin. Lesnar's winning streak was intact and the monster looked invincible as he raised the WCW World Heavyweight Title in the air.

WCW Greed '02

In WCW's last PPV to date the company again delivered a great show. Lance Storm and Mike Awesome retained their tag titles in a cracking contest with the Filthy Animals when debuting young tag team, The Hartbreak Kids attacked them. Sean O Haire continued his rampage when he defeated Sting in a shocking upset. Booker T returned from a leg injury to defeat Kanyon and Scott Steiner continued to terrorize Ric Flair. Lesnar would defend his World Title against newly turned babyface RVD and regain the strap while Goldberg defeated Jeff Jarrett to claim a title shot and rematch against Lesnar. Lesnar has refused since Starrcade to grant Goldberg his rematch citing the exclusion of the clause in the contract signed by both men for the match but with Goldberg's win over Jarrett Lesnar has no option.

WCW Greed 2002 Results:

Live From Orlando, Florida:

AJ Styles Def Elix Skipper to retain the WCW Cruiserweight championship.

Team Canada Def Filthy Animals to retain the WCW Tag Team championships.

Booker T Def Kanyon.

Sean O Haire Def Sting.

Scott Steiner Def Ric Flair

Hugh Morrus Def Eddie Guerrero to retain the WCW United States championship.

Goldberg Def Jeff Jarrett.

Brock Lesnar Def Rob Van Dam to retain the WCW World Heavyweight championship.


After the collapse of the XFL Vince McMahon turned his attention back to pro wrestling and the WWF. McMahon would bring back Nash, Hall and Hogan over the next year for matches at Wrestlemania XVIII, the move upset more then a few WWF workers backstage. Also brought back to the WWF was BG James, AKA The Road Dogg, Jesse James. Road Dogg rekindled his tag team with Billy Gunn and the two have seen moderate success. Viscera and The Road Warriors are other notable returns to the promotion over the past year. Several young workers were also called up to the main roster to bolster the ranks, among them were John Cena, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Renee Dupree, Sylvian Grenier and Christopher Nowinski.

After being brought into the WWF as colour commentator Paul Heyman grew tired of the WWF heirarchy and decided not to renew his contract with the promotion. Heyman will be a free agent in one month (May 1, 2002) and rumours are abound that he is looking to start another promotion only this time with a much more toned down product then ECW which saw sponsors stay away in droves.

Roster to come soon...

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One little flub: RVD was already a contracted WWF superstar at the time. Otherwise, this is promising. Hope Lesnar doesn't bail on you in two years!

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WCW Starting Roster:​

Main Event:​

Goldberg (Spear/Jackhammer)
Brock Lesnar (F-5)
RVD (Five Star Frog Splash)
Sting (Scorpion Deathdrop/Scorpion Deathlock)
Diamond Dallas Page (Diamond Cutter)
Scott Steiner (Steiner Recliner/Steiner Screwdriver)
Sean O'Haire (Widowmaker/Seanton Bomb)
Booker T (Scissors Kick/Book End)
Ric Flair (Figure Four Leglock)

Upper Midcard:

Kanyon (Flatliner)
Shane Douglas (Pittsburgh Plunge)
Chuck Palumbo (Jungle Kick)
Eddie Guerrero (Frog Splash)
Lex Luger (Torture Rack)
Rick Steiner (Top Rope Bulldog)
Jeff Jarrett (The Stroke/Figure Four Leglock)
Brian Adams (Chokeslam)
Bryan Clark (Meltdown)
Buff Bagwell (Buff Blockbuster)


Konnan (187/Tequila Sunrise)
Hugh Morrus (No Laughing Matter) (Injured)
Shawn Stasiak (Reverse DDT)
Mike Awesome (Awesome Bomb)
Lance Storm (Half Leaf Clover)
Ernest Miller (Feliner)
Mike Sanders (3.0)
Rey Mysterio Jr. (Springboard Hurracanrana)
Billy Kidman (Shooting Star Press)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Brainbuster/Tornado DDT)
Kid Kash (MoneyMaker)
Jamie Knoble (Trailer Bomb)
Disco Inferno (Chartbuster)
Norman Smiley (Norman Conquest)

Lower Midcard:

Mark Jindrak (Mark Of Excellence)
AJ Styles (Styles Clash/Springboard 450 Splash)
Air Paris (Moonsault)
Christopher Daniels (Angels Wings/Last Rites)
Jason Jett (Crash Landing)
Nova (Kryptonite Krunch)
Shannon Moore (Halo)
Evan Karagias (Outrageous Corkscrew)
Alex Wright (Bridging German Suplex)
Teddy Hart (Phoenix Splash/Triple Bypass)
Michael Shane (Sweet Shane Music/Diving Elbow)


Elix Skipper (Play Of The Day)
Jimmy Yang (Yangtime)
Kaz (Flux Capacitor)
Big Vito (Implant DDT)
Johnny The Bull (Fuh-Get-About-It)

Tag Teams:

Team Canada (Lance Storm/Mike Awesome)
Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr)
The Mamalukes (Big Vito/Johnny Stamboli)
Jung Dragons (Jimmy Yang/Kaz Hayashi)
Hot Commodity (Jason Jett/Nova)
HartBreak Kids (Teddy Hart/Michael Shane)
Natural Born Thrillers (Shawn Stasiak/Mark Jindrak)
Kronik (Brian Adams/Bryan Clark)
Totally Buff (Lex Luger/Buff Bagwell)


WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Brock Lesnar

WCW United States Champion: Vacant

WCW World Tag Team Champions: Lance Storm/Mike Awesome

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: AJ Styles


Ace Steel
Adam Pearce
Amazing Red
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Chris Harris
Chris Hero
CM Punk
Eric Young
Harry Smith
James Storm
Jay Briscoe
Mark Briscoe
Paul London
Ron Killings
Samoa Joe

WCW News And Notes:

A few changes after last night's PPV as Hugh Morrus suffered a separated shoulder and will be out for several months. Eric Bischoff has announced a tournament starting on Nitro for the now vacated, WCW United States Championship.

Meanwhile Bischoff is happy with the way WCW is going at the moment, as are the fans. TV ratings have been steadily increasing and are now pretty level at a 4.6 rating. WWF is doing 5.8-6.0 but WCW are cathcing them up. Many insiders believe this is due to the push of Brock Lesnar as he is mega over with the hardcore fans. He has improved drastically since debuting and is apparently a very keen learner backstage and in the ring.

Reports also suggest that the cruiserweight division is going to get a major boost with some new signings soon. Rumour has it that WCW have been talking with Japan and Mexico to reopen the trading agreement so that they can get fresh new talent.

Elsewhere, Paul Heyman has begun talks with former ECW booker, Gabe Sapolsky about starting another company. Sapolsky has already been rumoured to be starting one, having registered the name, Ring of Honor in the past few weeks. More to come soon.

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Hot on the heels of a great PPV in Greed, WCW presents Monday Nitro!

Who's Next?:

After months of trials and tribulations, Goldberg overcame the sneaky Jeff Jarrett at Greed to become number one contender to the WCW title and finally earn his rematch against "The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg when the two last met but Goldberg took Lesnar to the brink and has been wanting to face him again ever since. Goldberg has promised to deliver a message to the WCW champ, Live on Nitro but what will Goldberg do to end the second biggest streak in WCW history?

What's Next?:

Over the past few months Sean O Haire has been dominant in the WCW singles division. After his split with partner Chuck Palumbo,O Haire has knocked back opponents left right and centre. O'Haire is one of the contenders in the US Title tournament and will be facing Billy Kidman in a first round match. Will Kidman just be another victim on the road to O Haire's first singles title?

Animal Hartbreak?

The Filthy Animals were assaulted last night as the debut tag team of Teddy Hart and Michael Shane interefered in their match with WCW Tag champs, Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. Kidman faces Sean O Haire in a chance for him to step it up, but what will the plans of The HartBreak Kids be tonight?

Cruise Control?:

AJ Styles proved once again last night that he is the man in the Cruiserweight division. He defeated Elix Skipper last night with a decisive Styles Clash, giving him another PPV victory. AJ has lit up WCW with his high flying repertoire and has beaten big stars such as Jushin Liger, Juventud Guerrera and many more. He now has the chance to step it up as he faces Chavo Guerrero in the first round of the US Title tournament, can AJ up his game and go on to win a second title?

Cruiser Contenders:

After losing to Styles last night, Elix Skipper will be looking to gain another shot at the cruiserweight champ. He faces the rest of the cruiserweight division as they face off in a battle royal to decide the number one contender to AJ Styles. Can Skipper get his rematch or will another young star make his name in this match?

Quick Match Preview and Predictions:

Cruiserweight Battle Royal(Skipper/Kash/Kaz/Yang/Moore/Karagias/Jett/Nova/Daniels)

Sean O Haire Vs Billy Kidman

AJ Styles Vs Chavo Guerrero

Plus lots more action!


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WCW Monday Nitro:

Live from Las Vegas, Nevada.

**We cut straight to a video package of last nights PPV.**

Lesnar is going for the F-5!

Lesnar scoops up RVD onto his shoulders.

RVD Countered!

RVD reverses into a tornado ddt.

RVD is feeling froggy!

Van Dam scales the top rope looking for the Five Star Frog Splash.

Nobody home!

Lesnar rolls out of the way.

Van Dam crashed and burned...oh no!

Lesnar scoops up RVD and hits the F-5.

This one is over...1....2...3! Brock Lesnar retains the title!

The video ends with Lesnar holding the WCW title aloft as the crowd boo.


We pan the arena as the pyro kicks off the show in style and then head to the commentary booth.

Schiavone: Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of Monday Nitro! I’m Tony Schiavone and i’m here with my esteemed colleagues, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and “The Professor” Mike Tenay.

Tenay: It’s great to be here Tony, especially after last night’s INCREDIBLE ppv!

Brain: Calm down Tenay you’ll have a heart attack! Hehe, You guys may say it now, but last night you weren’t so happy.

Schiavone: Indeed we weren’t Bobby, As everybody just saw in that video package, “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar defeated Rob Van Dam to retain his WCW championship last night.

Tenay: It was a barnstormer folks and Lesnar only just escaped with his title!

Brain: Escaped? Please Tenay,don’t talk about our champion like that. The man is a machine and he destroyed Rob Van Dam last night.

Tenay: He may have beaten the hell out of Van Dam but Rob put up one hell of a fight guys and i’m sure he will get another chance very soon.

Schiavone: Well not too soon Professor as Goldberg defeated “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett last night to become the number one contender to Brock Lesnar’s WCW Championship.

Tenay: Lesnar has avoided Goldberg since defeating him for the title at Starrcade, now there is nowhere to run as “Da Man” finally gets his rematch.

Brain: Brock hasn’t avoided anyone Tenay, Goldberg got his ass whooped at Starrcade and Brock decided he just didn’t deserve a rematch. Fact is, Goldberg will be just another number to the streak.

Schiavone: A streak indeed Brain, as Brock Lesnar is now undefeated in 65 matches, a huge accomplishment in the young rookie’s career. Goldberg’s streak is looking at risk as no-one so far has managed to stop the “Next Big Thing”, Brock Lesnar.

Tenay: Another man on a roll at the moment is the young Sean O Haire who last night picked up a great victory against “The Icon” Sting. Tonight, he faces Billy Kidman in a first round match of the United States Championship tournament.

Schiavone: A tournament conceived only today as the former US champion, Hugh Morrus suffered a separated shoulder in his title defence last night and by WCW rules, must forfeit the belt.

Brain: Well i’m picking O Haire to win the tournament, the man is on a ROLL.

Tenay: He certainly is Brain, also tonight our Cruiserweight Champion is in action as he faces Chavo Guerrero in another first round tournament match.

Schiavone: Styles has been a great champion, he will also find out who is opponent will be at our next PPV, Spring Stampede as we have a Cruiserweight battle royal to decide that very man which will be our first contest!

The Cameras cut backstage where we see a limo pull up and the crowd boo as Brock Lesnar steps out with the WCW title on his shoulder and a suitcase in his other hand. Lesnar walks through the parking lot and down the corridor before bumping into Eric Bischoff who receives a mixed reaction.

Bischoff: Brock, I know you went through hell last night, but i’ve got to talk to you.

Lesnar stares at Bischoff before nodding.

Bischoff: Goldberg won his match last night which makes him the number one contender to your WCW title.

Pop from the crowd.

Bischoff: The thing is I know you have a clause in your contract which states you can pick and choose your opponents.

Lesnar smiles and nods as the crowd boo.

Bischoff: Well the board of directors have just called me and told me that as of now, your opponent at Spring Stampede will be...........Goldberg.

The crowd respond with a huge pop as Lesnar drops his suitcase and gets in Bischoff’s face.

Lesnar: Your going to regret this Eric....

Lesnar pushes Bischoff into the wall and storms past him, dragging his suitcase along as we cut back to the arena.

The bell rings as Jeremy Borash starts the introductions...

Borash: “Ladies and gentleman, this contest is a battle royal and the winner will earn a shot at the Cruiserweight championship!”


Elix Skipper makes his way onstage to a mediocre pop, clapping hands with the fans before jogging to the ring.

Borash: introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds, from Long Island, New York....PRIMETIME ELIX SKIPPER!


Jimmy Yang strolls to the ring to pretty much no reaction as Skipper watches from the ring.

Borash: And the next competitor, weighing in at 206 pounds, he hails from Japan, Jimmy YANG!


Kaz buzzes on stage, extremely hyped up as the crowd respond with a murmur. He runs to the ring clapping hands with the fans before joining Skipper and Yang in the ring.

Borash: Our next competitor hails from Anaheim, California, weighing in at 215 pounds, KAZ!


Another small reaction from the crowd as Shannon Moore races on stage and down to the ring.

Borash: And the next opponent, From Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 200 pounds, Shannon Moore!

***Commercial Break***

We return from our first commercial to find the first four guys have been joined by Jason Jett, Nova, Evan Karagias and Christopher Daniels.


Massive heat erupts as Kid Kash strolls cockily on stage looking confident.

Brain: There’s my pick! The man who beat AJ Styles last week! That man has champion written all over him!

Tenay: Kid Kash is a cocky young man indeed but you are right Brain, he did indeed pin our Cruiserweight Champion, last week on Nitro.

Borash: And the final competitor, weighing in at 200 pounds, he hails from Johnson City, Tennesee, The Notorius K.I.D, KID KASH!

The crowd boo once more as Kash rolls in the ring and hops up and down to warm himself up.

