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Wade Barrett Interview

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LMAO at Slater.
- WWE breakout star Wade Barrett is aware of the rumors linking him with a match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 27, but it isn't something that WWE has proposed to him according to the Corre member.

"That's not the case. I've had people Tweeting those rumors. I've certainly not heard that (from WWE). At the moment, certainly nothing has been organized," Barrett said, while also indicating he would gladly accept the match if it were offered to him.

Barrett addressed the rumor in an interview with Philadelphia radio host Brian Soscia. Below are additional highlights from his 20-minute discussion which is available at MixPhiladelphia.com:

Corre Spelling: "We sent Heath Slater to the place to register trademarks and Heath isn't the best at spelling. Then, we were set with Corre with two r's,"

Chris Jericho: "He was doing everything he could to make me look good and get over with that crowd when it had absolutely no benefit to him at the time."

Nexus's First Night on RAW: "We went through it that day exactly what we were going to do. We didn't realize the kind of impact it would have," he said. "We didn't appreciate how it would look to the fans seeing the ring torn down. We knew it would be big, but we didn't anticipate the reaction it would get."
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LOL love the Slater comment!

As a Jericho mark, I always enjoy seeing him get props from other guys who acknowledge the work he puts in to get others over. Wade was going to get over on his own with the talent he has, but seeing him recognize that Jericho sped up the process is cool.
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