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~Everyone knows the story about Eric Bischoff trying to purchase WCW with the help from the Fusient group on ivestors but everything fell apart after WCW lost it's tv deals on TNT and TBS. Vince McMahon then bought and killed WCW. However in this BTB Bischoff and Fusient still purchase WCW from Turner even though they now have no tv deal, however Bischoff has promised he will figure things out and has already scheduled The Big Bang to take place on May 6th live from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas NV on PPV and is being billed as the rebirth of World Championship Wrestling.

WCW President - Eric Bischoff
Booking Committee -Jimmy Hart, Arn Anderson, Terry Taylor, Kevin Sullivan, and Dusty Rhodes
Commissioner - Bischoff to name in future
Broadcasters - Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Scott Hudson, Dusty Rhodes (will vary on show)
Interviewers - "Mene" Gene Okerlund, Pamela Paulshock, "Straight Shootin" Stevie Ray
Ring Announcers - David Penzer, Micahel Buffer

WCW Roster

Hulk Hogan
Ric Flair
Booker T.
Scott Steiner
Dallas Page
Jeff Jarett
Kevin Nash
Lance Storm
Mike Awesome
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Shane Douglas
Sean O' Haire
Chuck Palumbo
Lex Luger
Buff Bagwell
Shawn Stasiak
Dustin Rhodes
Shane Helms
Chavo Guerrero
Rick Steiner
Hugh Morrus
Elix Skipper
Kid Romeo
Shannon Moore
Air Styles
Air Paris
Kaz Hayashi

WCW Valets/Managers

Torrie Wilson
Stacey Kiebler
Kimberly Page
Sonny Onoo
Jimmy Hart

WCW Teams/Stables

Sean O' Haire & Chuck Palumbo
Team Canada - Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper
Totally Buff - Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell
Filthy Animals - Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., Kidman
Air Raid - Air Styles & Air Paris
Yung Dragons - Kaz Hayashi & Yang

WCW Champions

World Heavyweight Champion - Vacant

World Tag Team Champions - Vacant

United States Champion - Vacant

Television Champion - Vacant

Crusierweight Champion - Vacant

Crusierweight Tag Team Champions - Vacant

WCW PPV Schedule

Battle Bowl - January

SuperBrawl - February

Uncensored - March

Spring Stampede - April

Slamboree - May

Great American Bash - June

Bash at the Beach - July

Road Wild - August

Fall Brawl - September

Halloween Havoc - October

World War 3 - November

Starrcade - December

WCW TV Schedule
Deal with the FX network in the works.

More news and notes to come later on tonight and the first show (Big Bang) is already being worked on and should be up this week. I hope you enjoy and I will return any review as soon as possible.

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This is a really exciting BTB. I'm liking your roster, but was a little confused with the "Big Bang" concept as well. Will that be a PPV? Will it be the new WCW show? or will it just be a TV Special? Either way, I'm looking forward to reading "Big Bang".

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(Sorry should of cleared it up more that The Big Bang will be a PPV. A new name for the tv show is in the works. Also at the moment I am not certain if I will be doing a Slammboree ppv at the end of May. The next WCW ppv following Big Bang will be revealed and written into the Big Bang results.)

WCW News and Notes

FX TV DEAL - WCW is proud to announce that they have come to a deal with the FX network to broadcast programming on Monday and Saturday nights. No word yet if the monday show will be called Nitro or if they are going to give it a fresh start. Many think a new name and set up is in store for the new WCW. Programming is set to begin on May 7th, one night following the Big Bang ppv.

NEW TALENT - Word is that several new talent are heading to WCW. There is currently some great free agents out there ever since ECW folded. No more details but expect the WCW roster to get spiced up in the very short future. This could also mean some releases from the current roster.

BIG BANG - WCW will present The Big Bang on PPV which will be the first show in the new era of WCW. Eric Bischoff has promised a huge show and that all the big names will be there including Goldberg, Hogan, Sting and many more. New champions and major surprises will be revealed at the Big Bang. This could very well be the most anticipated WCW ppv in recent memory and many people expect Bischoff to deliver.

NEW WORLD CHAMPION - After Eric Bischoff decided to vacant all the titles many people wondered how a new champion will be crowned. Well Eric has announced that a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned at the Big Bang and in a unique fashion. The world will find out how a new champion will be crowned when the official Big Bang preview is released very shortly.

CRUSIERWEIGHTS - Eric Bischoff and the booking committee have promised the crusierweight division will receive the proper attention it deserves. They plan to highlight and crown a new crusierweight champion at the Big Bang. More to come on how this title will be decided.