Match 1: Cruiserweight Over The Top Battle Royal:
(Winner gets a shot at Cruiserweight title at Spring Stampede)

Elix Skipper Vs Shannon Moore Vs Jimmy Yang Vs Kaz vs Evan Karagias Vs Nova Vs Jason Jett Vs Kid Kash Vs Christopher Daniels:

The bell rings and we get our first contest underway. Skipper goes right for Kash and begins laying into him with right hands. Its utter chaos as a huge brawl erupts, Nova and Jett team up and begin to attack everyone. Nova bounces off the ropes and nails Yang with a clothesline, Jett springs off the ropes and hits a dropkick onto Kaz! The camera focuses on Daniels as he dodges a right hook from Moore, kicks him in the gut, hooks the arms and hits the Angels Wings! On the other side of the ring, Kash ducks a clothesline from Skipper, runs up the turnbuckle, jumps off and hits a beautiful hurracanrana! The crowd are getting behind this as Yang tries to lift up Nova for a suplex but gets hit with a forearm on the back by Jett. Jett grabs Yang and throws him over the top rope!

Jimmy Yang is eliminated.

Jett and Nova high five but both turn straight into a double dropkick from Kaz! Kaz springs to his feet and roars with adrenaline but turns straight into a gut kick by Kash, shortly followed by the MoneyMaker! Kash drags Kaz up by his hair and chucks him over the top rope and eliminates him.

Kaz is eliminated.

Daniels is next as he runs off the ropes and goes for Kash but Kash dodges and Daniels flies over the top rope and eliminates himself!

Christopher Daniels is eliminated.

We are down to six as Nova and Jett beat down Moore in the corner. Skipper pulls himself up by the ropes and walks over to both men and bangs their heads together! Nova is out on his feet as he turns straight into a kick to the gut and a Play Of The Day from Skipper! Karagias takes advantage of this distraction and clotheslines Jett out of the ring before picking up Moore and eliminating his former 3 Count partner as well!

Jason Jett is eliminated.
Shannon Moore is eliminated.

Karagias climbs to the top and flies off with a crossbody, taking out Skipper and Nova! Karagias gets to his feet looking cocky but turns around....straight into a chair shot from Kash! The crowd boo as Kash has resorted to cheating to gain the upper hand once more. Kash picks up Karagias and throws his lifeless body over the ropes and out of the ring.

Evan Karagias is eliminated.

We are down to three as Kash picks up the chair and stalks Nova who is slowly getting to his feet. Nova turns around....and dodges a chair shot from Kash! Nova ducks under the shot, lifts Kash onto his shoulders and hits the Kryptonite Krunch! The crowd cheer Nova as he gets to his feet, only to cheer even more as he is then grabbed by Skipper and thrown over the top rope!

Nova is eliminated.

It’s now a pinfall match as we are down to Elix Skipper and Kid Kash. A referee slides in as Skipper shouts for Kash to get up as he stalks him looking for the Play Of The Day. Kash does so and turns around, straight into a gut kick. Skipper wraps his leg around Kash’s head and signals for it but Kash nails a low blow! Skipper collapses in agony as Kash buys himself valuable breathing room. Kash drags himself up by the ropes as the crowd boo, he grabs the chair looking to hit Skipper but then has a seemingly better plan as he drops it at his feet, pulls Skipper into a powerbomb position, hooks the arms and hits the MoneyMaker onto the chair! The crowd are in shock as Skipper could be seriously injured, Kash ,meanwhile doesn’t give a damn as he rolls him over and nonchalantly makes the cover...1.....2.....3!

Winner via pinfall: Kid Kash @ 09:05

Borash: Here is your winner and the new, number one contender for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, KID KASH!

The heat is huge for Kash as he raises his arms in victory and the referee checks on Skipper. The ref calls for the EMTs and they run down to the ring with a stretcher.

Tenay: Elix Skipper could be seriously injured here folks, that damn Kid Kash! He went too far tonight!

The crowd continue to boo as Kash laughs as he walks up the ramp.

Schiavone: A high velocity opener folks as Kid Kash walks away, the number one contender to the Cruiserweight title!

Brain: What did I say you bozo? That man has champion written all over him and he proved himself once again tonight.

Tenay: Yeah but at what cost? Elix Skipper is being carried out on a stretcher because of the actions of Kash! He’s a punk!

Brain: Oh stop your whining Tenay, he just did what was necessary to further himself. I would have done the same thing.

Schiavone: You know what Brain that wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Well folks, still to come tonight we have the first round matches in the US Title Tournament as AJ Styles faces Chavo Guerrero and Sean O Haire faces Billy Kidman.

We cut to a video package.

Narrator: The rush to the top...

AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash...

Narrator: Is a long one.....

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash...

Narrator: When all go for the gold....

Goldberg hitting the Spear...

Narrator: Bodies collide.....

Sting hitting the Stinger Splash...

Narrator: Worlds crumble....

Lesnar hitting the F-5.....

Narrator: On April 23rd....

O Haire hitting the Seanton Bomb...

Narrator: You will witness...

Rush video of RVD, Lesnar, Goldberg, Jarrett and Sting all hitting their finishers...


Live on April 23rd, 2002 at the Stamford Civic Center.

Theme: Control by Puddle Of Mudd.


We return backstage in the parking lot where a hummer pulls up and as the door opens, the crowd pops massively as Goldberg steps out! He looks focused as he heads backstage..

We change to the backstage interview set where Scott Hudson is standing by with Chavo Guerrero.

Hudson: Hello everyone, im here with Chavo Guerrero who is up next against AJ Styles, Chavo what do you think your chances are in this tournament?

*Chavo raises an eyebrow and smirks at Hudson*

Chavo: Esse, don’t you know who I am?

*Hudson looks down at his feet and shuffles them*

Chavo: Holmes, Im Chavo Guerrero, GUERRERO!

*Small heat for Chavo*

Chavo: I put the cruiserweight division on the frickin map!

*Slight overstatement there from Chavito*

Chavo: The fact is Scotty boy, AJ Styles isn’t fit to lace my boots esse.

*Heat for the diss on AJ*

Chavo: Tonight i’m going to show the world that Chavo Guerrero is the one that is going to fulfill the family legacy. Eddie, holmes, you can’t hold a candle to me.

*Massive heat for the disrespect to his bro*

Hudson: With that said Mr Guerrero, you are facing the WCW Cruiserweight champion, a man who has beaten you on two separate occasions. With that said, can you break the hold Mr Styles seems to have over you?

*Small pop for this fact*

*Chavo mumbles something nasty in spanish*

Chavo: I Swear essa, if I wasn’t up right now I would teach you a lesson. When i’m done with Styles, im gonna come back here and kick your ass!

*Chavo storms off towards the ring as we switch back to the commentary table*

Tenay: Harsh words from Chavo Guerrero as he faces AJ Styles next!


Narrator: Some men say, they are all brothers....

A man with a towel over his head shadow boxes...

Narrator: That they are born, bred to fight from day one....

Man with towel swings some heavy kicks....

Narrator: They are ruthless....

Man with towel destroys a rookie with kicks....

Narrator: Barbaric....

Man with towel t-bone suplexes a rookie...

Narrator: Determined....

Man with towel destroys a punching bag....

Narrator: SAMOAN....

Man with towel crosses arms with head down and punches towards the camera....as we fade to black....


*Chavo Guerrero’s music hits to medium heat as he walks to the ring looking determined.*

Borash: Introducing first, From El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds, Chavo Guerrero!

Schiavone: Chavo Guerrero looks focused ladies and gentleman, and i’m sure that he is looking to finally beat AJ Styles after losing to him twice in the past few months.

Brain: Styles was lucky Tony, tonight is going to be a one sided massacre!

Tenay: I wouldn’t be so sure Bobby, AJ Styles has been simply phenomenal lately as he has beaten back every contender for his cruiserweight championship.

Schiavone: That’s right professor, just last night he defeated Elix Skipper in a great match up!

Tenay: Incredible it was, That said, im sure AJ is not going to underestimate Chavo, he is a Guerrero after all.

***I AM***

*A decent pop for the cruiserweight champion as he strolls on stage in his AJ hoody before flicking back his arms and posing as his pyro goes off. Styles slaps the hands of the fans as he makes his way to the ring.*

Borash: And the opponent, from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the WCW Cruiserweight champion, AJ STYLES!

Match 2: United States Championship Tournament R1:

AJ Styles Vs Chavo Guerrero:

The bell rings and both men circle each other before locking up. Chavo overpowers Styles and pushes him away before slapping him which makes the crowd ooh loudly. Styles shakes it off and goes back into the tie up, this time he overpowers Chavo, putting him in a wristlock. Chavo counters into one of his own before Styles elbows him in the face, runs off the ropes and clotheslines him. Styles continues his momentum by hitting a leg drop followed by a cover...1....2...Kick out!

Chavo gets the shoulder up but Styles quickly grabs him by the arms, digs his knee into his back and applies the submission. Chavo struggles to get free but AJ drives his knee in harder and pulls back even more. The ref asks him if he wants to give up but Chavo adamantly gets to his feet before running Styles’ head straight into the turnbuckle!

Chavo shakes off the effects of the submission before laying the boots into a groggy Styles. Styles pulls himslef into the corner but is immediately met with a running rolling wheel kick from Chavo! Styles flops out of the corner face first as Chavo rolls him over and covers....1....2..Styles kicks out! Chavo shouts something in spanish before stomping Styles several times. Chavo drags Styles to his feet before flooring him with a european uppercut. He does this again and then again before roaring and beating his chest as the crowd boo. Chavo is on fire as he picks a dazed Styles up and sends him into the ropes, Styles flies back and Chavo grabs him and hits a devastating tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! He quickly makes the cover..1....2.....Th..NO!

Chavo can’t believe it and says so to the ref. He lifts up Styles and drags him to the corner looking for the Tornado DDT. Chavo sits on the top rope with Styles head in his grasp and signals for the end but he doesn’t anticipate Styles to slip free and hit a Hurracanrana on Chavo off the top! The crowd explode at this and we get a small smattering of *Holy Shit* chants. The crowd try to get behind AJ as he pulls himself up by the ropes, seeing Chavo do the same, he springs off the ropes and lands perfectly behind Chavo with him hooked and hits a reverse DDT! The crowd pop at this as well as Styles covers...1....2..th..NO! Chavo gets the shoulder up!

Both men want to progress in this tournament as Styles decides to put Chavo away. He drags him up to his feet before putting his head between his legs and signalling for the Styles Clash. Chavo anticipates this as he pushes forwrad and flips over holding Styles legs into a pin...1.....2...NO! Styles kicks out again! Styles gets to his feet first and nails him with forearms before kicking him in the gut and going for the Styles Clash again. He lifts Chavo up but gets countered with a beautiful hurracanrana and a roll through into a pin.....1.....2....th...Kick out! The crowd are hot now as they want to see a victor. Chavo gets up first and runs at AJ, grabs his head and hits the Tornado DDT off the corner! That’s gotta be it folks as Chavo falls down onto Styles and makes the pin....1.....2....3..NO! 2 and a half! Somehow AJ kicked out! The crowd go nuts as Guerrero holds his head in his hands in disbelief. A *LETS GO STYLES* chant breaks out which just infuriates the young Guerrero more. Chavo drags Styles to the corner and hooks his head under his arm looking for another Tornado DDT. He jumps off the top but AJ pushes him away and hits the Pele Kick!

Both men are down as the ref starts to count...1.......2......3.....4.....5.....6.....7....8......Styles gets up! AJ wastes no time and grabs Chavo, puts him between the legs, lifts him up and hits the Styles Clash! He rolls him over and holds him for the pin....1.....2....thre...NO! Chavo somehow kicks out! The crowd are in disbelief as is Styles as Guerrero becomes the first man to kick out of the Styles Clash! AJ doesn’t waste any more time though as he climbs the turnbuckle and flips off with a 450 splash.....but eats nothing but canvas! Styles bounces up as Chavo rolls away, jumps up and hits a second Tornado DDT! He falls exhausted onto the broken Styles for the pin....1....2....3!!!

Winner via pinfall: Chavo Guerrero @ 14:16


Heat rains down as Chavo pulls himself up to his feet by the ropes. He curses AJ in spanish before making the ref raise his arm in victory.

Tenay: A great win for Chavo Guerrero here folks but my god did AJ put up a fight!

Schiavione: I thought he had it honestly but somehow young Chavo showed some incredible fight to kick out of the Styles Clash.

*A Video recap plays of the match highlights finishing on Chavo hitting the DDT and winning the match*

Brain: I think Guerrero has stepped out of his uncle Eddie’s shadow tonight here guys, what a performance!

Tenay: Speaking of his uncle Eddie, he will be in action later tonight folks as he faces Jeff Jarrett in another first round tournament match.


As we return we see Goldberg walking towards the gorilla position as the crowd cheer.


The crowd go f’n nuts as “Da Man” himself, Goldberg walks through his pyro clad in a leather jacket and jeans. He looks focused as he rolls in the ring and grabs a mic before waiting for the crowd to die down.


Goldberg: Last night....


Goldberg is drowned out by the chants as he pauses before taking off his shades and pacing the ring.

Goldberg: Last night I proved once more that I should be the number one contender to the WCW title!


Goldberg: I have gone through everyone in my way to get a shot at what is rightfully mine, a shot at Brock Lesnar!

*Mixed reaction for the WCW champion*

Goldberg: All i’ve heard since Starrcade is “Brock beat you”, “Why don’t you fight him again?” You know what, at Spring Stampede it is set in stone.


Goldberg: Goldberg vs Lesnar, the REMATCH!


Goldberg: This time though there will be two differences. One is that I am going beat Lesnar and regain what is rightfully mine.


Goldberg: The second is that the match at Spring Stampede is going to be.....no pinfalls..


Goldberg:...No Submissions...


Goldberg:... No Disqualifications...


Goldberg: At Spring Stampede...it’s gonna be me and Brock Lesnar.....in a LAST.....MAN.....STANDING MATCH!!!

*Huge pop for this announcement*

Goldberg: When the dust clears....I will be the man left standing and holding....the W....C....W TITLE!



The cheers turn quickly to boos as “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett makes his way on stage with a guitar in one hand and a microphone in the other. He waits for the boos to die down before speaking..

Jarrett: Woah Woah Woah there slappy, don’t be gettin ahead of yourself!


Jarrett: Shut the hell up! I’m the chosen one damn it and you will shut the hell up!


Jarrett: Now as I was sayin, Goldberg if you think that little victory last night was gonna put me to the back o’ the line, you are mistaken!


Jarrett: I’ve got more talent in my little finger than you have in your whole body! My god Bill, i’ve beaten more guys than you’ve faced!


Jarrett: You think that’s funny slappy? How about I come down there and smash this guitar over your bald head and see if you think that’s funny!


Goldberg: All I hear is a whiny little bitch who couldn’t hold my jockstrap making cheap threats. If your gonna do something Jeff, then come into the ring and face me like a man!


Jarrett starts walking down to the ring but then stops before waving his arms.

Jarrett: You know somethin baldie? I ain’t got nothin to prove to you or any other son o’ a bitch in this arena!



Eric Bischoff’s music hits to a small pop as the President of the WCW walks out on stage, mic in hand.

Bischoff: I’ve been back there watching you act like a couple of schoolkids and I thought to myself, why not have a little rematch?


