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WCW 1999: Changing of the Guard

WCW Starrcade 1998 Results
Kidman (c) defeats Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr. to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship (14:55)
Kidman (c) defeats Eddie Guerrero to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship (10:49)
Norman Smiley defeats Prince Iaukea (11:31)
Perry Saturn defeats The Cat (w/ Sonny Onoo) (7:07)
Brian Adams & Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) defeat Fit Finlay & Jerry Flynn (8:56)
Konnan (c) defeats Chris Jericho (w/ Ralphus) to retain the WCW Television Championship (7:27)
Eric Bischoff defeats Ric Flair (7:08)
Diamond Dallas Page defeats The Giant (12:45)
Kevin Nash defeats Goldberg (c) in a No Disqualification Match to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship (11:20)

Monday Nitro, December 28, 1998
The Cat (w/ Sonny Onoo) defeats Shiima Nobunaga (w/ Chris Jericho & Ralphus) (1:15)
Norman Smiley defeats Chavo Guerrero Jr. (7:42)
Booker T defeats Fit Finlay (6:52)
Barry Windham defeats Prince Iaukea (3:56)
Eddie Guerrero & Juventud Guerrera defeat Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr. (16:23)
Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Disco Inferno (2:42)
Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) defeats Konnan (c) to win the WCW World Television Championship (6:51)
Scott Hall defeats Brian Adams (5:35)
Ric Flair defeats Eric Bischoff in an Everything On The Line Match (4:04)

Major Changes Coming to WCW:
WCW's head office announces that effective January 4, 1999 the company's flagship show, Monday Nitro will be a 2 hour live broadcast. Nitro will continue to air at 8:00PM EST until 10:00PM EST. WCW Saturday Night and WCW Worldwide have been cancelled. WCW's Thursday Night TBS broadcast Thunder will continue airing live from 8:05PM EST in it's current 2 hour time slot. Finally, in an effort to create an exciting brand of professional wrestling while maintaining a profit, WCW has terminated a number of contracts effective January 5, 1999. The updated talent roster will be released on January 5, 1999.

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World Championship Wrestling
Monday Nitro
January 4, 1999
Live from Atlanta, GA

Video: WCW Monday Nitro Theme and Pyro in the Arena as Tony and Bobby welcome fans to the show.

In Ring: Mean Gene Oakerlund kicks off Nitro with the new President of WCW, and Ric Flair walks in his finest suit and styles and profiles his way down to the ring. Flair gets on the microphone and welcomes fans to WCW, and declares that in the next 90 days that he’s at the helm, the company is going to see some of the biggest changes ever to happen in the company. First off, Flair reinstates Randy Anderson to the referee roster after being suspended previously by Eric Bischoff. Speaking of Bischoff, Flair welcomes Eric to come out and go back to his roots. Bischoff is forced to join Bobby Heenan and Tony Schaivone at the broadcast booth. Flair’s final set of announcements are focused on the NWO and the Wolfpac. Flair insists that by the end of his 90 day term, the NWO will cease to exist and it all starts tonight when Kevin Nash defends his WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Mean Gene asks who Flair has in mind to wrestle Nash and Flair holds off on the announcement, for now.

Tony and Bobby hype the WCW Title Match in the main event, and question who Flair is considering as Nash’s opponent tonight. They ask Eric for his opinion, but Bischoff refuses to talk to either of them.

Match One: Chris Jericho w. Ralphus def. Perry Saturn
Saturn dominated the former TV Champion, and provided a suplex clinic on his opponent, but Jericho’s ability to think quickly allowed him to throw Referee Scott Dickinson in the way of the Saturn splash. Jericho capitalized with a low blow followed by a Lion Tamer, but with Dickinson out nobody was able to count Saturn out. Perry broke out of the Lion Tamer and slapped on the Rings of Saturn. The referee calls for the bell and ends up disqualifying Saturn for a blatant blow on the referee.


Backstage: Goldberg is surrounded by the Wolfpac and the World Champion who all accuse Goldberg of Sexually Harassing Elizabeth. Goldberg denies the accusations, but the Wolfpac refuses to listen, leading to the pac attacking him backstage. Goldberg fends off some of the NWO until security comes to break them up. Nash warns Goldberg that this isn’t through. As the pac walks away, they are stopped dead in their tracks by the returning Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Nash and Hogan have a stare down backstage.

Broadcast Booth: Tony and the Brain talk about the return of Hollywood Hogan and the accusations towards Goldberg. They speculate as to what’s going to go down later in the broadcast. Bischoff continues to sit there not saying a word.

