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Okay here we go...

Opening Credits play...
Opening Credits play...

Pyro's explode across the arena as the music hits (New SD Theme)

J.R : Welcome to the 1st Edition of WCA Velocity!
King: I can’t wait JR, I want to see some puppies
J.R: Calm down King!

''Booker T music Hits''

JR: Looks like were going to be joined by the 5 time WCW Champion Booker T!
King: Can you dig that JR?
J.R: I sure can.
J.R: So Booker, What brings you out here tonight?
Booker: Well its real easy JR the only reason im out here is to scout on this matchup, because i know these 2 sucka's want my U.S Title.
J.R: I see.

No.1 Contenders Match: Lance Storm V Goldust

** Lance Storm's music plays the system **
Lillian Garcia: First, From Calgary, Alberta, Canada weighing in at 240 pounds Lance Storm!
** As Storm makes his way down the the ring he takes a look at Booker, A hand gestures at the US Title **
Lance: Make the most of the title Booker! Cause im coming for you..
** Lance continues and enters the ring waiting for his opponent for the No.1 contenders match for the US title.
** A Shattered Dreams Production Plays **
Lillian : And now his opponent, weighing in at 250 pounds, Goldust!
Booker: Theres my man!
J.R: It’s the bizarre one King
King: He hasn't got a chance in hell in this matchup, Ah Ha.
** Goldust enters the Ring and goes Face 2 Face with Lance, Both men staring at each other **
J.R: No doubt this matchup will boost their careers
Booker: My Main man Goldie is going to kick that punk ass of Storm's.
** The Bell Rings **
Both men square off trying to get the advantage over the other, Storm wins it with body shot to Goldust, Lance whips goldust to the ropes but Goldust comes flying back with a clothesline,
Jr: What a thunderous clothesline!
King: That almost took his head off
Goldust now goes to work on Lance knee with a submission, Lance try’s to find a way to fight off it off, a reverse kicks Goldust back in the face, Goldust then plants a DDT!,
JR: Goldust has the upper hand right now
King: Come on Storm
Goldust attempts the suplex, but once again it’s been reversed as Goldust goes up and then slammed down to the mat by Storm as he goes for the cover! 1...2.. but goldust gets his left shoulder up to the most frustration on Storm's face.
Jr: Wait, Where’s Lance going!?
King: Leave him alone
** Storm heads over the Announcers table and grabs the Ring Bell **
** Booker Leaves commentary and runs down to the Ring and goes to Ringside in Goldusts corner **
The Referee notices the ring bell in Storms hands, And yanks it straight off him, Booker enters the ring looking for the clothesline, Lance ducks under as Booker knocks out the Ref,
Jr: Damn, Theres no Ref
Booker checks the Ref, Meanwhile from behide Storm clobbers Booker with the Bell as he falls out of the ring between the middle rope,
King: Ref and Booker are down!
JR: Its carnage
Wait now Goldust comes flying back with a clotheslines followed by a suplex and now attempts the curtain call!, But lance low blow from behide, and a school boy pin, the ref up..1...2...3,
JR: Damn
** Booker doesn't manage to get their in time to save his partner **
Lance leaves the ring quickly and celebrates up the ramp.
King: Well we have a No.1 contender for the title now...

** The Titantron turns to the Backstage Arena in the parking Lot **
** A long black Limo pulls up and Out comes Linda! **
JR: OMG King, Its Linda McMahon the C.E.O of the WCA
King: What is she doing here!?!?
Jr: It looks like she’s on her way out here!
** Just moments later Linda music hits the system **
Lillian: Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome the CEO of the WCA, Linda McMahon...
** Roar of the Crowd throughout the whole arena **
Linda makes doesn't waste time getting into the ring, as she grabs the microphone.
''Hello All, Im here to make a special announcement''
''I’m not going to stay here long, cause im going to let this certain individual do all the talking''
''Now let me introduce you to our new WCA Commissioner Mick Foley!!!!!!''
** Mick's Music Plays **
** As Linda hands over the mic to Foley half way down the ramp **
** Linda waves and leaves the Arena **
''Well it’s sure good to be back!''
''Theres a few things im looking forward to and set myself some objectives, 1. To make this the best show on TV at the moment, 2. Make the most entertaining as much wrestling matches as i can, and that’s were im going to start, As we all noticed just before Linda arrived there was an No.1 contenders match and the outcome was Lance winning well seems as im commish im going to make my first official matchup @ Rebellion were going to have Lance Storm V Booker T for the US Title, And its a Hardcore match!, Have a Nice Day!''