Bischoff: Tonight’s main event is going to be a rematch from last night.....it’s gonna be Goldberg Vs Jeff Jarrett!


Jarrett: That’s fine with me slappy but I’ve just got one little glitch in your plan....If I beat Baldie, I get his shot for the WCW title against Brock Lesnar!


Goldberg looks slightly concerned but then smiles before holding the mic up...

Goldberg: I’ve got no problem beating you again Jeff, and if anyone’s wondering about it, the answer’s simple.....JEFF......YOUR NEXT!


Goldberg’s music hits as Jarrett backs up the ramp mouthing off at him. The scene fades as we cut to a break.


We return to the commentary booth...

Tenay: Ladies and gentleman our main event is set! Jeff Jarrett goes one on one with Goldberg to finally decide the man who faces Brock Lesnar at Spring Stampede!

Schiavone: That’s not all though Mike as we still have our second match in the United States Championship tournament as Sean O’Haire faces Billy Kidman!

Brain: There’s no contest there guys, Sean O Haire is my pick, the man that defeated Sting last night is the man who is going to win that tournament.

Tenay: You may be right Brain, O Haire has been on a roll lately, destroying everyone in his path but he has tough competition in former Cruiserweight champion, Billy Kidman.

Brain: Kidman may be tough Tenay, but O Haire is gonna steamroller through him, you just watch!

We cut backstage where Ric Flair is getting ready. The crowd pop as we see Booker T walk in after knocking on the door.

Booker: Yo Ric, you got a sec?

Flair: Hey Book, sure take a seat.

Booker sits down opposite Flair who takes a swig from a bottle of water.

Booker: Listen man, I know things have been rough these past few months, what wit Scotty bein on your back. But tonight, im gon’ take care o’ business.

Flair: What are you suggestin?

Booker: That punk put me on da shelf for two months! Then he goes around trying to prove that he’s better than you, da nature boy himself. He beat up your son, he beat up your wife, hell he even tried to end yo career!

Flair: What’s your point Booker?

Booker stands up as he makes his point.

Booker: Im suggestin, we make this match with Steiner a tag team match and Booker T whoops some sense in to that punk ass bitch!

Flair stands up and seems to think before smiling and offering his hand to Booker.

Flair: Booker I appreciate everythin you are doing, you show me so much respect by offering. But I’m the nature boy! Im the limousine ridin, jet flying WOOO! SON OF A GUN! Tonight, it’s me and Scotty Steiner one-on-one! After all the crap that son of a bitch has put me through, he’s gonna wake up tomorrow wishin he’d never messed with WOOO! RIC FLAIR!

Booker looks concerned but then smiles.

Booker: You a crazy old fool, but you know somethin? I respect you dawg.

Flair smiles before putting on his robe and then walks out of the dressing room as we cut back to Scott Hudson who is standing by with Scott Steiner.

Hudson: Hello folks, i’m here with Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. Scott, you face Ric Flair next in a no-disqualifications match. After all you’ve done to Ric over the past few months, is there anything left for you to do?

Steiner adjust his chainmail before grabbing the mic off Hudson and pushing him back.

Steiner: Are you done bitch? Ric Flair is a nobody! Big Poppa Pump has the largest arms in the world!

Steiner flexes his arms to Hudson.

Steiner: Tonight, i’m gonna finish what I started and put that no good punk little bitch on the shelf where he belongs!

Hudson: You hold two victories over Ric Flair including one last night at Greed, after your match tonight where do you see Scott Steiner heading next?

Steiner: Next? Scott Steiner is gonna beat the Nature Boy into a pulp and then decimate everyone in his path to become the WCW champion once more!

Flair walks into shot to a huge pop from the crowd.

Steiner: Speak of the devil, are you ready for an ass whoopin boy?

Flair smirks at this before pulling the mic towards himself.

Flair: Your tough Big Poppa...I’ll give you that. But when the Nature Boy takes you to school tonight, then your gonna...WOOOO! Wish you’d never messed with the limousine ridin...

Flair starts shaking and revving up...


Flair shoves the mic into Hudson’s chest and walks towards the ring.

Steiner stands there flexing his arms before pushing Hudson over and walking off himself.



The crowd go nuts and get on their feet as the Nature Boy, Ric Flair struts on stage.

Borash: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is set for one fall and is a no disqualifications match! Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina...weighing in at 243 pounds...he is the Nature Boy....RIC FLAIR!

*Massive pop from the crowd as Flair gets on the apron, does a little strut and woos to the crowd.*


*Massive heat from the crowd as the sirens blare and Big Poppa Pump strolls on stage, chainmail on head, looking confident.*

Borash: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, he weighs in at 280 pounds...BIG POPPA PUMP...SCOTT STEINER!

*More heat as Steiner gets in the ring and flexes his arms atop the turnbuckle.*

Match 3: No Disqualifications:

Ric Flair Vs Scott Steiner:

The bell rings and the two men circle each other. They lock up but Steiner easily overpowers Flair and throws him onto his ass. Steiner backs up and flexes his muscles as the crowd boo but Flair gets to his feet, does a little strut and gives Steiner a WOOO! They go to lock up again but Flair pokes him in the eye and then bounces off the ropes and chopblocks him off his feet! Flair is in control as he stomps on the right leg of Steiner before lifting up both legs and stomping on the groin of Steiner causing him to loudly shout in pain. The crowd are loving this as Flair once again comes off the ropes and hits a beautiful knee drop the right leg of Steiner. Flair rolls out of the ring and tells the time keeper to “move his ass” as he picks up a chair and then rolls back into the ring. Steiner is slowly pulling himself up by the ropes but goes back down as Flair swings the chair directly into his knee! The crowd are on fire and firmly behind Flair as he drives the chair into Steiner’s knee once more and then again. Flair struts around the ring and gives a loud WOO! Before awaiting Steiner to get to his feet as he stalks him with the chair. Steiner does so and turns around straight into a vicious chairshot to the head! Flair drops the chair as Steiner collapses and he makes the lateral press and hooks the leg.....1.......2.....STEINER KICKS OUT!

Steiner is busted open but still in this one as Flair is a little shocked but not dissuaded as he grabs the legs of Steiner and drags him over to the corner before sliding out of the ring and wrapping his legs around the ring post and applying the Figure Four on the ringpost! Steiner is screamign in pain as the ref asks him if he gives up but Steiner shakes his head! Flair is pulling back with all his might but it won’t make Steiner give up so he lets go and begins to search under the ring before pulling out........A LEAD PIPE! Steiner’s favourite weapon of choice is in the hands of the NATURE BOY! Flair rolls back in the ring and waits for Steiner to get to his feet which he does slowly. Steiner hops on one leg, selling the right leg and begins to turn around, just as Flair swings with the pipe......but Steiner blocks it and hits a vicious belly to belly suplex across the ring! Both men are down as Steiner looks to have bought some reprieve.

The ref is counting slowly.....1.......2......3.....4.....5.....6.....7...Steiner is on his feet! Flair is up too but is groggy as hell as he turns around straight into another belly to belly! Steiner roars with adrenaline as blood pours down his face. He grabs the chair and as Flair gets back up, he gets smashed with a brutal chair shot! The crowd are booing as Steiner chucks the chair down and rolls Flair over(who is now busted open) and making the cover.....1......2.....th..NO! Flair somehow kicked out! Steiner nails Flair with some right hands, rolls off and grabs the chair and places it in the middle of the ring folded out. He picks up Flair, hooks his head and nails a gruesome suplex onto the open chair! The crowd wince at the sight of Flair who got broken in two by the move and Steiner makes the cover.....1.......2.....NO! Flair raises his shoulder once more! Steiner doesn’t believe the ref and covers Flair once again...1........2.....NO! Flair still won’t give up! Steiner looks pissed as he has had enough and he gets up, grabs the lead pipe and begins to pull Flair to his feet. Flair is staggering everywhere covered in blood as Steiner talks trash before swinging at his head with the pipe.....BUT FLAIR DUCKS UNDER!

Flair dodges the shot and hits a beautiful chest chop to a loud WOO from the crowd. Steiner drops the pipe as Flair unloads on Steiner with chop after chop. Flair sends Steiner into the ropes and nails a clothesline! The crowd go wild as Flair heads towards the corner and slowly ascends the turnbuckle. He gets to the top but Steiner runs over and throws him off with a belly to belly! Flair flies onto the chair in the middle of the ring and lies in a heap not moving. The crowd boo as Steiner limps over and applies the Steiner Recliner in the centre of the ring! Flair is bleeding profusely and is not moving as the ref calls for the bell, Flair is unconscious!

Winner by KO: Scott Steiner. (12:03)


Steiner’s music hits to HUGE heat as Big Poppa limps over to the turnbuckle and flexes his arms.

Tenay: A courageous effort from the Nature Boy, but he just couldn’t get the job done tonight!

Schiavone: Big Poppa Pump was too much for Flair, I think we need to get the medics out here right away!

EMTS rush to the ring as Flair lies in a heap on the canvas.

Tenay: Ladies and gentleman Ric Flair is not moving, let’s hope he is okay.

Brain: That’s what you get for messing with Big Poppa Tenay, a beating.

Schiavone: Oh shut up Bobby, the man gave it all tonight but just couldn’t go as far as Steiner went.

Brain: And that’s why Scotty just walked out of here the winner, he will do anything to win.

*Flair slowly gets helped to his feet by the EMT’s as the crowd give him a standing ovation.*

Tenay: A standing ovation for the Nature Boy, but up next we have our second match in the United States tournament as Sean O Haire takes on Billy Kidman!

We cut to a video package.

Narrator: The rush to the top...

AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash...

Narrator: Is a long one.....

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash...

Narrator: When all go for the gold....

Goldberg hitting the Spear...

Narrator: Bodies collide.....

Sting hitting the Stinger Splash...

Narrator: Worlds crumble....

Lesnar hitting the F-5.....

Narrator: On April 23rd....

O Haire hitting the Seanton Bomb...

Narrator: You will witness...

Rush video of RVD, Lesnar, Goldberg, Jarrett and Sting all hitting their finishers...


Live on April 23rd, 2002 at the Stamford Civic Center.

Theme: Control by Puddle Of Mudd.


As we return we see Ric Flair being cleaned up bya medic as Booker T walks in.

Booker: Yo ric, you okay bud?

*Flair winces as the medic cleans up the cut on his head*

Flair: Do I look okay Book? I just got my ass whooped out there.

*Booker frowns and shakes his head*

Booker: What I saw was a legend in this business do all he could to beat a man twice his size, but wouldn’t go to the depths that punk bitch would. You should be proud o’ya self man.

*Flair shakes his head and looks at the floor*

Flair: Book, I’m an old man and I know when i’ve been beat. I think it’s time that I take a look at my life and see where I can go from here. I’ve got some thinking to do.

*Booker looks concerned as we head elsewhere backstage*

We cut to Kidman warming up in his dressing room as Rey Mysterio Jr wanders in. Mysterio drops his gym bag down and hugs Kidman in greeting.

Mysterio: Yo Billy, you ready holmes?

Kidman: Ready as i’ll ever be. What you doin here anyway, you don’t have a match tonight?

Mysterio smiles and shows Kidman a ticket.

Mysterio: Front row essa, i’m gonna be out there to support you. I dont want a repeat of last night. Besides, O Haire’s a tough hombre, you got a game plan?

Kidman smiles this time.

Kidman: Always Rey, always. I’m gonna move so quick he won’t know what’s hit him.

Mysterio: Just be careful out there bro, those punks cost us the tag titles last night, i’ll be there to make sure they dont do anything.

Mysterio smiles and offers his hand for a shake. Kidman shakes it and they both smile as we cut back to the ring.


Massive heat as Kanyon’s music hits and he saunters on stage looking cocky. He walks down the ramp holding a bottle of champagne and taking swigs before he gets in the ring to face his opponent(A Jobber).

Match 4: Kanyon Vs Harrison Andrew:

A squash match from the go as Kanyon locks up with Andrews and throws him to the floor. Kanyon acts like he’s just thrown Goldberg to the floor as he struts around the ring and shouts “Who Betta Than Kanyon?”. Andrew shakes it off and runs at Kanyon, hitting a clothesline. The crowd pop as Andrew springs off the middle rope and hits a leg drop followed by a cover....1......2...Kick out! Kanyon was nearly beat by a no name there as Andrew climbs to the top rope looking for some high risk move. Kanyon gets to his feet and falls into the ropes, crotching Andrew on the top! Kanyon climbs the turnbuckle, hooks Andrew’s head and hits a superplex off the top rope, whilst floating over into a pin...1.....2...th..Kanyon pulls Andrew’s arm up! Kanyon is making a statement as he drags the jobber up to his feet before wrapping his arm around the head and hitting the Flatliner in the centre of the ring before simply placing his boot on the chest of Andrew for the cover....1.......2......3!

Winner: Kanyon (4:04)


Kanyon’s music hits as he celebrates quite dramatically. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic before rolling back in and signalling for the back to cut his music.



Kanyon: NOBODY!


Kanyon: I just proved that i am no loser!


Kanyon: Suck? HA! You guys are just jealous that im so amazing!


Kanyon: I’m GORGEOUS!


Kanyon: Just face it i’m a rising star in WCW and nobody can stop me!


Kanyon: Tell you what, as of now I am issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. If you can beat me in this ring, I will walk away from the WCW!


Kanyon: Come on then boys, who’s got the biggest pair? Who thinks they’re better than Kanyon?




The crowd go fucking INSANE as Mr Monday Night himself, RVD walks on stage. He looks focused as he quickly walks to the ring, also followed by a referee.

Match 5: Kanyon Open Invitational:

(If Kanyon loses he leaves WCW)

Kanyon vs Rob Van Dam:

Kanyon jumps on RVD from the get go as he rains punches on to the head of Van Dam. Kanyon gets pushed away but he comes back with a boot to the head of Van Dam which knocks him for a loop. Kanyon wastes no time as he drags RVD up and wraps his arm around his head looking for the Flatliner but RVD elbows him in the head! Kanyon staggers away before turning straight into a roundhouse kick from Van Dam. Van Dam sees that Kanyon is down and runs off the ropes before hitting a forward roll and a senton, the Rolling Thunder! RVD covers.....1......2....Kick out! Van Dam wastes no time himself as he springs to the top rope looking for the Five Star but Kanyon cuts him off with a right hand. Kanyon climbs the turnbuckle and hooks the head of Van Dam and looks to hit a superplex. He lifts up Van Dam but he floats over, lands on his feet, grabs the back of Kanyon and hits a beautiful German suplex off the top! A “HOLY SHIT” chant breaks out as we see a replay of the previous move.