Backstage: Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Arn Anderson talk about the future of the Four Horsemen now that Flair is the President of WCW. Flair announces that the first match announcement for WCW Souled Out is that Chris Benoit is going to get a shot at the WCW United States Champion, Bret Hart. Chris Benoit is flattered by the news.

Match Two: Chavo Guerrero w. Pepe def. Norman Smiley
Focused on the rematch between these two, Chavo brought the quick fight to the dancing and wiggling Norman Smiley. A small package roll up found Chavo getting the pin on his opponent and coming out as the winner. In the post match, an enraged Norman Smiley attacked Chavo and destroyed Pepe in the middle of the ring.


Kevin Nash walks out to the ring and orders the Nature Boy Ric Flair to come out and confront him. Nash wants to know who he’s going to face in the main event for Nitro this evening. Flair admits that he quite seriously considered Goldberg for the shot, but realized that Goldberg has unfinished business with Scott Hall, so Flair decided to give the shot to somebody else tonight. Before Flair could announce the main event, Goldberg barges out to the ring and confronts both men in his home town. The huge Goldberg chant comes over the arena and Goldberg orders Flair to give him his rematch for the belt. Flair refuses, but promises Goldberg the chance to get his revenge on everyone whose cost him wrong. Flair announces tonight in Atlanta, Goldberg will wrestle Lex Luger of the Wolfpac. Should Goldberg win he will then get a number one contender’s match at Souled Out against Scott Hall. Flair then introduces Nash to his opponent tonight... Hollywood Hulk Hogan! The fans in Atlanta are on their feet as Hogan emerges from the entrance and walks down the aisle. Flair delivers a blockbuster match that will drive a huge wedge into the plans of the NWO.

Hogan and Nash have a stare down in the middle of the ring. Nash asks Hogan why he’s decided to come back to WCW after retiring and Hogan makes it clear that he has unfinished business. Part of the unfinished business is to walk away with the WCW World Title once again. The two of them continue their stare down as Flair walks out of the ring.


Match Three: TV Title – Scott Steiner(c) w. Buff Bagwell def. Konan
The NWO and the Wolfpac square off in the first of two matches signed between the two of them on Monday Nitro. Before the match, Scott Steiner enraged the crowd with a barrage of hurtful comments then started to belittle his partner, Buff Bagwell. Tensions between Steiner and Bagwell continued throughout the match with Konan. Konan hit the Tequila Sunrise on Steiner and covers him for a near fall as Bagwell watches on. Steiner gets up and slams Konan to the canvas then goes after Bagwell again. Buff, having enough walks out on Steiner who then focuses his attention back on Konan. Steiner hits the Steiner line and covers him for the win. Big Poppa Pump is still the TV Champion.

Steiner is handed the belt and goes after his longtime partner. The two of them have another confrontation up the ramp and Bagwell slugs Steiner across the face. Buff Daddy walks out on Steiner. Tony and the King are really questioning what is going on between the two of them. They ask Eric for his opinion, but Bischoff still refuses to talk.

Backstage: Hogan is getting his wrestling boots on when a few NWO Hollywood members join him. Horace, Vincent, Brian Adams, and Curt Henning all ask him about his return and his plans for the NWO moving forward. Hogan tells them that he’s back to bring the title back to the group and show Ric Flair who’s really in control around here. The locker room clears out and Nash stares Hogan down. He tells Hogan that the two of them need to talk. Hogan orders the NWO Black and White out and they shut the door.


Video: WCW returns to Pay-Per-View on January 17 with Souled Out live from Charleston, West Virginia.

Match Four: Goldberg def. Lex Luger w. Miss Elizabeth
An irate Goldberg destroys Luger in the opening minutes of the match, but with the help of Elizabeth, Luger is able to nail Goldberg with a low blow, and starts working on the mid section of the former champion. The fans in Atlanta are solidly behind their hometown boy as the “Goldberg” chants fill the stadium. Luger adds more insult to injury to the mid section of Goldberg with the use of a steel chair while Elizabeth distracts the referee. Luger dominates Goldberg and is about to put him in the torture rack when the arena goes pitch black. A scorpion appears on the screen with the message “2-21-99.” The lights come back on to a confused Total Package who has some words with the referee over the message. Luger turns around and is nailed with a spear by Goldberg who then follows through with a Jackhammer for the pin. Goldberg get s a one way ticket to Scott Hall at Souled Out.

Mean Gene waits at the entrance ramp to talk to Goldberg, but the former champion pushes past Oakerlund and heads to the locker room.

