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Was Sheamus Addressed on RAW?

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I don't really remember anybody talking about Sheamus injuring Triple H. Didn't he shelve Triple H for 9 or 10 months? I just figured that would have been talked about. Instead of a Sheamus/Mark Henry match, Sheamus should have been allowed to do a brief 4 or 5 minute promo addressing that. It was a talk heavy show anyhow.
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I wondered the same thing...not to mention that Sheamus' match immediately followed the Triple H/Taker segment.

Probably going to be another thing that WWE just DOESN'T address. Stupid.

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Kane & Nexus weren't addressed either (in relation to burying Taker)
I'm sure it'll all unravel into obscurity and pointlessness either before or after WM27 is done...

HHH and Taker vs Sheamus and Kane in a Tag Team match maybe?? That'd be a typically worthless match where a feud (or in this case, two) is (are) brought to a meaningless just for the sake of pushing a new feud a little further...
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