TORYUMON - WCW has come to a an agreement with Ultimo Dragon and several crusierweights that perform for his Toryumon promotion. This will deffiently boost the crusierweight division. The names being discussed to be brought in are (Dragon Kid, CIMA, Tokyo Magnum and Ultimo Dragon himself will make his return to the WCW ring).

COMMISSIONER - Eric Bischoff and WCW are set to name a new WCW Commissioner to be in charge of all the major match making and has final say what go's. No one has been named yet and Bischoff is said to be looking for the right canidate to keep order in stored.

NEW BROADCASTER - This is breaking news that WCW has come to terms with a new broadcaster who will make his debut at the Big Bang.

Thanks for the comments so far, hope you continue to enjoy and like I said earlier The Big Bang ppv will be posted this week but before that I will post a preivew to the big show shortly.

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Everything looks pretty promising so far. Good luck, can't wait for The Big Bang.

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~May 6th 2001 will always be remembered as the day WCW was reborn. It's been nearly two months since the last time WCW aired and Eric Bischoff, the man who once made WCW the greatest wrestling promotion in the world, will give WCW a shot of adreneline it needs to once again become the top wrestling promotion in the world. Eric Bischoff has promised to kick things off with a bang or a big bang and Eric Bischoff has been known to deliver some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. Already a Eric has promised a new World Champion will be crowned along with showcaseing the new Crusierweight division. Eric has also stated it's a clean slate for everyone on the roster and everyone will receveive a fair shot at gold, which sets up one of the biggest nights in WCW history. Below is the official preview for The Big Bang released by Eric and his booking team.~

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
25 Man Battle Royal will kick off the show. Battle Royal will conclude when there are 2 men left standing in the ring. These two men will then face each other in the Main Event for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Participants: Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Ric Flair, Sting, Booker T., Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarett, Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, Shane Douglas, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, Hugh Morrus, Curt Henning, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Vampiro, Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Konnan, Shawn Stasiak, Mystery Entrant

6-pack Ladder match for the WCW Crusierweight Championship
Shane Helms vs. Shannon Moore vs. Psicosis vs. Elix Skipper vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Juventud

Special Main Event match for the WCW United States Championship
(Two men, who will be named moments before the match, will be selected to go one on one in a special main event match for the WCW US title. No word on who will be selected or if this match will be the main event, but it seems like Eric Bischoff is planning on giving two men the push they have deserved by showcasing them at The Big Bang.

New Tag Team Champions will be crowned
Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo are furious after being stripped of the titles and have told Eric Bischoff they will beat any and every tag team in WCW. Bischoff told them to show up at the Big Bang and he will bring the tag titles.

In addition to this Eric Bischoff will be live from the MGM Grand with a message to all the WCW fans around the world. Also it has been reported that several new talent will be in attendence along with a new broadcaster who is considered a wrestling legend. Plus much much more on May 6th. Don't miss the rebirth of World Championship Wrestling.

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WCW presents The Big Bang
Live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas NV.
May 6th, 2001

~We open with the traditional opener with the WCW logo and then taking to a video package highlighting all the greatets moments in the history on WCW including classic battles between Sting and Ric Flair, the arrivial of Hulkamania and Hulk Hogan, the formation of the nWo, the rise of Goldberg, the dawn of the New Blood, and finally all the down moments that almost led to the death of WCW. The screen fades black and then the words "May 6th 2001 is here....The Creation of the New WCW." The screen fades black again and we are then taking inside the MGM Grand where fireworks are going off throughout the arena.~

Tony Schiavone: Welcomee.....to the rebirth of World Chmapionship Wrestling. This is the night we have waited so long. A night many people thought would never happen, but ladies and gentelmen the time has come, the wait is over. This is The Big Bang!.

~The pyro dies down and “The Great Gate of Kiev” begins to play throughout the arena and none other then Jerry "The King" Lawler makes his way down the aisle and to the broadcast booth by the ring to join Tony Schiavone.

Tony S: Well this is a surprise to me but I am honored to be joined by none other then Jerry Lawler here at the broadcast booth.

Lawler: You should be honored Tony, actually you should be on your knees and kissing my feet, i'm the King Schiavone and don't you forget it.

Tony S: Well i'm sure this is going to be interesting.

~Inside the ring already many of the entrants in the 25 man battle royal are already in the ring while more are being introduced.

Tony S: Ladies and gentelman we are moments away from kicking off the battle royal to see who will face each other for the WCW Championship later on tonight but first we are gonna go to the back to Mene Gene.

Mene Gene: Thank you Tony. I am joined here with two men I thought I would never see together, and that is Sting and Vampiro.