Backstage: Bret Hart takes out Chris Benoit in the locker room area. After making cheap cracks about Benoit, Hart makes his intentions clear, to cripple the crippler before Souled Out. Bret gets back up from the rest of his NWO colleagues minus Hollywood Hogan and Buff Bagwell. Steiner, Henning, and Horace help beat the pulp out of Benoit when Flair, Malenko, and Mongo race to his aid. A huge brawl between the NWO and the Horsemen go on backstage with the Horsemen being outnumbered. Buff Bagwell races in and takes out Scott Steiner, shocking the NWO and allowing the Four Horsemen to battle back. The NWO retreat as Flair, Malenko, Mongo, and Buff watch out for Benoit.

Backstage: Hogan is lacing up his boots when his son Nick comes in. Hogan asks his son what’s going on and his son tells him that it’s time to do the right thing. Hogan looks at his son with a confused look, and Nick hands him a red and yellow bandana.


Main Event: WCW World Heavyweight Championship – Hollywood Hogan def. Kevin Nash (c)
The fans in Atlanta are geared up for Hogan’s return to the wrestling ring as he prepares to take on the New WCW Champion. Hollywood Hogan marches out to “Voodoo Child” as the fans cheer for him. The boys from the Black and White follow out behind him, but Hogan stops and tells them that this is something he’s going to do on his own. Hogan looks like he’s in the best shape of his life as he prepares for the fight that fans have wanted to see since the NWO broke up. The Champion comes down with the Wolfpac music and poses for the fans. Hogan and Nash have a stare down again and Nash tells Hogan to do it. Hogan locks up with Nash and hits him with the finger poke of doom. Nash falls to the canvas as Tony and the Brain sit in disbelief. Hogan, torn up inside lays down on top of Nash for the cover, but just before Nick Patrick counts the 3 Hogan gets up from the pin. Nash is now shocked at what happened, but Hogan starts getting pumped up and rips his shirt off. Hogan points to Nash and motions that he’s going to break him in half. The real match now happens as Hogan and Nash lock up in the ring. Nash gets the better of Hogan in the early goings of the contest with Tony and the Brain questioning whether Hogan did the right thing by not taking the pin. Hogan is slammed into the corner with Nash drilling him with hard elbows across the face. Big Sexy is taking Hogan out in a big way with Hollywood being left helpless in the ring. Nash taunts Hogan, telling him that he had his chance and that he’s washed up, but Hogan starts fighting back. The two of them have a faceoff with Hogan getting the best of Big Sexy. Hollywood clotheslines Nash out of the ring and starts posing for fans like he used to. Nash is taking a long time to get in the ring, so Hogan goes out after and whips Nash into the ring steps then face first into the apron. Hogan rakes the eyes of the Giant Killer and rolls him back into the ring. The Hulkster drops a few elbows then covers Nash for a two count. Big Sexy starts getting his second wind and slams Hogan to the canvas with a side slam. Big Sexy regains control of the match and drops Hogan with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Hogan is pinned, but kicks out after 2. Hogan starts his Hulk up and Nash is left with a big boot to the face. Hogan slams him to the canvas, delivers the atomic leg drop and covers Big Sexy for the win. Hogan becomes the NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Hogan’s celebration in the ring is short lived however when he is nailed with a stun gun from Scott Hall. The Outsiders reunite with Nash using the stun gun on Hogan again. The Wolfpac come out as Luger and Konan join Nash in attacking Hogan. The Black and White come out what looked to be the aid of Hogan, but Bret Hart, Curt Henning, Brian Adams, Stevie Ray, and Scott Steiner all attacked the new World Champion. Kevin Nash Powerbombs Hogan once again then poses over his body with the World Title. A huge “Goldberg” chant rings out as he races to the ring to aid Hogan, but the NWO numbers outmatch Goldberg. Bischoff finally breaks his silence and comments on how you just don’t mess with New World Order. Hogan and Goldberg are getting what they deserve.

WCW Presents
Souled Out

Number One Contender’s Match
Goldberg vs. Scott Hall

WCW United States Championship
Bret Hart (c) vs. Chris Benoit​

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WCW Thunder
Live from Richmond, Virginia

Video Recap: Ric Flair becomes President of WCW, Eric Bischoff demoted to broadcast journalist, Hogan becomes the WCW Champion and gets taken out by the NWO and the Wolfpac.