Jr: What a bombshell!
King: I still can’t believe he's here

-------------- Goes to Break -----------------
Chris Jericho V Scott Steiner

** Chris Jericho ''Break the Walls Down'' Hits the arena **
Jr: Here comes the biggest assclown
King: Shut up, JR!
**Jericho walks a slow and cocky pace towards the ring **
Lillian: First, From, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada weighing in at 231 pounds ''Y2J'' Chris Jericho.
** Chris walks around the ring waiting for his opponent **
** Steiner’s Music Hits **
Jr: Here comes Freak Zilla!
King: His got his Freaks and his Peeps, Ha-Ha
Lillian: Secondly, His opponent, weighing in at 255 pounds Scott Steiner,
* Steiner wastes no time getting into the ring **
Both men tie up and a strength contest it looks like, Steiner wins it, knee to the gut of Jericho was Steiner gave him a very strong wipe right across the ring, Jericho ducks and comes back with a flying clothes and goes for a quick pin..1.., Steiner gets the shoulders up even before the 2 count, and lifts Jericho off with scary power.
Jericho looks for the walls of Jericho whilst Steiner is in the pinning position on the mat, but he refuses to let Jericho lock in his signature move!, Steiner with a kick the face manages to lift off the mat and land a perfect ddt that planted Y2J straight down, As Steiner starts to do his press-ups taunting Jericho.
Both men seem to been worn away with each others moves, Jericho whips Steiner very powerfully, Steiner comes back with a strong and fierce shoulder block to Jericho, goes for the cover 1...2.., and a kick out a near fall of Scott right there, Then a double dropkick out of no where leaves both men down as the ref starts to signal the 10 count, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7, at the this point both men seem to be finding the footing, 8...9..and there up and Steiner goes for the punch Jericho blocks its and performs a beautiful spinning wheel kick to Steiner, Steiner into the turnbuckle Jericho runs at full force Steiner moves out of the way, Steiner with the roll up pin out of nowhere!, 1..2...3., Steiner graps the win in a superb battle between the two,
Lillian: Here is your winner, Scott Steiner!
** Steiner poses on the turnbuckle and then makes his way to the back up the ramp, As a very frustrated Y2J was left wondering in the ring. **

Jr: I hear we've got the coach standing by backstage with the WWE Champ Kurt
King: This'll be interesting....
Coach: Yes Jr thanks, Well Kurt how are you?
Kurt: Shut up Coach, I’m basically here to tell you im throwing out an open challenge to any superstar on the Velocity brand,
Coach: Well that’s huge news
** Team Angle appears on the scene **
Haas: Come on Kurt, I’m in Singles action next against Hurricane
Kurt: Right.
** Team Angle leave the scene with Kurt **
Jr: Well that is huge news King, An open challenge tonight!
King: Cant wait JR, Wonder who'll accept it??

---------------- Goes to Break ---------------------
Charlie Haas V The Hurricane

