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was booker T wasted?

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ok so nexus have the ring covered.

q booker T's music - can you dig it suckahhhhhh

then instead of him sprinting to the ring keeps the music running for 80 or so seconds while booker takes a slow walk. you can tell the intensity in his eyes hes waiting for back up from the next entrant. cenas music hits they both enter together to take on nexus (booker and cena so much better then superman himself)

punk doesnt neccesarily have to go out he can roll under the bottom rope and enter later after a beatdown

then stare down in front of the wrestlemania sign

although booker was never gonna win he could of easily put someone else over by themself instead of being thrown to a pack of wolfs who really didnt need it. bookers exit put over no one imo
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He came back, with the big surprise pop, got the crowd hot, cleaned house for a bit hitting the trademark jumping kick, scissors kick and Book End, got another big pop for the Spinaroonie, before getting destroyed by the big heel stable and put more heat on them. Probably got a pretty decent pay cheque for it, too. I'd say he was used pretty much perfectly, IMO.

Incidentally, Striker's "I'm marking out, bro!" moment was pretty awesome.
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