Sting: Mene Gene you don't have to worry, everything between myself and Vampiro has been cleared up and it's all in the past. We came to realise our problems were all cause by Vince Russo. You see myself and Vampiro were beginning a great friendship when Russo got into the ear of Vampiro and promised him big things to take me out. But I understand where you were coming from Vampiro, you see you remind me of a younger me and I want to continue this friendship and help make Vampiro a house hold name.

Vampiro: You know where I stand and what's our agreement. I got your back and you got mine and we face each other for the title. Let's do it brother.

Mene Gene: Well Tony as you can see things have really changed here in WCW who would of thought there two bitter rivals would reunite.

~We go back inside the arena and Sting's Crow Theme hits and Sting and Vampiro come to the ring walking side by side. Scott Steiner's theme hits as we go to the back once again to Gene Okerlund.

Gene: Ladies and gentelman I am standing right outside of the locker room of Bill Goldberg where several emt's have just rushed in and found Goldberg laid out unconsious. No word on how this happen and there was no one else inside the locker room or seen running out. Tony I will keep you updated on this sitaution.

~Ric Flair and Booker T. both make thier entrances and leaves only four more ment to enter the ring. "American Made" hits and the arena erupts as Hulk Hogan in his red and yellow ring attire comes down to the ring to a great reaction. We then go to the back again where Bischoff is seen talking to someone on the other side of the door but the other man can't be seen.

Unknown Voice: I thought I wasn't supposed to go until tomorrow night.

Bischoff: Well Goldberg's out and I need another big name in this thing so I need you tonight so let's hurry up you got 2 minutes.

~Bischoff walks away as we are taking back in the arena as the Wolfpack theme hit's and Kevin Nash makes his way from the back. Nash stops and then motion's torwards the entrance way as the mystery entrant, Scott Hall, comes out to a great pop from the crowd. Hall and Nash touch hands with the wolfpack signal and then come to the ring.

Tony: Scott Hall is here! Scott Hall is back in WCW.

Lawler: Awww I don't believe it, if there's anybody worst then Jake Roberts then it's this guy. Scott Hall is a mess, come on Eric what are you thinking?

~24 men are now in the ring as we await the last entrant who will take the place of Goldberg who was attacked earlier. Some unknown music hits and everyone turns to the entrance to see who is it. After a few seconds of waiting Ken Shamrock comes out with a crazed look on his face and wearing his green wrestling trunks he wore in WWF.

25 Man Battle Royal
Last 2 remaining will go one on one later in the night for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship where the only way to win is by pinfall or submission
Participants: Hulk Hogan, Ken Shamrock(replacing Goldberg), Ric Flair, Sting, Booker T., Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarett, Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, Shane Douglas, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, Hugh Morrus, Curt Henning, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Vampiro, Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Konnan, Shawn Stasiak, Mystery Entrant - Scott Hall

~The bell rings and the battle royal begins as a usual cluster like all battle royals. Meanwhile while this is happening the crowd notices some familiar faces making their way through the crowd and to the front row where there are two empty seats. Rob Van Dam and Sabu make their way to the front row and each take a seat holding their tickets for everyone to see.

1st Elimmination - Rick Steiner is elimminated by his brother Scott Steiner after being clotheslined by his brother following a handshake from the two.

2nd & 3rd Elimminations - Konnan and Hugh Morrus are tossed over the top rope by Nash and Hall after Morrus and Konnan were trying to elimminate each other and got tied up by the top rope leaving a opening for the Outsiders.

4th Elimmination - Curt Henning is tossed over the top rope by Buff Bagwell after receiving a low blow from Bagwell.

5th Elimmination - Buff Bagwell is clotheslined over the top rope by Lex Luger right after Bagwell threw Henning out.

6th Elimmination - Lex Luger eats a boot from Mike Awesome after being tripped up by Buff Bagwell.

7th & 8th Elimminations - Shane Douglas and Shawn Stasiak are both clotheslined over the top rope by Hulk Hogan.

9th,10th,11th,12th Elimminations - O'Haire & Palumbo battle with Lance Storm and Mike Awesome to the outside and thru the crowd which causes the ref to dq and elimminate all four men.

13th Elimmination - Rey Mysterio and Kidman try taking out Scott Steiner but Rey is back body droped over the top rope after a running attack attempt.

14th Elimmination - Kidman is thrown over the top rope by Scott Steiner after a suplex backfired.

15th Elimmination - DDP is thrown over the top ropes after Jeff Jarett connects with a low blow which causes a loud boo from the crowd.

