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Wade Barret vs Mysterio

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At smackdown house show in Toronto Barret had match with mysterio ... I hope it's only for the house show ... because it will make barret in low card if he continue to feud with mysterio ... I know wwe make this feud because wade eliminated rey at royal rumble and they both are in elimination chamber ... however wade should hunt the bigger superstar than bigshow, not that little one ... it's not worth it ... but it will be just fine if they put a feud between slater or justin with rey ...

the only worthy opponent for wade is the heavyweight champion ... edge or that guy with the woman who always says excuse me ... wade should strike the champion next week whoever he is

I don't like the idea that rey will pin barret in EC, but if it leads to the feud between barret vs undertaker (undertaker shows up in EC) that just fine ...

del rio win the royal rumble, so why not barret put end the undertaker's streak ...
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Barrett feuding with Rey would be horrible, it would kill Barrett and the Corre. They would all just end up losing to Rey all the time as he is the "ultimate underdog" that rarely loses. Even if he beats Rey, so long as it is not Rey's complete destruction, it has no real value as Rey is half his size and called the ultimate underdog. Its more or less a lose-lose situation.

I'm hoping he feuds with Taker and his feud ends at Extreme Rules or later so he has a shot at winning (Barrett shouldn't end the streak, no one should). Big Show and Rey just never seem to make anyone look good, more so Big Show who just makes them look pathetic
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