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W-E Champion vs. Micca T

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W-E Champion is not a rookie anymore he is a good booker and Micca T just came and I think this match should be awesome!Mathes are due on April 24.

Judges don`t forget the rules.http://www.weforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16132&perpage=15&pagenumber=1
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Match: Brock lesnar vs. Shawn Michaels
Lock up in the centre of the ring. Michaels goes round the back with a hammerlock. Brock reverses into a hammerlock of his own. Brock releases and the two go back into a corner. They lock up again and Michaels is being overpowered. Michaels is whipped onto the ropes and Brock decks him with a clothsline. Brock picks him up and is connecting with fierce right hands to the face of Michaels. Brock whips Michaels from one corner to the other. Michaels hit the turnbuckle back first and is in pain. Brock with the belly to back suplex on Michaels. Michaels gets up and is knocked down by a clothsline. Michaels up again ducks the forearm and punches Brock in the face. Michaels whips Brock onto the ropes and clothslines him. Michaels picks him up and hits him with the atomic drop and lesnar is hurting. Lesnar gets up and Michaels whips Lesnar onto the ropes and goes for a dropkick but lesnar hangs back on the ropes. Lesnar picks up Michaels and hits a backbreaker. Michaels is out and lesnar goes for the cover. 1…2 kickout. Michaels using the ropes to stand. He turns around and is decked by a clothsline. Lesnar goes for another but Michaels ducks and kicks lesnar in the midsection. Lesnar is decked with punches to the face. Michaels climbs up top and crossbody on lesnar! Cover 1…2. Lesnar manages to kickout. Michaels with fierce right hands whips lesnar onto the ropes, Lesnar ducks turns around and hits a clothsline. Lesnar picks up Michaels and vertical suplex. Brock picks up Michaels and belly to belly. Lesnar with another belly to belly as well. Michaels is holding his back in pain. Michaels is trying to use the ropes to help him up. Brock goes for a clothsline Michaels ducks and Michaels with a blow to the midsection. Michaels with the snap suplex on lesnar. He picks him up and another snap suplex. Lesnar is struggling to his feet, Lesnar turns around and sweet chin music!!! Michaels is struggling to lesnar. Michaels get his hand on top over lesnar. 1...2.. Lesnar barely gets out. Michaels setting up lesnar for another one. Michaels goes for the sweet chin. he misses and turns around to be met with a DDT. lesnar picks up Michaels spinebuster. Lesnar points to the crowd and signals for the f-5. lesnar picks up Michaels and f-5!! cover 1...2... and Michaels gets his foot on the ropes. lesnar picks up Michaels grabs him into the bearhug position and rams Michaels into the turnbuckle. Michaels rammed again. Lesnar now in the middle of the ring with the bearhug applied and Michaels with nowhere to go. Lesnar stretches his arm out to gets air. Lesnar tightens his grip and Michaels is thriving in pain lesnar. Lesnar turns around and hits another belly to belly. Lesnar taunting Michaels to get up. Michaels is up and lesnar goes for a clothsline but Michaels pull the top rope down and lesnar drop outside the ring. Michaels throws lesnar in to the steel steps! the ref begins to count 1.....2.....3......4.....5.….6. Michaels throws Lesnar into the ring and Michaels goes for the sweet chin music! Lesnar grabs Michaels legs and counter into a f-5!! Lesnar not going for the cover and goes outside and grabs the chair. Lesnar setting up Michaels but the referee takes the chair away from him. Brock is staring a hole straight at the ref. Brock turns around and is met with sweet chin music!!! Michaels goes up top and hits the elbow drop!! Michaels is crawling to lesnar ad his hand is over for the cover 1...2.. kickout! Brock is up and the two are exchanging punches. lesnar hits a kick to the midsection. he brings Michaels into the corner and he climbs to the top rope. Michaels is on the shoulders of Brock and oh my god!! f-5 off the top rope!!! Michaels is out. Brock scrambling to get to Michaels and Brock hooks the leg cover 1...2...3!
winner: Brock lesnar

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Overall enjoyment of the match: 5/10

Length: 6/10

Effort: 10/10

Flow: 8/10

Profesionalism: 7/10

Realism: 4/10

Good job,good match.
Final: 35

Micca T please don`t forget to post your match.

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Overall enjoyment of the match: 4/10

Length: 7/10

Effort: 10/10

Flow: 6/10

Profesionalism: 8/10

Realism: 4/10

good work. Please it is clothesline. Also whats with the question marks during the pinfalls. It's like 1?2 kickout.

Final: 39
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