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I always took "The Artist Formerly Known" gimmick as Dustin's way to try and reinvent himself.

His Goldust character was hot as anything when he debuted in 1995... but I later heard that WWE stopped pushing him because of how controversial the character was. By mid 1997, I looked at him as a permanent mid carder with a gimmick that had run it's course.

In 1998, I believe he was just trying to go with more of an "edgy/rebel" appearance to try and reinvent himself with the fans. It was not getting over at all. He all the sudden went from being a mid carder down to a character you would expect to see on shotgun Saturday night instead of the marquee shows.

It was just a rough time for his character in my opinion, and he was just trying to find something fresh that would work.

After some time went by, I guess a version of the original Goldust seemed to be what made the most sense for Dustin. I don't think anyone else could do a character like that better than him.

Just the way I always look at that time frame for Dustin.
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