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Was Hogan bigger than Brock

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I was watching some footage of them and started wondering was hogan in his prime bigger than Brock in his prime. It seems like hogan is a bit taller. I also looked up hogans billed weight which was around 300 lbs . I don’t know if that right but. What do u guys think


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At peak yes

Hogan was legit 6'5 and 295lb late 70s/early 80s

Brock 6'2 and 282lb at peak
Brock’s 6’3 and for much of his career was 295lbs as well. He only really started slimming down to make the 265lb limit in UFC. So at his Peak Hogan was obviously still taller but not “bigger” by any meaningful amount. Very close to the same size, one way or the other.
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