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Wait, so is it Ziggler/Ryder for WrestleMania next year?

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Apparently both men will be facing at WrestleMania 29 for the Internet Championship? Also saw it on this report:

Source: wrestlingnewssource.com:

During the recent edition of Z! True Long Island Story, Zack Ryder revealed that he had been issued a challenge by Dolph Ziggler for his custom "Internet Championship" as part of next year's WWE WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view event.
According to sources, this challenge reportedly stems from both individuals working matches on WWE Superstars this week.
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i think that it may happen, but not for the internet championship; however, as both of them were on there complaining about Superstars appearances and not being used properly i think there may me more to it; Either a feud for another title ie us title again, or perhaps even an alliance to get themselves back on TV more (although this means a heel turn for Ryder or face turn for Ziggler (wont happen) )

found it interesting that at a houseshow (and YES i know it was only a houseshow) that Ziggler used Mason Ryan as his bodyguard against Cena (after wrestling him of course on Superstars) im just hoping that he may begin to break away from vickie even if it means an alliance with someeone like Ryan (which would help Ryan as well)

Of course, i probably am talking a load of rubbish :D
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