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Vince Russo Presents S.E.X

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The Story

It's 2006, March 18, Vince Russo decides to bring back S.E.X, Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Alot of guys love the idea, Even if they weren't in the stable. But TNA says no. Anyways on Impact, Vince Russo anncounce the return of S.E.X. But then Jerry Jarrett comes out and tells Vince he is fired. Then Vince states these words. "Jerry, You just made the biggest mistake of your life, Because alot of your talent back their wanna leave this shit hole and I am making a company named S..E..X. And most of your talent back there will leave." He leaves and opens S.E.X

Saturday night Show Name: Massacre
Small Show: Wenesday night Storm


Owner: Vince Russo (h)

Comissioner: Erik Watts (n) (He liked being staff more then a wrestler)

Ancouncers: Mike Tenay (f) & Michael Cole (f)

Interviewer: Terri Runnels (f)

Here is the roster and why they joined

Chrishopher Daniels (f)
He has joined because after three years in TNA, He won the X Division title, Once, when everyone knows he is great talent. And the next ppv they made him lose it and he went to losing to people to making them look like big superstars. And He also was a member of SEX (

Low Ki (f)
TNA wanted too many matches with him in it without any title shots and with low money. So he decided to leave and go to SEX. Also a member of SEX

Elix Skipper (f)
TNA never let Elix have a shot at any titles. He was getting a very low paycheck. Also a member of SEX.

Sonny Siaki (h)
A Member of SEX and wanted to return to the pro ring.

David Young (n)
TNA didn't want him to Be X division any more but SEX will let him be him. So he joined SEX

Chris Sabin (f)
One of the best X Division and didn't get many shots low payed and Used bad.

Michael Shane (n)
Left TNA because they didn't put him in the X Division title picture

Frank Kazarian (n)
Left WWE because he didn't find himself to fit in their.

Ron & Don Harris (h)
These two were orignal members of SEX. But after SEX broke up they were nothing big, The Disciples Of Destrution was there name but they didn't get to win the Tag Team titles. So they choosed to come to SEX.

Amazing Red (f)
A year ago he got fired because of a leg injurie. Now he is better and TNA called him and asked him to join TNA. He said No, They shouldn't have fired him in first place. So he joined S.E.X

Raven (n)
Raven is top quality. But TNA used him poorly. He has been in the business for over 10 years. But TNA was making him lose to new superstars and he also got paid low.

SATS (f)
They left TNA for and they wanted some real action. So they decided to join their cousin in SEX.

Jeff Hardy (f)
He left TNA because he was put up against alot of people in Extreme matches but never got any shots because he was in the middle of X and World World Division.

Mike Sanders (n)
He was a SEX member and he has been with Vince Russo for a while so he joined SEX.

Billy Gunn (f)
Once Billy was fired from WWE. He saved up money to get his Billy Gunn name back. He finally got enough and bought it. He told TNA but TNA denied to let him use Billy Gunn. And also he was still working as a sidekick for Jeff Jarrett. So He joined SEX

Road Dogg (f)
He left with Billy Gunn as a good friend of his. He was also not getting treated well either.

AJ Styles (f)
TNA treated him great but he was stuck in the X Division and Jeff Jarrett was the only one getting the NWA title.

Jason Cross (f)
At the begin of his carrer in TNA he was treated good but then they didn't use him and He has never got a title in TNA and almost never got shots.

CM Punk (n)
Needed some action. Since he left TNA because he wasn't getting any shots. So he decided to join SEX

Vampiro (n)
Was out of action and wanted some action.

Sting (f)
TNA didn't use him right and he knows that Vince can from WCW.
Edge- Didn't get any shot and was left to have a gimmick complaining about never getting shots

Shawn Michaels (f)
He was tired of WWE because they always focused on Triple H and They wouldn't even let him go to Smackdown. Saying he has to lose to Triple H in their rivalery still.

Sean Waltman (f)
Joined Billy Gunn and Road Dogg to make DX

Batista (n)
At wrestlemania 21 he lost to Triple H and then he just became a destroyer on Smackdown. But WwE Fired him.

Paul London (f)
He is a amazing athlete but WWE made him lose alot of matches. At Wrestlemania 21 he lost to Chavo for the Cruiserweight title. He joined because he knew he was better.

Jimmy Yang (n)
Jobbed to everyone even after WM21, They had a draw and Drawed Chris Master to Smackdown. And Jimmy lost to him. Even some newcomers on Velocity. So he wanted to go to a place where he had a chance.

Shark Boy (f)
Very Skilled but he didn't get any shots

Kane (n)
He was told to lose to Snitsky alot, So one night he didn't listen and took snitsky and tombstoning him. Making him fired.

Undertaker (n)
At WM21, He lost his undefeated record to Randy Orton which was bull shit and he never got any shots, Anymore, So he came to SEX

The Rock (f)
The Rock wanted to take a break from movies and Wrestle. So he joined WWE again and he was told to lose to Triple H alot. So he left to join S.E.X

Steve Austin (f)
He was held from his injurie and wanted to Wrestle again. So he wanted to join WWE again but they told him. That they had to spot for him. So He went to SEX

Mick Foley (f)
Seen most of his friends in SEX made him join then WWE.

Chris Jericho (n)
After losing the money in the bank ladder match. He was later noticed that he was fired because he was taking too much of Triple H's Spot light. So he went to SEX

Chris Beniot (n)
Same as Jericho's ^ He never got shots since he lost to Randy Orton.

Team Canada (h)
They were good when They won Tag Team & X Division Gold and In World X Cup, But after that they were never used right.

Divas (I don't have a reason for them)

Stacy Keibler (f)
Torrie Wilson (f)
Desire (h)
Trinty (n)
Apirl Hunter (n)
Trish Stratus (h)
Christy Hemme (f)
Athena (f)
Victoria (f)


SEX World Title
SEX World Tag Team Titles
SEX Junior Title
SEX Hardcore Title
SEX Xtreme Title
SEX Womens Title
Tell me what you think of it.
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Jan- Deeps Of Hell
Feb- Painful Love
Mar- Blood Rush
Apr- King Of Xtreme
May-No Limits
Jun- School Of Hard Knocks
Jul- WrastleFest
Aug- Reloaded
Sep- Carnage
Oct- Halloween Massacre
Nov- House Of Pain
Dec- Deadly SIN

May Change

Added Wrestlers

Brock Lesner- He didn't want to go to TNA and WWE didn't want him so He came to SEX.

Mark Jindrak- Never got any shots at any titles.

Shane Helms (The Hurricane)- He was tired of the Hurricane Gimmick he wasn't getting any shots.

Shannon Moore- Not getting any shots, That he deserved and was getting paid bad.

Sandman- Was out of alot of action and needed to do some hardcore Wrestling.

Sabu- He was out of alot of actions and thinking here he can get some shots

New Jack- Same as the other two ^^

Marty Janetty- Liked Wrestling and WWE didn't want to Resign him.
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