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tbh i don't mind but Rey better put Barrett over .
I don't mind Rey, and he's obviously very over, but one thing about him is that I don't think him jobbing to a guy like Wade Barret does all that much for Barret.

Rey winning can definitely make people look weak, (CM Punk, Jack Swagger) but no matter how much I suspend disbelief, Rey at 5'6/5'7 doesn't look like he should be able to dominate a guy like Barret. If anything, if Rey wins at all, it should be by the skin of his teeth.

The last time Rey was booked realistically as an underdog - which is the only role suited for him, in my opinion - is when he had that mini feud with Batista last year, I believe. A man like Batista looks like he would murder Rey, and that's how it came across in the ring.
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