Thunder kicks off with Mean Gene Oakerlund standing in the ring with the Nature Boy Ric Flair. The President of WCW talks about the events which transpired on Monday with Hogan becoming the new champion. Flair immediately praises Hogan for his win, and condemns the New World Order and the Wolfpac for their actions all night. The NWO theme music plays as the combined forces of the Black, Red, and White head down to the ring with Kevin Nash leading the charge. Nash gets in the face of the Nature Boy and demands his rematch against Hollywood Hogan tonight on Thunder. Flair refuses to give in and comments on how the NWO is quick to jump to the next man as soon as the goings get tough. Flair books Nash in the main event tonight, but guarantees that it isn’t against Hogan, but rather the man he cheated out of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in the first place. Flair announces Nash and Goldberg tonight in a steel cage contest. Before leaving, Flair also announces that the special referee for the contest is the Macho Man Randy Savage. Fans in Richmond feel the hype of a very special Thunder as the Nature Boy heads to the back.


Backstage: Big Sexy is with the New World Order members; Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, The Giant, Stevie Ray, Curt Henning, Bret Hart, Disco Inferno, Lex Luger, and Konan. Nash makes it clear that he’s now in charge and it’s high time for the NWO to reclaim this company. He tells all of the boys that they are either with the New World Order or they’re against. Tonight is an important night for them. He leads the troops out, but the Giant stays back for a bit, and shows some reluctance.

Match One: The Cat, Earnest Miller def. Perry Saturn
Saturn puts on a fantastic showing against the Cat, but tensions build between Saturn and referee Scott Dickinson as the match continues. The Cat is given a suplex clinic by Saturn who then slaps his patent Submission hold on him. The Cat is about to tap out when Christ Jericho comes down and interrupts the match. Saturn is distracted by Jericho, allowing the Cat to roll him up for a fast count.

After the match, Saturn chases Jericho to the back, but isn’t able to catch him.

Video: Raven returns to WCW at Souled Out…Quote the Raven Nevermore.


Backstage: Ric Flair calls Curt Henning into his office. The two of them talk about Henning’s involvement with the NWO. Flair believes that Henning is far better than what the New World Order has to offer. Flair cites the perfect matches Henning has had with Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Macho Man, and even the Nature Boy. Flair believes that Henning stands for a lot more than just a chain gang that goes around harassing other wrestlers. Flair offers Henning a better spot and raises his four fingers as a gesture to the Horsemen.

Match Two: Non-title Match – Dean Malenko def. Bret Hart (c)
The US Champion dominates the Iceman in the early goings of the match, but Dean Malenko bounces back with a strong offense in a spectacular technical contest. Malenko keeps Hart grounded, forcing the Hitman to resort to dirty tricks to regain the momentum. Hart slaps the Figure Four around the ring post, but the pain still wasn’t enough to keep Dean Malenko down. The Iceman countered a sharpshooter with his Texas Cloverleaf, and picks up the win.

In seeking retribution for Hart’s actions towards Benoit on Monday Night, Malenko refuses to release the hold after the referee’s orders. Dean is pulled off by security.

Backstage: Mean Gene Oakerlund interviews The Total Package Lex Luger and Elizabeth. They discuss the message apparently sent from the Stinger on Monday Night with the date being Superbrawl. Luger is sure that the message was meant for Goldberg. He is confident that he and the Stinger are blood brothers for life just like the NWO. A package arrives for Luger in the middle of the interview. Luger opens up the package and finds a black baseball bat. The Total Package is left wondering what is going on.


The Television Champion, Big Poppa Pump comes out to the ring and calls out Buff Bagwell. Steiner badmouths Bagwell and talks about what being a real man and a real champion is all about. He knows that Buff Bagwell is nothing and means nothing to WCW. Steiner is a multi-time champion and has travelled the world while Bagwell has followed in his shadow. Buff Daddy comes down to the ring and gets in the face of Scott Steiner. The two share insults back and forth before finally starting to brawl in the ring. Security comes and breaks the two of them up momentarily, but the brawling continues again. The President of WCW makes his way out and announces that the two of them will square off at Souled Out for the WCW Television Championship.

Video: On January 17 WCW returns to Pay-Per-View with Souled Out.


Match Three: Booker T def. Fit Finlay
Finaly and Booker square off in the ring with the Irish grappler taking the fight to Booker. Finlay drops Booker T to the canvas with a side slam and delivers a few great blows. Booker fights back and hits Finlay with a series of kicks and punches before dropping him with a DDT. Booker dives off the top with a missile dropkick and covers him for a near fall. The match ends with Booker hitting the Harlem Hangover and covering Finlay for the pin.