Van Dam slowly crawls over and makes the lateral press.....1........2.....Shoulder up! Kanyon isn;t done but neither is RVD as he climbs the turnbuckle once more feeling froggy, and flies off but hits nothing but canvas! Kanyon rolls out of the way of the Five Star Frog Splash and tries to collect himself. He staggers over to the crumpled Van Dam, lifts him up and goes for the Flatliner once more but RVD again elbows him in the head! Kanyon staggers back, dodges a roundhouse from Van Dam, blocks a right hand and goes for the Flatliner for a third time but RVD pushes him away and levels him with a kick to the head! The crowd go wild as RVD points to the top rope signalling the Five Star and he slowly climbs the turnbuckle. The cheers turn to boos as Chuck Palumbo comes from out of the crowd, climbs on the apron and pushes Van Dam off the top! The referee didn’t see it as he was tending to Kanyon, who now gets to his feet, drags RVD up and finally hits the Flatliner followed by a cover.....1.........2.......3!

Winner: Kanyon (7:02)


Massive heat from the crowd as Kanyon celebrates like he’s just won the superbowl. Kanyon rolls out of the ring leaving Chuck Palumbo to roll in and stalk RVD as he gets to his feet. Palumbo talks trash as RVD has no clue whats awaiting him and he turns straight into a Jungle Kick! Huge heat from the audience as *Tough* hits and Palumbo raises his arms whilst standing over the fallen Van Dam.

Tenay: What the hell is Chuck Palumbo’s problem? RVD had the match won and he attacked him for no damn reason!

Schiavone: I think he came to make a statement Mike. We’ve not seen much of him recently, not since Sean O Haire started his winning streak. I think Palumbo has decided to make a name for himself and he’s picked one of the top guys in WCW to do that.

Brain: Well I for one am glad that Chuck is back. He is a born superstar in my eyes.

Tenay: What a surprise Brain, well ladies and gentleman still to come, we have Chuck Palumbo’s former tag team partner, Sean O Haire taking on Billy Kidman in a United States tournament match.

Schiavone: Indeed Mike, also don’t forget about our main event where Goldberg takes on The Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett.

Brain: Jeff is gonna take that title shot away from Big Baldie man and will take on Brock Lesnar at Spring Stampede, take my word for it.

Tenay: We shall see Brain, Goldberg defeated Jarrett last night at Greed in an amazing contest, but he has to do it again tonight for the chance to face Brock Lesnar at Spring Stampede.

We head backstage where we see Lance Storm and Mike Awesome knocking on the door of Eric Bischoff. They walk in to see Bischoff sat at his desk on the phone.

Bischoff: I’ll call you back.....okay bye.

*Bischoff hangs up*

Bischoff: What can i do for you champs?

Storm: Mr Bischoff, we have a complaint to make. We are the WCW Tag Team champions correct?

*Bischoff frowns and takes a sip of water before answering*

Bischoff: Yes Lance you are, what’s the problem?

*Awesome rearranges the belt on his shoulder and steps forward*

Awesome: Why the hell have we had no match tonight?

*Storm puts his hand on Awesome’s chest to calm him down*

Storm: Look Mr Bischoff, we just feel like we should be wrestling tonight, we are the tag champs after all.

*Bischoff takes another sip of water before smiling*

Bischoff: I know how you feel guys, but the schedule is full for tonight. I tell you what though, I do have a match for you guys next week. It’s gonna be Lance Storm and Mike Awesome......versus......The Mamalukes! If you guys win...you get to pick your opponents for Spring Stampede....if you lose....they get a title shot.


*Storm and Awesome nod in approval*

Storm: Thank you Mr Bischoff, we will prove to the world next week that we are the most dominant force in WCW.

*Storm and Awesome leave and we cut back to the arena*


Kidman’s music hits to a massive pop as he runs on stage looking confident. The camera pans to the front row where Rey Mysterio Jr is sat looking focused as he watches his tag team partner faces the toughest challenge of his career.

Borash: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a United States tournament match. Introducing first, From Allentown, Pennsylvania, weighing 195 pounds......BILLY KIDMAN!


*Kidman gets in the ring and poses on the turnbuckle to another pop*


Massive heat as The self proclaimed “Terminator”, Sean O Haire strolls on stage looking focused and confident.

Borash: And his opponent, From South Carolina, weighing in at 270 pounds....SEAN O HAIRE!

*O Haire gets in the ring and takes off his trenchcoat before pulling on the ropes and stretching*

Match 6: United States Title Tournament:

Billy Kidman Vs Sean O Haire:

The bell rings and we get this one underway as both men lock up with O Haire easily getting the upperhand. He forces Kidman into the corner and then slaps him across the face. The crowd boo as Kidman rubs his face and O Haire gestures for him to bring it. Tenay and Heenan both comment on how O Haire has beaten DDP and Sting in his current streak and say how much of an underdog, Kidman is. They lock up again with Kidman this time slipping around O Haire and applying a wrist lock. O Haire spins it around and slaps Kidman in the face once more. Kidman slaps him back and then dodges a right hand before hitting a dropkick which staggers O Haire. Kidman bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline which finally floors him and then climbs out the apron, springs off the ropes and hits a beautiful legdrop. Kidman covers......1......2.....Kick out!

O Haire gets the shoulder up as Kidman quickly springs up and dropkicks him. O Haire goes back down as Kidman covers once more.....1....2...Shoulder up! Kidman is using his pace as he grabs the leg and stomps on the back of O Haire’s knee. Looking to wear him down, Kidman holds the leg and hits a leg drop to the knee. O Haire shouts in pain as Kidman applies a leg lock. The ref asks if he wants to submit but its not over yet as O Haire kicks Kidman in the face several times with his other leg. Kidman releases the hold and rolls onto his feet as O Haire tries to get to his, Kidman nails him with another dropkick to the face! Kidman spots the positioning of O Haire and runs up the turnbuckle and hits a beautiful moonsault! He hooks the leg....1........2......th...NO! Another kick out!

Kidman is dominating so far as he drags O Haire to his feet leaving him staggering. He runs off the ropes but runs straight into a Roundhouse kick from O Haire! The tide has turned as O Haire collects himself in the corner, leaving Kidman down on the floor. Kidman slowly pulls himself up by the ropes but is met by O Haire who lifts him up into a fireman’s carry and hits a rolling fireman’s carry slam! The crowd gasp as O Haire drops to his knees and goes for the pin...1......2....Kick out! O Haire smashes Kidman in the face with a right boot and then drags Kidman to his feet. He applies a front facelock before lifting him up and hitting a beautiful vertical suplex. O Haire plays to the crowd as they boo and the camera pans to Mysterio who is looking concerned in the crowd. O Haire grabs Kidman by his hair and pulls him to his feet, before lifting him into a gorilla press and slamming him to the canvas behind him! O Haire applies the lateral press and goes for the pin.....1........2....Kidman kicks out! O Haire looks frustrated but instantly wraps his legs around the enck of Kidman and applies a cross armbreaker!


As we return the ref goes to his knees and asks if Kidman gives up but the answer is a firm no. Mysterio gets the crowd behind Kidman who is reaching desperately for the ropes. O Haire applies more pressure causing Kidman to roar in agony but then reach for the ropes even more. The crowd start a “Let’s go Kidman” chant which seems to will him to gather his strength and roll over O Haire into a pin!......1........2.....th...O Haire powers free! Kidman gets up just before O Haire and throws some right hooks before bouncing off the ropes and attempting a clothesline.....but O Haire counters with a knee to the gut! O Haire puts Kidman in position and lifts him for a powerbomb but Kidman counters with the Kid Factor! Both men are down as the ref starts a ten count.....1..........2..........3.......4.........5.......6......7......8...Kidman is up! Kidman has pulled himself up by the ropes as O Haire lies on the canvas. He sees the position of O Haire and climbs the turnbuckle before flying off with the Shooting Star Press...but eats the canvas! O Haire just rolls out of the way of the SSP before getting to his feet, bounces off the ropes and hits a running knee lift to the head of Kidman! The crowd boo as O Haire slowly climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with the Seanton Bomb.....he connects! This one is over as O Haire makes the cover......1.......2......Three...NO! Kidman somehow kicks out!

The crowd go wild as Kidman somehow kicks out of the Seanton Bomb. O Haire pulls at his hair before dragging Kidman up and into a fireman’s carry. He taunts the crowd before nailing the Widowmaker and making the cover...1......2........3!!!

Winner: Sean O Haire(13:06)


O Haire’s music hits to massive heat as he stands victorious. He raises his arms and leaves but as he does, Teddy Hart comes through the crowd, climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Phoenix Splash on Kidman!!! Massive heat in the arena turns to a pop as Mysterio hops the barrier and unleashes on Hart with a barrage of punches! The crowd go nuts as Mysterio goes wild but then boo as Michael Shane slides into the ring and nails him with Sweet Shane Music! Hart and Shane pose in the ring to a chorus of boos as they stand above the fallen Filthy Animals.

Tenay: A vicious assault by the Hartbreak Kids! Those damn punks just laid a beating on the Filthy Animals!

Schiavone: Uncalled for and unjust, especially after Kidman just went through hell against Sean O Haire!

Tenay: They are trying to make a name for themselves and are succeeding at the moment.

Brain: They are the future of this industry, two next generation sueprstars who are born to succeed in my books.

Schiavone: Still to come folks, our main event where Goldberg faces Jeff Jarrett to decide who will face Brock Lesnar at Spring Stampede!

Tenay: An explosive encounter with only one winner, who faces Lesnar at Spring Stampede...find out next!


We return to find Scott Hudson standing by with “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett.

Hudson: Ladies and gentlemen, im here with the man who is about to go one on one with Goldberg, Jeff how after last night’s loss, what is your game plan?

*Jarrett takes off his shades looking pissed off*

Jarrett: Do you want me to slap the taste out of your mouth ya little bastard?


Jarrett: Last night was a fluke for that bald piece of trash and tonight is going to be a whole different ballgame.


Hudson: So if you somehow beat Goldberg tonight, how do you propose to beat Brock Lesnar who is currently undefeated in WCW?

*Jarrett grabs the mic*

Jarrett: Do you seriously want me to break this guitar over your stupid little head slappy?

*Hudson cowers back in fear*

Jarrett: Oh get over yourself your not worth breaking it!

*Jarrett turns and looks into the camera*

Jarrett: Goldberg, after i’m done kicking your ass all over that ring i’m gonna take this guitar and smash it straight over your bald, greasy head!


Jarrett: Then i’m gonna take your title shot, go to Spring Stampede, break another guitar over Lesnar’s stupid big head and become the new....WCW CHAMPION!

*Jarrett throws the mic back at Hudson and storms off set towards the ring.

We cut to the parking lot where Michael Shane and Teddy Hart are laughing as they head towards their car. Eric Bischoff steps into view with a frown on his face.

Bischoff: What the hell was that? I give you guys contracts and you interfere in my tournament?

Hart: Woah, Mr Bischoff take it easy.

*Bischoff looks even more pissed*

Bischoff: Take it easy? Your both lucky that your not fired!

*Shane looks at Teddy before stepping towards Bischoff*

Shane: Look, we just wanted to make a statement, just like last night we proved to the world that we are the most dominant tag team in the world!

Hart: And those filthy animals, Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio got taught that they are now lower on the food chain and that they need to respect us.

*Bischoff smiles before patting Hart on the shoulder*

Bischoff: You know what Teddy....Michael....you guys wanna make a name for yourselves so bad? Well I’m giving you guys your first two matches!


Bischoff: Next week here on Nitro it’s gonna be The HartBreak Kids...Vs....KRONIK!


Bischoff: And at Spring Stampede it’s gonna be The Hartbreak Kids.....Vs.......THE FILTHY ANIMALS!


*Hart and Shane look nervously at each other before smiling and walking towards their car.*

We cut to a video package.

Narrator: The rush to the top...

AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash...

Narrator: Is a long one.....

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash...

Narrator: When all go for the gold....

Goldberg hitting the Spear...

Narrator: Bodies collide.....

Sting hitting the Stinger Splash...

Narrator: Worlds crumble....

Lesnar hitting the F-5.....

Narrator: On April 23rd....

O Haire hitting the Seanton Bomb...

Narrator: You will witness...

Rush video of RVD, Lesnar, Goldberg, Jarrett and Sting all hitting their finishers...


Live on April 23rd, 2002 at the Stamford Civic Center.

Theme: Control by Puddle Of Mudd.


Massive heat as Jeff Jarrett struts on stage in his trenchcoat, shades and with guitar in hand. He sets off his pyro and carries on towards the ring.

Borash: This match is set for one fall and is to decide the number one contender to the WCW Heavyweight championship! Introducing first, from Nashville, Tennessee....weighing in at 232 pounds....He is the Chosen One....JEFF JARRETT!!!

*Jarrett poses on the top rope before removing his coat and glasses and awaiting the arrival of his opponent.*


Monster pop as Goldberg storms on stage breathing smoke and kicking off his pyro as the crowd go nuts.

Borash: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia.....weighing 285 pounds.......GOLDBERG!

*Massive pop again as Goldberg runs up the steps and stands across from Jarrett who is pacing nervously.*

Match 7: Number One Contendership for the WCW Heavyweight Championship:

Goldberg Vs Jeff Jarrett:


Lesnar’s music hits to huge heat as Goldberg turns to the stage expecting the champ but Jarrett grabs his guitar and smashes it over the back of his head! It all seems a ploy by Jarrett as he orders the ref to ring the bell and start the match. He does so and Jarrett rolls Goldberg over and covers......1......2....Goldberg kicks out! The crowd pop as Jarrett cannot believe it. He hooks the leg again and orders the ref to count....1......2..GOLDBERG POWERS OUT! Jarrett grabs the ref and shoves him into the corner whilst shouting obsceneties at him. Goldberg tries to shake off the cobwebs as he pulls himself up by the ropes, Jarrett sees this and stomps on the knee of the big man, knocking him back down. He grabs the legs of Goldberg and stomps a mudhole on the right knee. Jarrett talks trash as he lays the boots to the knee before dragging him by the legs to the ropes, draping the right one on the bottom rope and jumping straight onto it! Goldberg roars in pain as Jarrett repeats this again and then again before dragging big Bill to the middle of the ring and signalling for the figure four!

Jarrett steps around the right leg of Goldberg and then applies the figure four in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go for Goldberg! Goldberg roars in pain as Jarrett wrenches away with all his might. The ref asks him if he submits but he roars no and tries to reach for the ropes......but cannot reach! The crowd will Goldberg on as Jarrett screams at him to tap out but Goldberg starts to twist and turn and manages to slowly turn Jarrett over! Jarrett is screaming no at him but it makes no difference as Goldberg slowly but surely reverse the move! Jarrett is now the one screaming in pain as Goldberg wrenches back increasing the pain of the hold. He lets go and crawls towards the ropes before slowly pulling himself up to his feet. Jarrett does the same in the opposite corner but doesn’t expect Goldberg to sprint over the ring and spear him into the corner! Goldberg staggers back before limping back over and dragging Jarrett to his feet, applying a front facelock and hitting a vicious suplex. Goldberg drags him up again, sends him into the ropes and nearly takes his head off with a brutal kick to the temple!