** Team Angle Hit the Arena, Music played on the PA system **
Along with WWE Champion Kurt Angle, First he's 1 of half of the Tag Team Champions, From Edmond, Okla weighing in at 242 pounds...Charlie Haas.
* All 3 members of Team Angle walk down ramp, As Haas enters ring and Kurt & Shelton surround the ring.
** ''Stand Back there’s a Hurricane coming through'' **
Lillian: And his opponent from Raleigh, NC, weighing in at 191 pounds, The Hurricane!
Jr: Hurricane has the odds stacked up against him tonight
King: Team Angle are the future of this Company
Jr: I never said they weren't.
** Hurricane Enters Ring **
Hurricane circles the ring keeping his eyes out as Kurt and Shelton surround the ring, Kurt comes in a little and hurricane catches him!
King: What a Cheap Shot!,
But now a clothesline when behide by Haas on a distracted Hurricane, He forces Hurricane into the turnbuckle corner, and starts going gut shots continually and then whips across to the other side, Haas looking very dominate as he poses to the crowd to the delight of Kurt the Team Angle leader, but he's quickly shouting ''Get back on Him'' as Haas does exactly that as Hurricane as laid out on the mat, Haas is looking the ''Haas of Pain'' but Hurricane gets out of it, Hurricane now fighting for all he's got left in him
Jr: What a great heart this guy has!!
But Haas soon stops the momentum of Hurricane with knee's to the stomach, He whips to the side, Kurt does a low bridge as Hurricane fly’s out of the ring, Haas distracts the Ref as Kurt and Shelton take advantage on the outside, Shelton pushes him back into the ring, Haas looking for the suxplex Hurricane ducks and looks for the Hurra Slam, And connects it, Kurt and Shelton come into the ring and start beating up Hurricane, The bell continues to ring as the assault continues, But wait!....Spike appears at the top of the ramp sprints into the ring as Team Angle clear out and head up the ramp, Spike and the brutal Hurricane left in the ring.
** Camera goes backstage **
Hurricane and Spike come up to this newly founded office of Commissioner Foley,

Foley: Hey Guys, What can i do for you?
Spike: Well you saw what happened out there right?
Foley: Of course!, There was no need for it
Spike: Exactly, So im here to ask you if you can make a match next week right now on Velocity?
Foley: You know what?, That’s what im going to do, In 1 corner we'll have the Team of Hurricane and Spike and in the other Corner we have Team Angle, Its going to be for the Tag Championship right here next week! Have a Nice Day!!!
Jr: Whoa, Another match has been signed by Foley
King: I’m not liking his decisions! He's an awful commissioner what was Linda thinking??

------------- Goes to Break ---------------

JR: Welcome back in JR alongside we've had a pretty interesting night, of course the bombshell of Commissioner Foley returning by Linda McMahon, We've got 1 match made for WCA's first PPV Rebellion which will feature Lance Storm V Booker T - For the US Title.
King: Just think about it JR if Lance win's he'll be a double champion!
Jr: He could well be.....
King: Oh baby, I can’t wait.
Jr: Were getting ready for Singles action now, but before we do so were heading backstage for some more comments by Coach...
Coach: That’s right Jr, Im here with Team Angle, Team Angle my question is what are you reactions to Foley's decision which took place not long ago this evening?
Shelton: Hurricane got what was coming to him, As for Spike he had no business coming down there and interfering...
Coach: But.., you were beating the living day lights out of Hurricane!
Haas: That’s were your wrong coach!, Look we don’t have time to rabble on to the likes of yourself..
** Team Angle leave backstage **

Big Show V Kane

** ''Well, It’s the Big Show!'' hits the sound system **
Lillian : The following matchup is scheduled for 1 fall,
First weighing in at 500 pounds, From Tampa, Fla, The. Big Show!
** Pyros explode as the 500 pound monster makes his way to the Ring and Then again once in the Ring **
Jr: Big Show set to go 1 on 1 with Kane....
King: This is going to be awesome, 2 giants of the WCA colliding!
** Once pyro's explode as Kane makes his way down the Ramp **
Slowing and Taunting walk by Kane
King: This is sending shivers down my spine!
Jr: And there they are.
Both Kane and big show stare down and up against each other, Big show attempts the first shot but gets blocked by Kane, Kane follows it up with a almighty upper thrust to the throat of the big show, Kane whips show looking for the Big boot but show still standing ducks then follows up with a powerful clothesline delivered to Kane.
Both men still standing tall after giving out a lot of punishment, Big show attempts to deliver the suplex and Kane manages to reverse and some how pull of devastating sidewalk slam and covers show for the pin, 1..2, and a shoulder up by the 500 pound monster.
A frustrated Big show comes to ringside and picks up a steal chair and throws it into the ring, Senior referee refuses to let Show use it, He holds the chair ready to strike but Kane a massive dropkick to the face, a stunned Show turns round and Kane follows up with the choke slam!, 1...2...3!
Lillian: Here is your winner, Kane!

