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I've been wondering about something for a while,What was&has been your status as a fan for a wrestler?Over time a ton of things can change for a fan cause you get bored of a character or perhaps knowing something personal about your favorite guys make you wonder IF you still care or not!,Some of my examples are..

Hulk Hogan-I started watching the WWF at the age of 1 in 1986 and it was cause of Hogan,He was my hero until the early 90's when I started getting into other wrestlers/characters like Savage/Warrior&Taker and Sting in WCW my love for Hogan started fading,Hogan went to WCW and it was alright and then the nWo started..I thought is was BS Hogan went bad But soon after I started marking out for the group and Hollywood Hogan became my favorite Hogan,He came back to the WWE for his'02-'04 run and I was like a kid again But then I was like'meh"by the time he faced HBK then latter on Orton,I was ok with him in TNA until the"They"crap started!

Savage-As a kid I thought he was dumb&annoying But I f'n loved the Mega Powers,I was crazy for him after that until WCW shortly after the DDP feud and I just got tired of him cause I was marking for others in wrestling,Became a fan again in late'99 with him&Sid teaming up,Marked the ***** out when he appeared in TNA!

Ultimate Warrior-Didn't like him much until he defeated Hogan at WM,Got into him until when he left&returned with short hair,When he returned in WCW I was f'n hyped But after his Halloween Havok match I was like"eh whatever"!

HBK-Loved him as the Rockers But hated him when he turned and he was just alright to me until he made DX,Been a mark for him him non-stop since then!

Rock-Loved him as Maivia,Hated him after that until Rock&Sock connection,Loved him ever since!

Austin-Hollywood Blonde annoyed me,ECW Austin was OK,Kinda liked him as Ringmaster,Stone Cold was alright then loved him when he started his feud with Vince,HUGE fan until he turned heel&became a p***y with Angle,Loved it so much when he went back to true Stone Cold and atill been a fan ever since!

Kurt Angle-He was alright when he first came in and after he won the European title..He's been my favorite wrestler in the US ever since!

Jericho-Hated him in ECW&WCW,Loved him ever since he became Y2J!

Eddie Guerrero-Liked him in ECW,Hated him in WCW,Loved him once he became Latino Heat with Chyna in WWF,Loved him since then!

Triple H-Hated him as fancy snob Hunter,Liked him a bit inDX,Been a mark for him ever since new DX with X-Pac!

Big Show-Loved him since WCW

DDP-Loved him in all of WCW,Hated him in WWE

Booker T-Liked him in Harlem Heat,Became a bigger fan when he was Commando Bro,I dug him as WCW champ,Loved him in WWF,Hated King Bookah,Alright when debuted in TNA,Loved him in Mafia!

Cena-Not into him much as prototype,Loved him as Dr.of Thugonomics,Hated him until the Rock match build up..Been mixed on him since!

Orton-Didn't like him much when he debuted,Been a big fan of his since Evolution!

Mark Henry-Didn't care for him in NOD,Liked him as Sexual Chocolate,Hated him until recently with Hall of Pain!

Kane-Loved him until he went mask-less,Mixed on him until got the new mask,Am really liking him so far!

Taker-Always loved him as Taker..Especially Biker Taker!

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Daniel Bryan - My favourite wrestler in the company. I remember he got fired from WWE 2 years ago and I was checking the internet every day to see if he was gonna get rehired. I remember predicting he would be the mystery guy at Summerslam and I marked out like a 5 year old when it happened. Usually I don't care who wins the matches as long as the storyline is good. But in D-Bryans matches, I'm always cheering him on and hoping he'll win.

CM Punk - Didn't like him at first but I always thought he was a good wrestler. Then I met him in real life and he made me a fan. The SES was awesome.

Brock Lesnar - I know he seems like a prick in real life but I can't help but cheer whenever he gives someone a beating. I was a big fan in 2003-ish and I even followed him over to the UFC. I marked out when he came back to wrestling.
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