The crowd are buzzing as Goldberg drops down and covers Jarrett...1........2.....Jarrett kicks out! Goldberg gets to his feet and crouches in the corner looking to hit the spear. Jarrett groggily gets to his feet and turns, just as Goldberg launches out of the corner and flies at Jarrett.....but he dodges and Goldberg hits the ref! The ref is out as Goldberg pulls himself away and turns.....into a chair shot from Jarrett! Jarrett has taken advantage of the ref being down as he has busted Goldberg wide open with the chair shot. Jarrett places the chair on the canvas and drags Goldberg to his feet. He steps behind him and wraps his arm around before hitting the Stroke on the steel chair! This one has to be over as Jarrett shakes the ref awake before diving onto Goldberg and hooking the leg.......the ref slowly counts.......1............................2...................thre...NO! Goldberg somehow gets the shoulder up! The crowd go wild as Jarrett goes mad with disbelief before grabbing the steel chair and waiting for Goldberg to get to his feet. The ref slowly pulls himself up at the same time as Goldberg and shouts to Jarrett to drop the chair, but Jarrett ignores him and as Goldberg stands up and turns around, he swings........but Goldberg nails him with a SPEAR!

A huge pop from the crowd as Goldberg somehow finds the adrenaline to pop up onto his feet and give the cutthroat signal. He drags Jarrett to his feet, applies a front facelock and hits the Jackhammer into a pin!......1.............2............3!!!

Winner: Goldberg (14:04)


Goldberg staggers to his feet with blood dripping down his head as his music blares and the crowd cheer.

Schiavone: Goldberg is going to Spring Stampede! He will face Brock Lesnar for the WCW title!

Tenay: Goldberg survived the tricks of Jeff Jarrett to come out on top....WAIT A MINUTE!

Goldberg raises his arms in the air in victory and turns around....right into an F-5 FROM BROCK LESNAR! Insane heat as Lesnar stands above the fallen Goldberg and wipes the blood from Goldberg across his chest as a sign of victory.

Schiavone: My God! Brock Lesnar just nailed Goldberg with the F-5!

Tenay: Lesnar just made a statement to the number one contender!

Schiavone: We are out of time folks, tune in next week to see the repercussions of this attack!

Lesnar stands tall as we end the show.


Quick Results:

Kid Kash won a Cruiserweight Battle Royal.

Chavo Guerrero Def AJ Styles in a US Title Tournament match.

Scott Steiner Def Ric Flair in a Streetfight.

Kanyon Def Harrison Andrew(Local jobber)

Kanyon Def Rob Van Dam

Sean O Haire Def Billy Kidman in a US Title Tournament match.

Goldberg Def Jeff Jarrett.


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WCW News And Notes:

The internet was buzzing after the tv debut of the HartBreak Kids. Teddy Hart and Michael Shane who are the nephew(Teddy) and cousin(Michael) of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels respectively, assaulted Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio after Kidman’s loss to Sean O Haire. Backstage sources say that Teddy has a massively improved attitude recently after a talk from Eric Bischoff. Bischoff is reported to believe hugely in the young tag teams future and has lots of plans for them.

Also Samoa Joe is believed to be debuting at Spring Stampede after his promo video was shown on Nitro. Creative are said to be very high on Joe and have plenty of plans in store for the big man.

Next week’s Nitro is said to be action packed with the debut of the HartBreak Kids as they face Kronik in tag team action and the next two matches in the United States Title tournament. The tournament was devised as way to give some prestige back to the title after it’s recent slump.

Also Eric Bischoff is said to be in talks with several new talents from across the world and looks to have already had some contracts signed. Names mentioned from our source include, Jushin Liger, Juventud Guerrera and young canadian talent, Petey Williams. More on this to come...

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WCW.com has just been given the news that Eric Bischoff has gained the rights to the Cruiserweight World Cup!
Teams from around the globe will compete on WCW for the right to lift the trophy of the world's greatest cruiserweights. The tournament is set to start on the Nitro after Spring Stampede and is set up as a league table. First will be singles matches, then tag matches then six man tags then a huge battle royal to finalise the table. The top two teams will then face each other in an 8 man elimination match to decide the Cruiserweight World Champions. The teams have been finalised and will be unveiled exclusively here on WCW.com. We will start with Team USA...

Team USA:

AJ Styles:

A phenomenon in his own rights, the WCW Cruiserweight champion has been chosen by Mr Bischoff to lead the company and country forward in this prestigious tournament. Styles has domianted the cruiserweight division over the past several months and now has the chance to show why he is said to be the greatest cruiserweight of the decade.

Christopher Daniels:

The Fallen Angel has always been at the pinnacle of the cruiserweight division, but after many shots at the Cruiserweight title he has always gone home empty handed. Now he has been picked to help take Team USA to glory and could add being a World Cruiserweight champion to his trophy cabinet.

Kid Kash:

Many people will be disgusted with this pick as the current number one contender to the cruiserweight championship, Kid Kash has been given the third spot on Team USA. Kash is a born daredevil and has proven time and again that nothing can stand in his way when he wants something. let's hope that dissension between him and Styles will not ruin Team USA's shot at glory.

Jamie Knoble:

A strange choice by Mr Bischoff could bear fruit if given time. Knoble has proven time and again that he has more guts than most other competitors in WCW and has betaten several former cruiserweight champions. Knoble is a force to be reckoned with and with his unusual offence, could help bring the gold home for the USA.


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The rest of the teams have been announced on WCW.com. They are as follows.

Team Canada:

Elix Skipper
Petey Williams
Eric Young
TJ Wilson

Team Mexico:

Rey Mysterio Jr
La Parka
Juventud Guerrera
Hector Garza

Team Japan:

Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Taka Michinoku
Kaz Hayashi

Team UK:

Doug Williams
Jonny Storm
Jody Fleisch
Nigel McGuinness


United Stakes?

Stakes are high as the US Title tournament continues with Eddie Guerrero taking on Buff Bagwell and Booker T taking on Diamond Dallas Page. Eddie is looking to continue his recent form and cement his place back in the WCW upper card as he takes on the hungry Bagwell. Meanwhile Booker T has only just returned from an injury and will be looking to prove that he hasn’t lost a step when faces DDP. Booker defeated Kanyon at Greed and will be looking to continue that by defeating a man who is not in the best of form at the moment. The tournament has already provided two fantastic matches with Chavo Guerrero just managing to overcome the hungry AJ Styles and Sean O Haire defeating Billy Kidman in another five star match. Who will join these two men in the semi finals?

Broken Icon?

After losing to Sean O Haire at Greed, Sting has been a broken man. He has suffered several defeats in the past few months and has seemingly been losing his grip on reality after being seen talking to himself backstage on Nitro a few weeks ago. Has the loss to Sean O Haire permanently damaged the scarred mind of the Icon? We will find out this Monday as Sting sits down with Mike Tenay for a live interview.

Debut HartBreak?

After two assaults by the young tag team of Michael Shane and Teddy Hart, Eric Bischoff snapped and put the youngsters in action against the team of Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke aka Kronik. Can the youngsters shock the world on their debuts and then concentrate on facing the Filthy Animals at Spring Stampede?

World Cup Fever:

Just a few days ago on WCW.com, it was announced that WCW will host the Cruiserweight World Cup. Teams from USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico and the UK will fight it out to see which nation has the greatest crusierweights in the world. The tournament is set out as a league table with each team gaining three points for a victory, one for a draw and none for a loss. The tournament will begin the Nitro after Spring Stampede.

Main Even Set:

Our Spring Stampede main event was set last week as Goldberg defeated Jeff Jarrett to cement his spot against the WCW Champ, Brock Lesnar at Spring Stampede. Lesnar destroyed him with an F-5 after the match as we closed Nitro, These two behemoths face each other in a last man standing match, but will their egos collide before then?

Quick Match Preview And Predictions:

The HartBreak Kids Vs Kronik

Team Canada Vs The Mamalukes

Eddie Guerrero vs Buff Bagwell

Booker T Vs Diamond Dallas Page

Sit Down Interview with Sting.

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Thought id give this one another go...Hope you enjoy the read guys!

Live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

*We cut to a video of last week*

Goldberg: All I hear is a whiny little bitch who couldn’t hold my jockstrap making cheap threats. If your gonna do something Jeff, then come into the ring and face me like a man!

Jarrett: You know somethin baldie? I ain’t got nothin to prove to you or any other son o’ a bitch in this arena!

******BACK IN BLACK******

Eric Bischoff’s music hits to a small pop as the President of the WCW walks out on stage, mic in hand.

Bischoff: I’ve been back there watching you act like a couple of schoolkids and I thought to myself, why not have a little rematch?


Bischoff: Tonight’s main event is going to be a rematch from last night.....it’s gonna be Goldberg Vs Jeff Jarrett!

*Later That night*

Tenay: Jarrett just walloped Goldberg with the chair!


Brain: This one’s over guys!

1.......2.......Goldberg kicks out!


Schiavone: Jarrett’s not done though, he’s got that chair and he’s gonna level Goldberg!

*Jarrett swings but get’s speared by Goldberg!*


*Goldberg picks up Jarrett, hits the Jackhammer and wins the match*

Schiavone: Goldberg is going to Spring Stampede! He will face Brock Lesnar for the WCW title!

Tenay: Goldberg survived the tricks of Jeff Jarrett to come out on top....WAIT A MINUTE!

*Lesnar hits Goldberg with the F-5 to massive heat from the crowd*

Brain: Ah, my man Lesnar just proved who the more dominant man is!

Tenay: Oh he’s a savage! A damn savage! After all that Goldberg went through, he just brutally assaulted him!

*Lesnar stands tall as the show comes to an end*


We swing around the arena as the crowd cheer and finally home in on the commentary booth.

Schiavone: Good evening folks! Welcome to another edition of WCW Monday Nitro! I’m Tony Schiavone and i’m here with my esteemed colleagues, “The Professor” Mike Tenay and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Tenay: It’s great to be here Tony, Welcome folks, i’m sure tonight is going be action packed!

Brain: It sure is Mike, two tournament matches and the debut of the Hartbreak Kids! It’s gonna be ace!

Schiavone: Your right there Brain, last week we saw another assault by the team of Michael Shane and Teddy Hart on The Filthy Animals and that finally caused Eric Bischoff to snap and put the two in action, against KRONIK!

Tenay: That’s not all though Tony as we have just received news that Kid Kash is going to face Jamie Knoble in cruiserweight action and there’s the big announcement made last night on WCW.com!

Schiavone: That’s right folks, starting next week WCW is hosting the Cruiserweight World Cup!

Tenay: Teams from the UK, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Italy and of course the good ole U S Of A will fight it out in a league table heading up till next month’s big pay-per-view extravaganza, Slamboree!

Schiavone: Then they will wittle it down to the finalists and find out who is the best wrestling country in the world!

Brain: Well it’s going to be us obviously Tony, don’t be stupid!

Tenay: It’s going to be tough though Brain as our top cruiserweights face off against the world’s greatest!

Brain: Who? Some mexican midget? HA!

Schiavone: Don’t be quick to judge Brain, Rey Mysterio is from Mexico and he was a great cruiserweight champion!

Tenay: Anyway folks, also tonight we have our WCW Tag Team Champions in action as they face off against The Mamalukes! If The Mamalukes can pin the champions, they will get a shot at Spring Stampede for the titles.

Schiavone: Speaking of which Mike, that match is up next!


Small pop as The Mamalukes make their way on stage slapping hands with the fans before walking down the ramp and to the ring.

Borash: This match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, at a combined weight of 495 pounds, from Little Italy, New York.....They are the team of Big Vito and Johnny The Bull Stamboli.....THE MAMALUKES!

*Vito And Stamboli stand on opposite turnbuckles and salute the crowd to another small pop.*

******OH CANADA******

Quite a lot of heat as the tag champs make their way on stage. Awesome has both belts over his shoulders whilst Storm is waving a Canada flag.

Borash: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 520 pounds, they hail from Calgary, Alberta Canada......They are the WCW World Tag Team Champions.......The team of Mike Awesome and Lance Storm....TEAM CANADA!

More heat as Storm and Awesome enter the ring and wave the flag towards The Mamalukes. Stamboli holds back Vito as Storm taunts them with the flag.

Match 1: Team Canada Vs The Mamalukes:

Vito doesn’t wait for the bell to start as he runs at Storm and tackles him to the ground. He reigns blows down onto Storm as the crowd pop at this bout of fury from Vito. The ref rings the bell for the match to start before going over to Vito and stopping the illegal blows. Vito climbs off of Storm and roars to the crowd which gets another nice pop. Vito tags in Stamboli who climbs through the ropes and approaches Storm who has staggered to his feet. Stamboli nips over to Storm and sends him into the ropes before hitting a beautiful dropkick. He leaps up and jumps off the middle rope and hits a springboard leg drop onto Storm! Stamboli makes the lateral press.....1.......2...Kic k out from Storm!

Stamboli tags Vito back in who drags Storm to his feet before running off the ropes and hitting a vicious spinning neckbreaker. Vito goes to pick up Storm but gets a thumb to the eye! Vito staggers back holding his eye as Storm gets to his feet and hits a brutal Superkick which floors Vito and Storm at the same time. Storm crawls over to his corner and makes the tag as Vito slowly pulls himself up in the corner. Awesome steams in and hits a splash into the corner followed by a belly-to-belly into the center of the ring! Awesome makes the cover.....1.......2.....S houlder up from Vito!

Awesome doesn’t waste any time as he runs off the ropes and hits a running splash onto Vito. He then sprints over to the corner, looking for the Awesome Splash but gets cut off by Vito! Vito hits a combo of rights and lefts before chopping the chest of Awesome to a massive WOO from the crowd. He climbs the turnbuckle and applies a front facelock before suplexing Awesome off the top rope! Big pop for this move as both men are down and the ref starts the ten count.......1...........2 ..........3........4..... ....5.........6........7. ......Vito is up! Vito slowly staggers to his feet before stumbling towards his corner looking for the tag, but Awesome is also up and he nails a forearm to the back of Vito which stops him in his tracks. Awesome hits repeated forearms smashes to the back of Vito before kicking him in the gut and signalling for the Awesome Bomb. He goes to lift him but gets countered and lifted over the back of Vito! The crowd pop again as Vito stumbles over and tags in Stamboli to another pop. Awesome swings at Stamboli who ducks, jumps onto the middle rope, spins around and hits a beautiful spinning DDT! Storm is in the ring as he goes for a superkick but Stamboli ducks and Storm hits Awesome with the kick! Vito charges and clotheslines Storm to the outside as Stamboli dives on Awesome and hooks the leg.....1.........2...... ...3!!!

Winners: The Mamalukes (6:05)


The Mamalukes celebrate as the crowd pop in this huge upset.

Tenay: The Mamalukes have done it! They have earned a shot at the titles! An incredible upset by the italians!

Schiavone: Unbelievable! Bad timing and coordination by Lance Storm, hitting Awesome with that Superkick, it cost them dearly!