---------- Goes to Break ------------

Jr: Welcome back all, and King were getting ready for our Main Event, Kurt Angle has laid down an open challenge for the WWE Championship
King: Who would have the nerve to beat our Olympic gold medallist!?

Kurt's Open Challenge

** Kurt’s music Hits, Pyro's explode multiple times! **
The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is for the WCA Championship!
First, Weighing in at 220 pounds from Pittsburgh, He is the WCA Champion....Kurt Angle!
** Kurt with no members of Team Angle with him makes his way to the Ring **
** Grabs the Mic **
Kurt: As you all know, I Kurt your Olympic Gold Medallist in the WWE has issue and open challenge to any WCA Superstar back there all the lockerooms, So without further wait lets get this away...
** Seconds pass and yet theres no answer from anyone.... **
Kurt: Well it seems like know one is wanting to Face me, I can see why though, Im to freakin good...
** Bang! **
** The Titantron Says: ''He's Coming, An Unstoppable Force, Beware of the Danger!''
** Angle looks confused and it’s what’s going on with the senior referee Earl Heber **

Then at the top of the Entrance, Stands Sean O Haire!
Makes his entrance...
Sean O Haire: Look im not the one who's dealing with that crap which appeared just then, I've no idea but im out hear for one reason only and that’s a shot at your WCA Title..
Kurt: Oh really is that True?
Sean O Haire: Damn right!
** Kurt with a cheap shot **
** The bell rings and the match begins **
Kurt takes the early advantage which heavy body shots to Sean, He whips but reverse by Sean delivering a clothesline Kurt gets straight back up only to get knocked down again, Sean begins to work away on Kurt with continuous kicks to the stomach on the mat with Kurt not getting a chance to get up into the matchup.
The Ref looks away for 1 moment and Kurt takes advantage for 1 second and gives Sean o low blow and has slowed down his pace Kurt the follows up with a devastating over head belly to belly suplex, then a hanging suplex the champion begins to pick up the pace and looks strong at this point.
Whilst Kurt picks Sean up from the mat, He quickly gives Kurt a moment and gives a school by pin, 1..2, Kurt kicking out just, but is worried cause there’s still some life left in Sean, Sean begins to fight back with punches from the left and right hands, as the crowd begin to get behide him, WCA Title is on the line!
Jr: We'll be right back!

--------- Goes to Break --------------

Jr: Both men just about finding their grip
King: This is so intense Jr!
Referee's count is up to 5, now, 6...7....8...9 and both men fight back punching back and forth but Kurt gets the upper hand and Angle slam! Angleslam!, He doesn't go straight for the cover but does now..1...2.. Oh!, Its not over Sean gets his left shoulder up to the delight of the fans supporting him, but suddenly boo's sound around the arena.
Its Team Angle making their way down to the Ring, Shelton up onto the apron distracts the Ref, Charlie Hass tosses the chair into the ring, Kurt nails Sean O Haire with the chair what a vile shot, Ref didn't see a thing, Kurt covers 1...2...3
Lillian: Your winner and still WCA Champion. Kurt Angle!
** Haas and Shelton enter and double team Sean **
Jr: Wait!, Wait!, Wait!, Its Spike and Hurricane who were Assault by Team Angle earlier!
King: What are they doing here!?!
Hurricane, Hurra Slam delivered to Haas!, And Spike taunts up Shelton..Dud..Dud..Dudley Dog!!
Hurricane and Spike clear the ring once again, These 2 meet for the title next week King!
King: Their going to pay for this!
Jr: I am JR and The King, Goodnight!
** Closing music and Credits appear **
WCA © 2003.
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Nice show, but you need to make it more easyer to read with the match on top of the start of the match, and space it out a bit, anyway the promos are real cool, and so are the matches and the comenetry is just like Jr and King, i grade it A to A+ cause its really cool. for your first show at least.

BTB Hall of Famer
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Pretty dificult to read but it was good.

Promos, Matches were good but as I said it was difficult to read but I don't mind.

Overall Grade: A

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Does anyone want to help me with my Raw show which takes place on Mondays? Cause after this week has ago i'm going strugle to find time, but Velocity is on a weekend so i can still does this show,
If you can that'll be great thanks.

(Thanks for grade A-Dust)
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