~As DDP begins to get to his feet he tries to pull himself up on the guardrail where RVD and Sabu are sitting. DDP gets to his feet and looks at RVD who stands up and offers him a handshake which is denied by DDP who gives RVD the bird. RVD pushes DDP who then slaps RVD and then all hell breaks lose with RVD attacking DDP and jumping the rail. Sabu follow's suit who begin to help RVD attack DDP. Rey Mysterio and Kidman who were just elimminated along with Sting Vampiro and Booker T. come to the aid of DDP and chase off the attackers who are escorted out of the building by security. Eventually DDP gets back to his feet and the battle royal begins which is down to the final 10.

16th Elimmination - Jeff Jarett was thrown over the top rope by Nash after having his back to Nash and was showboating after laying some punches on Booker T.

17th & 18th Elimminations - Scott Hall and Scott Steiner lock up by the ropes and Nash takes advantage of this situation by dumping both men over the top rope.

~Scott Hall sees that it was Kevin Nash who elimminated and has a confused look on his face but eventually seems to understand where Nash was coming from. Nash signals the wolfpack with his hand and touched with Hall who is then attacked by Scott Steiner. Steiner starts to taunt Nash as he continues to stomp on Hall.

19th Elimmination - Kevin Nash is dumped over the top rope from behind by Ric Flair after leaning over the ropes and being disstracted by Scott Steiner.

~We are now down to the final six. Sting, Hulk Hogan, Vampiro, Booker T., Ric Flair and Ken Shamrock. Sting and Vampiro take turns chopping away at Ric Flair in the corner as Hogan and Booker T. are in a seperate corners exchanging blows to the face. Ken Shamrock is resting in another corner when out of nowhere the crowd erupts as Goldberg comes running from the back all bandaged up, he slides in the ring and immeditly spears a stagered Ken Shamrock. Goldberg asks for the mic.

Goldberg: This piece of shit is the reason i'm not in this match right now. Ken Shamrock......I don't know who the hell you think you are or what you are trying to prove but screwed with the wrong person. I am going to make your life in WCW a living hell. Now someone throw this piece of garbage out of the ring so I can finish him off.

20th Elimmination - Ken Shamrock is thrown over the top rope by Booker T. after being speared by Goldberg.

~The final five seperate into corners with Sting and Vampiro in one corner, Hogan in another and Booker T. and Ric Flair each in their own corners.

Tony: Well King here we go, only 3 more elimminations to go and we will then know who will face for the title later on tonight.

King: Tony I can't believe this. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are stil in this, are these guys ever gonna give it up. Nobody wants to see these old fossils wrestle anymore. Hey Eric Bischoff if these are the guys you have competeing for the WCW World title, why don't you just put me in there I'll be your youngest star.

~Sting and Vampiro corner Ric Flair and begin to double team him as Hogan and Booker T. square off. Ric Flair low blows Sting and then pokes Vampiro in the eyes breaking off the assault from the two. Flair begins to focus on Vampiro and who he manages to lift over the top rope but only to the apron. Vampiro gets up and begins to fight back. Flair grabs Vampiros head and trys to smash it into the ring post.

21st Elimmination - Ric Flair attempts to smash Vamprio's face in the ring post but Vampiro blocks it and hits Flair with a hard knee to the midsection. Vampiro then suplexes Flair over the top rope sending him flying to the outside.

22nd Elimmination - Vampiro is hit from behind while standing on the apron and his back to the action by Sting, knocking him to the floor.

~Vampiro did not see what happened in the ring and is furious staring at Sting. Vampiro didn't know that Sting who just seen Vampiro elimminate Flair was cheering on Vampiro and walked over to him to help when Booker T. hit Sting from behind with a harlem side kick knocking Sting into Vampiro. Vampiro continues to stare down Sting and motions to slice his throat with his hand. Sting realises what has happened and puts his hands on his head. Sting trys to apologize to Vampiro and explain to him what actually happened which was a big mistake.

23rd and Final Elimmination - Sting is thrown over the top rope by both Hogan and Booker T. who each looked at each other and motion to each other to toss Sting out moments before.

Winners: Booker T. & Hulk Hogan

~The bell rings to end the match as Hulk Hogan and Booker T. stand in the middle of the ring and stare each other down as the crowd stand and show respect.

Tony: Look in the ring Jerry, these two men will face each other one on one later on tonight for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Lawler: Let me ask you somthing Tony. How in the hell is this the new WCW when you have Hulk Hogan wresling in the main event for the title. It's people like him and Ric Flair who almost killed this company and I thought Eric Bischoff figured that out but I guess not.

