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Wade Barrett at summerslam

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Piers morgan has tweeted pics with him, possible return?
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Re: Wade barrett at summerslam

For anybody like me who just thought "I had to see that picture!"
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Re: Wade barrett at summerslam

Great pic.
I don't see how Barrett taking a picture with Morgan correlates to a SummerSlam return but he should be back soon based on the hype WWE are building with the return videos on TV every week.
I think he is scheduled for Summerslam Axxes as is many other guys who are not on the Summerslam card. I am not saying he won't come back but almost every superstars heads to Summerslam axxes and their pre-show party. He should be returning anytime soon though so he might come back at Summerslam and I would like to see him come back at Summerslam as well.
Piers Morgan is such a twat. Would gladly pay to see Barrett Wasteland the slimy prick....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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