Booker’s hand is raised in the air and he prepares to leave the ring when the Wolfpac enters the arena. Nash and the Wolfpac start ganging up on Booker. They start beating Booker T in the middle of the ring, but Booker holds his own and starts taking out the Wolfpac. Nash calls for his reinforcements and the Black and White members come down to the ring. Stevie Ray watches on as his brother is getting decimated in the ring by the NWO. Nash hands Stevie Ray a led pipe and orders him to use it on his brother, but having second thoughts, Stevie Ray throws the pipe down and walks out on the attack. The New World Order leaves the ring with Booker T a beat up mess.

Backstage: Mean Gene interviews Chris Jericho and Ralphus. Jericho promises that 1999 will be the year of the lionheart. Jericho promises that he is the Millennium and the future of the WCW. He’s going to do the unthinkable and become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He will be the people’s champion. Mean Gene thinks that Jericho has big ambitions, but wishes him the best of luck in his quest for the World Title.


Match Four: Disco Inferno def. Chavo Guerrero
Chavo and Disco fight back and forth in and around the ring. Chavo is about to put Disco away when Norman Smiley comes down and dances with Pepe. Chavo is distracted by Smiley long enough for Disco to roll him up for a pin.

Backstage: Nash is preparing for his main event contest and confronts the Giant. He tells the Giant that he’s hoping the Giant will have his back tonight. Nash promises big things will come to the Giant for sticking with the NWO, but the Giant refuses to guarantee his support of Nash.


Match Five: Steel Cage Match – Goldberg def. Nash w. Savage as Guest Referee
The cage serves as a cell to keep the New World Order out while Goldberg and Nash fight it out in the ring. The match is stacked against Nash with the Macho Man in the ring as the referee, but that doesn’t stop Big Sexy from getting the better of Goldberg for the first moments of the match. Nash whips Goldberg into the steel cage repeatedly before slamming him to the canvas with a side slam. Nash isolates Goldberg and drives stiff rights into the side of Goldberg’s head then chokes him out with a boot to the throat. Savage pulls him off and Nash gets in the face of the referee. Goldberg fights back against Nash and the match turns to the favour of the former World Champion as Goldberg beats Nash down. The New World Order starts getting involved as Goldberg gets the better of Nash, but Savage keeps them out of the ring. The Giant slowly makes his way down as Scott Hall starts climbing the cage to get in. The Giant pulls Hall off the cage and chokeslams him to the arena floor as fans cheer for the Giant. The big man takes the NWO out as Goldberg beats Nash within an inch of his life on the inside of the Cage. Goldberg slams Nash to the canvas with a Jackhammer and orders the Macho Man to unlock the cage door. Goldberg walks out of the cage for the win.

Thunder ends with Savage, Goldberg, and the Giant leaving the ring together as the New World Order check on Nash in the middle of the ring. The Nature Boy Ric Flair comes out to the arena and announces that Souled Out is going to be the nail in the coffin of the New World Order. Flair announces that as the pay-per-view is shaping up every match on the card is WCW vs. NWO and at Souled Out every match will be a winner-take-all. Should WCW win the most matches the NWO will be forced to disband permanently, while if NWO wins the majority of the matches on the card then they will have complete control of the company and the Nature Boy will walk away. Flair announces that the Main Event is team NWO vs. team WCW in elimination Match. Team WCW will be led by the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. While team NWO will be captained by Kevin Nash.

WCW Presents
Souled Out

Main Event

Hollywood Hogan/???/???/??? vs. Kevin Nash/???/???/???

Number One Contender’s Match
Goldberg vs. Scott Hall

WCW United States Championship
Bret Hart (c) vs. Chris Benoit

WCW Television Championship
Scott Steiner (c) vs. Buff Bagwell​

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Talent Roster 1999

Barry Windham
Billy Kidman Cruiserweight Champion
Booker T
Bret Hart *NWO* United States Champion
Brian Adam *NWO*
Buff Bagwell
The Cat
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Kanyon
Curt Henning *NWO*
Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page
Disco Inferno *NWO*
Eddie Guerrero
Fit Finlay
The Giant
Hollywood Hulk Hogan WCW World Heavyweight Champion
Juventud Guerrera
Kevin Nash *NWO*
Lex Luger *NWO*
Norman Smiley
Perry Saturn
Randy Macho Man Savage
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Ric Flair
Rick Steiner
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Scott Hall *NWO*
Scott Steiner *NWO* Television Champion
Steve Mongo McMichael
Stevie Ray
Vincent *NWO*

Arn Anderson
Bobby Heenan
David Penzer
Dusty Rhodes
Eric Bischoff
Gene Oakerlund
Jimmy Hart
Michael Buffer
Nick Patrick
Randy Anderson
Scott Dickenson
Tony Schaivone
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