~We go to the back where Goldberg is still beating down on Ken Shamrock who is not moving. Finally enough security convince Goldberg to walk away who let's Shamrock know this isn't over.

Tony: Well King what a way to kick off WCW and the Big Bang. Already so many questions need to be answered.

Lawler: Tony, the only questioned I need answered is why in the world is Hulk Hogan wrestling for the world title tonight. People wonder why WCW almost died and the answer is Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and all the other old timers in the back who just won't give it up.

Tony: You know King you have been nothing but negative since you got here and on behalf of everyone at WCW why don't you shut your mouth.

Lawler: Tony Schiavone you don't know who you are talking to, im the only one around here that sees it. This company will never get anywhere when you have old men who can't wrestle anymore competeing in the main event.

~Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring as Jerry Lawler stands up and begins to get in the face of Tony Schiavone. Ric Flair runs over and grabs a mic.

Ric Flair: (yelling) I can't wrestle? I can't wrestle anymore? How about you get your ass in the ring and I'll show you that I am still the greatest professional wrestler in the world.

Lawler: Don't you see Ric, I'm done wrestling I realized when my time was done, you need to realize no one cares about you anymore.

~The whole crowd begins to chant Nature Boy as Ric Flair looks at Lawler and points around the arena at the people chanting his name. Eric Bischoff's music hit's as he walks to the top of the entrance with a mic in hand.

Bischoff: You know Lawler I had a gut feeling when I hired you and I guess I was right. You're just a bitter old man who can't get over the fact that Vince McMahon doesen't want you anymore. I've been watching in the back and listening to you complain and complain about Hogan and Flair and Flair and Hogan, why don't you just shuttt up. I can't have that type of negativity in the new WCW so as of this moment you are no longer a broadcaster for WCW, but I do have you under contract so you will be used in other capacitys. And Lawler since you can't broadcast anymore tonight, you will wrestle. Tonight Lawler you will wrestle Ric Flair one on one. And one more thing Lawler.....Bite Me.

~The crowd cheers as Eric Bischoff gives a big grin and walks to the back. Ric Flair gives Lawler a whooooo! as Lawler is just silent and looks shocked.

~We get a promotional video for WCW's next Pay Per View which will be The Great American Bash on June 10th, 2001.

~We come back and Tony Schiavone is being joined by The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Tony and Dusty talk about what has occured so far and what we still have to come including the 6 pack ladder match for the Crusierweight title which is up next.

~A spotlight is shined on the crusierweight title which is shown being hung above the ring. We then get shots of the numerous ladders around the ring. All six men make thier entrances but before the match starts Eric Bischoff is shown on the screen by the entrance way.

Bischoff: Ladies and gentelman I promised you new talent tonight and so far I'll admit that they haven't worked out the way I thought they would. But I'm not done, we are going to make this match a little more interesting by making this a 8 man ladder match instead of 6 men. So everyone I hope you enjoy the newest additions to this match and the newest additions to WCW.

~Some japaneese music hits the arena and the crowed and wrestlers in the ring are shocked as Tajiri makes his way to the ring to a great reaction to the crowd.
Tajiri enters the ring when another unknown song hits and Super Crazy runs down to the ring to start the match.

8-Man Ladder match for the WCW Crusierweight Championship
Shane Helms vs Chavo vs. Shannon Moore vs. Elix Skipper vs. Juventud vs. Psicosis vs. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

~Crazy grabs a ladder before he enters the ring and trys to slide it in the ring but Tajiri baseball slides the ladder back into Crazy. Action breaks out all around the ring as 8 of the top crusierweights in the world try to be the first to climb the ladder. This match seen some insane spots that may of severly injured some people but the ending saw it come down to Shane Helms, Tajiri, Super Crazy and Chavo who were all climbing two side by side ladders. Chavo and Shane Helms reached the top of their ladder and both men began exchanging blows. Tajiri and Crazy reach the top of their ladder and began to exchange blows until both men realize Shane and Chavo about to reach the title so Tajiri and Crazy both push the ladder over sending Chavo and Shane crashing to the floor. It's now down to Tajiri and Crazy when Tajiri smashes Crazy's head on the top of the ladder and begins to climb more to the top of the ladder. Crazy grabs Tajiri's legs and manages to lock on the tarantula on the top of the ladder which makes the crowd erupt as WCW fans have never seen this move before. Crazy releases the hold and Tajiri just drops off the ladder and is in major pain as Super Crazy climbs to the top of the ladder and grabs the title to become new crusierweight champion.
Winner and New WCW Crusierweight Champion - Super Crazy

~Crazy's music hits and he just stands on top of the ladder and holds the title above his head as the crowd cheers him on.