Brain: A fluke guys, a fluke. No way in hell are those thugs gonna beat the champs at Spring Stampede, not even a hope.

Tenay: Don’t be so sure Brain, Storm and Awesome asked for a match and they got one! Big win here for Stamboli and Vito, it’s sure gonna be a great rematch at Spring Stampede!

Brain: A rematch with only one outcome Tenay....and that’s a win for Team Canada.

Schiavone: We shall see Brain, we shall see. Still to come folks, we have two more matches in our United States Tournament as Eddie Guerrero faces Buff Bagwell and DDP, Diamond Dallas Page goes up against Booker T!

Tenay: Two incredible matches still to come, also don’t forget the in ring debut of The HartBreak Kids, Teddy Hart and Michael Shane as they take on the mighty Kronik!

Brain: Those guys are the future Tenay, i’m stating it right here that those guys will be huge.

Tenay: I belive you Brain, but after the cowardly acts of past few weeks they need to step up their game tonight as Kronik are no pushovers!

Brain: They may be big, but you know what they say Mike, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Schiavone: All those matches still to come, after this!


We return straight into a video package.

Narrator: The rush to the top...

AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash...

Narrator: Is a long one.....

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash...

Narrator: When all go for the gold....

Goldberg hitting the Spear...

Narrator: Bodies collide.....

Sting hitting the Stinger Splash...

Narrator: Worlds crumble....

Lesnar hitting the F-5.....

Narrator: On April 23rd....

O Haire hitting the Seanton Bomb...

Narrator: You will witness...

Rush video of RVD, Lesnar, Goldberg, Jarrett and Sting all hitting their finishers...


Live on April 23rd, 2002 at the Stamford Civic Center.

Theme: Control by Puddle Of Mudd.

The video ends and we cut backstage to the parking lot where we see Jeff Jarrett arriving to huge chorus of boos. Jarrett is wearing his slapnuts t-shirt and is carrying a guitar. Scott Hudson steps into view with a mic in hand.

Hudson: Jeff.....JEFF! Can I get a few words from you?

Jarrett stops in his tracks and slides his shades down his nose.

Jarrett: The only word I have for you Hudson is SLAPNUTS! Now unless you want me to beat the living hell out of your puny little ass you better get the hell out of my way!

Jarrett barges past Hudson leaving him looking bewildered.

We now cut to the dressing room of Ric Flair who is tying his boots up looking down in the dumps. Booker T knocks on the door and walks in.

Booker: Hey Ric, Just thought i’d see how ya doin.

Flair continues tying his boots and ignores him.

Booker: YO RIC! What da hell is wrong wit you?

Flair finishes tying his boots and continues to ignore Booker.

Booker: Dawg, you betta get yo ass in gear because there’s no way da Nature Boy dat I know would take dat crap from him!

Flair looks up at Booker before standing up and then walking away into the bathroom. Booker shakes his head in disbelief.

Booker: Ric, there’s millions of fans out der and they want to know if Da Nature Boy is gonna teach dat no good punk Scotty Steiner a lesson! What da hell is the matter wit you?

Flair walks out of the bathroom and walks over to Booker.

Flair: Look Book, He beat my ass last week, and the week before that too. I’ve had enough of getting my ass kicked week in, week out. Just leave me alone man.

Booker just shakes his head before grabbing Flair by the lapels of his jacket and shaking him.


Booker lets go and storms off leaving Flair looking shocked as we return to the commentary booth.

Tenay: Harsh words from Booker T as he tries to shake some confidence back into a broken Ric Flair.

Schiavone: It’s something I thought i’d never witness........a Nature Boy with no confidence....

Brain: Scott Steiner has beaten it out of him, there’s no going back from that.

Tenay: I hope your wrong Brain, Flair is a hero to a lot of people including Booker T and it kills them to see him like this.

Schiavone: Well Booker T has more to worry about tonight folks as he faces DDP, Diamond Dallas Page in a United States Tournament match!

Tenay: A huge matchup ladies and gentleman, without a shadow of a doubt, also tonight we have another tournament match as Eddie Guerrero looks to progress in the tournament by beating Buff Bagwell!

Brain: Highly unlikely though Tenay as the Buffster is gonna walk all over him.

Schiavone: Also folks we are going to hear from another seemingly broken man, Sting!

Tenay: That’s right folks I will have the pleasure of interviewing him in just a short while!

Brain: Up next though it’s the future cruiserweight champion, Kid Kash!

Tenay: He faces Jamie Knoble....NEXT!

******TRAILER PARK******

Small pop as Jamie Knoble storms on stage looking focused. He is dressed in his usual attire of jean shorts and cap as he walks down the ramp and high fives some fans.

Borash: This match is set for one fall, introducing first, from Hanover, West Virginia, weighing in at 202 pounds......JAMIIEEEE KNNNNNOOOOBBLE!!!

Another small pop as he gets in the ring and raises his arms before he gets cut off by his opponent’s music.


Heat for the number one contender as Kash makes his way on stage looking cocky.

Borash: And his opponent, From Johnson City, Tennessee, he weighs in at 202 pounds.......The Notorious K...I...D......KID KAAAASSSSHHHH!!!

More heat for the mention of his name as Kash walks around the ring and grabs a microphone.

Kash: So I have to face a trailer park bum?


Kash: I am the number one contender to the Cruiserweight championship, I deserve better than this!


Kash: Knoble i’m gonna make an example outta you and show the world why I am the Notorious....K...I....D!

Kash drops the mic and slides in the ring but doesn’t get far as Knoble runs over and stomps on him.

Match 2: Jamie Knoble Vs Kid Kash:

The bell rings as Knoble lays the boots to Kash. Knoble drags him to his feet, applies a front facelock and drops Kash with a snap suplex. Knoble springs up to his feet and walks over to Kash before wrapping his arms around him and lifting him up in a belly to back position before hitting a beautiful german suplex into a bridge!....1...........2. ....Kick out! Knoble gets to his feet and roars at Kash to get up before running at him only for Kash to counter into a hurracanrana!

Kash slowly gets up as the crowd boo, he realises he is in control and smiles before walking over to the downed Knoble and slapping him around the face. Kash does this twice more before grabbing him and lifting him into a front facelock. Kash shouts a taunt to the crowd before lifting Knoble into a suplex and then dropping him with a vicious Brainbuster! Kash rolls over and hooks the leg.......1........2..... .Shoulder up!

Kash is surprised but doesn’t show concern as he climbs the turnbuckle and comes flying off......and connects with a FROG SPLASH! Kash hooks the leg once more as the ref makes the count.....1......2....Kno ble kicks out! Kash pulls at his hair and holds up three fingers signalling to the ref that it should have been over. He picks up Knoble and puts his head between his legs and raises his arms to the crowd signalling for the end. He hooks one arm but Knoble begins to struggle....before lifting up Kash onto his shoulders and hitting a FIREMANS CARRY GUTBUSTER!!! Knoble crawls over and drapes an arm over Kash........1.........2.. .....thre..NO! KASH KICKS OUT!

The crowd are behind Knoble now as he tries to regain his balance before climbing the turnbuckle looking for a Trailing Leg Drop but Kash is up and he runs over to the corner, jumps onto the top rope and hits a sensational HURRACANRANA FROM THE TOP! The crowd gasp and go silent as Kash drags himself up before doing the same to Knoble, putting him between his leg, hooking the arms, lifting him up and nailing the MONEYMAKER! This one is over as Kash rolls over and hooks the leg......1.......2....... 3!!!

Winner: Kid Kash (7:01)


Massive heat rains down as Kash rests on one knee with a big grin on his face. Kash gets his arm raised by the ref before rolling out of the ring and grabbing a chair. He slides back in the ring with the chair before placing it at his feet and looking down at Knoble who is still out cold. Kash rolls out of the ring again and grabs a microphone before again rolling back in.

Kash: No trailer park scum can beat the Notorious K...I....D!


Kash: AJ I hope you were watching because at Spring Stampede this is going to be your fate and when I beat you, i’m gonna take your precious Cruiserweight title!


Kash: As for this piece of crap, i’m gonna make sure he doesn’t get in my way again!

Kash drops the mic and lifts Knoble into a piledriver position above the chair. He hooks the arms but as he does, AJ STYLES COMES FLYING DOWN THE RAMP! Massive pop for Styles as he slides in the ring but Kash bails out the other side and escapes from the champ. Boos ring out as the crowd wanted to see Kash get his comeuppance but Kash shouts that AJ will have to wait till Spring Stampede.


We return backstage where RVD arrives at the arena to a huge pop. Van Dam is wheeling his luggage behind him as Scott Hudson runs over looking for an interview.

Hudson: Rob! ROB!

RVD stops in his tracks and looks over at Hudson who runs over to him.

Hudson: Rob, everyone wants to know.....what happened last week?

(Hudson referring to Palumbo’s attack on RVD last week)

RVD smiles before putting a hand on Hudson’s shoulder.

RVD: Duuuude! You need to chill! Look last week was just a blip, a blip on a very hazy radar.


RVD: Chuck wanted to make a name for himself and he did. He cost me a match against that idiot Kanyon, and whatever his beef is......i’ll deal with it.

Hudson looks confused at how RVD is so chilled.

Hudson: But Rob, how can you be so relaxed after what he did last week? Surely your not just gonna let it slide?

RVD chuckles before patting Hudson on the back.

RVD: Scotty my man, I’m gonna deal with Chuck in my own time, so if you don’t mind, i’ve gotta go work out.

Hudson steps aside as RVD pulls his luggage with him and heads towards the dressing rooms.

We cut back to the arena and the commentary booth.

Schiavone: Well Rob Van Dam has took the attack by Chuck Palumbo last week, very well indeed!

Tenay: I can’t believe how relaxed he was! I’m sure Palumbo won’t be happy that he failed to get under the skin of Mr Monday Night!

Brain: I don’t think anyone can with the amount he smokes!

Tenay: Well ladies and gentlemen, if you missed last week’s Nitro, here’s what happened!


We cut to a video of last week.


Van Dam springs to the top.


Palumbo leaps over the barrier and pushes Van Dam off the top.


Kanyon hits the Flatliner and wins the match.


Kanyon celebrates as Palumbo gets in the ring and awaits Van Dam to get to his feet.

Tenay: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Get him out of there!

Palumbo hits RVD with the Jungle Kick and poses to the crowd as they boo heavily.

Schiavone: Chuck Palumbo has made a statement!


Brain: All I just saw was a man making a statement of intent to a loser who thinks he’s better than everyone else!

Tenay: How can you say that Brain?

Brain: Quite easily Tenay, Van Dam is a man with no morals, no guidance and Chuck Palumbo is an up and coming young star. Who would you back?

Schiavone: Van Dam doesn’t attack other guys from behind Brain and that makes him a better man in my books.

Tenay: Still to come folks, we have our two tournament matches as Eddie Guerrero faces Buff Bagwell and Booker T faces DDP!

Schiavone: Two top draw matches here on Nitro and i’m sure that there’s not gonna be much between them!

Tenay: Also I will stand in that ring and interview one of WCW’s biggest stars, The Icon, Sting, later tonight!

Brain: Next though it’s tag team action, the future tag team champs, it’s the HartBreak Kids!

Tenay: Indeed it is Brain as they take on Kronik in tag team action!

Schiavone: After two vicious assaults on the Filthy Animals, Eric Bischoff snapped last week and made this match and also the one against the Animals at Spring Stampede.

******HIGH TIMES******

Small pop for the big men as Brian Adams and Bryan Clark make their way on stage and raise their arms together as pyro goes off.

Borash: This match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, at a combined weight of 605 pounds, they are the team of Brian Adams and Bryan Clark, KRONIIIIIIIK!

Another small pop as Adams and Clark climb over the ropes and then stand on opposite turnbuckles, trying to get a reaction from the crowd.

******96 QUITE BITTER BEINGS******

Medium heat for the youngsters as Teddy prances on stage wearing a Fedora and waistcoat and then points to the entrance as Michael Shane comes on stage dancing like HBK. They high five before strutting down to the ring as the crowd throw insults at them. They slide in the ring and pose on opposite turnbuckles, basking in the heat.

Borash: And their opponents, First, from Calgary, Alberta Canada, weighing in at 195 pounds.....TEDDDDDY HAAAAART! And his partner....from San Antonio, Texas......he weighs in at 221 pounds......MICHAEL SHAAAAAANE! Together they are the HART.......BREAK.......KI DS!

Match 3: The HartBreak Kids Vs Kronik:

Shane and Adams start the match as the bell ring and they circle each other. They lock up and start to struggle for power but Adams easily wins and pushes Shane towards the corner before slapping him round the face! Shane shakes it off as Adams signals for him to bring it again. Shane has a pep talk with Teddy before nodding and raising his hand for a test of strength. Adams raises his hand too and they lock hands. Adams begins to win the test but as he does Shane pokes him in the eye causing him to lose his grip. Shane smiles cockily before slapping Adams across the face to a loud “OOOH” from the crowd. Adams swings wildly but Shane easily ducks before hitting a dropkick which staggers him. Adams flops back into the ropes before bouncing back into a second dropkick from Shane which puts him down.

Shane tags in Hart who runs straight at the ropes, springs off and hits a moonsault. He hooks the leg of Adams as he lands........1........... .2......Kick out! Hart gets to his feet and stomps on the arm of Adams which causes a loud groan from the big man. Hart stomps again and again on the arm before running off the ropes and hitting a leg drop to the arm of Adams. He drops down by his side and applies a FUJIWARA ARMBAR onto Adams! Adams roars in pain as he tries for the ropes but he is too far away! Hart pulls back with more force whilst the ref gets in the face of Adams and asks if he gives in but receives a loud no each time. Hart releases the move before stomping on his arm once more.

Hart pulls Adams over to the corner by the injured arm and tags in Shane. Shane springs over the ropes and drives and elbow into the arm of Adams. He picks him up and pushes him into the corner before unleashing a huge chop to the chest which brings a loud “WOOOO!” from the crowd. Shane hits a barrage of chops before backing up and hitting a dropkick to Adams which causes him to crumple face first onto the canvas. Shane rolls him over and hooks the leg.......1........2..... ..Adams gets the shoulder up! The crowd pop as Shane goes back to work on the arm, laying into it with a barrage of stomps before jumping off the second rope and dropping a knee onto it. Adams is in serious trouble here as Shane picks him up and applies a front facelock before hitting a snap suplex into the center of the ring. Shane springs to his feet just like his cousin and poses which causes a chorus of boos from the crowd. Shane points to the turnbuckle as the heat grows stronger before climbing the corner and leaping off and hitting the PICTURE PERFECT ELBOW DROP! Shane rolls over and makes the lateral press........1........... .2.........thre....NO! Adams raises the arm!

