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Was pairing up with Cesaro a bad move for Swagger?

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It might be to early to tell, but I'm gonna have to say in the long run yes. After they disband it will be clearer to tell, but I really don't think their pairing has benefitted him and his career. Now, if they had had the tag titles I would say yes, especially if it was a successful and exciting reign, but we're obviously not getting that.

Another thing I'd like to point out is what happens after the Real Americans disband. It's obvious Cesaro is the more over and popular of the two both with the fans and the WWE, but logic would tell us that a Cesaro vs Swagger feud could be amazing to see in the ring. However, I seriously doubt the WWE has any intention of really letting these two go at each other. Which goes to my next point, I think it's very possible that Swagger could end up at the bottom of the card after Cesaro squashes him. Which, obviously, is not good.

Initially and even now I enjoy them as a team and they've exceeded my expectations, even if the RAs will never be properly utilized. However, I think it could prove to be the nail in the coffin of Swagger's relevance/career at this point. Cesaro's basically, in my eyes, sucked any possibility out of Swagger really getting anything thrown to him in the future (although it's obviously not on the fault of Cesaro whatsoever). This isn't to say I don't like or enjoy Cesaro, I do as much as any member of the IWC, but it's obvious who I like and value more.

So what about you guys? How do you think Cesaro's influence has/will affect Swagger's career? What's next for Swagger? What's next for Cesaro? Has Swagger benefited or suffered because of Cesaro?
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Well IMO generally wrestlers are better off alone. It's like with the Shield, one guy will always suck the potential out of the other(s) one(s) by design or by luck. Here I'm not sayin Swagger has had that much potential before RA but he was still somewhat relevant, had programs with Del rio and Ziggler over the WHC. Now when the RA dissolution Cesaro might take that spot.
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