~We go to a promo hyping WCW's new weekly show, Monday Night Mayhem, which will air on FX beginning tomorrow night every Monday from 8-10pm.

~We come back and Tony and Dusty discuss what an amazing match that was and how we still have alot more to come. They begin to discuss the situation about the Tag Team titles and how new champions will be crowned tonight. Tony says explains Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo will have to run a gauntlet of three teams to win the tag titles. If any team pins them they then become tag team champions.

~O'Haire and Palumbo's music hits as the two future stars of WCW make thier way to the ring to a negative response from the crowd. They enter the ring and Palumbo grabs a mic.
Palumbo: Eric Bischoff were here for our titles so let's get this thing started.

WCW Tag Team title gauntlet match
O'Haire and Palumbo must beat all 3 teams choosen by Eric Bischoff to win the titles. First team to pin O'Haire & Palumbo will be crowned champions.

~O'Haire and Palumbo stand in the ring and await thier first opponents. Team Canada's music hits and the men O'haire and Palumbo brawled with earlier, Lance Storm and Mike Awesome, come down to the ring. All four men begin brawling to start the match but the ref is able to keep control and start the match. The ending of the fall came when Mike Awesome accidently hit Lance Storm with a boot to the face who was holding Sean O'Haire who ducked at the last second. Palumbo took out Awesome as O'Haire climbed to the top rope and hit a swanton bomb on a layed out Lance Storm to get the 3 count.

O'Haire and Palumbo regroup as Storm and Awesome begin to argue and you can sense some tension. Haire and Palumbo slap hands and celebrate but music that sounds familar to Iron Man hits and none other then The Road Warriors come out and make their return to WCW with a enormous pop from the crowd. Haire and Palumbo looked shocked and begin to argue with the ref as the Warriors throw off thier shoulder pads and slide in the ring. Hawk and Animal throw Haire and Palumbo against the ropes and both hit a back body drop at the same time. Hawk and Animal dominated the whole match but when the Road Warriors went for thier finish, the doomsday device on Chuck Palumbo, Palumbo knocked into the ref knocking him down. O'haire then grabed a chair and hit Animal in the back as he held up Palumbo. Palumbo then hit Hawk in the head with the chair knocking him to the outside. Palumbo then hits Animal again with the chair knocking him out. O'Haire makes the cover as Palumbo revivies the ref who makes the 3 count. O'Haire and Palumbo continue to stomp on Animal until Hawk comes in the ring to make the save. Hawk and Animal leave the ring as O'Haire and Palumbo wait for thier final opponents.

A wolf growl is heard around the arena and the crowd erupts as The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, come out to the wolfpack theme. O'Haire and Palumbo get on thier knees and start to beg as they are not ready to take on one of the best tag teams ever. Nash and Hall storm in the ring and get right to work. Hall begins punching Palumbo as Nash throws O'Haire against the ropes then connects with a huge boot to the face laying him out. Hall kicks Palumbo in the midsection then sets him up for the Outsiders edge. Hall connects as Nash picks O'Haire up and gives him a powerbomn. Nash and Hall pin thier opponents at the same time and get the three count to become new champions.
Winners and New WCW Tag Team Champions - The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash)

~Nash and Hall hold the belts up and celebrate as new champions.

~We go to the back where Ric Flair is getting ready to face Jerry Lawler. DDP comes up to Flair and informs him he overheard Lawler talking and apparently this is all part of this plan he's had before he even got here. Flair tells Page to watch his back and tell the boys, then heads torwards the ring.

Tony: Well what did DDP mean by that.

Dusty: I wouldn't be surprised at all Tony if Jerry Lawler had somthing up his sleeve this whole time.

~Ric Flair's theme hits and the Nature Boy makes his way quickly to the ring. Lawler's music hits and the King comes out to a negative reaction from the crowd. Lawler slowly enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Lawler: You see Ric Flair I'm not the only person Eric Bischoff brought into WCW who realize this place is garbage. Why don't you say hello to my friends.

~RVD and Sabu come out of nowhere and attack Ric Flair. Lawler joins in on the attack as well and then begins to explain.

Lawler: You see Bischoff the only reason I came to WCW was to cause chaos and once and for all bury WCW for good. And now since I convinced you to sign my two friends here to contracts I got all the backup I need to bury WCW for good. Wer're declaring war against WCW.

~Lawler,Sabu and RVD continue to beat on Flair until DDP and Sting run to the ring and chase off the attackers.

Tony: Well Dusty, I don't know what to say. It appears these three men who Eric Bischoff brought in to change things up here in WCW are now declaring war and said they are planning on doing nothing but cause chaos.