Shane is in disbelief as he shouts the ref and holds up three fingers to signal the pin. The ref shakes his head as Shane moves towards the corner before raising his arm and stomping his foot, signalling for the Sweet Shane Music. Shane stomps......once.......tw ice........thrice.......A dams is up......Shane skips across and goes for the kick.....ADAMS DUCKS! Shane misses with his finisher, Adams ducks under and hits a HUGE Full Nelson Slam before dropping to the floor as well! The crowd begin to get behind Kronik as they start a “Let’s go Adams” chant but both men are down as the ref starts the count.......1.......2.... ....3.......4........5... ....6......7..Adams is crawling.....Shane is crawling.......ADAMS MAKES THE TAG! So does Shane as Hart storms in the ring but is met with a vicious clothesline from Clark! Shane is in as well and is met with the same fate as Clark nearly takes his head off with a huge boot to the face. Hart is back up but gets knocked back down with a Bicycle Kick from Clark!

Shane is up now and runs at Clark but gets spun around and hit with a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker! Clark roars with adrenaline as he feels the end is near as do the crowd who are getting behind the big men. Clark waits for Hart to stagger to his feet before kicking him the gut and applying the pumphandle position, signalling for the Meltdown! Clark lifts him up for the move but as he does, SHANE KICKS HIS HEAD OFF WITH SWEET SHANE MUSIC!

The crowd fall silent as Hart and Clark crumple to the canvas leaving Shane and Adams who is still recovering on the outside. Adams climbs onto the apron but is met with a SWEET SHANE MUSIC! Meanwhile, Hart climbs the turnbuckle before flying off and nailing the Triple Bypass(Shooting Star leg Drop)! Hart hooks the leg.......1.............. 2............3!!!

Winners: The HartBreak Kids. (13:12)

******96 QUITE BITTER BEINGS******

Massive heat as Hart and Shane celebrate. Both men climb the turnbuckles as boos rain down, but they celebrate and quite rightly.

Tenay: A MASSIVE UPSET HERE ON NITRO! The HartBreak Kids just defeated Kronik in tag team action, and quite convincingly too!

Brain: What did I say Tenay? The future right there, they were born for success and they proved that here tonight.

Schiavone: They certainly did Brain, they just defeated one of the most established tag teams in WCW and did it very convincingly!

Tenay: I’m sure The Filthy Animals were watching ladies and gentlemen, as they will face Hart and Shane at Spring Stampede and by the looks of it, will need to up their game.


We see the replay of the finish as Shane hits Clark with the Superkick as he lifts Hart for the Meltdown before we cut to Shane damn near kicking Adams’ head off with a second kick and then we cut finally to Hart hitting the Triple Bypass and pinning Clark for the win.


The boos suddenly turn to cheers though as The Filthy Animals sneak through the crowd and enter the ring behind The Hartbreak Kids before jumping them from behind! Massive pop as Mysterio rains blows onto Hart and Kidman does the same to Shane. Kidman ducks a right hand from Shane and hits the BK Bomb as Mysterio hits Hart with a SPRINGBOARD SENTON! Hart and Shane rolls out of the ring as Kidman and Mysterio stand tall in the ring to a huge cheer from the crowd. Shane hooks his arm around the shoulders of Hart and helps him up the ramp as The Filthy Animals stare them down from the ring as we cut to commercial.



Narrator: Some men say, they are all brothers....

A man with a towel over his head shadow boxes...

Narrator: That they are born, bred to fight from day one....

Man with towel swings some heavy kicks....

Narrator: They are ruthless....

Man with towel destroys a rookie with kicks....

Narrator: Barbaric....

Man with towel t-bone suplexes a rookie...

Narrator: Determined....

Man with towel destroys a punching bag....

Narrator: SAMOAN....

Man with towel crosses arms with head down and punches towards the camera....as we fade to black....

We return to the backstage area where Lance Storm and Mike Awesome are arguing.

Lance: It was an accident Mike! I swear!

Awesome tosses a chair to the side and punches the wall in anger.


Awesome walks towards Storm who backs away.

Storm: Look, I was aiming for that punk’s head and I hit you by accident! It won’t happen again I swear!

Awesome raises his hand at Storm before sighing and lowering it.

Awesome: Now we have to face them at Spring Stampede, what do you propose we do about it?

Storm puts his hand on Awesome’s shoulder before smiling.

Storm: They got lucky Mike, lucky that’s all. At Spring Stampede, if they make it to then, they will be shown why we are the tag team champions and why we are the best tag team in wrestling today.

Storm pats Awesome on the shoulder and hands him back his belt.

Storm: We have been champions for 6 months Mike, some Italian thugs aren’t going to derail our reign.

Awesome nods in agreement before placing the belt on his shoulder.

Awesome: I teamed up with you because I saw potential Lance, potential that has began to seep away as of late. If you prove yourself at Spring Stampede then I will forget all about it.

Awesome walks out of the dressing room leaving Storm looking concerned as we fade to black...


Narrator: The rush to the top...

AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash...

Narrator: Is a long one.....

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash...

Narrator: When all go for the gold....

Goldberg hitting the Spear...

Narrator: Bodies collide.....

Sting hitting the Stinger Splash...

Narrator: Worlds crumble....

Lesnar hitting the F-5.....

Narrator: On April 23rd....

O Haire hitting the Seanton Bomb...

Narrator: You will witness...

Rush video of RVD, Lesnar, Goldberg, Jarrett and Sting all hitting their finishers...


Live on April 23rd, 2002 at the Stamford Civic Center.

Theme: Control by Puddle Of Mudd.

We now cut to the ring where Mike Tenay is standing in front of two chairs and is holding a microphone.

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, one of the biggest stars in WCW history, he is The Icon......STTTTIIIING!


******SEEK AND DESTROY******

Huge pop as the lights dim and Sting walks on stage. He is not wearing any face paint and is dressed in street clothes. The fans seem confused as Sting doesn’t pose, clap hands with the fans or anything as he solemnly walks down the ramp and climbs in the ring. Tenay hands him a microphone and offers him a seat which he takes.

Tenay: Sting, I just want to say it is a pleasure to be sat here with you.


Sting nods at Tenay but doesn’t say a word.

Tenay: Let’s get down to business, you asked for this interview, in light of your recent matches. What is it you have to say Sting?

Sting hangs his head before lifting it and holding the mic up to his mouth.

Sting: Mike........Mike I asked for this interview because I have come to a crossroads....


Sting: I’ve come to a crossroads in my career where I don’t know which way to turn.

Sting hangs his head and sighs before looking at Tenay for a response.

Tenay: What do you mean....a crossroads? Is it what happened at Greed?

Sting nods before lifting the mic again.

Sting: At Greed I was beaten by a better man.


Sting: Now I know you fans don’t like him and he does have an attitude but Sean O Haire is a great wrestler and he beat me fair and square.


Sting: After losing last Sunday, I was sat in the dressing room and I realised that after so many years in this business, I had lost my self respect....


Sting: I’d lost that inner Sting that had driven me to win world titles and fight the NWO so many times.


Sting: When you look at me Mike what do you see?

Tenay frowns before responding.

Tenay: I see a legend in this business who for some reason has begun to doubt himself..

Sting: No, no, no, Mike I am no legend. I was beaten by a rookie who had my number from the go. No legend would let that happen.


Tenay: Are you insane? You have beaten the best in the business! Sting listen to me! You are one of the finest workers I have ever seen and if you can’t believe that......then maybe you shouldn’t be here!

Sting nods at Tenay and stands up.

Sting: Your right Mike, I shouldn’t be here. I’ve gone down that dreaded path of doubting myself and now I think it’s time for my announcement. I am going to challenge the winner of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg after Spring Stampede...


Sting: And If I don’t win........then.....I AM GOING TO RETIRE!


Tenay stands up and looks at Sting in disbelief.

Tenay: You have to be joking?

Sting shakes his head.

Sting: No Mike, If I can’t beat the top guys in the business then my time has passed. If I don’t win the WCW title then I will leave WCW and walk away from this industry once and for all!

*More heat for this announcement*

Sting: That’s all I have to say Mike, thank you...

Sting drops the mic and turns to leave but as he does he turns straight into A GUITAR SHOT FROM JEFF JARRETT!!!

Massive heat rains down as Tenay gets out of the ring asap. Jarrett stands over the fallen Sting and picks up his microphone.

Jarrett: Stinger, if you want a shot at the WCW title then you betta get in line buddy!


Jarrett: I’ve got a little proposition for ya, you say you will quit if you don’t win the world title? Well you’re not gonna make it till then!


Jarrett: How about you face me at Spring Stampede and if you lose, you RETIRE!


Jarrett: I’ll take your silence as a yes!

******CHOSEN ONE******

Jarrett’s music hits as he leaves the ring to insane heat leaving Sting unconscious in the middle of it.

Schiavone: We better get some medics down to the ring! My god Sting has been challenged by Jeff Jarrett to put his career on the line!

Medics rush down the ramp into the ring as Tenay returns to the commentary booth.

Tenay: I never expected that! In all my years of announcing, I never thought i’d see the day where an icon like Sting would want to walk away from the business!

Cheers from the crowd as the medics help Sting to his feet and help him up the ramp.

Schiavone: Sting is okay ladies and gentlemen, but the challenge has been set by The Chosen One, will Sting face Jarrett at Spring Stampede?

Brain: Jarrett is gonna end Sting’s career at Spring Stampede, you just mark my words!

Tenay: Oh shut up Brain, when are you gonna stop sucking up to Jarrett?

Brain: I ain’t sucking up Tenay, I just recognise greatness when I see it and Jeff Jarrett ain’t called the Chosen One for nothing!

Schiavone: Up next folks, it’s Eddie Guerrero facing off against Buff Bagwell in a United States Tournament match!

******BUFF DADDY******

Mediocre heat as Bagwell prances on stage as cocky as usual. He struts down the ramp in sunglasses and his stupid top hat.

Borash: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a United States Tournament match. Introducing first, From Marietta, Georgia, he weighs in at 247 pounds.......BUUUUFFFF BAGWEEEEELLLLL!!!

More heat as Bagwell slides in the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle before holding out his arms. He takes off his hat and shades before jogging around the ring in anticipation.

******LATINO HEAT******

Massive pop as Eddie Guerrero jogs on stage before beating his chest and roaring to the crowd.

Borash: And his opponent, from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 228 pounds.....EDDIEEEE GUUERRRRRRERRRRROOO!!!

More cheers as Eddie slides into the ring and salutes the crowd before dancing on the spot, awaiting the start of the match.

Match 4: United States Tournament Match:

Eddie Guerrero Vs Buff Bagwell:

The bell rings and both men lock up. Guerrero quickly twists Bagwell’s arm into a hammerlock causing him to groan in pain but then he reverses it into one of his own. Bagwell twists his arm more before throwing Guerrero onto the canvas and then posing for the crowd. Boos ring out as Bagwell flexes his muscles and smiles but then the crowd cheer as Guerrero springs up and nails Bagwell with a dropkick! Bagwell gets back up but is met by a clothesline by Guerrero and then another dropkick as he gets back up! Guerrero shouts at Bagwell to get up and then goes for another dropkick but Bagwell swats him away leaving Guerrero on the floor. Bagwell picks him up and sends him into the ropes, ducks under and then lifts up Guerrero into a military press before slamming him down!

Bagwell smiles and taunts the crowd before dropping an elbow to the back of Guerrero. He repeats this twice more before rolling him over and hooking the leg......1.......2...Kick out! Bagwell isn’t fussed though as he grabs the arm of Guerrero and applies a wristlock. The ref swarms around asking if Eddie gives up but he shakes his head in defiance before rolling forward, flipping up and countering the hold into one of his own! The crowd pop at this but it is short lived as Bagwell pulls Guerrero towards him and hits a short arm clothesline. He drops to his knees and wraps his arm around Guerrero’s head, applying a sleeper. The ref asks Eddie once more but Guerrero isn’t giving up, Bagwell wrenches in the hold more causing Guerrero to grasp at the arm of Bagwell trying to break the hold. Guerrero is fading as Bagwell keeps the hold locked in and the ref lifts up the arm of Eddie to check if he is still conscious. He lifts......the arm drops! He lifts again......It drops again! The ref signals two and then lifts the arm of Guerrero but as it is about to drop, Eddie lifts it up!

Guerrero finds some adrenaline as he gets to his knees much to Bagwell’s horror, slowly but surely he gets to his feet before driving his elbow into the sternum of Bagwell! Once....twice....three times he does this and finally Bagwell releases the hold! Guerrero uses the shock of him doing this to run off the ropes and hit a shoulder block to Bagwell which staggers him back. Guerrero repeats it and this time puts Bagwell on the canvas! The crowd cheer as Guerrero picks up Bagwell and hits a vicious Brainbuster before climbing the turnbuckle, beating his chest and leaping off for a Frog Splash......and connects WITH THE KNEES OF BAGWELL!!!

The crowd gasp as Guerrero holds his ribs and wriggles in agony as Bagwell slowly gets to his feet with a smile on his face. Bagwell charges at Guerrero and nails a clothesline before picking him up and hitting a back body drop with force! Boss rain down as Bagwell slowly climbs the turnbuckle looking for the Buff Blockbuster....he leaps off....into a dropkick from Guerrero! The tide turns once more as Guerrero slowly staggers to his feet before seeing Bagwell down and slowly climbing the corner. He looks left, then right and then leaps off and connects with the Frog Splash!!! Guerrero hooks the leg.....1......2.......3! !!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero (11:03)

******LATINO HEAT******

A huge pop rings out as Guerrero holds his ribs with one hand and raises his other in victory. We see a replay of the finish before we cut back to Guerrero limping up the ramp, still holding his ribs. He raises his arm and receives another pop from the crowd.

Schiavone: A great victory for Eddie Guerrero he folks as he continues to the next round of the US Title tournament to face his nephew Chavo in the semi finals!

Tenay: A barnburner of a match, it could have gone either way but Eddie showed grit and determination to pull through and defeat Bagwell!

Brain: I’ll give it to Guerrero, he scraped through and managed to catch Bagwell on an off day.

Tenay: Oh whatever Brain, both men could have walked away the winner but Eddie Guerrero was the better man here tonight.

Schiavone: Indeed Mike, still to come folks, we have our main event still to come as Booker T takes on Diamond Dallas Page!

Tenay: It’s gonna be one heck of a match between two of WCW’s top stars and I honestly can’t see which one is going to walk out victorious!

Brain: It’s a tough call Tenay but i’m gonna go with Booker T, the man has come back a new man.

Schiavone: Your not wrong there Brain, Booker has stormed through his matches since his return last month and looks set on becoming the new WCW United States champion!

Tenay: The question is though, can Booker keep his concentration or will his worries for Ric Flair cost him his chance at the gold?


Massive heat as Kanyon struts on stage in sunglasses and a waistcoat. He walks down to the ring and over to the timekeeper’s table to grab a microphone. He then rolls in the ring and waits for the boos to calm down.



Kanyon: Seriously....Ain’t I great?