Dusty: You know somthing Tony, this is very similar to what happen many years ago with the nWo. If Jerry Lawler and his men want a war they can have one cause World Championship Wrestling has been through this before and all those men in the back are ready to stand their ground if they have to.

~Lawler, RVD, and Sabu get escorted to the back while DDP and Sting help Rick Flair to his feet. We go to the back where Eric Bischoff is seen screaming at Lawler Rvd and Sabu. Lawler exchanges a few words and lastly says he will see him tomorrow night and walks out of the arena with RVD and Sabu.

~We go to a video of the battle royal from earlier in the night, then highlighting the history of the WCW World Championship. Tony and Dusty hype up the match for the title by delcaring how this is match between the young future stars of WCW and the established veterans who have proved themselves for years. We go to the ring to Michael Buffer for the ring introductions.
Booker T. is the first to come out with his usual flames for his entrance and a nice response from the crowd. "American Made" hits and out comes Hulk Hogan as the crowd erupts. Hulk Hogan enters the ring as Micahel Buffer makes the formal ring introductions.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship match
Hulk Hogan vs. Booker T.

Booker and Hulk lock up to start the match. Both Hogan and Booker went back and forth during this match with the crowd split between the two. Booker T. was able to gain a advantage over Hulk and began to wear down the Hulkster. This ended as Booker T. had Hulk in a sleeper hold but Hulk managed to fight out of it and get to his feet from the help of the crowd. Hulk began to give Booker T. elbow shots and then throws him against the ropes and connects with a boot to the face to Booker T. who is now laid out in the middle of the ring. Hulk gos for the leg drop of doom but Booker T. rolls away at the last second causing Hulk to leg drop nothing but the mat. Booker T. gets to his feet and waits for Hulk to get to his feet and when he does Booker T. connects with a harlem side kick. Booker T. covers Hulk Hogan but Hulk kicks out at two. The crowd is all standing and shocked Hulk kicked out and Booker T. can't believe this as he picks Hulk up to his feet. Booker T. begins to connect with forearms to Hulk until Hulk begins to fight back. Hogan gets Booker and throws him against the ropes and trys to hit the big boot to the face but Booker T. ducks and connects with another harlem sidekick to Hulk. Booker T. makes the cover. 1......2........3!
Winner and New WCW World Heavyweight Champion - Booker T.

~The crowd is cheering on as Booker T. gets to his feet and realize what he just accomplished. Booker T. contitnues to celebrate with the crowd as Hulk Hogan gets to his feet. The ref has the title and is gettining ready to present it to Booker T. but Hulk Hogan pushes the ref away and grabs the belt. Hulk looks at the belt and then Booker T. Hulk then hands the belt over to Booker T. Hulk then offers a handshake which is returned by Booker T.

Tony: This ladies and gentelmen, is a sign of where the new WCW is heading. Hulk Hogan shows his respect for the next big star here in WCW right after being beat by him.

Dusty: I'll tell you what, I thought Hulk was gonna smack Booker T. upside the head with the world title. Hulk Hogan doesen't like giving up the limelight but it looks like this is a new thinking Hulk Hogan.

~Hulk and Booker T. hug in the ring and Hulk puts the belt around the waist of Booker T. Hulk holds Booker T.'s hand up and the crowd cheers on the new world champion.

Tony: Well believe it or not we are not done yet. Coming up next is a special main event match that will feature two men who have never wrestled in a Pay per view main event or have they ever held the United States Championship which both men will be competeing for. Remember the United States title is the final stepping stone before the WOrld title. The US champion also earns a shot at the World title in the future. We still have no idea who these two men are but I believe we are about to find out.

~Michael Buffer does his usual main event announcement but says this is a special main evenet match for the United States Championship of the World. Buffer says how United States title earns you a shot at the Wold Heavyweight title.

~Music hits and the crowd gets to their feet as the realize it's the theme for Kidman who comes to the ring with real life girlfriend Torrie Wilson with a nice reaction from the crowd who give him a nice response as he climbs the ropes and looks out into the crowd. Kidman walks over to the ref who is holding the United States title and touches the belt. Kidman begins to loosen up and get's a massage from Torrie as he awaits his opponent.

~A somewhat familiar music hits but the crowd and Kidman are unsure who it is. There's no video on the tron and fog begins to build up by the entrance way. The spotlight come's on and a masked Rey Mysterio Jr. come's walking down the ring wearing a boxing type robe. The crowd erupts when they see who is coming to the ring.