Kanyon: Listen to you people, don’t you recognise greatness when you see it?


Kanyon: Idiots.....Last week I beat two guys in one night. I beat some nobody and before that I beat Harrison Andrew!


Kanyon: Haha, seriously did Rob Van Dam think he could beat Kanyon?


Kanyon: I beat him one....two...three in the centre of the ring and then he got his head kicked off by Chuck Palumbo!


Kanyon: Anyways, this week my challenge is open again. Anyone who thinks he’s better than Kanyon, get your stupid ass down to the ring and take part in the Who Betta Than Kanyon Challenge!


Kanyon: Come on, prove me wrong!





Small pop as Kaz comes on stage before running down to the ring followed by a referee. He slides in the ring and stands opposite Kanyon.

Kanyon: HA! Who the hell are you? You want a piece of Kanyon? You..

Kanyon is cut off by Kaz diving on him and nailing him with right hands!

Match 5: Who Betta Than Kanyon Challenge:

Kanyon Vs Kaz:

The bell rings as Kaz unleashes on Kanyon with right hands. He rolls off, lets Kanyon sit up and then runs off the ropes and dropkicks him in the face! Kaz quickly makes the cover....1......2...Shoul der up! Kaz rolls off and roars to the crowd which gets him a nice pop, Kaz climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Kanyon to get to his feet before diving off and connecting with a missile dropkick! Kaz makes the cover once again....1.......2.....Ki ck out from Kanyon! The crowd are buzzing as Kaz lifts up Kanyon.....only for Kanyon to push him into the ref and then kick him between the legs!

The crowd boo as Kanyon gets to his feet looking cocky. He picks up Kaz and slaps him across the face before wrapping his arm around Kaz and hitting the FLATLINER! This one is over as Kanyon cockily drops to his knees and covers Kaz......1...........2... ..Kanyon pulls his shoulder up! Kanyon isn’t done as he pulls Kaz up by his hair and sets him up for another Flatliner, he raises his arm to the crowd before nailing a second Flatliner! Kanyon stands up and puts one boot on top of Kaz......1.........2..... ...3!!!

Winner: Kanyon (5:01)


Heat rains down as Kanyon taunts the crowd in victory. He forces the ref to raise his arm and he does before going back to check on Kaz. Kanyon climbs the turnbuckles and poses before dropping down and out of the ring.

Schiavone: That damn Kanyon! Kaz showed so much courage but just couldn’t beat the back handed tactics of that weasel Kanyon!

Tenay: A low blow which the ref didn’t see and then two Flatliners gave Kanyon a resounding victory.

Brain: All I saw was another victory for my man, Kanyon!

Schiavone: Kanyon is certainly on a winning streak as he now holds three wins in a row.

Tenay: We still have one more match for you folks so don’t go anywhere as Booker T faces Diamond Dallas Page....IN OUR MAIN EVENT!


As we return we go straight into a video package.

Narrator: The rush to the top...

AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash...

Narrator: Is a long one.....

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash...

Narrator: When all go for the gold....

Goldberg hitting the Spear...

Narrator: Bodies collide.....

Sting hitting the Stinger Splash...

Narrator: Worlds crumble....

Lesnar hitting the F-5.....

Narrator: On April 23rd....

O Haire hitting the Seanton Bomb...

Narrator: You will witness...

Rush video of RVD, Lesnar, Goldberg, Jarrett and Sting all hitting their finishers...


Live on April 23rd, 2002 at the Stamford Civic Center.

Theme: Control by Puddle Of Mudd.

Tenay: April 23rd is gonna be huge folks, we have the main event set in stone as it will be Brock Lesnar defending his WCW Heavyweight title against Goldberg in a last man standing match!

Schiavone: A rematch for the ages, last time, Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg to win his first WCW title but Goldberg has been determined since then to get a rematch and he finally has it!

Brain: Don’t forget though guys, Brock Lesnar is still undefeated here in WCW and hasn’t looked like losing since debuting!

Tenay: That’s true Brain, he has been dominant since his debut but if one man can beat him, it’s Goldberg!

Schiavone: We shall see on April 23rd, tickets are still available folks so get yours ordered now whilst you can!

Tenay: Up next it’s our main event as Booker T faces Diamond Dallas Page to decide the final spot in the semi finals of the United States Title Tournament!

Brain: It’s gonna be a tough match to call as both men are equals as far as I can see.

Schiavone: Who will face Sean O Haire in the semi finals? Find out...NEXT!

We cut backstage where Brock Lesnar is in his dressing room watching the show on a big screen tv. Eric Bischoff knocks on the door and walks in.

Bischoff: Hey champ, you enjoyin the show?

Lesnar looks at Bischoff but doesn’t answer.

Bischoff: I’ll take that as a no then shall I?

Bischoff takes a seat on the sofa opposite Brock who doesn’t bat an eyelid.

Bischoff: You’ve had an easy week haven’t you? I mean you didn’t wrestle anyone last week, you attacked Goldberg and then you haven’t been on the card tonight, are you not the slightest bit annoyed?

Lesnar stares a hole through Bischoff but says nothing.

Bischoff: I tell you what, seeing as you have had an easy week i’ll give you something to do next week. Seeing as you want a piece of the action, next week you will be in it as you will go one on one with........RVD!!!

Massive pop from the crowd at the mention of this. Lesnar throws his remote down and gets to his feet but Bischoff also gets to his feet, unintimidated by the champ.

Bischoff: Don’t give it the big man with me Brock, just remember who’s the boss.

Bischoff goes to leave but Lesnar puts his arm out to stop him.

Lesnar: When i’m through with Van Dam, I’m gonna break Goldberg in half!

Lesnar gets in the face of Bischoff to intimidate him.

Lesnar: Then after i’m done with Goldberg.....I’m gonna break YOU in half!

Bischoff looks terrified as he walks away and out of the dressing room, leaving Lesnar to sit back on his sofa and carry on watching the show.

We cut to Scott Hudson backstage who is with DDP.

Hudson: Hello folks, i’m standing here with one of the two men who will be competing in our main event, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page! Mr Page, are you ready for your match?

DDP laughs and pulls the mic towards him.

DDP: Scott, don’t make me laugh. Ready? I was born ready. Next question.

Hudson adjusts his tie before nervously asking his next question.

Hudson: Tonight, you face Booker T to decide who will proceed to the semi finals of the United States tournament, Mr Page, i’ve gotta ask, what is your game plan for tonight?

DDP chuckles once more before removing his shades.

DDP: Look bro, Booker T is a tough cookie, i’ll give you that. But look who your talking to. I’ve been the WCW World champion, I’ve been the United States Chamipon and tonight? It’s no different.

Hudson: But Mr Page, if you do defeat Booker tonight, you will go through to face Sean O Haire, a man who has had your number in the past. If you do indeed win tonight, how do you propose to beat him?

DDP looks serious as he moves closer to Hudson.

DDP: O Haire? Look tonight is all about me. Game plan bro is simple. I go to the ring, Diamond Cutter, win and then go on to face Sean O Haire who let’s face it, is one tough hombre. But me? I’m DDP, the thing that O Haire will do and same goes for Booker T tonight, they will both......FEEL........THE ........BANG!!!

DDP makes the diamond cutter signal before walking off and heading towards the ring.

Hudson: Back to you Tony!

We head back to the announce booth ready for the main event.

Schiavone: DDP certainly seems ready there guys, you reckon Booker T will be the same?

Tenay: We shall find out as that match is next!

Brain: Like I said earlier guys, Sean O Haire is my pick for this tournament, he’s even got Sting considering retirement!

Tenay: Your not wrong there Brain, i’ve never seen Sting like that before, he’s a shadow of his former self.

Schiavone: And Jeff Jarrett took advantage of that earlier tonight, folks if you missed it here’s what happened.

*We see a video of Jarrett attacking Sting and challenging him to match at Spring Stampede.*

Schiavone: A totally unprovoked attack, Jeff Jarrett is a coward!

Tenay: Coward or not, Jarrett made a challenge to Sting and if Sting is still even half the man he used to be, then I can guarantee that we have another match set for Spring Stampede!

Schiavone: Wait a minute folks! Something is going on backstage, let's get a camera back there!

We cut backstage where a shaky camera reveals Rob Van Dam pummeling Chuck Palumbo with right hands! RVD drops Palumbo the floor before reaching to the side, lifting up a chair and smashing it over the head of Palumbo! Security come rushing over and step between the two but the damage is done, Palumbo is bleeding profusely from a wound on his head and RVD is grinning as he chucks the chair to the floor.

Van Dam: Karma's a bitch bro...

RVD walks off leaving Palumbo unconscious on the floor as we cut back to the commentary booth.

Tenay: Wow! Van Dam has shown a new side here tonight! From being so laid back earlier he has just beat the hell out of Chuck Palumbo!

Schiavone: Karma caught up with Chuck Palumbo here tonight!

******SELF HIGH FIVE******

DDP’s music hits to a loud pop as he storms on stage before making the diamond symbol and setting off the pyro.

Borash: This match is a tournament match and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, From The Jersey Shore, weighing in at 253 pounds.....DDP......DIAMO ND......DALLAS......PAAAA AAAGE!!!

Page slides into the ring before posing for the crowd and then awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

******CAN YOU DIG IT?******

Massive pop from the crowd as Booker comes on stage before shaking his head and setting off his pyro.

Borash: And his opponent, From Houston, Texas, weighing in at 250 pounds.......BOOOOOOKKERR RR TEEEE!!!

Booker slides in the ring before jumping onto the second rope and posing for the fans.

Match 6: United States Tournament:

Diamond Dallas Page Vs Booker T:

The bell rings and both men lock up for a test of strength. DDP starts to win but then Booker manages to force Page back into the corner before reddening his chest with a vicious chop. The crowd “WOO” as he does this, Page comes out of the corner and signals at Booker to lock up again. They do and this time Page forces Booker into the opposite corner and unleashes a vicious chop to his chest! Another “WOO” is let out by the fans as Booker comes fighting back with a forearm smash and then a combination of right hands and chops. Page is staggered by this and can’t fight back as Booker backs him into the corner. Booker climbs the ropes looking for the ten punches of doom but Page grabs him around the waist and powerbombs him out of the corner! Page drops down and covers Booker.....1.........2... .Kick out!

Page is now in control as he drives a barrage of elbows to the shoulder of Booker before dragging him to his feet. Page applies the facelock and hits a suplex. Page picks up Booker again but Booker hits him with a wild punch which staggers him, Booker goes for a leaping side kick but Page ducks under and hits a discus clothesline! Page drops down and makes the cover....1.......2....Boo ker gets the shoulder up! Page applies the dreaded resthold ie the sleeper on Booker which gets the crowd to start a “Let’s go Booker” chant. Booker’s arm drops twice but on the third attempt he starts to fight back and manages to get to his feet and break the hold with several elbows to the sternum of Page. Booker runs off the ropes and dodges a clothesline attempt before Page dodges a clothesline from Booker and chucks him over the top rope!

Booker is hurt on the outside as Page climbs onto the apron before dropping onto Booker with an elbow drop. He stands up and the crowd boo, obviously behind Booker. Page absorbs the heat and makes the diamond cutter signal before shouting “BANG”. He grabs Booker by the hair and nails him with right hand after right hand, staggering Booker before grabbing him and going for an irish whip....but Booker counters and whips Page into the STEEL STEPS! The tide turns as Booker collects himself before walking round the ring and grabbing Page by the hair. He drags him to his feet and slams his head off the apron, then rolls him in the ring and follows him, then makes the pin.....1.......2......Pa ge kicks out!

Booker is feeling good as he climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Page to get to his feet. Page does and Booker flies off....and nails the MISSILE DROPKICK! Booker rolls over and hooks the leg.....1........2.....th re..NO! Page somehow kicks out! Booker cannot believe it as he thought it was over. He pulls himself up by the ropes and shouts at Page to get up. Page slowly does so as Booker walks over and sets him up for the Book End but Page elbows him in the head and goes for the Diamond Cutter.....but Booker pushes him away! Page staggers off and turns around.....right into a HARLEM SIDEKICK! That’s all she wrote folks as Booker drops down and makes the pin........1........2.... ...3? NO! DDP somehow gets his shoulder off the canvas! The crowd are in disbelief as Page won’t give up.

Booker sees Page slowly getting to his feet and a lightbulb goes off as he bounces off the ropes looking for the Scissors Kick......but Page dodges it and nails the DIAMOND CUTTER!!! The crowd pop as both men are down with exhaustion. Page slowly drags himself over to Booker and drapes his arm over him.....1..........2..... ......thre.......BOOKER KICKS OUT! The crowd pop again as Page stares at the ref in disbelief. Both men want to win as Page drags himself up by the ropes before making the Diamond Cutter signal once more! Booker is up now and Page stalks him as he turns...before going for the Diamond Cutter but Booker dodges, goes for the Book End.....but Page elbows out of it and they both clothesline each other!

Both men are now down as the ref slowly starts the count.......1............ .2........3.........4.... ....5......6........7.... ..8....Booker is up!!! Page is up!!! Both men are on their feet somehow as they try and get their bearings..

******HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME******

A huge chorus of boos rings out as Scott Steiner’s music hits, distracting Booker. He leans on the ropes and stares at the entranceway but no-one comes out! The distraction is enough though as he turns around into a DIAMOND CUTTER FROM PAGE! It’s all over as Page drops down and drapes the arm over Booker......1........2... .....3!!!

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page (13:05)

******SELF HIGH FIVE******

Page’s music hits but he isn’t celebrating as he holds his head with one arm in pain and looks at the ramp and then Booker in confusion. He snaps out of it for a second though and raises his arms in victory to a mixed reaction.

Tenay: WHAT A MATCH! DDP gets the win by the narrowest of margins....and after a little help from Scott Steiner!

Brain: Mind games from Big Poppa or was it DDP?

Schiavone: I think it was Big Poppa Brain, he looks to have moved on from Flair and onto Booker T!

Tenay: Well he’s cost him a shot at the United States championship now as Diamond Dallas Page goes on to face Sean O Haire in the semi finals!

Schiavone: Wait a minute folks, i’ve got word of something happening backstage!

We cut backstage where we see shaky footage of a cameraman trying to catch up with something....it’s GOLDBERG! Goldberg is pummelling Brock Lesnar in his dressing room, nailing him with lefts and rights before getting up and smashing Brock headfirst into his tv! Security run in and separate them but the damage is done as Goldberg smirks at the condition of Lesnar who is lying on the floor unconscious, bleeding from a wound on his head. Bischoff turns up and goes mad.


Security escort Goldberg out but he shrugs them off and walks out. Bischoff calls for the medics as we fade to black.

******END OF SHOW******

Quick results:

The Mamalukes Def Team Canada

Kid Kash Def Jamie Knoble

The HartBreak Kids Def Kronik

Eddie Guerrero Def Buff Bagwell

Kanyon Def Kaz

Diamond Dallas Page Def Booker T
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