Tony: I don't believe Dusty, just earlier tonight we seen Rey Mysterio with no mask and wearing jeans but now he has his mask back on and is in full ring attire.

Dusty: Well maybe Tony Rey realized he is getting this chance to shine in the main event and this may be his only shot so maybe he knew it was time to move away from the Filthy Animals and get to business.

~Rey enters the ring and motions to the crowd who give him a great reaction. Kidman looks at Rey and starts asking what in the hell is this. Rey tell's him this is business and takes off his robe as the ref seperates the two who are staring each other down.

WCW United States Title match
Kidman w/Torrie Wilson vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Both men circle the ring and then shake hands before locking up. Kidman get's Rey in an armbar but Rey fights back with blows to the face. Kidman throws Rey against the ropes but Rey charges back and quickly hits a hurricarana. Kidman quickly get's up and Rey forces him into the corner. Rey trys to whip Kidman into the opposite corner but Kidman revearses and Rey is sent into the corner who is then hit by a clothesline by Kidman who comes off the ropes. Both men went back and forth for nearly 15 minutes even taking the action out side the ring. The crowd who was split between the two was really getting behind every move. The ending came when Rey went for a powerbomb on Kidman but Kidman blocked it and began punching Rey in the face and smashing his face to the mat with a face buster. Kidman pulls Rey over to the corner and go's for the shooting star press but Rey rolls out of the way. Rey slowly get's to his and motions for the crowd to get loud as he go's to the outside on the apron and waits for Kidman to get to his feet. Rey jumps off the top rope and hits a flying hurricarana on Kidman. Rey go's for the cover. 1......2...........Kidman kicks out at the last second. Rey holds his hand's on his head and is stunned Kidman kicked out. Rey get's Kidman to his feet again and trys to throw him into the corner but Kidman revearses and sends Rey but Rey jumps up to the top rope. Kidman picks Rey up on his shoulder and Rey is now sitting on Kidman's shoulders. Kidman get's ready to drop Rey on his back but Rey fights back and drops down with a bulldog to Kidman laying him out. Rey agains go's to the outside and wait for Kidman to get to his feet. Rey jumps off the ropes and hits a huricarana again but this time he rolls Kidman right away to make the cover. 1.........2..........3!
Winner and New WCW United States Champion - Rey Mysterio Jr.

~The crowd erupts as Rey's music hits and the ref bring's the belt to Rey who hold's it while still on his knees. Rey hugs and kisses the title and then stand's up and start's to celebrate with the fans. Kidman get's to his feet and Rey offers to shake his hand but Kidman just looks at Rey and walk's away refusing to shake hands. Rey looks surprised but realizes he just won in the main event at a ppv and he celebrates more with the title and the fans.

Tony: What a night it's been ladies and gentelman. Four new champions were crowned, new faces were introduced but there are still so many quetions that need to be answered and we will try to do that tomorrow night on the broadcast premiere of Monday Night Mayhem. Goodnight everyone.

~The WCW logo comes out as the show ends.

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Sorry mate, I won't be giving you any real in-depth feedback for this due to time-constraints but I just wanted to come in and commend you for getting the first show up. The concept is really interesting and the show itself and your writing from what I read (which was generally all of it save for the matches) showed promise too (I love Ken Shamrock and I liked your refreshing choice of main-event). Time will tell as to how good you really are so hopefully you stick with this and we'll watch this baby blossom! I think the layout needs some revising though as for the most part it was kinda hard to read (less bold, more variety in colour would be great). Rest assured I'm following and intend on giving you some proper feedback in the future!

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This is a really good little show you have going on here. For your first pay per view you have a nice thing happening. I will point out of few things on the show, first and foremost it seems a little short with five matches scheduled. I know one match was a Battle Royal so that would have at up a little bit of time, and you also had a gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championship and a Ladder Match for the Crusierweight Belt, however I still think it felt short.

One of the things I would've done differently was have Eric Bischoff come out during the attack on Flair, and announce a 6 man tag match with Lawler, RVD, and Sabu against Flair, Sting, and DDP. We know Bischoff likes doing last minute things so that would have worked.

I like the little fued you having going on with Goldberg and Shamrock. Hopefully you have something that will keep that going for a while longer. It should heat up nicely.

Hogan and Booker T for the World Championship was a little bit predictable going into the match. I knew as soon as those two were left that we would see booker come out on top, but that's fine. If Hogan would have won, I'm sure people would be angry about it.

Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio. I like the fact that you don't have these two men in the crusierweight division. I don't think this was necessarily the best way to end the pay per view, but it was still a good match for the card.

Try making you PPV matches longer and add a variety of colours to the mix. Good luck on your next post.
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